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Recent content by Arondon

  1. Arondon

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    quilladin and ledyba are awesome and underused
  2. Arondon

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke pokemon species cliches

    first death dies in a wild battle
  3. Arondon

    Tragic Nuzlocke Deaths:THE RETURN

    self explanatory
  4. Arondon

    Guess the species of pokemon of the above user's team by the nicknames!

    Rosie-Grookey Jasper-Dracovish Collette-Wooloo Mimi-Corvisquire Jess-Morpeko???? Luna-Koffing X run Podo (starter) Goheb KFC guy Eye See You Oysterous Drugbug
  5. Arondon

    Guess the species of pokemon of the above user's team by the nicknames!

    Here are the ones for my Sun Nuzrun: Mantisboi Cascade Wist Vanoss (my starter!) Klapto (DEAD) Pomelo Water
  6. Arondon

    How did you get into Nuzlocking?

  7. Arondon

    Nuzlocke Pokemon you've lost respect for due to Nuzlockes

    Flabebe and Ralts. Why Ralts? It used Psychic and Confusion to kill my Pansage and Caterpie.
  8. Arondon

    What is your most embarrassing death

    As mentioned before, this happened I forgot fairy wind existed Fairy wind crit and killed my combee i cry-facepalmed
  9. Arondon

    Nuzlocke What makes up the genders in your teams?

    male prominently
  10. Arondon

    Nuzlocke Redeemed mons

    LEDYBA. My Ledyba named "MantisBoi" after the youtuber of the same name in my Sun Nuzlocke redeemed that line and the Bug type in general for me.
  11. Arondon

    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    Forgetting movesets and losing a Pokemon. Example-I forgot Fairy Wind existed and thus a Flabebe killed ProJared the Combee with a crit Fairy Wind.