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Guide to Festival Plaza Games

Guide Guide to Festival Plaza Games

So, moving forward with Festival Plaza, as mods we want to ensure that everyone has fun. The key to fun is playing nice and making enjoyable games. Of course, the latter begs the question:​

What Makes a Good Forum Game?

When I think of good, clean, and fun National Park games, a few threads spring to mind.​

First off, there is a personal favorite of mine, Raichu, Use Thunder! What makes this thread so good? Personally, I love how creative it is. The prompt is very simple - The thread starter posts a Pokemon, and the next poster posts a Pokemon using a move super effective on the above.​

The game is very simple yet encourages a lot of creativity. Who normally thinks of choices like Confusion Nidoran and Dragonbreath Steelix? This thread is great because it's easy to play, encourages creative posts, and is just good, clean fun.​

Another personal favorite of mine is ^ < v. The first thing you'll probably notice about it is the unusual title - what could it mean? That's where its brilliance lies - the title is curiously inviting, and the game itself is fun.​

The game does a good job of encouraging discussion - you respond to the user above, tell something about yourself, and give a prompt to the next user. This is the kind of thread that would probably never get old, as there's always something relevant to be said when playing the game. It's a great socializing game in more ways than one.​

Finally, there's The Magic Blender. At the risk of sounding repetitive, I'll just compliment it on how such a silly topic makes for a great game - everyone gets to throw in random items, and a lot of the fun comes from trying to come up with something that pops out of the blender. Maybe I'm just a sucker for silly writing prompts or whatnot, but I think this is a great game.​

With the examples given, allow me to outline what divides good games from bad games.​

Good Games:
  • Have clearly defined and easy-to-follow instructions and prompts. Every post in the thread has a purpose and contributes to the overall game.
  • Encourages creativity and working together with other posters to have a fun game. What good is a game if everyone's posting similar things? Games are best enjoyed with everyone collaborating.​
  • Has a good hook to set it apart from other threads in the subforum. A game may be fun once, but it gets less fun if there are multiple threads with similar setups.​
  • Lastly, a good game encourages everyone to post and is inclusive, not exclusive.​

Bad Games:
  • Encourage mindless spamming or otherwise thoughtless posts.​
  • Stagnate creativity and provide no good stimulation. A game without a good prompt is in no position to take off or be successful.​
  • Copy other games already in the subforum.​
  • Are exclusive and focus on cliques or already-established in-jokes that nobody else will understand.​

To wrap it all up, there are some questions that you should ask yourself before starting a thread:​

1. Is this game creative and unique?​
2. Will others enjoy playing this game and posting in the thread?​
3. Does this thread have an explicit purpose and prompt?​
4. Does it encourage spam or thoughtless posts?​

If your answers are "Yes, Yes, Yes, No", then your game is probably set to post. Good luck!​

We of the moderation team look forward to all the great and creative games that will spring up in Festival Plaza. We hope everyone enjoys themselves!​
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