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Guide Forum Teams and You!

[Start this resource with a corny prose about traveling, IG]
After wandering for months, the wary travelers of the nuzlocke forums find themselves.

Alone, exhausted, but finally settled, they make their home. Their quests finally complete.

Nuzlocke Forum Teams

Hello Fellow Nuzlockers. With the move to the new forums,

Now you're probably wondering? What are teams??

Teams are nuzlocke forums hogwarts houses.

No, but really. They're our three sub-communities on the nuzforums, each headed by a hoenn legend.

Team Omega

Team Omega is for those that find joy in the art of battle. The ones who work hard to calculate and strategize through the toughest of challenges, and hardest of battles. They're here to share their tales of conquer, to find harder, more challenging, more impressive rulesets. They build on what they know, and are masters of finding new and exciting ways to bend the very rules we so love and cherish. Some may have be a bit too hard on themselves every now and again, however. Remind them to take a step back every now and again, and to breath in the blood they so eagerly have shed.

Team Alpha

Team Alpha is for the type who can create worlds with their word, who find joy in creation and expression. They're here to paint the forums with their words and ink, and lay out new and exciting stories for us to witness. Their nuzlocke is but a tool for their pen, and we're here to witness what they have to bring us. They have a tendency to dream too big, or get caught up in their plans! Remind them that they can just sit back and enjoy a good game or two every now and again. Not everything has to be your next magnum opus!

Team Delta

Team Delta is for those that find joy in supporting the community they've grown. They find enjoyment in a little bit of everything that the forum has to offer. They find themselves easily sliding from one side of the forum to the next, socializing and growing with every fraction of the forum. They're the type that don't mind when their food touches, the type to walk off a bad fall. Despite their knack for socialization, they have a tendency to go radio silent on us every now and again! Remind them to show their face on their favorite runs, I'm sure the OP will appreciate it...

What do I get for being on a team?

Currently, throwing yourself on a team gives you a cute little role that designates you to said team. On top of that, each team has their own private sub-forum that only they have access to.

Finally, we have events and games run through our teams. You'll meet charming characters such as Porter. They've been here for over a decade now,

What are points? How do I earn points for my team?

Here on the forums, our teams run on point systems. Points are earned by creating and finishing runs, commenting on threads, updating your run, creating things for other people, and participating in forum events. Above is a link to the submission sheet that allows us to gather and calculate team points. We're currently looking into a way to automate this process, but for now remember to log your points. You can also find a link to this submission thread in each team subforum you may find yourself apart of.

Point System Chart

Starting a run100 Points
Commenting on someone else's run100 Points
Updating your run300 Points
Finishing a Run800 Points
Gifting Someone a Fanwork1000 Points

We will also host TEAM EVENTS. These can range anywhere from Nuzlocke runs, holiday events, art and writing events, ect. These events, when won, will drop a wooping 2500 points for your team! Remember to catch them as they come up! Most events will also allow you to win points through the event as well!

What do I get for earning points for my team?

At the end of every month, the team with the most points earned within the month will win a ribbon, marking that months victory

At the end of the year, the team that has cumulatively marked up the points throughout the year will win that years MASTER ribbon

This will be presented as a trophy to all those that were part of the team at the end of the contest, ribbon will be recolored accordingly.

You will also win that years trophy! Yearly trophies, unlike monthly trophies, stick with you for as long as you're on the forums. So have fun with it, and hopefully you'll be on the team that collects this years trophy!

Team Events

Every month has a theme! 2019 will be about growing community, and settling into the new forums! We have a lot of work to do folks, so settle in and enjoy your stay.

2020, on the other hand!

Event Theme 2020
JanuaryChanging of the year. Where we watch the extravaganza, the community team round up, and the change over of champions.
FebruaryCentered around valentines. Specifically Love AND friendship.
MarchStill sort of vague. Centered around Birthdays and Pokemon eggs, because we as a forum have a MASSIVE amount of birthdays. So we'll just make this the community birthday month
AprilFor Summer Showers and April fools
MayFlower Festival
JunePride! Be proud of who you are and what you do.
JulySummer celebration. Beaches, vacation, and trips, oh my!
AugustGrand bazzare, where users can showcase their work and exchange their talents.
SeptemberAll about new beginnings. So things like new runs, and welcoming in new members are strong themes.
OctoberSpooky Halloween Month. Lots of fun events
NovemberHarvest Month. More ambitious projects, such as catching up to large runs, and National Writing Month!
DecemberCelebrating Winter Holidays. Encourage a forum cultural exchange and gift giving.

You might even want to expect a champion or two to wander on around! They're the representatives of other champions. They may ask for a favor every now and again. Don't be shy, most of them are pretty kind!
Speaking of, If you see Porter, alert me IMMEDIATELY. That twink owes me 20 dollars and I aim to COLLECT...

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