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It's him.
Author's notes:
*It's Red, the red koopa kid from the mario party series. I wanted to try to mislead people as much as possible. Why him specifically, I forgot... Back at Bowser's castle Corrin replaced Red in the background trio of colored Koopalings as Red drifted away from his brothers.
*Orre is where a lot of knock off items come from. With how shady the region is, it's cheap and unregulated.
*Suddenly getting a call that pokemon are real, this is the dream for Red and his gang, even if Red won't admit it.
*In most regions, people can take on some of the first few gyms without any badges. They will get curbstomped unless they know what they're doing though. Most people challenge a region's first gym first as it is the eaisest, and if you can't beat it, you aren't beating the other gyms.
*We don't need Red or Bede, we have them at home. The Red at home:
*Red takes things a lot more serriously and to the point than most of the Koopa kingdom, like carrying around an actual gun. At a casual pokemon event, he's the kind of person to curb-stomp everyone with a competeive team. He mostly works on important behind the scenes stuff, like keeping the records intact between the destruction of so many castles. Though he's reclusive, and the reason he isn't in the front lines is because no one likes his ideas like just shooting mario.
*Next time on Questionble Influnce, pokemon gun.

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