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  • (Yes, Gigi and Bouncee finally evolve to their final forms after accepting Nanette's new life)
    I'm working on a story that takes place between the events of the NanetteVerse's "The Theta Legend of Ice" and "Friendship is Happiness". It takes place at the same time after the events of the AshVerse's "Pokemon Journeys". The story is called "The Helping Shadow of Friendship and Happiness" and it will contain a lot of fighting.
    It may be a long time before I can return to my run. Until then, I won't be able to return to the site to post updates on that run. Mods, can you please move all my runs to Incomplete Runs?
    Thank you for all your support!

    P.S. I now have decided to remove the restriction so everyone can join my reformed casting call!
    For those that noticed what I was doing… I'm sorry. REALLY!!!!! 😞 It looks like I'll teach myself more than just lessons....

    Also, I noticed that something is not right. Not doing anything is really the WRONG thing.

    Because of this, I may take a break from being on the forums.
    Hi! I just posted a Locke on Fan Challenge runs! Just look for 'Magical Pokémon Quest' and you will see what I mean there!
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