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Oops! All Ice Puzzles! A Pokemon Leafgreen ROM Hack 1.1

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It all started with a shitpost.


(Oh also Sylph being an enabler)

Welcome… to Oops! All Ice Puzzles! A Leafgreen ROM hack that covers every single map in a sheet of ice. And I do mean every map. Lucky for you, great care has been taken to make the game traversable, and it’s even kind of fun! Come give it a shot and enjoy ice puzzles covering the entire overworld, exactly as Game Freak intended.

First off, I want to give a massive thanks to @SnackyTheSylph , who taught me how to use tile-editing tools and also did… basically everything that wasn’t directly related to mapping! And a whole lot of anti-softlocking too! He’s been a great co-developer to work with, and this would not have been possible without him.

Now, along with everything being slick, this game also has a few modifications to vanilla FRLG. These things include but are not limited to:

  • A number of ice-type Pokemon added for flavor (And some Pokemon that Sylph and I just like a lot)
  • Professor Oak gives you an Abra as an anti-softlock measure
  • Changes to trade evolutions and early NatDex
  • A slightly tweaked level curve, especially around Silph Co (Now intended to be the last thing you do before heading south to Fuschia)
  • Moveset revamping for the added Johto and Hoenn mons
  • Edits to map tiles that make the game playable with all the slippery stuff going on

And much more! Full details can be found in the changelog, which is at the download link above as a google doc and a pdf file. Or you can jump directly to it by following this link.

Two patches of the game are available, just compatible with different patching software. The .ips file is the one compatible with Lunar IPS, the .bps file is compatible with other things (you probably know better than I do). Both patches should be applied to a legally obtained copy of Leafgreen version 1.0 (This version doesn’t have the word “presents” under the Game Freak logo in the opening).

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