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Pokemon BST BOOST: Fire Red 1.0

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I threatened to do this like a year ago I think, anyway here it is.

The basic premise came about in the FERP discord: what if first stage pokemon had the same stats as their final form, and still got the same stat boosts on evolution as normal?

If you, like me, are literally insane and think this sounds like a fun idea, this is the hack for you. And it would have been out sooner if I didn't get caught up on feature creep for it. I might finish it later, or I might just do the same thing in ORAS

There are two versions:
The VANILLA EXTRACT patch does just that: it's fire red with stat manipulation, version exclusives made available, trade evolutions removed, and nothing else. If you just want to play a grossly inflated version of vanilla FR, stop here

The otherwise unlabeled version includes changes made at my discretion, including but not limited to the presence of Johto pokemon and ingame trades to make the starters and more unique pokemon more readily available.
- Some Johto Pokemon are available in Kanto itself, usually in areas where it makes some sense for them to be, or areas where they'll make for an interesting answer to an upcoming gym leader. The rest, barring legendaries, are available in the first three Sevii Islands. In the future, Hoenn pokemon will also be made available in the other four (six?) islands, but currently this hack ends at the championship
- All trade evolutions should be available through other means, usually stones or friendship. All stones are also buyable
- The game corner mons have been changed to Johto starters and coins are now both cheaper and buyable in larger lots. All starters are also available in the wild later in the game

Both versions should be patched to a legally obtained copy of fire red version 1.0 (the version that does NOT say "presents" under Game Freak in the opening crawl) with Lunar IPS

The stat changes is included with the hack itself, and can also be found here


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