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  • The Season Finale of the Volt White Squadlocke is here, and Elesa is next in Pico's sights. Can the team get through the Gym battle without any shocking incidents in the squads?
    Chapter 11 of the Volt White Squadlocke has arrived, as the team arrived in Nimbasa City. Join them as the see what Nimbasa has to offer, along with unexpected surprises lurking around the corner.
    Chapter 10 of the Volt White Squadlocke is here, and the team picks up where they left off in entering the Desert Resort. Thrills, chills and fake kills abound, as surprises belie at the team's destination. Can they endure the environment?
    Expecting Chapter 2 of the Ruby Nuzlocke? Well, unlike Waluigi, here it is! How will Connor fare when he's only allowed to take in the same amount of Pokemon as the Gym Leaders? And which new encounters will join the team?
    Following the painful battle with Burgh, Chapter 9 of the Volt White Squadlocke has arrived, as the team looks to rebuild. But will new recruits come in their hour of need? Or will an unlikely trainer cause all the problems for Pico and the team itself?
    This is the Chapter that I've been dreading. Chapter 8 of the Volt White Squadlocke is here, as we finally face Burgh. Will this Gym Leader crush the entire team with his dangerous Pokemon? Or will he be the one that gets squashed?
    After a week long break, The Volt White Squadlocke is finally back and in attack! Chapter 7 is now up, so how will the team fare in the new city? And will Fredo and Musume redeem themselves with their second chance?
    After some time of progress my first ever album, Real Together, is finally released. Feel free to listen to the final product here.
    As I mentioned earlier, I was planning to start up another Nuzlocke, this time involving Pokemon Ruby. And here it is. But don't panic, my top priority remains with Volt White, so don't expect Ruby to be updated regularly, at least for now.
    Chapter 6 of the Volt White Squadlocke has arrived, and if you thought Lenora was bad... she still is. But you might not be ready for what happens in the forest. You might want to brace yourselves for this.
    Chapter 5 of the Volt White Squadlocke is finally here. This time, we're facing Lenora and her feared Normal types. How are they feared? They know how to Retaliate. Let's see if we can do better than that lame pun suggests.
    I recently started to branch out in another form of media, this time being in Vaporwave music. Here in this post is the first song I've released, so let me know what you think.
    Chapter 4 of the Volt White Squadlocke has arrived. As the team heads to Nacrene City, will the team continue their deathless streak, or will N have Pokemon dropping like flies in his magnum opus of a better future?
    After imgur and internet issues, Chapter 3 of the Volt White Squadlocke is finally here. A long chapter, how will the team and their new recruits fair against new challenges and recurring foes, including Team Plasma?
    Chapter 18 of Set for Uncertainty has arrived in time for Christmas. In this season finale, the team of young blood and veterans work together to take on the Elite Four. Could there be a miracle on Indigo Plateau?
    Chapter 17 of Set for Uncertainty is here. Challenges and obstacles loom in the team's quest to get to Indigo Plateau. Can the party get through unscathed in the sea of trainers at Victory Road?
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