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[UNDERWAY] The Comment Corner

[UNDERWAY] The Comment Corner


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The Comment Corner is a month-long commenting event that I'm hosting in its own Discord server. It functions like Camp Nano, with little badges as a prize. Sign-ups for the event open a month in advance, and I'll give you guys a spreadsheet to put down your name and your comment goal. The sum of every participant's goal will be the combined goal.

Every comment counts as a "point." There's a Branching-Out Bonus, where an individual's comments on mediums they don't typically read or comment on are eligible for bonus points. Each of these comments contributes an extra point toward the combined goal only, not toward personal goals.

The sign-up deadline is the day before the event begins, but latecomers to the event can still participate! Their goals and comments won't contribute to the combined goal, though, just their personal ones. This is so the tiers for badges don't get thrown off mid-event.

You’ll have access to a spreadsheet where you'll submit your comments, and that’ll let you see where you stand with your personal goal and where we stand with the combined goal.

Tiers and Badges

As we progress through our combined goal, we'll unlock badges for signatures, or wherever else you want to put them, at: 10% of the combined goal, 30%, 60%, 100%, and a stretch goal of 125%. (The stretch goal percentage might change for future events, to make sure it's feasible but still challenging.) Badges will also be personalized with your username and final comment count if you reach your personal goal as well.

An example for the start of the event:

For 125% with a completed personal goal:

Since latecomers’ comments don’t contribute to the combined goal, they’ll get their own separate badge for completing their personal goals.

Themes and Mascots

Each event’s badges will change depending on the theme we decide on before the event starts. Let your brains do their creativity thing, I'll do my best to pull together a badge set that represents what we go with. Drop some suggestions for a theme and/or mascot Pokemon, and I'll run a poll a week or so after sign-ups start so we can all decide on one.

  • Comments count toward your goal provided that they are made in someone else's thread in the Fan Challenge Runs, Creative Content, and Events subforums.
  • The event will run three times a year: in June, September, and February (or January, we'll see how this next year goes).
  • There's a Discord server for this now! It's mainly for polls, updates, etc. Currently there's just a general channel, a channel specifically for Comment Corner stuff, and channel for suggestions for the event. Anyone who accomplishes their personal goal (or did so in a past run of the event) gets a colorful role to reflect that.

Past Badges

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