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Recent content by Jimcloud

  1. Jimcloud

    Announcement Man the old staff had some really fun resignation thread titles

    Well, it's about that time, everybody. I've been putting this off for a while now, so I'm sure anybody who's been paying attention has seen the writing on the wall for some time. I guess what it comes down to is that I didn't really want to come to terms with the fact that this chapter of my...
  2. Jimcloud

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Insider - Second Verse

    Through Route 32, prelude to collab.
  3. Jimcloud

    [MW2] Mirror World 2

    hey y'all! Today is the day: we're moving forward to our new checkpoint: Union Cave Collab. This is the first collaborative checkpoint, meaning that participants are expected (if not required) to find a partner or partners to team up with in order to write a meeting between their characters as...
  4. Jimcloud

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Insider - Second Verse

    Part 7! Last of the checkpoint! Staked Challenge! Let's fucking go.
  5. Jimcloud

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Insider - Second Verse

    Part six! This one makes it through Falkner. After this is just the staked challenge and we're home free.
  6. Jimcloud

    Roll to Dodge RTD AK-2004

    Wait, wait wait wait that guy has a laptop does that mean INTERNET??? I steal the laptop immediately and away with it.
  7. Jimcloud

    Roll to Dodge RTD AK-2004

    Ah, a new, convenient patsy. I give Mouse my best gift, which is me getting out of obligations by putting the obligations squarely on their shoulder. New guy gets the hard work! It's the Rules.
  8. Jimcloud

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Raven - Night Falls

    Oh, the team's diversifying, I see. I like Viviana so far, interested to see what she has to offer the team. also absolutely rip Elm LMAO two of his pokemon gone in a day through no fault of his own. Guess it be like that sometimes! That Gyarados encounter seems like it was a scare, but you...
  9. Jimcloud

    Written Story Screenshot Mature [MW2] The Twins - A pleasant conversation

    GOD this chapter just, really fucking hits. It just hits hard. I know you were worried about it seeming like three different chapters, just, tonally, but it be like that sometimes and in ways I feel like that adds to the punch that is the end of the chapter. Like you start light, build into the...
  10. Jimcloud

    Written Story Mature [MW2] The Vulpa - Flights of Fancy

    oh, Tookie, I'm so excited for this. And you've already done a good job of putting a hook in. It makes me real excited to see where this story is going just seeing this (even if I already have a pretty good idea of where this story is going, you know how it be) Right now Rhianne is just this meme:
  11. Jimcloud

    Screenshot Mixed Media [MW2] The Defect- 'Tis a Gift to be Free

    GOD GOD GOD!! I'm SO UPSET I haven't managed to comment on this up to this point because I've been eagerly reading and following along I just needed to get other comments done and i kept watching it go by like "oh no" "oh no!" "OH NO!!!" BUT I'M HERE NOW IT'S FINE. AND I LOVE DEEZY you've...
  12. Jimcloud

    Screenshot Mixed Media Mature [MW2] The Outcast

    oh god now that i'm here i have no idea what to actually say, i've already given you so many compliments about everything i liked up to this point i feel like I'm just retreading ground but I just really fucking love tobias tripping over and saying "god just kill me" because like, feeling...
  13. Jimcloud

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Insider - Second Verse

    This one goes through Sprout Tower and covers the Roleplay Challenge. as such, I'm gonna put a content warning on this one for depictions of panic attacks and death. Browse carefully, friends.
  14. Jimcloud

    Uh oh! You friccin moron.

    HEY. I WAS JUST HERE.... Well fuck it. @Aureum suffer
  15. Jimcloud

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Insider - Second Verse

    This one gets us to Violet City!