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Recent content by Garish Garchomp

  1. Garish Garchomp

    Announcement  Regarding the Recent Shutdown

    Hi all, You may have heard, seen, or received a carrier pigeon that the forums were down recently. As in, for a day's time plus change. Unfortunately, that’s because we were recently hacked. The site initially shut down in order to curb the threat, then to restore the forums to a state prior...
  2. Garish Garchomp

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Mon Impulse

    “Welcome back to Impulse, I know it’s been a long time, so I’ll just ease you back in with some moderate child starvation” -you, probably Great characterization here, really great characterization. Like… just the juxtaposition of this kind of note left to get her daughter through her mother’s...
  3. Garish Garchomp

    Announcement And Now, Our Feature(r) Presentation!

    Hiya! How's your 2021? Surviving? Hah, yes, I can totally relate to that, [your name here]. Good one. I'm here today with some exciting news on the featurer front; namely, that there still is one. After a rough 2020, we sent out for applications to get new blood into the squad, and came away...
  4. Garish Garchomp

    Announcement Man the old staff had some really fun resignation thread titles

    You mention how much this place changed your life, but I think the reverse is absolutely true as well. You've had such an outsized and tangible impact on the forums basically from day one, and that doesn't even get into the intangible. You've done more than enough to be able to walk into any and...
  5. Garish Garchomp

    Written Story Alola Teen Mon On The Run

    And we're back... with another interlude. Ah well. At least this one is a legit interlude, a planned one, with actually new characters. This was the one interlude that I decide to write something new for instead of revamping an old one from when I started up the story, and ngl, it's prolly my...
  6. Garish Garchomp

     Feature Team Applications ~ 2021 Edition!

    Hi friends! With the Extravaganza well and truly wrapped up, the feature team is eager to get back into the swing of things after a... rough 2020. However, you might have noticed we're a little short on numbers... for now! 'Cuz, y'know, this thread is here. This is an important time for the...
  7. Garish Garchomp

     Featurer Suggestion 2020 Extravaganza Reflective

    Hi friends, want you to know I have been lurking on the thread constantly and taking plenty of notes, and I'm super grateful for all the feedback that's rolled in! Just wanted to sit back and let some discussion happen. Gonna pop in just for a few lil points rq. I will say that we're aiming to...