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Recent content by Whozawhatcha

  1. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature [6/7/2021] Behold, A Pale Horse! [localhoney]

    Hey buddy. We don't accept bribes in this house. But you might wanna check this out. Congrats on the feature bro!
  2. Whozawhatcha

    Feature [6/7/2021] Behold, A Pale Horse! [localhoney]

    Oh no, look who they gave the power to feature! Hello my fellow guys, gals, and nonbinary pals! It is I, Whozawhatcha, and I will be using my esteemed power to commit great crimes against humanity—not as great as many of the crimes you’ll read once you take a gander at my choice of featured fan...
  3. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature [6/7/2021] Behold, A Pale Horse! [localhoney]

    Happy anniversary to one of my favorite bastards on these forums man, here we are, celebrating in jail by watching Eddie get the shit beat out of him. Again. Next to Tamaya, he's my favorite punching bag. Tenza is like, laughably evil in the best of ways, like ma'am, it's just prison ma'am...
  4. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Three's a Crown

    I'm not just. Outrageously jealous of your writing every time I read it. I'm not mad that I don't have a command of the English language like you. Not seething with jealousy at all. Stop telling yourself you suck at writing. You're fucking good. You're ridiculously good. God. Hera is such a...
  5. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Alola Teen Come Hell Or High Water

    Not an update, just more worldbuilding since I've had Tamaya mentioning a lot about pokemon compatible to learn about auras and dark types being antithetical. A loose combo of chakras, canon aura abilities, and my own shit threading it together messily.
  6. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature [6/7/2021] Behold, A Pale Horse! [localhoney]

    Listen we all know i'm shit at keeping up with runs, but listen, i'm here now, and dude, clearly i did this on purpose so i didn't have to wait two chapters between Headquarters updates, clearly i was just biding my time to read the whole shebang at once, jdlfshkdfjls. listen i HATE fucking...
  7. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Alola General Don't Fear The Reaper

    Listen I'm at work which is when I read most but is the worst time for writing up comments so let's fucking do this. Since you're begging for crit, baby, my friend, hello, is Death our protagonist? Is this story named after them? Should we know something about them? YES. Can you fucking open up...
  8. Whozawhatcha

    Art Written General Teen Mature Fanwork Friday: March Thread

    This one goes out to @localhoney and his protagonist Eddie because I've talked about Tamaya vs Eddie for AGES and now it's written. Tag warnings: violence, blood, graphic, broadheads
  9. Whozawhatcha

    Written Story Galar General Grimwood

    Ma'am??? Oh ma'am i love this so much, it literally reads like a fairytale too. I felt like I should've been reading this at bedtime before I sleep, out loud to my dog. This is DELIGHTFUL to read, an easy snippet to consume, and also just the right amount of spooks. The mushroom men? Horrifying...