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Recent content by Vivificient

  1. Vivificient

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Shiro's Quest: A Nuzlocke Adventure in Hoenn

    Well, hello there, 23 pages of Shiro's Quest - don't mind if I do! Buckling up for the next couple pages!
  2. Vivificient

    Comic Kanto Teen Speechless - A slightly tweaked Fire Red Nuzlocke Challenge

    Overall, this comic is off to a very charming start.
  3. Vivificient

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Resolute Heart - A PKMN LeafGreen Nuzlocke

    "Not even my grandson?" Hmm, what an oddly specific question! I wonder what Harley isn't letting on to the disembodied voice of Oak. It certainly doesn't seem like there's much love lost between Harley and Suzuki. Maybe her secret motive is just to prove she's better than him. Aw, Oak's...
  4. Vivificient

     Introductions and Departures Thread

    Hello! I haven't been on here for a few years, but browsing through threads I still see quite a few people I recognize. : ) Since last time I was here, the most interesting thing that's happened in my life is that I broke into the video game industry, so now I do game programming for a...
  5. Vivificient

    Hoenn Mixed Media Teen The iStockphoto Nuzlocke Challenge: Photo Phinish

    I enjoyed the original iStockphoto runs and I'm enjoying this one too! My favourite page so far is the one about the boxed Pokémon dreaming of revenge. : D
  6. Vivificient

    Comic Hoenn A Bemurkled Sapphire Nuzlocke

    It's been three thousand years almost five years, actually. I have a new page for you today and a couple more pages that should be up in the next couple weeks. Since it's been a while, you'll probably want to start with the previous page for context. Page 70 (for context): Mudbert Page 71...
  7. Vivificient

    FAQ  Want your old threads imported? Post here!

    Hello! I would like to have my old run thread moved to active FCR: https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/a-bemurkled-sapphire-nuzlocke-comic.2867/
  8. Vivificient

    Screenshot Hoenn Mixed Media Wimpy Ruby [Part 6 up - Sunday Feb 7]

    : D I commend your commitment to using the appropriate level of Zig in each circumstance.
  9. Vivificient

    Write Your Own Dictionary

    Detergent: An unpleasantly scented spray used to repel unwanted advances by male suitors. I noticed a lot of young men inching closer to me at the ball, so I excused myself to re-apply my detergent. Please define: antiquarian
  10. Vivificient

    Type the sentence above you with your eyes closed

    Hold on a sec, I'm going to consult "myself", OK? Comma instead of semicolon, different quote style, and wrong spelling of "okay"... I clearly need to read more carefully. The CAS instruction allows us to detect data races, by comparing the value that's actually in the memory location at the...
  11. Vivificient

    Write Your Own Dictionary

    Keysmash - A refreshing lime- and potato-based dish commonly served in Florida. Please define: plenilune
  12. Vivificient

    Play by Post Create a useless move, item or ability

    New held item - Danger Helmet - Allows all the Pokémon's physical moves to inflict recoil damage.
  13. Vivificient

    Books The Nuzforum Book Club

    Night Vale! That's where it's at. And by "it", I mean "sentient flesh-eating mist". Run. I recall that the Welcome to Night Vale novel is also a very good book to read if you want to learn about how pawn shops work.
  14. Vivificient

    Books The Nuzforum Book Club

    Now I'm reading The Life of an Unknown by Alain Corbin. It's a sort of a curious experimental work of history -- a biography about a shoe-maker from 19th-century France about whom almost no records or information has been left behind. So instead of actually being about its subject, it's more...
  15. Vivificient

    FAQ  Want your old threads imported? Post here!

    My username remains Vivificient https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/a-bemurkled-sapphire-nuzlocke-comic-t3957.html https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/nuzlocke_forum/inactive-battle-for-an-electric-unova-team-volt-ta-t22981.html