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How To Use The Forums

Guide  How To Use The Forums

Table of Contents

  1. Basic Navigation
    • Just a brief summary of how the navbar works
  2. Forums
    • Post & Media Bookmarks
    • Post Templates
    • Connecting to discord
  3. What's New
    • Explanation of following users
  4. Media Gallery
    • Creating an album & submitting media items
    • Embedding albums and media items into your posts
  5. Resources
    • A brief explanation of what they are!
  6. Streams
    • How to submit your channel to our stream tab
    • How to embed your stream and chat into your posts

Basic Navigation
If you look at the top of the page, you'll see there's a top navbar of different dropdown menus for the different parts of the forums

You can click on the dropdown to bring up its menu,

but also if you visit the tab, it will list what's in the dropdown in the subnav bar.

I recommend having a look through each of the tabs to get a feel for how things are organised! I'm going to go over the stuff you might not get at a quick glance in each of these categories.


If you're coming from the old forums & need a little help with the current navigation, head over to Where Are They Now? for a breakdown of where everything goes now!

I am not going to talk about that here, I'm going to talk about some features of the forums you might have missed.

Post Bookmarks

If you take a look at the top right of any post (and also media items), you'll see a little bookmark icon.

When you click on it, this menu will pop up! Here you can write a little description and give it some labels to keep things organised.

You can then access your bookmarks by click on the usermenu at the top right of the page, and going to the bookmarks tab.

You can bookmark from any post in a thread, so if you for example need to stop reading in the middle of a thread and want to come back to it later, you can save a bookmark to do just that!

Post Templates

Open that usermenu back up babes, and click on editor templates!

On this new page if you click on Add Template, a little window will pop up that looks like this

Whatever you write in there, you'll be able to drop directly into any post you make by clicking on the post templates button! They'll append to your post, so if you're going to be using the same formatting a lot it's worth setting up a template!

Connecting To Discord

Did you know that you can connect your account to discord? If you do that, we have a bot who can assign you your forum roles in our discord server, and also he will send you a DM when you get a notification on the forums! Just click on the user menu and go to connected accounts to set that up :^)

What's New
This tab is pretty self explanatory, if you go here you'll be able to see all the new posts, media, resources, etc. that have been posted today!

What I actually wanted to highlight was if you hover over someone's name or go to their profile, you can follow that user

In doing so, you'll be able to keep up to date on what they get up to on the forums by going to your news feed, which you can access either through the usermenu or through the what's new tab:

Helpful if you want to keep up to date with a few different creators!

Media Gallery

If you head to the media gallery and click Add Media, you'll get a popup like this:

The first thing you want to do is make an album! If you're submitting your comic to the forums, go ahead and make an album for it in the comics category, otherwise feel free to make as many personal albums as you like!

Once you've made an album, you can click add media again and upload or link from the supported sites any images, videos, and audio files!

What really makes the media gallery shine is the ability to embed it into your posts!

Resources are actually pretty simple so I won't be going into much detail on them - I just want to explain what they are!

Resources have two uses, the first is creating articles. You can see this in action by taking a look at featured fan runs! If that looks like a useful format for you, don't hesitate to make a resource!

The other use is sharing files with users, which is especially of interest to romhackers! You can create a nice page for your romhack here on the forums as a resource and include the patch file for download :^)


If you head over to the stream tab, you'll be able to see all our forum's streamers & a little badge will let you know if any of them are currently live!

If you'd like to add your own channel to the tab, just open up the dropdown and send us your username

As soon as the mods confirm it, your channel will appear on the tab!

You can also embed your stream in your post!

To embed your channel and chat, simply use the bbcode [stream=service]username[/stream] "Service" is simply the site you stream on. Bam! Your channel is now in your thread for all to watch live. This is currently not supported with Pictaro channels, as Pictaro sadly doesn't support embedding.

And that just about covers it! I recommend heading over to the forum help page after this, there you can find some info about the different bbcodes we have on the forums as well as a list of trophies and other such things! But other than that, that should cover all the basics :^)
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