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Nuzforums Newsletter #006

Nuzforums Newsletter #006

Hi and Howdy, Nuzlocke Forums! Bug here with your monthly issue of the newsletter, ready to keep you up-to-date on forum happenings. But first!

artwork c/o @Polymori

All across the world, people are coming together to protest against systemic racism and police brutality. For us, silence is simply not an option, and we will use this platform to provide you all with resources on how you can get involved, educate yourself, and for the black folx in our community: resources for therapy. Your staff stands by you now, until the day the forums no longer exists, and will ever improve ourselves to diversify and protect you.

ResourcesWhat they’re for
BLM carrd.comA frequently updating resource list for petitions, places to donate, and things to know if you’re going to protest. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, be safe!
Therapy for Black Folx (Thread)A thread of resources for therapy hotlines, and other mental health resources
Educate yourselfThis did not start recently, nor does it end after it’s done trending. Do your part to educate yourself; This article is just a small list to get you started, if you’re not sure where to.

There are many things in the world that need your help and attention, and you can make a difference.

We will be accepting the next round of banners in this thread from June 21st and closing on the 1st of July. This is a little over week, just to keep everything a clean “open on Sunday, Close at the end of the month, have atleast a week”. Please read the requirements for banners to be included in the rotation! We will not accept any late submissions or edits if a banner does not meet the requirements.

Now I am proud to present the next set of banners that entered our rotation this month!

This month, we bid a fond farewell to one of ours admins, as they step down from staff for personal reasons. @Chess Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us as a member of staff, and as a friend. We hope life is kind to you, and we’ll be seeing you around the forums as a regular user! If y’all want to give Chess a nice sendoff message, you can find her announcement thread here, and let her know.

In line with this, there are also two new admins being promoted! Say hello to your two newest admins: @Fullmental and yours truly! You can find the announcement thread for it here.

Some staffing changes to the feature team as well, as I’ll be officially stepping down as a featurer. The team has been kind and fun to me over the years, but it’s time for me to go on. I’ll still be keeping you all up-to-date on the feature scene, however! There are so many cool runs out there to share, so I’ll continue to post all features and fan features to the newsletter, and report of featurer events. o7

Remember, you can write your own fan feature for me to share here, and you can find a list of featurers to contact here to suggest a run for them to feature, and you can find the suggestion thread for the team here!

This month @Riboo has shared their own fan feature with us for Sundowner by @Dschubba ! You’ve got some amazing taste my friend.


If you're not reading Sundowner, what the heck are you doing????

Check it, you like mystery? You like detectives getting into trouble? You like questioning the inherent flaws in a society that holds traditions above all else? THEN MAN, I have the adventure for you!

Follow Lehua, the most determined ass shorty you'll ever meet as she ventures through Alola to unwrap the mysteries surrounding the case of the kidnapped Cosmog! She's got grit, she's got spunk and she clever as all fuck, what's not to love???
You can find the full fan feature here!

Last month, Omega came out on top in the team scuffle for top place for the first time! Despite being the smallest team on the forums, they live up to their mighty reputation and squashed the competition. Groudon would be proud.

Now, how about a recap on what you all did last month? I love numbers.
May submissions included:
75 Updates​
22 Fanworks​
6 Finished runs​

Omega came out on top with a whopping 24,800 points. Y’all crushed it! Delta came second with 36,000 points, and Alpha in third with 16,500 points.

When adjusted for team size to balance points, the actual scores come out to:
134 for Alpha, at 123 members
243 for Delta, at 148 members
363 for Omega, at 99 members

These totals are taken at the end of the month, before sorting any new members into their new teams, as not to skew totals with members who were unable to contribute yet.

So how are we doing so far this month, exactly? Well, let’s take a look:
Omega 111 points​
Delta 97 points​
Alpha 56 points​

Will Omega be taking the top spot again for June? Or will the other teams come back in the latter half? (Personally I’m rooting for Alpha to have a underdog comeback!)

Here is the fanwork submitted last month, and the links to the runs. We’ve had such a large outpouring of illustrations done for runs. If you’re seeing this, and write fanworks for runs you like, we’d love to see them!

by @mizar for Penumbra (@TwistedEerie ), Pocket Space (@WildfireWhim ), Relic Radiation (@critterlingz ), Burn Away (@snooze ), Leftovers (@Pcaara ), Sunshine (@yepiz ), Knell (@elken ), Finding Your Roots (@MouseWithADinosaurTail ), Deadly Syns (@SysterSyn ), Guardian (@Shamditioner )
WOW! A huge shout-out to @mizar for all of this!

by @Krisantyne for Pocket Full of Stars

by @Garnet for Slinky's Yellow Nuzlocke Run (@slinkyarts )

by @SysterSyn for Slinky's Yellow Nuzlocke Run (@slinkyarts )

by @Bug for [MW2] The Cockroach (@Tookie )

by @Bug for [MW2] The Delinquent (@anonymouse )

by @Bug for Slinky's Yellow Nuzlocke Run ( @slinkyarts )

by @Bug for Undertow ( @Riboo )

by @pinkshellos for Blooming Glory (@Spacey )

by @Sanctell for Severance ( @Winterspheonix )

by @Chess for [UCL2] Venin Hand (@Toyotasomi no Miko )

by @Riboo for Hypoxia ( @Polymori )

by @Riboo for Sundowner (@Dschubba )

The Writer’s Locke has released Episode 5 of their podcast, and in this episode the talented team is covering Nuzlockes such as Gracidea by @glancesherlock (super cute, if you haven’t read it yet), Running Hot by @Zephyr_Iphis , Stolen Dreams by @Rumors , and a discussion segment called Starting a Story! This is a great collection of finished runs, so if you like what you hear there is content to keep reading after!

You can check out the full details of the podcast here, and listen to it on Spotify and anchor.fm!

If you like the podcast, drop a comment in the thread to let the hard-workers running this know! Five episodes is a momentous occasion for a new podcast. It’s a first hurdle to be proud of, so don’t miss the team as they work hard to bring this to you.

Comment Corner for this June is halfway done, and participants have done an amazing job of working to meet their self-imposed goals, and beyond!

You can find all the details regarding the event here, and are free to join in as a latecomer! You wont get the same shiny badges as those who signed up prior to the event, but latecomers still have their numbers tracked. Speaking of shiny badges...

😭 I’m coming for you, you glorious little pixels.
A huge thanks to all the participants of this comment corner, and @Thirteenth for organizing the event! The joy in getting a comment is second-to-none, and you are all bringing a little joy into the lives of all the talented creators here on the forums. You’re stunning!

The Nuzforums twitch channel, headed by @Tailsimp, is still trudging ahead with their relaylocke of Platinum! If you’ve missed any of the streams you can catch up on their thread, and don’t forget to tune into the stream every Sunday to see @MouseWithADinosaurTail , @Zero and @Tailsimp do their best to play the deadliest telephone game I’ve ever seen.

We’re now seven months into the year. No, I don’t know where the time has gone, and at this point I’m just convinced the cosmic entity in the space clouds is just slurping space-time like spaghetti. But it does mean we’re that much closer to the new SWSH DLC! I won’t spoil, but what I’ve seen so far looks fun. 🤫 Just keep being spoiler friendly, yeah?

Summer is just starting, and with all that free time to fill, what are you doing? I’m playing Stardew Valley for the first time, and picking out some titles to play from the itch.oi bundle for racial justice and equality. How about you? Got any new games, shows, or runs you’ll be tucking into? @ me in Friendship Cafe ★★★★★ and give me a shout!

Until next time. Have fun, and happy Nuzlocking!

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