Moderators & Admins

Below is a list of information on the "official" staff of the Nuzlocke Forums, the ones responsible for keeping the site running and for handling issues. The site's staff list thus only refers to Moderators and Administrators, even though Featurers and Contributors are technically staff. They have no responsibility in this regard, and should not be contacted in case of issues.

Moderators are responsible for keeping the forums running! Our primary responsibility is to make sure that the rules are being upheld. To this end we may hide posts, mediate between users, or otherwise manage problems for the userbase. We also field issues reported by you, the users! If there's a problem on-site, a report is a good way to reach us. Please be aware that no matter who delivers a warning to you, warns are always decided on and conducted by the staff at large. No one staff member is responsible for a warning.

Moderators also perform administrative work to help manage or improve the forums. We'll move, close, or open threads to make sure everything's running okay. We will propose or enact changes to the board to improve it for everyone. We also help with the efforts of Contributors in an administrative capacity.

Some examples of matters you might contact a Moderator about:

  • A question or clarification about the forum or the rules
  • A report that you've filed, to follow up on it (please note we cannot discuss what action has been taken, as that would violate the privacy of users involved)
  • Issues that violate our rules that are difficult to report with the report function, such as avatars or signatures

Be aware your messages may be sent to the moderation team as a whole or directed to another mod specifically, so you may receive a response from a moderator other than the one you contacted. We work as a team, after all!

Administrators oversee moderators and work directly above them. As a result, we have all of the responsibilities of moderators, but we also have a responsibility to manage them, too. As such, we are the ones primarily responsible for fielding and judging complaints about moderator behavior and performing oversight on their activities. We are also often at the forefront of projects, ensuring that they progress and are implemented appropriately.

Administrators also have access to the Administrator Control Panel, meaning that we can tinker with the inner workings of the forum. There are several things only we can do, as a result - some examples include name changes, editing or moving forums and subforums, and adding or removing some roles from users.

Some examples of matters you might contact an Administrator about:

  • Issues with moderator decisions or conduct
  • Problems with forum software
  • Role changes
  • Issues that you would come to a moderator about (see above)

The following is a current list of moderators and administrators along with links to their profiles, should you wish to message them.