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  • Giovanni defeated. Now to just sort out the aftermath of the battle and then it's on to facing the trek to the Pokemon League!
    Should be able to put my next Nuzlocke update out tomorrow. The gameplay's all done for it, just need to finish the writing side and proofread before posting.
    Well the unofficial hiatus for my run is over. Finally got past my writers block and my internet is back to normal. Awesome!
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    Yay! Welcome back!
    Yeah, turns out that the cabling we needed had degraded over the course of a couple of decades and was causing so many errors that the connection was dropping several times a day. Case in point, last Monday it went down from 2pm to 6pm and would only come up for a minute at most when it did have a connection.

    Funnily enough, when I was keeping track of when it dropped to inform the engineer, it had a perfect day.
    Oh yikes. That sounds like a pain to try and get fixed.
    Right, Cinnabar Gym update is more or less done (1 screenshot left to add and some narration). Now to get set up for the first trip to the Sevii Islands!
    It's a good thing I keep the colour hexcodes for retired team members, just in case I need them. Going to need all of them this chapter.
    Ugh, accidentally clicked a link instead of the editing tools while I was posting. I was about 10 or so screenshots away from finishing the post.

    Screw it. Writing the BBCode in a word document then copy-pasting it over.
    Well, finally get to take advantage of my Universal Randomiser settings. Impossible Evolutions are now possible, and National Dex Support is kicking in.
    Right then, that's my next chapter ready to go, plus an extra .5 chapter to sort out, that way I can continue with the main story in the next proper update.
    Of course one of the Safari Zone catches that I got for Pokedex Completion ends up having a great nature. Dammit, I could have a contender on my hands, and he's doubly redundant!
    Well, time for my first run-through of the Safari Zone. I get three runs through. One where I'm aiming for Surf, two for items. Also, I don't have to worry about first encounters in there, but I only get one per section.
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