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Recent content by GoGoGogoat

  1. GoGoGogoat

    Serious Looking back - the past you versus the present you

    In late 2013, I was a college freshman on a down phase about Pokemon, until I looked up XY trailers on a whim about three days before release, liked what I saw, and impulsively bought X. I greatly enjoyed X and craved more Pokemon content, and somewhere in that rush I discovered Nuzlockes...
  2. GoGoGogoat

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Step By Step By Step

    has science gone too far? or has science not gone far enough in other words I look forward to the impending fireworks lol
  3. GoGoGogoat

    Comic Johto Teen What The Water Gave Me - A SoulSilver Nuzlocke Comic

    hmmmmmmmmmmm so I think this is a fire gym??? (but actually the sense of scale in the big tree-gym is impressive and also I really like how you depict evolution with the big light burst and happy feels, it's super sweet)
  4. GoGoGogoat

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Not Quite My Type - A Sacred Gold Hardcore Monolocke

    if you rolled grass type you'd have finished the run by now with no deaths 😎 proof that dray hates nuzlockers!! (he doesn't really but I do think it's funny that he's openly questioned why anyone nuzlockes his stuff) oh wait maybe water types are the best? can't be, they're weak to grass I...
  5. GoGoGogoat

    Screenshot Hoenn Hack Roughing it in the Goof Zone

    I'm curious if you have an image of the new type matchups chart handy. Of course, crits transcend all types, so uhhhh... idk don't have as many of those next time?
  6. GoGoGogoat

    Comic Sinnoh General Autumn in Sinnoh Platinum Nuzlocke Comic

    hi I just caught up and I'm really digging the way you convery motion with your paneling/posing, it's almost enough to distract me from screeching about the impending mine collapse 2: the collapsening and how a lot of problems could have been avoided by someone listening to Orion for like two...
  7. GoGoGogoat

    Play by Post The 12 Song Album Game

    Ok wait no let's actually not go, I need a minute - Songs that help you chill out 1. Deerhunter - Desire Lines 2. Yoko Shimomura - Traverse Town 3. Alan Gogoll - Echidna's Parade
  8. GoGoGogoat

    Play by Post AMA

    What's the object immediately to your right when you read this question? (then tell us something cool about it)
  9. GoGoGogoat

    Play by Post Magic Blender

    I throw in exactly seven and one-third pretzels.
  10. GoGoGogoat

    Play by Post The 12 Song Album Game

    LET’S GOOOOO - Songs that get you pumped up! 1. Infected Mushroom - The Pretender 2. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army 3. Panic! At The Disco - Victorious 4. Nightwish - Last Ride of the Day 5. The Strokes - Reptilia 6. Omega Sparx - The Mark 7. The Score - Legend 8. John Williams - Duel of...
  11. GoGoGogoat

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane VII: An Emerald Nostalgialocke

    are you saying that or is the zigzagoon saying it also that magazine is frankly incorrect about torchic's long-term usefulness because the entire last quarter of the game is ocean. I love torchic anyway but still. throw in a lotad with your treecko and have fun romping through the ocean when...