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  • oh boy is it time for another person to pull the "hi yes i am still alive but unfortunately my stuff is kill" card? because, hi, yes, i am still alive but i'm pulling the plug on my stuff

    apologies to anyone that was following any of it but my motivation is absolutely zeroed out right now and starting fresh when i find motivation again is probably for the best
    "oh hey they're offering ff14 and the first expansion free to play, might give that a crack"

    and then my free time just vanished, not sure how that happened
    >working on plot strands for the Quest Thread so we're not just doing a complete retread of Part One
    >end up with a convincing brainworms for a completely seperate Three Houses SI fic

    send help, i don't need more new hyperfixations
    Join me in Three Houses hell do it do it do it
    "So this schedule thing is working out nicely, lets keep it going!"

    except this week i still have to write half the chapter today because i am an UNDISCIPLINED FOOL and LULLARD who doesn't keep a backlog or consistently power ahead
    there truly is nothing like having committed to the batch of twenty fire emblem ocs for a hack run for dragging my other old character concepts out of the woodwork

    should i just accept my fate of making my own fire emblem now
    "Hey you know how your storylocke is only hovering around the first major city? Wouldn't it be really fun if you could only think of sequel hooks and future events rather than writing what's in front of you?"

    thank you brain, very cool
    Just shy of my January word goal already, after all the indecision! Should probably get a motor on and build that buffer for the eventuality of Life being Heck.
    "Took, why are you starting yet more Fire Emblem projects" because i've lost control of my brain yet again, send help
    i relate to this on a spiritual level

    my projects are a file of fic wips but oh god i keep writing so many more it won't stop
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    folks it has just occurred to me that we're mere days away from the first meme of the decade

    this is a weighty burden
    Maybe something to do with how much easier it is to win card-based RPGs in when playing in Russian. Example -



    Another day, another irritatingly intriguing idea for a FERP which is going on the pile of "things I'd really like to run if I had the time and energy for roleplay hosting".

    brain goblins please go and stay go
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    between offloading project ideas and also the two other things in my Blog Democracy, i could fill a vast and mighty blog just offloading shit and spewing takes on the games i play that inspire further project ideas

    i could do a lot of things
    '*Unfortunately, things were about to get worse.*

    "Oh, hello," Jeremy said, looking at his phone. "We have a text from Mr. Wilman... 's new best friend, Chancellor Izunia."

    "What, the homeless man with the stupid coat?"

    "Yes, Hammond, that one."'

    i keep forgetting i had the idea of a top gear/grand tour crossover with ff15 and honestly i should maintain that state of advanced forgetfulness
    Need people to talk me down from double billing Rise of Skywalker with Cats. Please send help.
    Do it and take me with you
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    I should probably note that the cinema I'd be doing this at has a membership scheme so I wouldn't actually be paying to see either film.

    This is just for the art of self-loathing. and then i shall form my own opinion on Cats
    Oh, so do it! There's no reason not to! I just thought you didn't wanna spend double the money on tickets
    my brain on projects really is just a room full of hamsters stuck in their little exercise wheels
    Oh god it's NaNo time again.

    43 words in and my horrible shitpost prompt already seems like the best worst ride.
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