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Recent content by Exoskellet

  1. Exoskellet

    Comic Unova Teen Exo Random Challenge : Vento Peanutt-butter-Oreo

    You know , I try to have a schedule but everytime I need to post I want to sleep and I just go to bed The only problem is that I can't sleep and I end up singing rats rats ;we're the rats up until 2 PM Anyway , in today's page , we introduce a new team member Page 6 : Once upon a time in...
  2. Exoskellet

    Play by Post Corrupt A Wish

    Granted , you will feel as energetic as ever during your first period math class , but you will fail your exam because you'l be to exited to actually listen I wish I knew were all the socks I've lost are
  3. Exoskellet

    You're Banned!

  4. Exoskellet

    Comic Kanto Mature Mon The Ballad of Brett

    I always dig "realistic" pokemons , especially bugs
  5. Exoskellet

    Comic Unova Teen Exo Random Challenge : Vento Peanutt-butter-Oreo

    Hey , My first double post , time for some champagne !!! Anyway , in today's page , some pretty silly faces were drawn Page 5 : Video killed the video game star That's right , this comic(?) is all about money See you next time
  6. Exoskellet

    Play by Post First Impression Of The Above User's Profile Picture

    I diagnose you with anxiety
  7. Exoskellet

    Comic Unova Teen Exo Random Challenge : Vento Peanutt-butter-Oreo

    Yeah , Meltoroid is my MVP In today page : more fighting , but its an gym this time around Page 4 : So this is the story about how ... In thuesday page, we will visit a new city and perhaps a new goal in our adventures
  8. Exoskellet

    Play by Post Corrupt A Wish

    Granted , you can play the intro and it sound like it , not exactly like it tho , and you will never be abble to play the intro differently ever again I wish I could sleep on command for 8 hour straight
  9. Exoskellet

    Play by Post Post a question for the next user to answer

    The will of one by the protomen What is your favorite lego set
  10. Exoskellet

    Art Showcase Exoskellet's Gallery : The Factory

    Glad you all liked what I do One thing I started too do when Sword and shield came out was drawing one pokepon a day , because I don't have a switch , and so far , its been mostly fun I Didn't felt like drawing a lot this week so I don't have many drawing to share , but I have the goal to...
  11. Galar pokedex daily drawing challenge

    Galar pokedex daily drawing challenge

    pretty obvious , I'm just not gonna do gigantamax and galar form or evolution .. yet
  12. Grookey


  13. Thwackey


  14. Rillaboom


  15. Scorbunny