Nuzforums Newsletter #003

Nuzforums Newsletter #003

Hi and Howdy Nuzforums! And welcome to issue number three of the Nuzlocke Forums Newsletter! I’m your host, Bug, and I would like to be all your collective Valentine. Oh, yeah, happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s get into it.

We'll be opening moderator applications later this month! No previous experience is needed: as long as you're a team player with good conflict resolution skills, we encourage you to apply. We have no other changes to report, but keep an eye out for further details.

MouseWithADinosaurTail said:
Hi. Here's my suggestion. Could the Tapatalk archive go inside Old Chateau instead of being on the front page? I'm 99% sure this is just a me problem but it drives my ADD absolutely bonkers that there are two FCRs on the front page. Idk if that's something you could actually do but it would help Mouse's quality of life. Please consider. 🙏
As per the suggestions thread, we're going to archive the imported runs into Ruins of Alph later today. They should still be visible to guests and, as always, if you'd like one of your old runs reauthored or moved into the main section of FCR, please do not hesitate to message a member of the staff.

TheTRUEgge said:
Is it possible to add something so that thread creators are able to see who’s watching their threads? Or at least how many people are doing so
An extension for this exists, but while we understand that there are a number of reasons for people to track this, as a team we've agreed that we'd like to afford readers some measure of privacy.

We'll be doing forum updates and maintenance between February 21st-23rd. Please be sure to back up any posts-in-progress that you're saving as a draft here prior to that. We'll announce the exact times closer to when it happens.

Great News! Pokemon Home is out in the wild!

Though there are some teething issues with the app, it makes coordinating trades much quicker, even on the free plan. As a result, we will be opening a channel in the main Discord for the purpose of trading, and potentially holding monthly group trading events.

In the vein of Discord changes, we have a few changes to report as far as our official servers.
  • The Screenshot and Written Log Discord has been dropped from our list of official discord servers. The server will still be around, but it is no longer officially affiliated or run by the forums.
  • In lighter news, we’ve listed the main Discord Server on Disboard listings. You may or may not see some traffic from users who haven’t joined the site yet. Be sure to welcome them in!

We’ve flown the same banner for the forum for years and years now, but we’ve been faced with some facts. We’ve changed websites, and while the old forum had permission from the artist to use the artwork, we’re a whole new forum. We can’t contact the old artist of our long-time banner to get permission, and we feel it’s best to no longer use the art.

This comes with an exciting silver lining, however! We get to start new! So we’re hosting a design event starting soon to pick a new forum banner! Keep your eyes on announcementos for more news on how you can participate in this event, and get your creation on the header.

Happy Nuz Year, everyone! Voting for the 2019 Nuzlocke Forums Extravaganza closes on February 17th. You only have this weekend to finalize your votes for the event, so don’t miss out in participating in our first official extravaganza on the new forums!

Haven’t had a chance to check out all the runs that moved on to voting? You can check out the voting thread here for the full list.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Extravaganza this year. We’ve been taking into account user suggestions on how to make this event the best it possibly can be! Once the results are out, we will be releasing a Yearly Reflection Thread in short order to congratulate our participants, and get your feedback for next year! Mainly we’ll be focusing on picking categories for next year, asking your opinions on some changes we feel we need to make for next year, and generally holding a friendly open discussion about the event. We want to thank you all for making this event better every time. Happy Nuz Year!

New run roundup is on hiatus this month due to technical difficulties and staff member vacations. In the meantime, you can find a list of new runs in the FCR-Zone channel of the official discord server. We'll be back at it in next month's newsletter!

Pokemon spotlight returns with a splash today, shining a light on a classic, all-around excellent Pokemon! If you're hooked on deep dives into the best ways your teammates can tip the scales, you can read @Squiggy Azalea 's highly illuminating analysis of Lanturn in all of its appearances here. And, of course, a special thanks to @Pika for the positively glowing representation of this good, good fish.

As always, if there's a pokemon whose performance you'd like to see analyzed by our expert Nuzlockers, you can submit them here.

The deadline to get your votes in for the Nuzlocke community top 50 is February 16th. There's still a couple of days left to participate in the eighth installment of this forum tradition if you haven't already done so!

Did you know @littlebattler of Team Delta hosts a forum Minecraft server? Well, now you do. The Team Delta Minecraft server is still up and running. It hosts both Survival and Creative worlds, so you can play your own way with other forum members.

Interested? Check out the thread here and how to get whitelisted!

Congratulations to @PurpleEyedGuma for snagging the 1000th post in Friendship Cafe! The Cafe will continue on for another 1000 posts until the rights for thread OP are up for grabs again. Thank you all for the lovely conversations, and I’m looking forward to many more.

@Tailsimp and @Zero 's run of Sword and Shield is still going strong! You can catch up on their progress here or hop in to watch it unfold live on Sundays at ~4:30

For those of you who got to be there for our 24 hour stream that preluded the forum opening, you may remember the Pokelink, and the charming @Jezzabel and @xLink who created it. For those of you who may not know what I’m talking about, Pokelink is a pokemon streamer tool that makes streaming extremely stylish and easy... And it was a huge help during our fundraising stream.

Jezz and Linky are hosting a randomized Firered race for the Pokelink Monthly stream. Stop by starting on the 22nd of February at 6pm GMT to say hi from the Nuzlocke forums to our fellow nuzlockers!

Kitfox, author of a long LONG line of beautiful comics has recently announced news about prints of his own comic. If you’re a fan or a comic collector, you can find his work for sale here, and maybe pick up a few of his original works as well.

Temtem, the Pokemon-esque MMO, released on early access last month! Early impressions suggest it's pretty good; if you're the type who sees nuzlocking and MMOs as two great tastes that would be even better together, it could definitely be worth your while!

Screenshot runs and Storylockes are pretty heavily concentrated onto our own forums. But, as Nuzlockes continue to spread even now, people can and will write fan fiction. I found this little nugget on Double Jump, and thought maybe you’d find as much interest with it as I do. Check out High Hopes by Kris P, and maybe pop by to give a kind comic and a hello from us!
“Hop, this was a terrible idea.”

“Pretty sure this was your idea, mate.”

“Was not.” I huffed, squinting my eyes as if that would help me see better in the thickening fog. “You would have gone straight into the Slumbering Weald after the Wooloo no matter what I said, and you know it.”

“Come off it,” Hop’s voice said from somewhere in front of me on the overgrown path, his outline just barely visible. “There was no hesitation from you when I asked what we should do when we saw the broken fence.”

I glared in Hop’s general direction. The Slumbering Weald had always been off limits for us. I thought it was just due to the wild Pokemon in the area, but if it was always foggy like this… Well, point taken, Mum.

And now for something totally different.

That's all we've got for you this month! Thank you all for reading - we hope you're enjoying the Extravaganza, and we'll see you next month with more news.
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