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Recent content by localhoney

  1. localhoney

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon On The Run

    This update was a refreshing departure from most of Milo's missions, and a lot of fun. But there's a lot of sneaky details that I'm squinting at for the time being.
  2. localhoney

    Comic Unova Teen Gijinka Godless Lands - A Pokemon White Gijinkalocke

    Oh shit. Love the design for N and (presumably) Ghetsis, as well as the way that you drew the Water Gun. Excited to see your take on this Godless conflict and how it comes to a boil as the story progresses. Great work!
  3. localhoney

    Comic Johto Teen Other Adventure Mon FoRLoVE - A Soulsilver adventure

    Thank god for ganza promos or else I don't think I woulda found this comic! The art style is gorgeous, the pokemon designs feel original but still classic, there is not one thing in here that I would complain about. You're doing an incredible job! (and i too, am curious about those geology...
  4. localhoney

    Screenshot Johto Dust In the Wind 3: LÄÄÄÃÄÄÆÁÄĀÄÄMP - A solo Dustox run of Heart Gold

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA hm, same. may be a consequence of amphy blinding u tho, may wanna go to an optometrist there's some apricorns! moth? or giratina? the world may never know it's called taxes erb stop trying to commit tax evasion erb oh shit
  5. localhoney

    Screenshot Kanto Commentary Hack extremely normal and unedited firered

    cool. sounds like hell. these people do Not exist mood, but mareep is the only one that matters this made me spit my drink out, you cannot destroy mr mime it is eternal shoulda got the good potat but flareon... also good
  6. localhoney

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Hypoxia || A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Fell behind but Comment Corner gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up! and to echo (hehe) what others have said, i need me an economy where i can trade 5 bottles of soda for rent, that would be ideal.
  7. localhoney

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Confectionary Shenanigans - a Pokemon Sweet Alphabetlocke

    Never seen this hack before so I'm already interested! Popsichu is my daughter and you must keep her safe. maybe he meant like, mint chip ice cream and orange soda!
  8. localhoney

    Comic Unova Teen Gijinka Godless Lands - A Pokemon White Gijinkalocke

    This is already very 👀 I love anything to do with Unova, and this is no different. Love the twist on the first two starter battles that are usually kinda lame and making them pull their own weight as far as some potential worldbuilding. Definitely going to follow along with this one!
  9. localhoney

    Comic Galar Mature Mon Dear Sergio - A Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke

    Ganza promos thread brought me here and I'm glad they did! Been having fun catching up through the pages that are already up too. I imagine being Leon in that situation is like watching two little kids try and play Smash against each other until one of 'em gives out XD def going to try and keep...
  10. localhoney

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Behold, a Pale Horse!

    I'm sure I don't have to remind y'all, but it's Ganza season and nomination time is upon us! To those of you who have already nominated BaPH for anything, I deeply appreciate it~ I'm so excited to be named alongside a bunch of the most talented writers here on the forums, and can't wait 'til...
  11. localhoney

    Comic Galar General Mature Other Adventure A Knight's Gale: A Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke

    The art on this is incredible! I get big big big Breath of the Wild vibes from the art style on the first two parts of the prologue. I don't even know what to say, I rarely read comics but I'm going to have to follow this one. I gotta know what power or whatever Zamazenta has passed onto Raiyah...
  12. localhoney

    Extravaganza 2020 — Nominations Thread

  13. localhoney

    Written Story Galar Teen Other Adventure This Is a Low

    I'd fallen off of this at some point when you were updating in small pieces. Basically, I think this is one of your best pieces of work because it's so damn tight and refined but it doesn't lack any of the things that you excel in. You blended snark and wit with poignancy and a damn good arc for...
  14. localhoney

    Written Story Alola General Don't Fear The Reaper

    I don't know why but this update really stood out to me. Maybe it's cause we're getting to a point where all of our POV characters' problems are coming to a boil, and either they might boil over or simmer down. I don't know, but it's exciting in a "I'm sad for them" way. Also, Kane for the...