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  • rpg maker xp, the base for pokemon essentials, is 90% off- $2.50 USD! it's a fun thing to play around with even if you're not fully committed to developing a fan game, if only so you can edit current games 😛
    not sure if the basement i am now working in for robotics has mold, just smells weird, is a public health endangerment, or all of the above 🙏🙏🙏 we stan vrc btw
    figured out how to draw straight lines in krita yesterday and i'm in literal tears
    you're telling me magnetic flux made it into swsh but signal beam didn't
    please i need rotom to be able to hit grass and dark
    somebody has revealed to me that corviknight does indeed have feathers and isn't a stupid plain metal bird like skarmory. this is not a drill. corviknight has a big hairy chest and big fluffy tail.
    Corviknight is emo Skarmory and has grown out and dyed its feathers to prove it
    yes it's signature changing time folks
    although maybe not right this second because i really like goggles even though she got brutally dismembered by a snowflake in my run
    anyways i've got a comic of usum thingy except it's low effort and stupid

    #still fewer deaths than insurgence
    Guys! Guys! Guys! Did you know that life orb damage is negated when using moves that are trigger sheer force? Of course you did!

    Now... what if I told you that all item effects triggered after attacking (life orb recoil, shell bell healing, eject button switching, red card switching) were negated if you used a move that is affected by sheer force?
    TIL 👄 learned from nuzcord ily all so much
    Happy birthday!

    Seize the day, just like Durant is seizing Scraggy!

    Fun Fact: Did you know that searching for "Durant" on Google shows you a basketball player with that surname? You need to specify that you're looking for the Pokemon. ._.
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    Reactions: antingaround
    thank you bowser! 💖✨ i feel fortunate to share my mascot with Kevin Durant, though it does get annoying when im trying to find reference images-
    i hate ice cream flavors that are just: sugar. store brought ice cream is like Russian roulette where some brands are rich and creamy and full of flavor and some are just cold syrupy sugar 👏 in other news, today I learned the move wish uses the pokemon that used wish's hp stat, not the mon it's passed to. so like... wish chansey would be significantly more epic than like, wish shedinja.
    why do i only get the inescapable urge to draw something when i log off of my computer for the night, this is so cursed. uh, fun pokemon fact of the day: serperior's inspiration was Lady Oscar from the manga rose of versailles... so she's basically royalty! what a queen, they really represented royalty's 1 dimensional lifestyle with serperior's level learnset.

    imagine giving a starf berry to a ripen appletun. and then just like, spamming recycle + teatime or something. no seriously, it would be really funny.
    alternatively, you could use an actual offensive flapple set (salac or liechi) but at that point you may as well just use decorate... :(
    okay, okay.... why are there so many weirdly specific new signature moves? like. okay, name one person that's heard of "Magic Powder"?? can't believe they got rid of fun stuff like snatch to give SIRFETCHD, of all things, a signature fighting type giga impact.
    @Nate yeah, good catch! hopefully in the next games they give the signature moves to more pokemon- i would just love to see... uh... galarian stunfisk's "Snap Trap" on a stall pokemon. Come on! I need 100% accuracy whirlpool!
    but... stuff like grav apple, drum beating, and aura wheel i just can't see on other pokemon :/ i mean.... pyro ball? why does that even exist! It's broken!
    @io_ hattarene literally can't even use magic powder! it's so slow, and psychic isn't even a bad type to be changed into!!!! you can't get the funny soak strats because of hattarene's nonexistent speed! GIVE ME MY RETURN AND BARRIER BACK DAMMNIT
    yikes, I'm glad I called it quits in Alola
    yo but like, i'm actually hyped about byleth dlc. plus, fe3h 4th wave got more announcements, including: more story! (crimson flower is still, sadly, too short.)
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