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  • Still alive, was sick for a long while, now Animal Crossing is turning out to be a complete and utter time vampire. Still, Page 17 will be out on Monday, as planned.
    Finally moving on to the pseudo-painting part of page 14. Much as I feel I'm growing more and more comfortable with inking? Getting to the painting stage always feels like a reward in and of itself.
    During the last year, I've really come to love doing most of my illustrations on my iPad. Still...whoever had the idea to make the special pen be just hard. Naked. Plastic. That digs into your finger until it's all messed up? Hey product designer I...just want to talk.
    the apple pen! With the lid that if you lose you cannot just buy a replacement of!!! I love apple!!!!!!!!!

    (I’m using one at work and it feels nice but is also the bane of my life)
    I love my apple pen, but the tiny little charger piece cracked about a week after I got it (keep in mind I take care of my things), and so it's been held together by tape for the past year or so. :/
    I got the one you can charge with a magnetic part of the pad itself, but oh that sounds awful - sure know how flimsy lightningbolt chargers are. Apple really is the double edged sword of sleek and pretty, but fragile...
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