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Recent content by Garnet

  1. Garnet

    Nuzlocke Unpopular Nuzlocke opinions

    In my experience, I feel like natures are only usually make-or-break, most of the time, in runs where your available Pokemon are severely limited, like monotypes, and even then, you're still probably going to use the ones with subpar natures simply because you don't have any other options, and...
  2. Garnet

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Obsidian Sky- An OR/AS Nuzlocke Comic

    As someone who has chickens irl, I gotta say, Igneus immediately jumping up on Cap's shoulder and Cap immediately assuming he was going for the face is so accurate. Shoutout to the pullet I had a few years back who saw me kneeling down in the yard and decided my head looked like the perfect...
  3. Garnet

    Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Dialga got a new signature move in PLA, it's called Roar of Wake the Fuck Up
  4. Garnet

    Art Comic General Way Out: A Pokemon Legends Arceus comic

    Losing my mind over the defined legs on that Blissey as she charges. Fave
  5. Garnet

    Music  What are you listening to?

    Cinema by KKB, I guess? Starbucks just went and dropped that one out of nowhere. First time I've ever heard KKB just out in the wild before, and it's not even Flamingo or anything, it's from TOTEP. Huh.
  6. Garnet

    Comic Hoenn Mature Mon TV's Nuzlocke - An Emerald Adventure

    damn you actually made the blog lmao. yeah, shit. i'll follow that. why not?
  7. Garnet

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane VII: An Emerald Nostalgialocke

    Right??? And Musharna doesn't even get it through level until Gen 8, because stone evo, so your options for Dream Eater in BW (where I used the Munna in question) are either waiting til level 41 to evolve, trading it to a game that already has TM85, or getting TM85 yourself... by defeating...
  8. Garnet

    How Are You Feeling Today?

    Conflicted. Managed to roll my ankle and have it actually hurt for once yesterday. Pros: • I learned that most people do actually get hurt when they roll their ankles and don't just sort of go "hey ankle let's not" and get up and keep going because they're fine. In fact, most people do just the...
  9. Garnet

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane VII: An Emerald Nostalgialocke

    Bird Keepers are trans butch lesbians and I support them with all my heart. I also support Suze dunking on the local birds. Type effectiveness whomst? I've never held back on evolving a starter, but I have on some other Pokemon - FRLG Spearow comes to mind, holding off for Aerial Ace, but...
  10. Garnet

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    help she's too chaotic and her hands are too close to her face all i can imagine is taiyo please don't become spiders georg
  11. Garnet

    Comic Johto General Mon Endurance: In Our Blood - A Soul Silver Nuzlocke Comic

    ohoho the details here. the braille on the ball, and is the design of that machine what I think it is? is that a gigaremo unit, like from shadows of almia? iiiiinteresting 👀 lapras ain't lookin too good tho, yikes. impressive design and use of the different artstyle to emphasize it, very eerie
  12. Garnet

    Celebrity Death Thread

    Well uh, damn. I never particularly cared for him or his content, the whole dspm thing didn't interest me (especially given the drama around its creator and all) and I never looked into anything he did outside of it, but I guess Technoblade passed away of cancer very recently. Dude was younger...
  13. Garnet

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon A Fateful Nuzlocke Challenge - LeafGreen edition

    Take care of yourself first and foremost - We'll be around if and when you and afnc come back, no matter whether the guys in charge want us to be or not.
  14. Garnet

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane VII: An Emerald Nostalgialocke

    If any landlords are reading this I hope you go bankrupt and your properties are taken from you and given to people who actually need them <3 I wonder if the author of that article ever found out that Pokémon Virus is a real thing in the games themselves, and is actually beneficial to catch...