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Random unsolicited opinion fact: Super Mario Galaxy is better than its sequel because it has Ice Flowers.

also related: I'm watching Chuggaa get the green stars in SMG2 and as someone with 24(x) stars in that game I'm like, wow. I don't remember getting any of these.
OMG Did you guys see Jeopardy!??!
Whole first bundle of categories was ALL POKEMON!!! XD
I'm 99% going to fail my computer class. Oh well, that's what happens when you get guilted by your parents during a slump. The class was dull anyways, there was an entire chapter about printers.
as much as i use discord, it really sucks. i hate it. the fact of the matter is that it kills communities and makes it increasingly difficult for traditional forums to thrive. i'm not the only one who thinks this, am i? honestly.
Discord killed the forum star.
hard to disagree w this. certainly real time chat is good but at the same time disc tends to cannibalise communities in the long run, cause it disincentivises high-thought activities on the forum by virtue of existing. don't even think anything balances it out either bc its not like the convenience it offers equates to 'thriving' or any such. it's just a drain in general I feel.
@cross_off I mean, idk what communities you guys are in, but many of the discord communities I've been a part of were always popping. You probs just need better servers. But I won't disagree it does drain the forum
Frozen 2: Its not good. Its not bad.

It exists.
I'm suddenly feeling very dumb and thinking about doing a "no direct damage" run of a Pokemon game. Not a Nuzlocke, I'm not that insane, but otherwise no direct attacks ever.
I've gotten a lot of writing done, but I won't be able to share for a hot minute. A lot of editing needs to be done, but I can't wait to share my Sunlocke with you guys!
Good morning, everyone! I was able to get up before my alarm this morning and make breakfast. It feels awesome.
How is your day? Need someone to talk to?
discord smh i just wanted to work pact so i could try to actually do my homework and maybe have a chance to draw.......