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Nuzforums Newsletter #004

Nuzforums Newsletter #004

Hi and howdy, Nuzlocke Forums! Welcome back to our monthly newsletter, where we deliver recent forum happenings and useful tidbits to your inbox. We took a month off, and boy... Has it been a hell of a month!​

Logo c/o @Polymori

First and foremost, I hope you all are well, or as well as you can be. The world is going through a crazy time during the midst of the Coronavirus. We opened a thread not long ago for open discussion for the pandemic as a common area for us all to talk, and to keep chatter contained as much as possible for those looking to curate their online experience to reduce stress during hard times.​

Practice social distancing, wash your hands, keep yourself well fed, well hydrated, and don’t forget to stretch while you’re stuck inside. We’ll all be here with you through this!​

Congratulations to our three new moderators! After a month of applications and discussion, we’ve brought on three moderators into our ranks. Let’s give a [hearty welcome] to them!​

Fellas, anything you want to say about yourselves?​


I'm Ordo Skirata (and yes, if you call it out irl I will respond), and I'm a new mod for the NuzForums! My big focus is going to be the Discord side of things, as that is both my comfort zone and my home wherever I go - if I'm not lurking in one chat or another, I'm using it to play various video games with friends over voice chat. I'm always down to chat even if I'm showing that little "do not disturb" bubble - it's just there to keep notifications from breaking my devices :)​
I also have a couple of unfinished runs on the forums that I might get around to completing eventually, but right now I've got an in-the-works SwSh run that will be a treat for fans of Star Wars that's going to take me ages to finish because I want to have it all written before I start posting, and I'm not even done with gameplay. And if I haven't been clear on it, I'm probably the biggest Star Wars fan on the forums, so don't be surprised if I drop prequel memes from time to time.​

Hi! I'm Squiggy Azalea, one of the new moderators in the Nuzlocke Forums!​
I've worked with the forums before as a Contributor with my project, Pokémon Spotlight (which will still continue, don't worry), but now I can safely say that I'm ready to help out these forums that I've been a part of for over 7 years!​

I've also got a couple of runs that I'm working on, hopefully I will try and finish them in the future, but if you ever need some help on forum related stuff, just hit me up with a DM on discord! I'll try my best at answering it!​

I‘m back and sneksier than ever

We’re so excited to have more staff on board. If you were looking to apply, but missed the application period this time around, don’t worry! We’ll open applications again in the future. Just keep an eye out for announcements in the newsletter to stay up-to-date!​

We've concluded discussion on the Extravaganza Retrospective early last month - If you weren't able to participate in it as it was happening, the thread is archived here.

Finally, we held a discussion about the use of promoted content on the forums, which you can read about right below:​

Recently we had a fruitful discussion regarding utilizing the promotional space on the forum to broadcast user content, and the best ways to do this. If you’d like to read over the discussion yourself, you can find it here!

We will be accepting banners into the adspace beginning on April 18th and going until the end of April 30th.

Guidelines for banners are as follows:
  1. Banner must be rectangular, and no larger or smaller than 700 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall.
  2. The banner cannot be animated, and must be submitted as a .png file. Do not use transparency.
  3. Each user only gets one banner allowed into the ad rotation, for one run/creative work/event. Please, only submit your own projects.
  4. Content of banners must follow all forum rules; do not include mature content in the banners.
For those of y’all unsure of where to start with creating your own banner, I’ve compiled some resources to help get you started! If you’re still confused, please reach out somewhere where we can help you out, such as the Creative channel in the main discord! A lot of us will be learning together, so don’t be afraid to ask questions; someone else may benefit from the answer you get!

The submission thread will be opening soon to accept banners, and will open at the end of every month for submissions, and be clearing three times a year.

It is with a heavy heart I am to announce that the newsletter will be retiring the New Run Roundup segment. The labour that goes into it is just a smidge too much, we just create so many runs! But if you’re looking to keep up with new runs you can subscribe to Fan Challenge Runs to get direct notifications on new threads, or check out #FCR-zone in the main discord, where Mihashi-bot alerts everyone to new runs.​

Going forward, we will instead be utilizing this space to showcase banners we’ve gotten in for the adspace every month for you to browse at will! We hope you will still continue to engage with old and new user content you like in the absence of New Run Roundup.​

Calling all creative writers! We’re starting up a weekly writing discussion thread, and we’d love your submissions for discussion topics. We’re hoping the prompts will give everyone something to chew on for their writing, and some good discussion each week, and we’ll continue to run it for the foreseeable future.​

In light of recent world events, the feature team did take a month off on features. We will continue operations per our schedule as soon as personal obligations clear. In the meantime, if you do have an itch to cast a light on your favorite runs, the feature a fan run thread is still up and running!​

It's been about two months since the last newsletter, and @Squiggy Azalea has produced two spotlights since then! These mons are as different as night and day, so these spotlights should offer something for everyone:​

First up is the perennially popular and steadfast dark type, Umbreon! You can read about how this clever fox has managed to outlast all of its competition over the last twenty years and learn how to moonlight as a stall player here, and enjoy @mizar's art below!​

The second spotlight for this cycle comes in fast and is sure to blow away all of its competition, so it'd be a darn shame if you missed it. There's been a lot of buzz about this (ancient)powerhouse of a pokemon since it first appeared in Sinnoh, so if you're interested in learning about Yanma and Yanmega, speed on over to the spotlight here! And be sure to enjoy @Polymori 's art below:​

Would you like a spotlight for a certain Pokemon? You can submit a suggestion here!

Hey y’all! Looking to take up a project or role on the forum? Could you benefit from access to official announcement channels, social media, or special channels or roles to help run your events? Contributor applications are always open. Just apply here and shoot a message to the mods. We’re currently seeking:​

  • A social media manager for twitter
  • Team event runners (anyone can make their own team events, but this refers specifically to the point system)
  • General event runners and new user engagement
Of course, if you still just want to run events independent of the role, the role is not a necessity, and we love to see whatever y’all cook up!

That’s all our time for today! Thank you so much for everything you do, Nuzforums. We’ll see you again next month!
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