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  • These are the nights I love. Cuddled up with a blanket and my bathrobe, drinking a glass of warm honeylemon tea, listening to piano covers of Studio Ghibli music. Catching up on all your lovely runs and getting lost in the tales of these wonderful creatures we call Pokemon. May your teams grow strong, your friendships bloom bright, and your losses never be forgotten.
    *Breaks free from the surface of the Sea of Adult Responsibilities, gasping for air and struggling to stay afloat*
    *Flings a handful of comments out to shore frantically*
    *screams, "THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT IN THE EXTRAVAGANZA AND IN GENERAL!!! I love you all and the next update of GoT-ta is almost finished, I swear!"*
    *another wave hits, in the shape of an alarm set for 5:00 am*
    *unintelligible gurgling*
    I was assigned my first patient as an occupational therapy student today! It's so humbling to finally be so near the end of my academic career and to be helping people get out of the hospital and into the safest possible environment. I guess I'm just really excited and wanted to share :)
    Me: Game Freak needs to switch up the Pokemon formula and add some new mechanics to keep things fresh.
    GF: *switches up the Pokemon formula and adds new mechanics to keep things fresh*
    Me: *grumbles incoherently to self, visibly upset, because now all my rulesets need to be altered for said gameplay changes*
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    Most likely going with grookey! I was originally a sobble person until the horrible inteleon was revealed. And I actually am one of those people who like cinderace, but ehhhhh. Grookey's final evo just actually looks like a proper pokemon! It gives me gen 2-4 vibes, Itll probs be my pick. ^^ How about you?
    I'm probably gonna use a RNG because I hate making decisions lol. Although my favorite line is Grookey's as well. I wasn't too thrilled about Scorbunny and Sobble's final evos, but I felt that way with the last two gens too and then they grew on me over time. Cinderace is probably my second favorite; I mainly wish it turned out to be less humanoid.
    Im not against more humanoid starters, but the design has to be GOOD! Inteleon is absolutely hideous. >m< Cinderace at least is adorable! But its hard to imagine a pack of cinderaces roaming the wild, like I could picture meganiums and torterras in the wild but not a cinderace. But on the other hand, I can see a huge pack of rillabooms and cute baby grookeys hanging out in the treetops!
    I may or may not have just used the last 4 days to bang out a 21 page paper that's not due for another month so that I don't have to be bothered with it when Luigi's Mansion 3 and Sword and Shield come out~~~
    So! Today was my last day of my last Level 1 fieldwork for occupational therapy. And to ensure I made a good last impression and get a passing grade on my final eval, I decided it was in my best interest to REAR END MY FIELDWORK SUPERVISOR AT A STOP SIGN ON OUR WAY TO A CLIENT'S HOUSE.

    Literally can't make this stuff up.
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    You're ok though? You weren't hurt?
    Nope, no one was hurt thankfully! And my supervisor was forgiving and I did end up passing 👍 now it's just the issue of insurance stuff and fixing the damage on my leased vehicle :/
    At least you weren't hurt and didn't hurt anyone else. This is the good ending.
    Me: I should just label my GoT run as a storyshot run, because that's essentially what it is.
    Also me: ...But then you can't hide behind the 'it was just supposed to be about gameplay' excuse if things go bad.

    And that's the tea.
    My boyfriend is currently using an extremely effective method of positive reinforcement where every time I write one page of my paper, he makes me a mixed drink and I get to take a 15 minute Smash Bros break unleash my anger on these time-wasting assignments.

    The quality of my paper is rapidly deteriorating with each page, but hey at least I'm getting it done!
    I almost posted this question in the public Discord, so this is the...sixth? time that I've almost outed this early.

    To those of you reposting runs: are you keeping old reply responses? And are you posting all the updates in their own separate comments?
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