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Me: I should just label my GoT run as a storyshot run, because that's essentially what it is.
Also me: ...But then you can't hide behind the 'it was just supposed to be about gameplay' excuse if things go bad.

And that's the tea.
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I can relate to this sort of thinking for my coming run :)
Maybe one day we'll be brave enough!!
so you know what I said like 11 days ago about being so focused on rp that I neglected my run?

...yeah. still on that
That feel when you edit three and a half chapters of your storylocke in one day just to avoid rough drafting the chapter that's giving you trouble.
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If something's giving you trouble, maybe you should try brainstorming with someone? I used to send my story ideas to a couple friends, and they'd give feedback and then we'd go on a tangent that'd result in more ideas being tossed around.