Featurers are users responsible for supporting the creative content side of the community. We serve a similar role to and often work with Contributors, but we specialize in promoting the work of creators, usually either by encouraging content or by showcasing it. Unlike with Contributors, Featurers usually perform different roles within projects rather than managing our own individual ones. Some examples of Featurer initiatives include Featured Fan Runs, New Run Roundup, and the Extravaganza.

Some examples of matters you might contact Featurers about:

  • Runs you'd like to suggest for featuring
  • Proposals or suggestions for featurer events

If you're interested in possibly becoming a Featurer yourself, see this thread for more information.

The following is a list of Featurers currently working on the team along with links to their profiles for easy reference.


  • Clockenstein
  • Garish Garchomp
  • Garnet
  • Kadew
  • QuietGuardian
  • RubyClaw
  • Top