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Hello! Welcome to my profile page!

I'm new to this site, but I'm no stranger to forum communities. I spent nearly a decade on The Marriland Forums, where I was even privileged to serve as a staff member for a few years! I was known as Awesome_Typhlosion there for quite a while. The nickname A_T has stuck and I thought it would be fun to continue that trend here. You can call me that, or Typhlosion, or my real name, Ben: I'm not picky! (The current name is an allusion to cell biology, my university field of study!)

I'm also a relative newcomer to the challenge scene, though I have successfully completed a Yellow Nuzlocke, an X Wonderlocke, and a Platinum Wedlocke! All three of those runs are fully documented here on the forums as written logs. You can check my signature for links!

Favorite Pokémon: Typhlosion, Scizor, Magnezone
Favorite Types: Bug, Steel, Dragon

Rev 22:13
Ps 40:1-2
Prov 27:17
Ezek 22:30
Ps 51:10
Jn 1:5
1 Jn 4:2
Isa 50:5-7

Liberty or Death: 3rd Place, Best Written Log
King George III: 2nd Place (tied), Best Antagonist
January 20
A Land of Exquisite Sunsets
Pokémon Type
  1. Fire
  2. Psychic
Pokédex Entry
Hobbies: running, reading, singing, playing Pokémon (especially competitive battling), and practicing my Catholic faith!


Archive of our Own


Formerly known as Typhlosion

Do you believe in miracles?



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