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Recent content by bhelryss

  1. bhelryss

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: What Once Was Mine

    scatterbug!!!!!!!!! i love vivillon.... "you'd think you'd know by now what corpses look like" sklfj OKAY BUT STILL THEY'RE BABIES im not sure that's murder, i think there's legal protection for killing in defense of others? i mean, this is also a non-modern setting, so even then....blood's...
  2. bhelryss

    Written Fan Teen The Daily Conspiracy Pokedex

    shed skin gloves is really gross but in an interesting "wow nature is terrifying" way ew, ew, bleh fucking wild
  3. bhelryss

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Eclipsed - Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

    matchy-match brings a certain amount of joy also oof, hard hitting question on a rainy night... delilah's frizzy hair is so cute, i love her....humidity don't tho
  4. bhelryss

    Written Fan Teen The Daily Conspiracy Pokedex

    i love the web of life you're weavin here! poliwag is so cute.... also your health comes first! i hope the results are actionable and that you feel better soon
  5. bhelryss

    Screenshot Let's Play Fossil Fighters Champions But it's a Nuzlocke

    yesssss trilobites, clairvoyant bhel-elryss strikes again oh tophis (from here on out known only as toffee) is baby, look at that smile what's next, tiktaalik? or maybe...crocoforms? A WINNER IS YOU okay so glad that a simple turn it off and turn it back on was sufficient i love this new...
  6. bhelryss

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane VI: A FireRed Nostalgialocke

    ironically breeder is my favorite pokemon class - i think it's be mine - simply becaause their whole vibe is about raising a whole spectrum of pokemon with care name's a bit ergh, but it's not their fault (also ew, straight people are so weird) also i think lorelei has been taking too many...
  7. bhelryss

    Written Fan Teen The Daily Conspiracy Pokedex

    legendary indeed!!!
  8. bhelryss

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    HAT ORIGIN STORY :( poor leon
  9. bhelryss

    Screenshot Spin-off General Commentary Dust in the Wind 4 ÷ 2 = 2 and That's How Many Moths I Have - XD Gale of Darkness Dustox Only

    mirror b: yeah baby expect me also i think your felda-deez nuts joke is quality, it sounds like felt deez nuts, which is good for ligmad exol is....a name. god i love orre names they're so fuckin wild
  10. bhelryss

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon Revive

    a bunnelby, huh? also sina and dexio huh!!!!! THAT'S SO COOL, IM GLAD good job everybody, im proud of them all C: also given your trio, i think you've chosen squirtle, right?
  11. bhelryss

    Written Story Kalos Teen Mon Secrets of Aetherai: What Once Was Mine

    ohhh pied piper rules....very cool!! very cool indeed im really excited i really really am what were you doin with those kids, huh? gonna drown em? bad beaver :(
  12. bhelryss

    Written Story Johto Mature An Arduous, Atoning, and Amazing Adventure

    aw, no yanmega for you i am so excited to see how things will be going TIME TO FACE LANCE - well, the e4 at least oh hang on there's one more brother battle still to go, right? ooh please confide in ur bro
  13. bhelryss

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Hands of Time

    nightmare or.......not a nightmare hmmmmmmmmmmmm congrats on the munchlax!!!! they are so hard to find, jeez im so excited to see lady jolie, but hm. that's not the gym order :?c
  14. bhelryss

    Written Fan Teen The Daily Conspiracy Pokedex

    PUPPIES ;o; i love puppies please find the hisuian puppies and save them, narrator, im beggin also i like that growlithe are some of the earliest domesticated pokemon, it's fitting. dogs are some of our oldest friends...
  15. bhelryss

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Via Memory Lane VI: A FireRed Nostalgialocke

    frlg: ;3c someone familiar is on this island frlg, without waiting: it's lorelei. lorelei, you know, the ice queen? yeah, lorelei, she likes plushies and the folks in her hometown think she's livin the high life in the city, did we mention that it's lorelei- gen 3's love affair with braille is...