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Guide on How to Post Your Nuzlocke Run in Fan Challenge Runs

Guide Guide on How to Post Your Nuzlocke Run in Fan Challenge Runs

Hello there!​

Are you new to the community and would like to know how to start sharing your great adventure, or are you a community veteran who's curious on how to post your runs in Xenforo?​

Do not fret, we're here to share some information on how to post your run in the Nuzlocke Forums!

There are some easy beginning steps, and after that, I'll share some hot tips on how to improve your run engagement and thread quality.​

In the meantime, let's go!​

Main Guide

I’m pretty sure most of you are already familiar with what a “Nuzlocke run” is (if not, you can check an explanation by the original creator of this Pokemon gameplay subgenre here), but to put it simply, a Nuzlocke run is a run of a Pokemon game (and its variations) that has two self-imposed rules you apply during your gameplay.​
  1. Catch only the first Pokemon you encounter in an area.
  2. If a Pokemon is fainted, it’s considered as dead and cannot be used anymore.
Hundreds of variations of these simple rules exist out there, but as long as your run has the framework of these two core rules, then it belongs in Fan Challenge Runs. Similar variants of these two rules would also be allowed there (it'll be explained below in Other Adventure).​

So… what kind of runs exist out there, and why is it important to know them?​

Good question! With the awesome prefix and thread tagging feature of our Xenforo board, now we’re able to put every single type of Nuzlocke run in one place without a need to make many subforums! We’re all in this together, and should one wish to look for any specific type of run, they can just click on these nifty prefixes denoting what kind of category those runs belong to.​

There are some prefixes you can set for each of your runs' threads, which are split into four categories of run types by Medium, by Region/Game, by Genre, and by Content.​

Run Types by Medium
  • Comic
    A comic run is a Nuzlocke run that retells your Nuzlocking experience in the form of a comic or graphic novel.​
  • Written
    A written run is a Nuzlocke run that relies on prose as your retelling medium. From novels or short stories to ones more like scripts, all of them are considered written runs.​
  • Screenshot
    A screenshot run is a Nuzlocke run where you share your Nuzlocke experience via screenshots from your gameplay accompanied with captions. These captions may contain their own written stories or dialogues (runs like this are commonly known as storyshots), or just straight commentary of the events that happened in your gameplay.​
  • Written Log
    A written log run is a Nuzlocke run where you share logs of your adventure from your own point of view as a player in something like journal form. Most of these are commentary runs.​
  • Video
    A video run is a Nuzlocke run in video form. Be it a let’s play run or animation/animatics run.​
  • Other Media
    This prefix is for other type of mediums that do not fit in with the rest of the other types.​
  • Mixed Media
    Most people tell their Nuzlocke experience via one medium, but there are times when someone can include other mediums in their run to enhance their run experience. In that case, you should consider which one is the primary medium to your run. If the other medium is infrequent, you don’t need to use that prefix, but if they’re both frequent and used interchangeably, then you can use the Mixed Media prefix along with the individual mediums.​
Run Types by Region/Game
  • Core Regions
    Most Nuzlocke runs take place in the core Pokemon games. There exist individual prefixes for each of the core regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar. If your run is for any Pokemon hacks based on these regions, use this prefix too.​
  • Spin-off
    The Spin-off Nuzlocke prefix is for runs done in any official spin-off games with their own regions, such as the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, Colosseum series, Ranger series, etc.​
  • Fan Game
    The Fan Game prefix is for Nuzlocke runs that are based on gameplay from fan Pokemon games with an original setting.​
  • Mon
    For Nuzlocke runs with Pokemon character as they are!​
  • Gijinka
    For Nuzlocke runs where the Pokemon are personified.​
  • Other Adventures
    For Nuzlocke runs that are looser on the rules side (Nuzlite runs, runs that apply mercy or bullshit clause), or cannot apply the basic Nuzlocke rules directly to the gameplay (such as in PMD games).​
  • Commentary
    For when you just want to share your adventure from your own perspective as a player. Usually for Screenshot runs, Written Log, and let’s play Videos, though it’s also possible to be done in comic form too.​
  • Hack
    For runs that are played on a hack of any existing Pokemon games.​
  • Gen/Teen/Mature
    Rating prefix. If your run contains mature themes, it is mandatory that you label your thread as mature. You can find our mature content policy [here]. Otherwise, you might optionally label your run as General/Teen to help readers filter content they might want to see or avoid.​

Contains mild swearing.No references to anything sexual.Cartoon violence.None/legal only.
Contains harsher language, but is relatively infrequent.Contains mild sexual innuendo and jokes.Contains explicit violence and/or mild blood and gore.Infrequent touches on illegal substances.
Excessive swearing, especially using more extreme swear words, or use of slurs.Sexual references, especially involving rape.Graphic violence, more detailed blood and gore.Detailed depiction of use of illegal substances.
Not Permitted
Blatant hate speech (excluding satire & bigoted fictional characters).Explicit sexual content.Realistic depiction of extreme violence.Encouraging use of illegal substances.
If you are still unsure, please consult the staff before starting your thread!​

Now that you are ready with your own adventure, and know which category it belongs to, it’s time to share it with the world!​

First, in the Fan Challenge Runs subforum, go find the [Post Thread] button and click it! Usually they’re on the top right of the subforum.​

Then you’ll head to this page. There are some columns for you to fill.

First of all, you’ll see [Prefix….] This is for you to select the prefixes, explained above, that correlate with your run.​

Required Prefix
  • Medium
  • Region/Game
  • Mature - if your run is considered mature​
  • Other Adventure - if your run uses Nuzlocke rules differently as explained above​
Beyond those, they are not mandatory, though you can include them for ease of browsing and finding your run. These prefixes can also be edited later down the road.​

Next you’ll see [Thread Title]. This is for you to write down your run’s title, with a limit of 150 characters. Some important notes to keep in mind are to make a title that adheres to the Nuzlocke Forum rules, and also make a title that can give people a quick idea of your run.​

  • Don’t Stop Me Now (title only)​
  • Don’t Stop Me Now - No Evolution Run of Pokemon Black (title + rule/game)​
[First post body]
What should be in your first post?

Most of the time, your first post is the first thing that people are going to see, and it may make or break people’s interest in your run. There are some hot tips below on how to improve your first post, but generally it should contain​
  1. Some friendly greeting/words from you
    People are more inclined to read/follow runs that won’t bark at them.​
  2. The run’s title and what game it's based on
    It’s written on thread title or tags, but there’s no harm in truly clarifying it! It also gives your thread more solid grounding. You can use a banner or covers if your run has them!​
  3. The run’s rules
    People would like to know what kind of rules you imposed on yourself to make your life harder more challenging.​
  4. Table of contents/Archive/Index of your updates
    So people can get a gist of how long your run has been going on, and also for them (and you!) to easily find your updates.​
  5. Your first update
    Show the world your story! While there are people who can post a lot of content in one update, most people post in parts or chapters. Having at least the first update of your run in here will tremendously help people gain a quick understanding of your run.​
Important Note
  • There is no word or image limit for one post in Xenforo, so go ham with your run's length!
  • Make sure to use the Preview feature to see whether your post is properly formatted and has no typos or broken links (in case you’re crossposting into the forum from another platform).​
  • Covers/banners are okay to be put without a spoiler, but if you have other large images which you need to scroll on web desktop view to see the whole thing, along with huge collection of words (like rules, or your actual update), put them under a spoiler tag so it’ll be easier to load for people, and also you won’t risk overwhelming them with a giant image file or wall of text.​
  • You can use Xenforo’s smart editor (which allows you to copy paste your content from another place and edit immediately) or you can switch to using BBcode by clicking on the rightmost gear icon at the format tab.​
Next is [Thread Description]. You can use this for a lot of things like telling your run's game if you haven't on the title, the update schedule, some content warning for mature rated thread, or, well, other funny notes if you wish, but it also functions similarly to title. You want people to gain a quick understanding of your run after reading this too.​

  • No evolution run of Pokemon Black. (rules + game)​
  • I’m having such a good time. Last update: Chapter xx on DD/MM/YY (quote + update schedule)​
  • CW: Pokemon Death, body horror. (content warning)​
Next is [Tag]. Unlike prefixes which are designated by the staff and usually are subforum specific, the tags are user designated and they're more global. If you click on a tag, it'll give you a forum wide result (including images or other things from other subforums).​

Tags in a FCR thread could be used to put the game you play for your run, the rule set, or content warnings. It is advisable to put at least your game and your rulesets in this part so it’ll be easier for people to find your run if they’re looking for a specific tag.​

  • Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Conquest, PMD: Explorer of Sky, etc. (games)​
  • Wedlocke, Chesslocke, Soul Link, etc. (rulesets)​
  • CW: body horror, author choose not to put content warning, read and proceed at your own risk, etc. (content warning)​
Lastly for now, there are [Options]. There’s an option to “Watch this thread”, which allows you to keep watch on your thread, so the site will give you notifications when someone likes your post or replies in your thread. If you don’t want to receive notifications (and e-mails, by extension), you can uncheck it.​

And with that, you can click on that [Post Thread] button and show the world your story!​

So… you posted your thread. Now what? Depending on your purpose on posting on the forum, you can let it be and update at your own leisure, or you can wait until someone drops a reply on your thread. It generally takes time, as people might need to read the content of your thread first.​

In the meantime, you can share to the world about your update. Remember that shilling, self-promoting and spamming are prohibited, so actions like posting on people’s run or any other thread just to promote your own run are not permitted, and the same goes with purposely bumping your own run’s thread so it gets to the top. However, there are other cool ways you can share your run!​
  • Signatures
    You can use your signature to put a link or a banner back to your own run. If you participate as an active member of the forum, chances are, people are gonna see your signature and might be interested to check your run.​
  • Discord Server Updates/Promos
    Shilling and self-advertising are frowned upon, but in most Nuzlocke Forums related servers, there are designated channels which purpose is to let people know that you’ve started your new run, or you just updated! You can post a link to your run or your update there and let people in Nuzforum Discords see it.​

Q: Why is it called Fan Challenge Run?
In the old forum, there used to be a place to discuss the original Nuzlocke runs done by Nuzlocke himself, and so as to not cause confusion, all other people’s Nuzlocke runs are placed in Fan Challenge Run. Now to maintain our respect to the person who created this wonderful subgenre of Pokemon, we maintain such a name.​

Q: I have a run of Pokemon that is not a Nuzlocke run, can I post them in Fan Challenge Run?
Fan Challenge Run subforum is specifically only for those that are based with Nuzlocke rules, so if you have a run with other variant rules that are not derivatives of the two core Nuzlocke rules, or just a vanilla Pokemon run, you can post them in Creative subforum!​

Q: What about non-Pokemon game with Nuzlocke rules?
Same, those belong in Creative. We are first and foremost a Pokemon based forum, and we don’t want to cause confusion by having games from other franchises mixed up in this subforum.​

Q: I have some ideas about a tone shift or a specific content in my run’s narration, and I don’t want to spoil people from experiencing them directly by sharing my run’s rating or content warning. Can I choose to not disclose any rating prefix or change the prefix when I reach that point of the narration?
Yes! Though you are not required to use ratings or warnings (with the exception for Mature runs), rating or content warnings are extremely useful for the readers or other members of the forum. They can attract some readers who are looking for specific content, and they can also warn off readers who are trying to avoid that content. Due to the nature of Nuzlocke runs, some controversial or painful issues are unavoidable, but we still highly encourage all of you to use ratings and warnings that help other people make decisions about what to read or what to avoid.​
If you are highly averse about spoilering people coming into your run, you can put the content warning under a spoiler and say something along the line of​
Content Warning (contains spoiler, click at your own risk, otherwise proceed carefully)
As long as you’re respectful and considerate to everyone, it’s all good and well.​

And that’s it for the main guide of how to post your run thread in the Nuzforum! The second part of this guide, or some hot tips that can help you improve your run's thread will be detailed more in the link down below. These tips are not mandatory, but they may be helpful to improve your run's readability and accessibility, thus increasing its engagement with many readers out there.
[Part 2 link]

Now go wild and let the world know about your cool adventure!
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