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Fan Thread What's your Favorite rom hacks?

Thread Description
A thread to talk about fan created pokemon games we really enjoyed.


Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jul 3, 2019
None of your business
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This Pokemon is too lazy too make any creative shit, and would sitting down like a sack of potatoes and play video games.
I haven't played a lot of rom hacks (only a few), but out of the few ones I've played, Crystal Clear is by far my favourite one. Not only is it surprisingly compatible with Gen 7 and Pokebank (if you hack your 3DS like I did), but it takes the gameplay of Gen 2 and turns it into an open-world game where I can take on any Gyms at any order I'd want. As a fan of open-world games (I'm unashamed to say that Skyrim is my favourite game. :yay:), this feels like the Pokemon game I never thought I would've wanted. Also the fact that you can catch all 251 Pokemon in Gen 2, including the event-exclusive ones, have a legal check for Mew to be transferred to Gen 7, a trade-back guy who would let you evolve Pokemon like Haunter and Porygon,Pokemon being able towalk with you in the overworld...It felt like this rom hack was nothing more but a fantasy until I've played it.

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