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Winky's Nuzlocke Archives

Thread Description
A place to catalogue my various runs, WIP.

Little Winky

Master Procrastinator
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Pokémon Type
Grass, Normal
Pokédex Entry
She keeps telling herself that one day she'll document one of her 10,000 runs. Maybe once she finishes half of them, she'll actually do that.
General Runs

X -- Challenge: Vanilla (1 item per battle, SET) -- Date Completed: 2014

Schala -- Basil -- Clive -- Joseph -- Percival -- Zephyr

Death Count:
2 (Miltin the Fletchinder, Aska the Pidgeotto)

Game: X -- Challenge: Wedlocke -- Date Completed: Dec 1, 2014


Burdock/Cinnamon -- Valerian/Belladonna -- Konjac/Nutmeg

Death Count: 8 (Clove the Ledyba, Feverfew the Psyduck, Rue the Drifblim, Caraway the Pidgeotto, Lotus the Azumarill, Licorice the Vivillon, Cayenne the Charizard, Aloe the Reuniclus)

Game: X -- Challenge: Cagelocke -> Vanilla -- Date Completed: Apr 21, 2016

Bellatrix -- Sirius -- Mars -- Umbriel -- Carme -- Io

Death Count:
4 (Titania the Bibarrel, Saturn the Pidgeotto, Belinda the Vivillon, Oberon the Hippowdon)

Game: Zeta -- Challenge: Randomizer -- Date Completed: May 4, 2016

Peach -- Edison -- Spice -- Dulcy -- Albion -- Maia

Death Count:
5 (Validar the Seviper, Rumble the Hippowdon, Zeal the Lampent, Goldilocks the Jynx, Elodie the Quagsire)

Game: Glazed -- Challenge: Vanilla -- Date Completed: Aug 29, 2016

Kovu -- Cody -- Rex -- Milo -- Halley -- Vespera

Death Count:
3 (Nagaina the Arbok, Hazel the Furret, Lavender the Gengar)

Game: Moon -- Challenge: Vanilla (SET) -- Date Completed: Feb 2, 2017


Regulus -- Minkar -- Equuleus -- Boötes -- Hydrus -- Andromeda

Death Count: 3 (Algol the Misdreavus, Situla the Slowking, Pyxis the Magnezone)

Game: Moon -- Challenge: Wonderlocke -- Date Completed: Aug 12, 2018


Doppler -- Atari -- Anastasia -- Ruth -- Edmund -- Klepto

Death Count:
3 (Klepto the Klefki, Doppler the Rotom-W, Ruth the Passimian)

Smogon-locke 7 Region Challenge

Each Smogon tier must be represented on my team. I cannot have more than 2 pokemon from a single tier. Tier-lists are corresponding to the most recent Gen pokemon included in the game/hack. SET Mode if I've played the game before, SWITCH mode if blind. Additional challenges may be added on a game-by-game basis to spice things up.

Game: Fire Red Advanced -- Challenge: Vanilla (Gen 6 Tiers) -- Date Completed: May 12, 2016

Thyme -- Kiki -- Levi -- Sahara -- Shizuo -- Dundee

Death Count:

Game: X -- Challenge: Wonderlocke (SET) -- Date Completed: Sep 27, 2017

Topaz -- Andalusite -- Beryl -- Diamond -- Rhodonite -- Opal

Death Count:
1 (Sodalite the Tentacool)
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