I started nuzlocking with an Omega Ruby wonderlocke called (rather creatively) Omega Wonder. I went on to do two more nuzlockes, Moon Child (Moon) and Sanic X (X), neither of which I completed (the first due to emotional issues I had at the time, the second due to what a mess it turned out to be).

I am currently working on a Let's Go Eevee storylocke called Secrets of Aetherai: Ori's Gift, set in a PMD-like alternate universe with wraiths, worldbuilding, feuding gods, musical numbers, and a very sassy Chosen One. I have a few other potential lockes planned set in the same universe, and am currently under the decision paralysis of having several running nuzlockes at once. I told myself I wasn't going to do that, but... here I am. I recently started another Let's Go Eevee storylocke (actually, a LGE/FireRed duolocke) called A Trace of Magic: Seeing Red, which runs under an expanded nuzlocke ruleset called the Datalocke, largely inspired by RubyClaw's lorelocke ruleset.

I'm also doing a Pokemon blog called Don't Get Me Started, so if you have any interest in Pokemon at all (and why would you be reading this if you weren't?) then I'd highly advise you check it out.
April 7
Gatto Region
She/her, Aetherai Lorekeeper
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Autistic writer who starts more things than she finishes. Loves music, worldbuilding, anthropomorphism, horrible puns, and Masquerain.


ANNOUNCEMENT: So I just found out that I probably got Covid at the beginning of the month, and the symptoms may linger for the next several months. Will I give up writing? Heck no. Will it take a lot longer? Heck yes. Please be patient.
Also, I posted three blog articles in a row this week, and all of them are criticisms. I think that says something about my current mental state.


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