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Hack A Genwunner's Crystal v1.1

No permission to download
god i spent more time on this than i should've


Like Pokemon crystal? Don't like all those newfangled Gen 2 Pokemon? Well I have just the hack for you! In A Genwunner's Crystal, the only Pokemon in the game are those that have been introduced in Red, Blue, and Yellow! The only exception to this rule are those that evolve from Generation 1 Pokemon into Generation 2 Pokemon, so don't be surprised when Clair's Kingdra wipes your entire team again.


But that's not all! There are also some ᵇᵒⁿᵘˢ ᶜʰᵃⁿᵍᵉˢ that I made at like 2 in the morning, including increased gym leader levels, different movesets on important trainers, and a """Brand New""" final boss! please get to that point i spent 50 years trying to sprite that trainer

Go forth, and become a true master of the original 151!
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