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Recent content by GoGoGogoat

  1. GoGoGogoat

    Let's Play Teen Erk Does Stuff in the Chao Garden

    ahahahaha I don't think I can call this "my thing" anymore since I abandoned my bit four years ago, so by all means, please keep carrying the torch! Standing around waiting for the Chao to evolve can be slow, but it never bothered me much because 1) Chao are so gosh darn adorable I could watch...
  2. GoGoGogoat

    Bug Report General

    The following fonts that appear in the dropdown box don't seem to work properly in testing on my end: Lucida Console Garamond Consolas Palatino Futara I may have missed more, these are just the ones I noticed because I (would like to) use them for formatting in FCR threads of mine...
  3. GoGoGogoat

    Play by Post AMA

    Contrary to what you might expect, my love for Gogoat comes after my username. I was so proud of the pun that all the positive energy transferred into enjoying the Pokemon as well. Also, goats are badass and defy physics on a regular basis. I had some pretty sweet birthday parties as a kid...
  4. GoGoGogoat

    Play by Post AMA

    It's my birthday so feel free to ask the birthday goat whatever you like! 😛
  5. GoGoGogoat

    [MW2] The Explorer - Twisted Mystery

  6. GoGoGogoat

    Written Story Screenshot [MW2] The Leviathan - From the Depths of the Abyss

    is it weird that I'm feeling kinda sorry for leviathan? I probably shouldn't because she's definitely gonna fuck up soma more down the line (judging by that flashback). but also................. yeah. also I still can't over aine speaking like a medieval knight but swearing like a sailor.
  7. GoGoGogoat

    Written Story Mixed Media [MW2] The Tower — Castles Built on Sand

    bug I have so many questions but I can't get any of them out because I'm screaming, looking forward to how you top that sense of dread in the actual mirror world (and also a bit terrified lol).
  8. GoGoGogoat

    Uh oh! You friccin moron.

    wait what uhhhhhhh @Tookie have fun mate
  9. GoGoGogoat

    Written Story Screenshot Mature [MW2] The Twins - A pleasant conversation

    if this is the state they're in at the first rival fight, I shudder at what they're gonna be like at the ending. extrapolating based on your penchant for call-of-the-void type things, I'm gonna guess a disembodied voice reverberating through the universe or something. I'll check back to this...
  10. GoGoGogoat

    Screenshot [MW2] The Commander - Stormcaller's Shadow

    well I know who to ask for help from on my philosophy final =P I know it's darron's thing to develop The Feelings immediately but it's interesting that talia kinda has that too? she won't admit it but it's there! curious if maybe darron will call her out on that, or the general when/if he pops up.
  11. GoGoGogoat

    Written Story Teen [MW2] The Insider - Second Verse

    if jack is this much of a shithead at 13 (and I mean that in the most endearing way possible) then I really want to see what paulie was like at 13. I'm sure paulie doesn't want that but perhaps the Powers That Be will grant my wish
  12. GoGoGogoat

    [MW2] The Explorer - Twisted Mystery

  13. GoGoGogoat

    [MW2] The Explorer - Twisted Mystery

  14. GoGoGogoat

    [MW2] The Explorer - Twisted Mystery