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  • Chapter 16 of the Volt White Squadlocke has arrived, and this is perhaps the most challenging Chapter yet. Can Pico and her party escape from the cave into the next town unscathed? What kind of surprises will N have in store for Pico? Will any member be safe?
    I suffered a hit on the head from a falling tree when I was working earlier today. I'm slowly recovering, but I've been given the order to rest for the time being, which will mean that - depending on how I'm feeling in the end - the updates for my Volt White Nuzlocke and my Ruby Nuzlocke could both be pushed back to next week.
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    You got hit by a tree and survived??? Are you an anime protagonist?!
    It was a small tree. That said, the hit was so bad I had to rest my head with an ice pack for a little while, and it did affect my work for the rest of today. Wasn't the best way to end the weekday.
    @THKS That’s fair. Hope you get better soon!
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    I recently stumbled across a relatively new Pokemon hack, Pokemon Reboot, but I won't pick up and play it for real until Volt White and Ruby are both taken care of. This is because Pico and Connor's respective journeys have to be prioritised.
    No one made Jelly-Filled Donuts like Brock did. A recipe so brilliant that Babish was insane enough to perfectly replicate Brock's classic. I would love to know where I could get those beauties, one of these days.
    Chapter 3 of the Ruby Nuzlocke is here. In the quote-unquote beach episode, join Connor as they enter some unusual obstacles before May challenges him to a rematch. Who will be able to stand tall?
    I thought I'd post this just in case anyone didn't know a thing about the Diamond/Pearl remakes until now.

    This type of video is making me want to get those remakes for some reason. Is it wrong that I'm smiling as I type this?
    The Season Finale of the Volt White Squadlocke is here, and Elesa is next in Pico's sights. Can the team get through the Gym battle without any shocking incidents in the squads?
    Chapter 11 of the Volt White Squadlocke has arrived, as the team arrived in Nimbasa City. Join them as the see what Nimbasa has to offer, along with unexpected surprises lurking around the corner.
    Chapter 10 of the Volt White Squadlocke is here, and the team picks up where they left off in entering the Desert Resort. Thrills, chills and fake kills abound, as surprises belie at the team's destination. Can they endure the environment?
    Expecting Chapter 2 of the Ruby Nuzlocke? Well, unlike Waluigi, here it is! How will Connor fare when he's only allowed to take in the same amount of Pokemon as the Gym Leaders? And which new encounters will join the team?
    Following the painful battle with Burgh, Chapter 9 of the Volt White Squadlocke has arrived, as the team looks to rebuild. But will new recruits come in their hour of need? Or will an unlikely trainer cause all the problems for Pico and the team itself?
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