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  • The weather predicts tornados or severe thunderstorms and nobody bats an eye. But if they say the word "snow" then everyone loses their minds.
    Last hat Pikachu codes, The second code is a new, Gen VIII variant and, unlike the others, holds a Light Ball.

    Who is the genius who came up with Dynamax Adventueres and why the heck did they not come up with it sooner?
    Right? They’ve been an absolute delight to play through
    Indeed. Only big complaint is that the timers are a little tight for coordination via text-based chat in pre-made groups. Makes things rather hectic trying to type and keep up with everything going on.
    Two more SwSh hat Pikachu codes.


    Also, since when could 'Chu learn Electroweb?
    Emperor ServingSpoon
    Emperor ServingSpoon
    Since ORAS, apparently. Worth noting that Poppy's Pikachu (the raid NPC) knows Electro Web. No idea if or when Ash's Pikachu ever learnt it, though (I don't recall it ever using it during the X/Y series)!
    There's a few Mystery Gift codes for hat Pikachus in SwSh right now.

    Well, that was a bit of an impromptu and unwanted hiatus from writing. Had an old arm and shoulder injury acting up bad enough to keep me from typing for any real length of time. But now I shooould be able to resume writing and hopefully be able to post again to my story and blog soonish.
    If you have SW/SH, you got about 10 hours from the time of this writing to use the Mystery Gift code TRA1NERSCUP

    It gives a shiny Amoongus based on one one of them used in the World Championship that's pretty much battle ready.
    New Wrapping Machine: *Acts up*

    Boss: *Tries in vain to fix it*

    Me, with most experience on machine: "Need help?"

    Boss: No, I got this.

    Me: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

    Boss: I don't need your help!

    30 minutes later, turns out all it needed was a restart after all.
    Me: Yeah, unfortunately, it's been a while since we've had a sale on this item. Hopefully we'll have one again soon.

    Customer: Yeah, ain't nothing ever on sale anymore. It's all the democrats fault. We ought to shoot Bill Gates for giving us this virus.

    Me: *swiftly moves to the next customer*
    Me: I don't need this old computer chair anymore. Let me set it next to, rather than in, the apartment dumpster so if anyone wants it they can grab it.

    Weather: But what if I suddenly decided to rain an hour later? Like, really really hard.
    Anyone want any Breeject Growlithes? Got a fox full of them along with a trio of good ones: two high IV females in Level Balls and an accidental defensive Trick Room abuser (Intimidate, Bold, 31/x/31/31/31/0). I'll take most anything for the regular breejects (other than some common ones like Feebas except rare ball females) though would like something better for the worthwhile trio.

    All are IV marked.
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