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  • Ice punch needs to be a TM, no, easily learnable move by the mid-game in every upcomming Pokemon game. Heck, do it with all the elemental punches, heck, they really should have done that right from the start or ever since they did the P/S split.

    Something like in USUM with the surfing minigame and getting BP to teach the punches would be most ideal.
    Emperor ServingSpoon
    Emperor ServingSpoon
    Honestly, I'm just really glad they finally gave us so many moves that have traditionally been restricted to Move Tutors as TRs and TMs in Galar! Though the TM placement was kinda wonky and a lot of the late and endgame ones would have felt better if they were available earlier... (Though that's been more a case of want than need in my Nuzlocke experiences.)
    Fuck Glazed‘s moronic ass character sprite designs. Seriously, everyone in the hack looks like a mutated animal that was stretched an puked on. It’s so bad that it has distracted me everytime I tried to play it. They could replace them with actuall mutated animals and that would be more pleasant to look at. FUCK Glazed‘s character designs!
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