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How to Make Creative Content Your Oyster

Guide  How to Make Creative Content Your Oyster

Hello there, everybody! Whether you're old or new, this is a resource for you to help you wrap your head around Creative Content as a forum and find out what it can do for you, and what kinds of content you can expect to find there.​

So let's get started.

First off, Creative Content's purpose. We have a lot of creative people on this forum, and we wanted to give them a space to roam free, and to share the unbridled energies of their creative works with their fellow creators without having to worry about things like "challenge runs" and "rules" and those "Pokeymans" the kids keep talking about. Enter this zone, the Creative Content forum. We want this to be someplace where people can share a wide variety of creative pursuits with the community here on the forum, even if it's not directly related to the forum itself. And we hope that you'll take the time to visit some of the works of your fellow members while you're here - you might even find something new or unexpected!​

With that all established, let's run through the basics of posting a thread to get you familiar with the different Creative Content features and what they mean for you, as a thread poster or a thread reader. So to start off, imagine in your mind's eye you're looking right now at a posting window for Creative Content.​
Ahh, yeah. That's the good shit. In your state of spiritual enlightenment, consider the options before us. To begin, the simple ones. The Thread title box is where you place the name of your thread. Try to leave it something simple, a title and/or an explanation of the purpose or type of thread it is. From there, the center is the place to type out your post (and personal recommendation: use a program like google docs to keep backups of your threads before posting, better safe than sorry). Thread description is where you offer a quick vision of your thread's purpose, list off some important details, or meme unrestrained. Let your heart decide.​

With all of that through, now, let's discuss the matters that are specific and important to Creative Content itself. We'll begin with prefixes - the ones that we have in Creative Content are almost all specific to it, and for good reason, because this forum covers a lot of ground. There are three main prefix categories for this forum: the first, Creative, you can use to describe the type of thread your run is, the sorts of content it might contain, and in the case of collaborative events or forum games, whether or not applications are presently open for submission. The second, Creative Medium, is more simple conceptually, allowing you to list the metaphorical tools you use to metaphorically paint on your metaphorical canvas, unless all of those words are meant literally in your case. You are the exception. The final one, Content, lets you assign a rating to your work so that users who are concerned about these things may make a more informed decision about whether they want to view your content.​

So, here is a brief list of Creative prefixes and their purposes.​
  • Showcase is for creatives who want to show off the work they produce in a given creative discipline. Art threads, writing drabble threads, image manipulation galleries, portfolios or what have you all fall under these lines.​
  • Let's Play is for creatives who want to flex their gaming muscles and show off a playthrough of a game for everyone to see. Any non-Nuzlocke style Pokemon run or any run of a non-Pokemon game will end up here. This prefix is often used in Written Log or Screenshot format, but don't feel limited! People are eager to see let's plays in all kinds of formats.​
  • Roleplay is for threads that include a significant roleplay element of some sort, be they tabletop role playing games, some other manner of role playing game, or even just roleplaying as a whole.​
  • Collaborative is for threads that focus on an effort of many people, such as event threads like "draw every Pokemon".​
  • Now, Fan and Original are two sides of the same coin, here to denote self-enclosed stories or media by whether they are based on another work or an original concept entirely. You can consider them "Fan Story" and "Original Story," but they're not labeled as such to allow for more loose interpretations - a series of themed songs around a concept, for example, could qualify as Fan or Original but the term "Story" may give the wrong impression.​
  • Process is for threads that are discussing the creative process and different parts of it, for example threads about the process of writing or about different parts of making art. If you want to make a thread here that's about the making of something instead of about something you've made, here is the place.​
  • Finally, Apps Open and Apps Closed are for roleplays or collaborative works that allow for applications - Apps Open lets you indicate that you're looking for participants. Apps Closed can be used to show that you are no longer seeking applications either presently or permanently - something you should probably clarify in thread at some point.​
With that said, the next category of prefix is Creative Medium. This is designed to allow you to show your method of creative expression - all of the media prefixes used in FCR are available here, but we've also elected to use a number of other prefix options, because we want to be open to a lot of different types of creativity here. Most of these are fairly self-explanatory, but a few merit explanation. We've added Art and Written prefixes generally, to allow for, for example, showcase threads that don't have to falsely label themselves comics or written stories when those labels would be inaccurate. Image Manip can be anything from making memes to editing weird pictures because you think they're funny to offering your services making banners or other sorts of images for people. And if you can't find a good media tag for whatever thread you're planning on making, go ahead and use Other Media, but if you think there's a decent audience for a prefix type, feel free to pitch it our way! We'd love to offer a place for more types of creative media.​

Finally, we come to Content. There are three broad classes of content types on the forums - those for General audiences, those for Teens and above, and content for Mature audiences only. The first two prefixes are optional, but if your creative content is mature, you are required to label it as such on the forum for the benefit of our younger viewers who should not be exposed to that sort of content - and for the sake of those who may not want to view specific kinds of mature content, it may be worth considering tags that tell a prospective reader what kind of content your run is labeled mature for (we will be discussing tags here in a few paragraphs, so hold tight until then). With that all said, I'm going to shamelessly copy Aozora's table from our FCR Guide denoting what content would qualify as General, Teen, or Mature - if you're not sure, consult this table, and if you're still not sure, consult a moderator, this is what we do.​

Contains mild swearing.​
No references to anything sexual.​
Cartoon violence.​
None/legal only.​
Contains harsher language, but is relatively infrequent.​
Contains mild sexual innuendo and jokes.​
Contains explicit violence and/or mild blood and gore.​
Infrequent touches on illegal substances.​
Excessive swearing, especially using more extreme swear words, or use of slurs.​
Sexual references, especially involving rape.​
Graphic violence, more detailed blood and gore.​
Detailed depiction of use of illegal substances.​
Not Permitted
Blatant hate speech (excluding satire & bigoted fictional characters).​
Explicit sexual content.​
Realistic depiction of extreme violence.​
Encouraging use of illegal substances.​

Now, we come to tags. With any forum here, it's important to think about tags so your content can find an audience that wants to view it, but that goes double or triple or more with the Creative Content forum. This is a forum that can hold so many different kinds of content, so if it appeals to fans of a specific work, label it! If there's a kind of genre it belongs to, label it! If it has a specific vibe to it, label it! If there are specific kinds of phobias or issues it might trigger in readers? For the love of god please label it. The primary purpose of tags is to communicate with your reader about what they're going to view, so use this responsibility wisely. And please keep in mind tags are automatically sifted alphabetically, so if you're not careful your joke tags will end up mixed in with your legitimate ones.​

With all of that worked out, all you have to do now to post your magnum opus is to decide whether or not you want to watch the thread (and you can also disable email notifications either individually or by default in your preferences, which I do by default and I firmly advocate against doing otherwise) give it a once over in preview and hit that there post button.​

So now we've gone over posting your work! Which is fine for a post writer. But what if you're here to read? Well, you probably have a better idea of what prefixes are in here and what they mean, but maybe not a better idea of the sorts of stuff that you're going to find in Creative. So let me make a brief list with some examples of the kinds of things you might get if you step in here.​
  • Drabbles and experimental writing, sketches and cool experimental art, people pushing their boundaries and trying new things.​
  • mirrors of Pokemon comics or original comics, mirrors of Pokemon stories or original stories.​
  • Sprite comics. God, remember sprite comics? Me too, fam.​
  • Banner workshops.​
  • Playthroughs of games you ain't even fuckin' heard of. Nobody's fuckin' heard of this shit except the one playing it, and they are very excited. Indulge them.​
  • Catch-em-all Pokemon playthroughs or other neat concept runs.​
  • Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.​
  • Fire Emblem roleplays, make a Fire Emblem PC and wage war in a story of another member's design, with mechanics resembling the actual game's! The story is probably better written than an actual Fire Emblem game's.​
  • Draw Every Pokemon??? Draw Every Pokemon.​
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon roleplays!​
  • This photography, holy shit, Mom got the camera check this shit out​
  • Group chat styled text stories​
  • More. There is so much more. I am only scratching the surface here.​
So get looking and see if you can find something that speaks to you!​
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