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  • uh-oh, I think pokemon GO may have messed up with its latest event... with smeargle's movepool revision I'm gonna see if a lock-on smeargle with some low-cost moves can infinite-combo the AI. Sadly I can't test it until tomorrow since I used today's 15 photobombs on counter/close combat lol
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    Okay I tested it out using a lock-on + muddy water smeargle. Results? Turns out I can only infinite-combo opponents with certain slow moves (confusion, volt switch, incinerate, gust, and splash/yawn). And even then testing it out against spark's raikou I got timed out on his tyranitar.
    Could possibly be an alright rocket deterant if you roll fell stinger/X-scissor (for confusion users), bone club (for volt switch users), or night slash (for ghost types running hex/astonish) but otherwise probably not super worth it? Still hilarious tho. (also got ones with sacred sword and brine during testing)
    Whelp, need to wait for raids to recharge in pokemon unbound, time to go... do eiscue raids in pokemon shield, of course. On the plus side I'm at the E4 and have the plan mostly routed out... except I'm probably gonna put ANOTHER ninetales in the HoF lol
    Whelp that was a thing. Going through pokemon unbound (vanilla mode) and wiped near gym 6 after 10 days of play... got back to where I was on the second run in roughly two days lol (helps that I didn't get a parade of ground types this time)
    tempted to say it does but I could be wrong. I do remember it has memento at least
    You're correct! And in Sun and Moon, it gets it at level 40! I know this because Johnstone lost a Mega Rayquaza to the bastard while grinding for the Elite Four on stream today.
    ...He's on run 48.
    This is fine.

    Speaking of the direct, rip the meta without landorus and the tapus, we had a fun run while it lasted bois
    so update on that eevee I got a few weeks ago. She's now a leafeon (of course) weighing 59.40 kilograms and 1.47 meters tall. Pretty sure the flower crown isn't contributing much to that so imma just say that she's a biggun.
    so shoutouts to the flower crown eevee I just got in pokemon GO being 0.44 meters tall, when eevee's height cap in Lets GO is 0.42M. Now I'm just wondering if I got a physics-breaking eevee or if that flower crown is larger than I think.
    @kitten That's kinda like how I keep flopping between dicey dungeons and verdant green testing atm since the neither one has been kind to me luck-wise.
    Just finished up pokemon picross after over a year of grinding up daily missions. Not too special but pretty casual and relaxing for a "play once per day" game
    I was thinking about nuzlocking colo myself but unless I took the gamecube up to college I'd only have a week and a half to do it rip
    yo shoutouts to Iris's dragon dance haxorus having focus sash even outside of challenge mode in B2/W2.
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