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Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Commentary What Would Go Wrong? (except everything) [COMPLETE]

Thread Description
Yes, this is the title. No, I have no renegrets.


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Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
mamma mia spicy pizza lasagna
They/Them (preferable)
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
the joy killer, most passive-aggressive creacher, unable to type properly but seems to not care enough
I finished the gameplay for my Nuzcomic, so why the fuck not make a screenshot run while I will be dying over typing the comic lore and scripting? Hell yeah.
This one has some tricky rules, but you can read it below.

Basically the general theme is Wings of Fire. It include: naming theme, typing theme and some bonus stuff.
  1. Dragon tribes are categorized by Pokemon typings:
    - NightWings: Dark, Psychic (NIGHT-Wing + some had mind reading powers)
    - RainWings: Grass, Poison (sunlight makes them healthier [like. plants] + deathly venom spit!)
    - SeaWings: Water (are you fucking serious)
    - IceWings: Ice (are. you. serious.)
    - SkyWings: Fire, Flying (okay, now you are being dumb)
    - SandWings: Ground, Poison (dude. oh and venomous scorpion-ish tail, I guess)
    - MudWings: Rock (okay uh, mud is more sand + water, but. uh.)
    - SilkWings: Bug, Fairy (they are based on bugs mostly, and.. well, they are sparkly)
    - HiveWings: Bug, Poison (bugs?? again?? and pretty toxic if you ask me lol)
    - LeafWings: Grass (bruh are you out of your fucking mind)

    Yes, some types are repeated. This is fine, just choose which Pokemon is named after which character.

    Dragon type is usable for all tribes.

    If the second type don't fit any tribe, it still can be used if the other one fits. Ex. Pidgey is Normal/Flying, and despite being Normal typed, it goes into SkyWing.

  2. Hybrid clause: Characters that are hybrids of two or more tribes can be used on either types. Ex. Sunny being Sand/Night hybrid can be either Dark, Psychic or Ground. Or a duotype (Dark/Ground or Psychic/Ground).

  3. Any Pokemon that changes type upon evolution can be caught and used, only if it fits any tribe type categoria. In the contrary, if the Pokemon loses the valid type upon evolution, I might skip it and try another encounter.
    If I get a Pokemon, whose first type fits one tribe and then upon evolution gains a type that fits other tribe, I can choose a name from either. I just have to pray it will eventually evolve.

  4. SPOILER CLAUSE: Okay so since the new book came out week ago, I will not use any names of NEW characters that appeared in The Poison Jungle. However, there are characters that appeared in older books, so they are still valid and usable.
    Well I will still provide some little description to all names, so generall spoiler warning for anyone who want to read WoF or something?

  5. Names can't repeat, even if said Pokemon die.

  6. Now this is where fun begins:
    - Until second gym I can't have a NightWing and RainWing together in the team.
    - Until third gym I can't have a NightWing and IceWing together in the team.
    - Until fifth gym I can't have a LeafWing and HiveWing together in the team.
    - I can have a SilkWing and HiveWing in the team together, BUT there must be other Pokemons between them, and HiveWing must be higher in the team. Never pair them in double battle.
    - No repetition. I can't have two SeaWings or three SandWings in one team. Diversity!
Aaaand now more Nuzlocke-esque rules.
  1. One Pokemon per area.
    - HOWEVER: This game gives you so many gifts, so I will take them all. Fuck you and fuck your mom.
    - Great Marsh. Just do it.
    - No dupes.
    - Shiny good.
    - If the Pokemon I find is not none of the eligible types, I can and I sure damn will skip it and look for something else.
    - I think Legendaries are a thing, so.. If I find one AND it's fitting type... I will catch it, you better watch it, you better believe me.

  2. If it faints, it dies.

  3. I'm playing //kinda// blind. I can only check the levels of gym leaders/rivals/bosses, but nothing else. No moves, no held items, nothing. I can still check the Pokemon changes, I mean come on, some have changed types and I need to know which ones.

  4. Is there rule four, or I'm imagining things.

Part 1 - this post dummy
Part 2 - here!
Part 3 - here!
Part 4 - here!
Part 5 - here!
Part 6 - here!
Part 7 - here!
Part 8 - here!
Part 9 - here!
Part 10 - here!
Part 11 - here!
Part 12 - here!


I think I turbo buttoned throu everything, but hey, here we fucking go

The hardest decision ever
Both naming your protag and the rival
It can be anything!
Batman and Robin, Tom and Jerry, Rock and Roll, Eat and The Rich

And I went with this
[edit: prev joke deleted as i learned it was Very Bad so big no]

Friendly reminder this is still a Drayano hack, so we can run like normal people
Also we can probably die in multiple horrible ways, but hey, at least we can move those legs

Wait shit, where am I??
Oh right, I lost the rival battle
That was bullshit
But I choose Piplup and it rolled me a female! It's good I guess

The nature COULD be better, like.. far better
That ability tho, even if I have no idea if it changes upon evolution or not

I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't took screenshot of the famous P-O-K-ACCENT-E Balls.
There we go, let's move on

Now we are talking

Meet Tsunami, the SeaWing princess and Dragonet of Destiny
Impish nature kinda fits her, if you ask me
And Vital Spirit
Oh wowie, cinematic parallels

Feral used Thief!
It's super effective!
Prof. Rowan fainted- Wait no

Aaaaanyways, meet Meerkat and Cliff

was some SandWing, he was friendly I guess (I could go with LeafWing name due to Turtwig Grass type but.. not enough guys)
And PRINCE Cliff is Queen's Ruby infant son, and he is very feral dragonet who wanted to see grandma dying. Fun kid, I like him.

I'm a fan of neutral natures, because they don't hinder wrong stats and people really should stop being mean to neutral natures, they won't hurt you, shut up
Big fan of Shell Armor too, big fan myself

NOW this is a good nature, thanks you very much
AND ability too?

This game keeps giving, so I can't wait when it start taking away everything I love and cherish from me : )

I'm sorry what is this
Oh and he gave me Repels too
Cool I guess, but why???

So I tested the PokeRadar thing and this little guy appeared
Well, I guess he is my catch now

Haha I know, JOKES

Prince Hawk, one of we-all-know Queen's Scarlet sons, who obviously didn't get any personality

Okay, so the nature is pretty decent
But I'm not sure about the ability tho

Wait a fucking second


According to rules, I can't have both Cliff and Hawk in the team, since they are both SkyWings
Oh god dammnit, how it happened so fast???

But before that, I stopped by (of course. I mean plot duh) aaaand
Okay, so since Normal type don't fall under any tribe category, I can't use it
But Eevee is Eevee, and you better don't be rude to Eevee

Also it gives me an opportunity to have this guy
And yes, most WoF names are stupidly long

Chameleon, is in fact a RainWing, but had fancy amulet that allowed him to change appearance to fit different tribes (actually only 4 of them, but hey, it works for me)
So now depending on the nature, I will just choose which Eeveelution he will became and later on I might change his name to fit

Uh okay
Lonely isn't so bad, and it might pretty well fit Leafeon, and then I wouldn't need to change the name (since Grass falls under RainWings.. and LeafWings too, uh)
Run Away is a big meh, but fine, whatever

And then I remembered about my Lake Verintbdbtiddy catch and

Not one but two repetitions? I'm about to go ape shit

Oh wait, it turns into Psychic type
Nevermind lol

NightWings have most ridiculous names, you better believe me okay

Mastermind.. boy, where do I even start with you, you old fart? You deserved being trapped in that damn quicksands lol
Also a Starflight's father, which is kinda important to say, I guess

This one does not spark joy
What the fuck
Too bad I'm stuck with him now 😔
Since Chameleon doesn't fit the RainWing type category YET, I can use them both
Fuck's sake

Nothing personell Hawk, but I take a Naughty Chimchar with Iron Fist any time

Aaaand this is the general box, for unsorted catches!
Supposed to be a "gay baby jail" but letter limit is a thing
I hail this box a "gay baby"

I don't know what's up with you guys, but how Meerkat only got a good move? Huh? I'm Disappoined.

Those two? Utter pain in the ass, for one important reason.
Jolly Psyduck is an unholy creation on it's own, and on top of that it get exp slow as a fucking slug.
Eevee however got pretty cool moves (Bite AND Covet, dreadfull 60BP + STAB + Lonely nature, oh mama), but it's all physicall and he get poisoned by damned Nidorans. And slow as fuck when it comes to exp.

But of course I love all my children equally

Nani the Fuck

Okay this is fine.

Drayano you cheap bitch, give me thy money.

//i hit the "post" too fast, fuck//
Last edited:


Active member
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Ground
Nuzlocking a Drayano hack and with extra rules? You are a braver person than me.

I like your commentary so far! I'm not familiar with Wings of Fire myself, but hey, I got the Warriors reference!


bottom text
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
mamma mia spicy pizza lasagna
They/Them (preferable)
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
the joy killer, most passive-aggressive creacher, unable to type properly but seems to not care enough
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@fluffyspy - Yea.. I already can feel this is going to bite my entire ass off, but hey it might be fun! I hope at least.
WoF is kinda like Warriors, but with dragons and more drama. I'm not that familiar with WC myself, but I know Scourge from my friend.. and some other characters too, I know they all have funny names.

Okay so Let's keep rolling.

Hi welcome to bullshit the game
I would be super mad if Drayano kept Noctowl vanilla and not changed its type to Psychic/Flying
Oh boy, I would be so mad to box second fucking Flying type for being a Flying type

Oh wowie, we got the big boy himself!!

Morrowseer, the biggest bitch of the first arc
And Moonwatcher's father too, but it was unimportant

Okay, so you listen and you listen well. I will take a fucking Mild Hoothoot over Jolly Psyduck all day. All evening too. And party all night.
Even if the ability isn't too good, fuck it. Welcome to the fucking team.

See ya bitch
And yes, NightWing box is in the volcano, because I'm so fucking funny and my brainmeat is huge

Okay so we move on, and, Tsunami are you serious
After all that trouble getting you all to level 10, you are telling me you get new move at level 11???
Oh fucking hell

Shut up White Yoda

[chuckles] I'm in danger

Just get the fuck off my face.

Okay, listen. You are underleveled and damaged, but this is a fucking Burmy.
You can beat a Burmy, right?

You know what? Just kill me already, Jesus Christ.

The temptation is unreal
Also it was just a one Potion, but damn, I had a dilema for millenia


No, I currently have existential crisis, thanks for asking
Jesus, woman, we just met hour ago, give me a break

Dawn, didn't your parents told you "don't talk with strangers"?
I mean, it is a Pokemon world, where monkeys barfs fire and penguins spits bubbles, but come on now

I still hope they will just fire him in future games, he sucks at his job
For real

Oh cool, useless junk!

Dude, they are like.. 10 or something
Get a better hobby

I guess those two can give you a Pokemon? I know Drayano hacks enough to guess it.

Oh it's a free egg day!

No, I just want to move the plot further. Stop asking dumb questions.

I don't know what I expected, but okay.
Wait, those guys are part Fairy...

That will do

Morpho is actually a SilkWing, and member of some rebelion group from what I remember

One thing is not like the others
I'm not sure if I should be happy or fucking cry

Okay, so the quiz itself was peasy-easy, but this question gave me actuall chills
Like I'm facing some villain, that at first posed as my friend and buddy and then jokingly asked me if I'm strong enough to prevent the world destruction or something
Tough shit

But hey, there they are!

Malachite.. well, I guess he fits by colors? He was a HiveWing, and Cricket's father.. and that's all I know.
Osprey was a SkyWing, and Peril's kind-of friend and teacher. He died by the way.
Prince Turtle (yes. I know.) is one of million thirty-four or so Coral's sons. He and Tsunami are obviously sibligns, and he was pretty important, despite being a prince (I know.)


Careful is.. hm. Okay?
Oh and pretty okay ability.

This is the most basic Pokemon I would probably ever get.
Good thing that Charizard turns into Fire/Dragon.

You lost me already.

Oh god dammit, let me live


Drayano gives us the Poketch thing INSTANTLY?

Godblets. Gooblets.

Anyway I went for the catch on route 204
Bapy detected

I?? Fucking love?? Butterfree???

Luna is a SilkWing, Blue's sister and a flamesilk! And pretty important character too, I suppose

Nature is okay-ish, I like bonus Sp.Atk.
But the ability is.. hard pass.
I will use her, of course

I made some additional boxes, and Chameleon for now stays in the gay baby jail for not being the right type
But soon
I hope so
Knowing Drayano and his generosity with Eevee, I will get the right stone soon

Okay wow, I already have more than two in some tribes
Fuck me I guess

And there are Meerkat and Malachite
Two boxes apart, because they are not gay

Aaaand there are the empty boxes
For now at least
Oh good lord, what I get myself into

Now I really have to pay attention who is in the team and who shouldn't
Grinding is going to be a huge pain

Fuck, more water types

Ex-fucking-cuse me

Oh cool, at least here Drayano thought about the infinite TM's
Not like in the StormSilver and SacredGold
Tsk Tsk

I mean?? It's not a Magikarp! But.. nah.

Uh huh

Princess Sapphire was a huge bitch, and lost her claws
Rest in pishposh

Okay, so Drayano boosted this poor fish
And Storm Drain is pretty neat
Alright, you can stay

Graphic design is my passion

Wait fuck, it doesn't stay when I turn the emulator off, oh noooooo

Oh well, we will have to work with this now
Too ass bad!

Dude get your shit together
Jesus Christ that defense stat
But I refuse to take Mastermind in for a long run
I can take him ou for grinding, but for a long run? Over my dead, stinky body.

Things that I learned while grinding: Shinx got Howl
I repeat, Shinx got Howl
Also Drayano gave Luxray a Dark type, like in StormSilver/SacredGold AND VoltWhite/BlazeBlack, and now I'm so fucking pissed off I got Hoothoot
I'm going to break into his house and steal his socks and fills them with BBQ Sauce

I see the +0 and I get heart palpitations
Also alternative ability for Hoothoot line was Tinted Lens, so I'm even more upset right now
I guess the Air Cutter is okay tho, so he can stay.. for now.

Can you fucking believe that grinding a Caterpie is easier than grinding that damn Hoothoot
So you better fucking believe me

Well, I guess it is better than Harden..

Holy fucking shit
Bapy ur my angleee
I forgot another screenshot, but Luna got Confusion, and I'm so fucking proud of her

I did a little team rotation, to grind everyone to level 12
Hawk is doing pretty well tho

After so long switch-grinding, Morpho is somehow easier to grind than Morrowseer
Literally anyone is easier to grind than Morrowseer

I'm out of words

Okay so, I have no idea if there is image limit, but I cut out most of the grinding and new moves
Those are the biggest changes I think
I forgot to teach Turtle how to Water Pulse, so ignore this

Team for now
Yes, I'm stuck with two Grass types
Chameleon went to box, because.. I really hope he evolves soon and I don't want to skip Grass STAB okay
Due to rules, Malachite (Hive) must be higher in team than Luna (Silk)
Which kinda sucks, but hey, I don't make rules


Oh right, you are there too

Mother fucker, there was a Starly moment ago
Water Pulse confused Turtwig tho


Oh cool fucking move bro
Of course it was Crit
Malachite lived and healed by Leech Seed



Oh my god, holy fuck

Cool! Cool!! This is so cool!!!
Man, losing a Pokemon is second rival battle
That's so sad


bottom text
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
mamma mia spicy pizza lasagna
They/Them (preferable)
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
the joy killer, most passive-aggressive creacher, unable to type properly but seems to not care enough
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Let's open this part with new catch
Jesus Christ, that 4x Bug weakness

But hey, now we have the first LeafWing!

Belladonna was a LeafWing (yeah lol), Sundew's mother and a huge fucking bitch of a mother
I don't like her, bleh

You can imagine my face when I saw that
Good lord, this is so funny

Oh boy, oh man
See ya, space cowboy..

Get in the fucking team

One thing is not like the other
Who are you

Haha fuck you, I'm going home

Mother fucker, first spammed Sand Attack and then Arm Thrust
Tsunami kept missing
Used a Potion
Fuck off




Oh this is good actually

Sorry Cliff, but sacrifice is a must

Oh you can.. go down?? Really??

Oh how fucking cool, I got a fucking Zubat
What a fucking surprise, I don't know what else I could find but wow, it couldn't be cooller than a 19578545 fucking Zubat

I'm about to commit a radical act of bloody murder

Why the fuck not

Cadelle was a HiveWing, and Cricket's grandmother. She has venomous teeth, so it kinda fits.

I'm too mad at my Zubat to be mad at your useless gift.


Ookay okay, this is better
This is acceptable

Of course I found a Geodude in Oreburgh Mine
Of course
Of fucking course
And later I found an Aron
Fuck this

But we can have a MudWing now

Reed was one of Clay's siblings, and that was pretty much all development he got

[watches this]

Oh cool
And this makes so much sense!

Oh cool fucking nature
And pretty meh ability
Pre-Gen 5 Sturdy is just.. so fucking sad

Cool, his ability is shit
Great life decisions

That route above Oreburgh
Fuck you

Hurr durr

Queen Thorn, Sunny's mother and most badass mother in the entire series
I fucking love her, she is the best

I'm not sure which is worse
The nature or the ability

You again



Hemlock is a LeafWing, and Belladonna's mate. He was.. alright. Not good, but not too terrible.
Queen Ruby is a SkyWing's queen (duh) and Scarlet's daughter. Cliff's mother. She might or might not had a sister 🤔
Riptide is a SeaWing, he wasn't that important besides being Webs' son. Really. Nothing special. We just ignore his relations with Tsunami, because I'm sick of it : )

That's.. mildly disappointing.
Ability aside, the nature is big meh.

Okay, so ability is meh, but the nature is passable.

I guess we have a winner tonight boys.
Nature? Splendid.
Ability? Magnificent.
Best girl? Best girl.

Okay so Roark's ace is probably 15, so I have to grind untill 17.
But that later.

What the hell, move deleter that early???
I'm walking around in holy quest of obtaining items

Tell my mom I actually love her, because I might not survive this

He is going to murder me with.. this
Whatever this is
It looks like it's made of some metal
Maybe aluminium

I'm telling you, one day this thing is about to strangle me in my sleep

Okay so this is most likely a Psychic type, so it falls under NightWings
Which is funny, since all my NigthWings are currently made of Psychic types (or more like.. they will be IF THEY EVOLVE)
So uh

I wanted "Darkstalker" but LETTER LIMIT, MY ONLY ENEMY
So here we have Foeslayer, Darkstalker's mother and pretty fine character, who somehow survived 2000 years! Being frozen, but hey, it counts

Holy fuck
I love you already
I fucking love you

That was... quick what the fuck
Especially Cliff
Why Monferno evolves so quick lol

I.. don't know why I keep the Taunt on Cliff lol
But Tsunami is solid

Beldum don't learn any moves?

> no Dragon Rage
> gets Bite
Alright then, but why

Hawk would be more tolerable if his moveset was.. better
But that Intimidate tho

Covet is like Thief, if Thief was good and had cuter animation

All hail the original Fire/Fighting starter
Never forget
Hot chicken nuggets


yada yada female presenting nipples yada yada


I'm cutting the grinding, but that was ONE STOMP
Baby Jesus Fucking Christ

Now this is what I call "nice"

And there is the "We don't evolve for some reason" squad
Luna had SIlver Wind for like 5 minutes, and its PP is bad so I kept Confusion and Air Cutter over it
Reed is fine
Cadelle is a surprise, that early Poison Fang really saves her ass
Chameleon is.. okay-ish
Sapphire is as good as Finneon can get
Thorn is your most basic Rhyhorn, aside the Bulldoze in Gen 4 Game
Morpho is Morpho
We don't talk about Morrowseer
And we absolutely don't talk about Mastermind
Hey Meerkat, bitch, why are you not evolving huh, bastard??

Alright, so this is my Roark team
Will we make it?
But most likely no

Brock, Roxanne, Grant and Olivia disagrees
But okay

Oh cool fucking start, nice parahax bitch
What the hell Nosepass gets Shock Wave???

That was OHKO lmao
Also Riptide and Belladonna gained a level while fighting gym trainers, I don't know how but they get all the exp

O okay
That's higher level than I expected

What do you mean "Zen Headbutt"


But Mach Punch exists and my monky has Iron Fist

Oh cool, he used Sandstorm
In the middle of the battle
Cool fucking move

Okay so Iron Head didn't OHKO
This lil fuck used Stealth Rock or whatever it's called
Roark healed
Iron Head was a Crit

And so I did!
Larvitar outspeeded and used Bulldoze
But then got critted with Iron Head into shadow realm where it belongs

Imagine this cheeky mother fucker handing you 99 fucking TMs


bottom text
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
mamma mia spicy pizza lasagna
They/Them (preferable)
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
the joy killer, most passive-aggressive creacher, unable to type properly but seems to not care enough
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HeeHee Funny Number

Bruh, I was on a bike
Dude just "THUD!!" me on a bike

Oh oops

Oh yeah and that finally happened

This is something, some parents also should learn
And some other people
But parents in particular
: )

Rowan is the most powerfull professor
Oak could learn a lot from him
Oak stans don't interact u_u

Hmm what's that smell?
Oh it's vanilla

Imagine my excitement

Alright, that's acceptable
After like an army of Zubats and Psyducks lol

Because they are : o!!! and : D!!!!

Princess Sunny, one of the Dragonets of Destiny and Queen's Thorn daughter! And first character that is a hybrid, which is cool.



Anyways, she looks cool

So it begins huh

Now this is sexy as fuck
Tempting too

And I wasted one perfectly fine Oran Berry

I??? Don't remember Galactic Grunt being here???

Hello what the fuck
Drayano moved the road-blocks there, and I don't understand why

Okay, so.. this is my either Route 205 or Windmill something catch
The grass is full of Electric types and I probably have 1% on finding the Drilfoon

But hey, we have a (future) IceWing!

Princess Icicle, was Winter's sister and huge murder bicth
She was so petty, but it's something all IceWings have in their personality lol

Okay, so she is my Route 205 catch
Not.. too bad, I guess


Alright, so Meganium is Grass/Fairy and Feraligatr is Water/Dark

Admiral, was a SilkWing, Blue and Luna's father and a flamesilk. He was.. weird.
Oh boy, Ex-Queen Scarlet. Horrible. I'm not even going to begin.
Clearsight, a NightWing with powerfull future-seeing powers. Darkstalker's love interest. But she was too good to be with him lol

Mamma mia

>tfw your useless daughter and grandson are better than you
That's so sad


I did "activated' the Valley "event", but I didn't walked up to the Grunt
Instead, I raided the biked around Floaroma aaand noticed the Grunts here are gone??
Are you telling me, you could just go for the key INSTATNLY after talking with the girl???
And then walk back to the Valley building, fight Grunt, and open the door JUST LIKE THAT?
Okay, I guess no one though about going back to Floaroma after meeting the girl on Route 205, but???

Or is it another Drayano thing


Oh and Honey works instanly

(Past-Me forget that Grass types fall under the RainWings too, and choosed Spoiler-y LeafWing instead)

He did appeared in pre-official-publication excerpt, so it does count since you can read it for free! Cool I know.
And I won't say anything anymore, names only


Mars' ace is probably higher level than in vanilla, so.

You WON'T believe it, but somehow.. fucking somehow I forgot that Zubat first evolves into Golbat by level and then into Crobat by friendship

Now this is a beast I can get behind

I have no idea how Serene Grace might work on Bayleef, but okay

And then this happened
I swear I saw the shiny sparkles, but I holded the turbo button and????

Neato, even if Drayano boosted the shiny chances
Qibli, was a SandWing and Queen's Thorn adopted son, since his actuall family sucked ass so hard it almost killed him.
Qibli bicon, and you won't change my mind (nor Tui will)


Higher priority is not something you could easily fuck with
But I'm going to try

Assert your dominance by using Shiny Sparkles in a battle

Oh look, I found the 1% something chance Drifloon on Windworks Valley

All I know about Thrush is that he is a SkyWing and a baby
That's all


Big meh, but at least it's not Aftermath

Okay, I found the Dragon Rage
Too bad it's too late for this to be usefull

Awful timing, but not bad move

>19 Defense
God is about to kill me but I'm ready to fight back and steal his lunch money

She evolved and then I feel into huge dilema
Pachirisu used, obviously, Bide and Scarlet scored hard Flame Wheel
It didn't knocked the fucker down
Then got paralyzed and couldn't use Ember

Bide from such hard hit is going to hurt, right?

The correct answer is "Maybe so."

Alright, let's go

Too late bruh

Past!Me: I hope Mars won't awaken anything in me : )

Real talk tho, Mars is so pretty.. Much prettier than Jupiter lmao

>4 PokeBalls
Alright then.

I remember one of the Zubats having Giga Drain, but I guess it was Jupiter's one
And Yanma is still a Yanma

Haha Hehe I misclicked at first into Aerial Ace and this fuck used Extrasensory
: ' )))

And with STAB + Technician + Expert Belt + Critical Hit Mach Punch, the Purugly turned into very ugly smear on the floor

Shut Up Old Man

Fuck Off Old Man #2


bottom text
Team Delta
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Jul 19, 2019
mamma mia spicy pizza lasagna
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the joy killer, most passive-aggressive creacher, unable to type properly but seems to not care enough
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If you do drugs, you go to hell before you die.

It used.. Shock Wave? And then Cheryl healed?? And then it died.


Okay, so at first I used Mach Punch, but it lived with 1HP and used Hyper Voice
I should have went with Brick Break for instakill

FakeOut 👏 Is 👏 Not 👏 A 👏 Valid 👏 Strategy

I'm afraid Cheryl might murder my potential catch in cold blood and I want to avoid it at all cost
I'm the only one who can kill my potential catches in cold blood

>male Combee
rip to this bug catcher, but I'm different

Good lord, finally
Oh and the Old Chateau is open I guess

Oh joy, 4x Fire weakness

Rotom? Rotom.
But I can't really have it lol
For now I only found Rattatas and Raticates, and nothing else


Dude had some real spicy weed pizza I see

Oooor Old Gateau is made of weed
Like those brownies

That explains a lot and nothing at all

Oh good, finally

Jokes on you, crackpa, I'm using an emulator! And you don't owe me.

Now, Adamant is pretty awfull on Gastly after Gen3, but I find it incredibly funny because I had Adamant Gastly in my LeafGreen event Nuzlocke
History does repeat, huh

Anyways, here is Queen Glory, Dragonet of Destiny even if she was a RainWing and not SkyWing, and she then became queen of RainWings. She is incredible and I will forever hate Tui for pairing her with much older dude :' ))) It's gross dude.

What a surprise
Liana was also a RainWing and she appeared like.. two times. Cool.
I also refuse to use her, look how fragile she is. 10x 5x Fire weakness? Hard Pass.

Drayano, what the fuck have you done

Oh no
I want to explore the Galactic Crackshack

You? Can? Jst? Go? Around? Them?
Or you cannot, because you are a little bitch?



K so instead of drawing my damn comic, i got dunkr and played more of this suty and hhhhh

i guess feral fuckign died, run edned

i dont undertand how the underworld works but okya

Aaaand httans my route 12122 catch
it turned inso fairy ikd hyw but its cool

Cloud Nine isnt that bad, okay its bofine

Burnert was a SilkWing and Blues mome and Lunas mome too
She a lesbian and she has wivew


Ok I'm sober again and never playing Pokemons and typing Nuzlocke while drunk lol

Right, I was.. here
Normally I use "Pinewheel Clause" on Mt.Coronet, but now I won't
But that won't stop me from using Repels to get throu without catches

Drayano why you did this


Gardenia you are so fucking dumb
I like that in women

Fucking cool
Bitch used Crush Claw, and it reduced Cliff's Defense
Then used

Well, but she looks okay
Queen Glacier, was an IceWing but she was.. okay. She died from plague made by Darkstalker, which isn't okay.

I think I got all potential catches in the area
Gardenia's ace might be around 30 now, which is TOTALLY NORMAL given it's second gym lmao
But the trainers on snowy acid wonderland had their Pokemons at level 25, so

Silk Scarf + Return + high friendship is a good strategy

Oh yeah and I found the Leaf Stone in Moss Rock
Nuzleaf at level 26 learns Leaf Blade and that's all of its usefulness

My sonboy evolved

Fully evolved Pokemon? Before second gym? Welcome to Drayanotown

Huh, I wasn't expecting that to happen

Shadow Punch and Shadow Claw might sucks ass being physical, but hey.. better than nothing
And the Punch as unlimited accuracy, and Claw has high crit ratio
And Glory is still Adamant so

I'm about to piss myself

Oke, so
I CAN catch any Shiny I find, but I can't use them if they don't fit any tribe-type criterium
Normal type is pretty much unusable
Gummy will be my honorary HM Buddy Friendo and Trophy Pokemon

S there is the thing
I'm kinda drunky but
This muscle bitch used Seismic Toss when Icicle was at low HP and she didn't knocked it out with BubbleBeam

That's myyyy Gardenia's team
Gummy is here because I have no one else to put in this slot, since they just cancel each other (Night-Ice, Night-Rain, Hive-Leaf)

Change your gym then, bitch

Uh so, Fire Punch didn't OHKO and then she used Stun Spore
I healed
Gardenia healed too
Ruby has Speed Boost
: )

That was laughable
Except maybe that Tangela, who didn't died from one Fire Punch and used Shock Wave
Cherrim survived by Focus Sash? And used SUnny Day, which only boosted Ruby's attack
Breloom never stood a chance

Gummy gave me Repel after that, nice
Oh and now I can have Night and Rain in my team! Cool.

That's all, for now, because once I leave the gym Plot Might Happen and I'm drunky tired.


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Jul 19, 2019
mamma mia spicy pizza lasagna
They/Them (preferable)
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Dragon, Fairy
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the joy killer, most passive-aggressive creacher, unable to type properly but seems to not care enough
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Dude you fucking sucks

Were there always a double battle?
Or I'm imagining things?

It's so sad


I found a what now

Okay, let's get into this slaughter

Mother fuck, Confuse Ray and then Wing Attack critted
But Glory did it, like a boss she is

This ugly fuck, thankfully Meerkat has Shell Armor or sth so Shadow Claw never critted, but it was so fucking annoying to fight

Not only that, but she also locked Ruby in Torment and it Sucks Donkey Dick

lol Tangela

Game no! Don't play with my emotions!
: (


Oh goodie!
Blue, is a SilkWing and one of the protagonists in the Third Arc! He's good, I guess.

Friendship ended with Luna, now Blue is my token SilkWing Pokemon.

Oh yeah, and the bike shopper gives the Dawn Stone! Funky.

Quiet Serene Grace Fairy Togetic is not a force to be messed with
You guys are just mean and Smogon-e-blind

wait imma head out

After thousands of Geodudes


Of three queens who blister and blaze and burn,
two shall die and one shall learn-

Okay I'm done

Blister, was one of said three SandWing sisters, who started the War of SandWing Succession. She died, but honestly? She was my fave, along with Blaze. Burn was scary.

Her Attack might be god-awfull, but she did got outspeeded and damaged, and thus this Gligar was declared dead

I feel great disturbance in the force

So I used the one Rare Candy I found and wow, Meerkat is big now

That's not the "disturbance in the force" I expected, but SIGH OKAY I WILL GO

Motherfucker, nearly killed both Tsunami and Blue with FUCKING MAGBY
It had Confuse Ray + Will-O-Wisp + Fire Punch. FIRE PUNCH OF COURSE BURNED.
Bitch. And normally the game tricks you into Double Battle, but the other trainer isn't as near as threatening (Smoochum probably had some Confuse hax too, but IDK, it died by one Bite)

Oh joy
Route 206 catch

Okay so you might thought "Well, the battle with Cheryl pretty much says you will fight all of those Bonus Trainers:tm:"
But I didn't so imagine my surprise

This mother of fuck scored Critical Dazzling Gleam
Really, if her Pokemons are that strong, why she can't go throu ALONE

All it did was Double Team
And then it died

Grass Knot
And then STAB + Soft Sand Earthquake

Porygon2 copied the Speed Boost
Mira healed
Porygon2 outspeeded
And then Ruby scored Critical Sky Uppercut
The end

No I did not

Ah, I see
Game is trying to trick me into going into Double Battle for hidden item
Which could be a fucking. Escape Rope or Potion
Nuh huh

You damn pissbaby

I went to buy 20000 fucking Repels and checked on this.. lad
Better than Stench I guess.

Queen Vigilance was a NightWing queen in Darkstalker's time. I.. don't know anything more, besides Darkstalker killing her and becoming king.

And NOW knowing Drayano, next meet with Dawn will result a battle, so I grind.

Okay guys, we have to beat Dawn

Damn bitch, me too, the fuck

And now leave me the fuck alone

Dude, we just met
Slow down




but hey, at least pay me this time, okay
(okay so you HAVE an option to choose yes/no, but I HOLD TURBO BUTTON AND CLICKED YES BY ACCIDENT)

I had Glory at front, but switched and Dustox used Protect

It had.. Focus Sash? But Scald burned it so.

Missed Sleep Powder and died

X-Scissor did that much lol, but Crunch lowered it Defense and Meerkat had Earthquake


You know what? All forgiven. Hell, he even gave me almost 4000 PokeCash, so We Good.

I.. think it was Buneary in vanilla but I'm not sure?
I guess Buneary managed to run away 😔

I'm ending this episode with dude who, for me, looks like Kokichi from NDRV3
No, I won't elaborate
Last edited:


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Team Delta
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Jul 19, 2019
mamma mia spicy pizza lasagna
They/Them (preferable)
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
the joy killer, most passive-aggressive creacher, unable to type properly but seems to not care enough
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@Nimbostratus - God I wish the moment Ruby evolved, Drayano will appear in my house and hand me a "Congratulations! You're winner!" certificate, so I could never play this ever again. Too bad, I'm afraid I would not know how to kick him out and make him dissappear, so. I guess I have to play.

So uh I accidentaly clicked "Post" and then deleted. So. Have this instead.

Okay, first of... that's a lot of dead.
The route near Hearthome is a death trap, full of Dark/Poison Sevipers with Glare+Screech+Poison Tail

The last ones of their kind
Not quite, but eh
Tsunami is the starter and I'm doing my best at keeping her alive
Cadelle is Crobat and that's all that matters
Glacier is pretty okay? Ice Beam is deadly as fuck, but why Froslass can't learn Shadow Claw?? I know it's Attack is sad, but???

The Silks are mainly Special Attackers, but Admiral has actually high Attack as well. He and Blue are pretty bulky too, unlike Luna. Weird enough, they are all blood-related.
I'm so mad Burnet died, I really wanted to use Fairy/Dragon Altaria.
We don't talk about Morpho, because I fucked the shit up and missed Mimic. He will never evolve now.. or he will, later when I met Move Reminder. At first I typed "Relearner" and was like "What no".

I tried to use Liana, but. she died. To Roselia of all things.
Glory is as good as Gengar can be. Nothing more nothing less.
Chameleon has good Attack and nice moves (Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Something I Forgot)

That's a lot, I know
Ruby is the best of them all, sorry but Speed Boost + similar Attack stats.
Hawk is. okay. Staraptor is a glass canon, and I got him Close Combat. Hooray.
Osprey is weirdly fast as fuck.
Scarlet is fine, I like Typhlosion (and she got Extrasensory. idk why)
And I never used Drifblim. Really.

Oh my god, why are they so slow.
Meerkat is the beast and my fave of them. Qibli is Shiny, yes, but he lacks the power.
Blister is still new, but I hope she will make it to the Garchomp. I like them sand sharks.
Sunny is : )

Yeah so. Last two standing.
Mandrake is the MAN, with STAB + Technician boosted moves. Hemlock turned into Grass/Dragon and learned. something. Dragon Pulse I think. Timid is actually good? Wow.

And there they are.
Vigilance is.. well.. you see what she is. Her moves and Attacks are okayish.
Morrowseer is still making me question my sanity with his 33 Defense.
Foeslayer lives her name.
Mastermind fucking evolved and his Special Attack is actually decent. And he got Psychic.
And Clearsight. I love her.

Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm overleveled. But I don't think it really matter anymore, I mean.. it's Drayano. Even at level 100 I would die awfull death on his backyard.

Hell yeah Speedrun
I fought only one dude, and he had 3 Gastlys. What happened next might shock you.

Non, your job is to give me the Badge. Not to kill my team. Duh.

I'm only a little bit overleveled, don't panick.

Okay, so Drifblim didn't died and then Fantina healed and then it used Calm Mind and then Batom Bass
Clearsigh hit Mismagius with Shadow Claw and it didn't kill
Dazzling Gleam wasn't even a crit


But Mine is better and doesn't cheat

That was damn risky, because I'm p sure it could have Ice Beam/Punch.
But it went for Shadow Punch and Meerkat crunch munch it to death.


Critical Earthquake
Rest in Tomb
And then Meerkat leveled up and want to learn Body Slam
You can't body slam a ghost dummy


Yes, we have Third Badge and already 12 dead Pokemons.
How fuckin cool it is
And there is still Rival battle before us

Let's go, cheap Warrior Cat bootleg

Good job girls
It was very sad


Miss, this is Pokemon Platinum, not XY
What the fuck Drayano
I don't trust it

Anyway, I got her on route 209
Impish is.. meh.
And she could have Drought! But no! This sucks!

Kastrel was a SkyWing and Peril's mother. And a guardian of Dragonets of Destiny. She was a huge bitch.

Who designed this, a mad man?

Oh okay

Anyways, there she is
Bold and Huge Power. Hmmm.

Princess Anemone, was a SeaWing and one of three princesses alive.. and she has many issues. Like.. many. Also she has a crush on other girl, gay rights.

Drayano could easily put "Begone, thot" but didn't
They had two Solrocks and Lunatones
You heard me right
True cosmic power huh

What the fuck is this Drayano

I killed them
Actually no, Scourge did that
Because he is a warrior

But what about healing me, jackass

I have no screens of this battle, because it was a clusterfuck
As you can see
That last Espeon spammed Protect and then critted Power Gem
I'm so fucking mad

I'm so mad, I will take that fucking Manaphy egg, hatch it, and use it, and I will rub it in everyone's faces, including "NO LEGENDS" Nuzlockers

*rubs this newborn at people's face without mercy* LOOK AT THIS. LOOK WHAT I MADE.

Bapy received

Princess Auklet, the last SeaWing princess. She is baby, she literally hatched during one of the books, so baby.

Aaand my proper Trophy Garden catch

Silverspot, was a SilkWing and Luna's biological mother. But also Blue's mother. And Burnet's wife.

Not the worst, but meh.

Drayano is really going to kill me, doesn't he

No battle?
I take that, thanks you

Okay, my Lost Tower catch
Yes, it says route 209 but Lost Tower is separate place
It has separate Pokemon list, it counts
Shut up

Monarch was a SilkWing queen, before Wasp went ape shit. No one knows what happened to her.

I had entered the Mystery Zone:tm:
No worry, this is the only cheat I used and only because I watched too many Pikasprey's videos and "Hey, who not break the fucking game" and so I did, with my damn nuzlocke
I'm so proud

Nothing happened, except finding some cool glitched out Veilstone City and Spring Path in the middle of forest
And no, I didn't skip trainers by using this, I just didn't take screens because it was a fucking nightmare on earth

But anyways, here is my route 215 catch
Careful sucks ass, but Magic Guard is damn cool

Fatespeaker, was a NightWing and one of False Dragonets of Destiny. Because the prophercy was a lie all along. I like her.

Grandma please

You know what
All forgiven

Snagged on Maniac Tunnel
Not bad

Ex-Princess Blaze, was one of the SandWing sisters. She was.. chill. Least one to fight, but totally wanted to be the queen.
Yeah, I know Trapinch turns into Bug/Dragon. But Dragon is usable for any tribe. Blaze stays Blaze.

Aaaand the route 214 catch

Peril, was a SkyWing with flamescales. She was an antagonist, kinda, but then get her own book and kinda redemption, because she was manipulated by Scarlet into killing dragons. I'm still kinda Hmm with her tho.

Oh yeah, and since I beat the third gym, I can have IceWing and NightWing in my team! Cool.
Anyway, grinding to 46. I don't know Maylene's level, but the other NPC reach way too close to the 40 already.

Alright, but what's the point of the Galactic building (the big, obvious, one) being open if I can't do anything?
Was it even always open or Drayano did what for shits and giggles?
*checks it* Okay, it was always a thing. But why.

That was a Self-Destruct, and Chameleon wasn't even at full HP
Holy fucking shit

Well, now after the awfull grinding I can show off the new catches and whatnot
They are.. okay. Funny how Auklet have not such high SpAttack lol

Anyway, second gym in the update time

Lol, one hit with Moonblast
Can't Fake Out, can't... Fighting attack

Outspeeded and used Aura Sphere
Lived by Focus Sash
Maylene healed
Earthquake bitch

Mach Punch and then died

One Psychic lmao

Machoke has Toxic Orb and I'm betting my entire ass that he also had Guts
Didn't died by Psychic, so it hit me with Thunder Punch
And then Machoke died BY THE POISON DAMAGE


It's plot time


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Team Delta
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Jul 19, 2019
mamma mia spicy pizza lasagna
They/Them (preferable)
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Fairy
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the joy killer, most passive-aggressive creacher, unable to type properly but seems to not care enough
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I don't remember why I saved this screen
Maybe the "Me, a girl. You, a boy. Together, we will be a couple" sounding of it.

Oh oops
I had Monarch at front and Skuntank used Toxic and... nope

No fear
> Looker arrives
Infinite fear

Here we go folks
The final boss of the run
No Cynthia
No Arceus
We have to beat up Drayano himself

Yeah! Fist fight!
No? You will throw your cats at me? No problem, I have a huge penguin and a hawk.

Alright, Marsh time
I can catch 6 Pokemons, one per zone
Sorry, my rules now!

It was a nightmare

Indigo, was a SeaWing from Darkstalker's time and Fathom's girlfriend. I think she stabbed Albatross, but I don't remember.
Chafer was some HiveWing, who had a candy shop.
Princess Moray, was a SeaWing, not quite in the line of the throne, but her father was queen's brother, so.. she does count as royality.
Mangrove was a RainWing, who was really worried about his mate who was kidnapped. Unlike most RainWings before Glory took the throne.
Prince Jambu was Glory's half brother, he is kinda wild but he tries.
Kinkajoy was another RainWing, who got bigger role in the second arc.

Meh, not too bad.
Special Gyarados when.

Sniper is pretty good, but Timid. Hurts.

Oh god, it's Morrowseer all over again.
The Defenses hurt so much.
Calm don't really help.

The Solar Power.. sucks. I mean, Sunny Day make Solar Beam load faster but hurt him? I don't understand lol.


That's.. okay.

Bear house.
Yeah, the move tutors. But still.

Drayano, this is the dumbest mechanic EVER

Oh, and remember the water route on Sandgem? Yeah, I got her because the route we find Wake... well, it's a part of the one with Mansion.
Sinnoh sucks ass.
Sassy is.. hm. But damn, nice Sniper.

Princess Orca, was the SeaWing princess and first Coral's daughter.. who well, died while challenging her for the throne. She was an Animus and did some stuff, but I actually really like her? She deserved way much more development than that.

Oh yeah and then I found him

Well that was sad.
I think the Staraptor landed a Close Combat but I'm not sure?
Torterra just died.
Arcanine missed the Heat Wave.
Azumarill... scored critical something. I don't remember. But it died to one Iron Head.
Heracross had.. a berry to lower the flying damage.. but still died to one Fly (Dray boosted it 100BP + 100AC)
Snorlax... well... landed Body Slam and then died.

Can someone please explain why Golduck learns this?
Is it Drayano Thing again? To help them with Dark types?


Adamant. Are you seriourbehbsbghbgbhfdbg

Princess Clearpool, was one of Fathom and Indigo's children. I know nothing else about her.

So of course I wasted time and grinded everything I had
Orca is my fave already, I fucking love Kingdra
Chafer is my second, like damn
Also Mangrove looks good
The rest is.. okay.

Well uhh, Mastermind (Noctowl), Morpho (Mr.Mime, yes I evolved him), Kinkajou (Exeggcute) and Jambu (Carnivine) died.
I mean, it's not an update, if nothing dies, amirite?

Alright, but the Wake team
I had no fucking idea what Pokemons choose, so uh

Fun fact
It's raining
For some reason
I mean, I know the reason
Because Drayano is a that person who makes things difficult, so that's why

I hate this fucking battle so much
I don't have screens of his Gyarados and Satan Himself (Ludicolo), but god fucking damn
Ludicolo and Floatzel have Life Orb, I believe
Sharpedo had Focus Sash
Quagsire and Gyarados had those berries that lower the strenght of some moves

So, yeah
At the end, I will reach level 100 before seventh badge, and even then I WILL DIE BECAUSE DRAYANO

Yeah, let's go tho

Yes, I skip a lot, because I can't focus enough on taking screens but the Grunt had a Toxicroak who died to one Psychic

No I'm not
Also I hate this fucking route so much, it's unreal

Anyway, route 210 catch
Brave is cool
Rock Head is cool
Dragon type is usable for all tribes, so let me have that one MudWing please

Umber was one of Clay's brothers, and another confirmed LGBT character! Which makes me angry because his crush is.. a bit younger than he, and he is 18 in dragon years. It sucks okay.

Spaceman time

The Crobat was the worst, kept spamming Hypnosis and put Luna and Glory to sleep
Honchkrow died by using Brave Bird
The rest was just laughable

Also I noticed I got the HM Waterfall. I don't know where and when. but hey, I got this.
Oh and I'm serious about grinding stuff to level 100. I did went and checked the Elite 4 and Champion and "Note: In the first round, each Elite Four member will use a random team out of the four listed when challenged."
It sure is not a game for Nuzlocke.

But before that, time to hunt some Onions


Careful is meh, but I got the Onion
Probably last Legendary, besides Giratina, because a) I don't have Old Gateau for Mew, b) I don't have right Fire type to continue hunt for Jirachi

Willow was a LeafWing and another canon LGBT character, a WLW in love with Sundew. Funky.

And then I went to revive some fossils I found in Underground
Timid is b

Prince Fathom, was a SeaWing prince from Darkstalker's time, and an Animus as well.

Holy fuck Adamant

Clay was a MudWing and one of the Dragonets of Destiny. He was okay, and resistant to fire.. which doesn't quite fit the Shieldon.

Belly Drum Charizard is. something
Why Skuntank can explode tho
Also Thrush tried to learn Explosion, Drifblim are fun

And this happened
I think I got too confident and didn't run from Flying Pokemon
At this point I will start second Death Box

Umber is just a fucking Beast
Clay has very cool Defense
Why Willow's Attack is much higher. I know she is -SpAtk, but???

According to the notes, I have to visit the Pal Park Place first, for whatever Drayano reasons
Well, next time


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Team Delta
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Jul 19, 2019
mamma mia spicy pizza lasagna
They/Them (preferable)
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
the joy killer, most passive-aggressive creacher, unable to type properly but seems to not care enough
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Plis no battel

We Live In A Society

Okay, so Prof Oak is here
And Caitlin before she became Elite 4 huh
And that dude from Battle Frontier
I have bad feeling about this

Please talk english
I talked to the Oak and he Teleported away to Eterna

Oh boy
It really funny how Caitlin was introduced in Gen4 as. not even battling figure, and then she became a fucking Elite 4

First Shadow Ball lowered the Defense and then I critted


Used Stone Edge twice and dude healed

Yeah uh
Alakazam outspeed and used Psychic
Staraptor used Brave Bird and Orca critted it with Ice Beam
Empoleon just died
Metagross died by Life Orb, after using Meteor Bash and being hit by Earthquake

Oh and I got 0 money for this
Cheap bastard

O okay
That was fucking creepy
Can she please calm the fuck down
But hey, cool, I love when psychic specialists have psychic powers.

Oh my god I get it
It's the Kanto Tea Thing
Oh m ygod dRayano you fucko, this is cheap as fuck
It was cheap in Kanto in Gen 1

Not creepy at all

Gibe me them

Yeah it was Kanto like road block
Super cheap and cheesy

It's battel tiem

Okay, it was pretty okay
Arcanine was tricky, but like. Soft Sand STAB SE Earthquake.

Hey now, don't sass me young man
Alright, Iron Islands, but I'm 100% sure I have to battle Riley so uh

According to Pokemon Masters, trainers have right to decline the invitation to battle
So the "Our eyes met, we must battle" is false and illegal
Mother fuckers

Well that was something
Salamance wasted an item to Fly
I used Superpower with Ruby twice, so Slaking hit her hard with Hammer Arm and then died to Flamethrower

Penumbra time

Oh okay, we met again
You don't even have Intimidate

Bruh there is literally a nurse right there

But I see that Riley has good taste in Pokemons

Noooo waaaaaay

Not Rock type?
But damn, 100 BP? Normal type Fly but without the attack in second turn only

Hm okay
Not too bad

Io was a SilkWing and Swordtail's sister I believe. She really liked Blue, but who knows.

Who uses the word "noob" anymore

It wasn't too bad. Well I am very overleveled, but still bbbhdbhf
Forretress of course had Explosion so I sent Glory for Ghost-troll-galore, so it kept spamming Spikes
Bastiodon kept spamming Protect and Toxic, while it was healing by Leftovers, but thankfully Orca killed it
Aggron survived Aura Sphere by Focus Sash, Byron healed, and Glory finished it out

Well onto plot we go

Not gonna lie, Rowan has some serious angelic patience with those kids

Game Over, I guess

No shit, gramps
It's unlikely that any explosion on the lake is NATURAL

What the fuck is that red thing in the hole there
Magikarp scales?

*teleports behind Saturn* hi fuckboy

Alakazam used Calm Mind and Psychic, but died
Toxicroak used Fake Out and tried to Sucker Punch Umber, but he Fly
Bronzong missed Zen Headbutt after I tried to use Earthquake, but it had Levitate. One Flamethrower tho.
Octillery is just. just. why is it even there. And yes, I'm using Willow, the Onion Fairy.

I'm not your friend, you space slut

Yea yea, move on old man
I swapped Monarch with Glory, purely for the Purugly

Wow I can tell same about you

Crobat used Double Time TWICE. And Fly hit ONCE and it was CRIT. Umber is a fucking beast.
Yanmega outspeeded and hit Ruby and then died. As always.
The Kangaskhan scared me, because I didn't check the ability and it seems like it has Scrappy and used Double Edge after Fake Out. But Glory has none of it.
The rest was very funny. And sad, but it was more funny.

Heavy Snow

Where the fuck am I now

Oh my god shut up

Oh okay, this explains the weird shaking

Pieces of absolute dog shit
Kept spamming Protect

Anyway, there is my catch
Not bad, might be useful against Candice

Onyx was a SandWing, and Smolder's daughter, which makes her a royality since he was a son of previous queen. She is.. confusing.

Snatched a catch
Not.. bad I guess

Queen Snowfall, is new IceWing queen, since Glacier passed out due to some illness. She sure is a drama queen tho.

Could be better huh

Whiteout, was a IceWing NightWing hybrid and Darkstalker's sister. She was quite interesting, but didn't got too much development.

Wow, Pryce's gym looks great in new Johto remake

That gym part tho
Not really, but Okay.

Blast that focus

Abomasnow had Snow Warning, OF COURSE
Walrein only used Yawn and then Foeslayer took a nappy nap
Weavile was scary. It outspeeded and used Aerial Ace, and OF COURSE IT HAD FOCUS SASH. So I healed but it looked like Candice didn't.. and Ruby got +2 Speed boost. Yeah.
Alright, so I started Mamoswine with Tsunami.. but IT WAS FASTER AND USED EARTHQUAKE. And it had Water-type lowering damage berry so Surf didn't OKHO. I switched for Glory, who then outspeeded and used Aura Sphere.
Froslass and Glaceon were a joke.

I can't believe Scourge is fucking dead

Boom! And here goes the Character Development no one expected.

So yeah
Thick Fat on Ice/Water Pokemon is. something.

Ex-Prince Winter was an IceWing, and one of the protagonists in Arc2. He did started as asshole IceWing but the Winter Turning happened and he became better dragon. He and Qibli.. the roommates.

. . . . . . . ...


I battled some Veteran dude I skipped lol

What a fucking idiot
I'm surprised this isn't Looker

Hrrrngh, Looker. I'm inside the Galactic HQ, but my Celebi is dummy thick and the clap of its onion peels keeps alerting the Galactic Grunts.

Yeah, whatever this means, buddy

man door hand hook car door

It really is Metal Gear Solid, huh.


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"I have a daughter-" okay enough of Metal Gear Solid

Okay so let's be real for a moment
I kinda agree with Cyrus
The world sucks absolute donky dick, and it has to change, and it can only when we all group together and fight the capitalism
Well of course how Galactic went with stealing Pokemons and destroying nature by blasting bass boosted russian nightcores at lakes isn't the right way to go, but hey. Cyrus HAS a point.
fuck capitalism


Now, how do you know it, Looker? Had you checked his Tinder?

Yeah and there is that
Cool idea, but at the end the boss turned out to be likely selfish
But honestly, I would do the same, because fuck humanity

Orca my girl scored two Critical Ice Beams.. but not after she got hit by Brave Bird lol
Weavile used only Crunch and got oneshotted by Moonblast
The rest is a history

Now, it might sound like some spoopy macaroni but I swear, when I knocked out his Crobat, I saw a text in the textbox saying "no regrets" before it turned into typical "Foe wants to send out next Pokemon" thing
I might had misread something, but God that scared me

Bitch, me too, the fuck

Well now, I've been here for a while, no need to welcome me anymore

Okay, you mean the defeat part or the part where I called you a space slut?

Don't judge me, okay. He does have slut vibes, and I'm saying it as a lesbian whose favourite kind of fictional men are idiots and himbos.

Orca scored a Crit!! Good girl!!
Alakazam was scary, as he outspeeded, but then. died. to one Shadow Ball.
Okay so, I kinda risked using Willow against Toxicroak. First Fake Out, then Focus Sash and this piece of shit used Gunk Shot. Willow survived it tho, and then finished it with Psychic.
The rest was.. nothing.

Also power of literal onion friendship

Yo grandpa, you just bark and no bite, why won't we fite
Fight me

It took me a while to understand where I'm supposed to go, but yeah
Also Looker appeared and gave me Black Flute

Let me tell you
Mt Coronet is such pain in the ass to navigate
Especially since it's hard to see the Rock Climb'able things on the outside due to the snow
Oh my god

Oh joy, more double battles
Just what I needed!

Could you believe that Scourge killed all those Three Pokemons HIMSELF

God, what a team work
I healed Umber at some point, and then Crobat poisoned him
Purugly spammed Body Slam and paralyzed Meerkat

Oh, btw, this is 12-vs-12 fight
One of them is already out of Pokemons
Crobat is more likely to die from Brave Bird recoil

okay so once Crobat was Down, Monarch was pretty damn good at oneshotting everything with Moonblast/Shadow Ball
Torterra helped tho A LOT

Drayano made him competent, I'm out of fukcing words
Well, in battle at least

Satan centipede descents from hell and all you can say is "Interesting"?
Well, I mean, same, but come on

Jumpscares real in Pokemon, I see
Dammit game, I just told you I'm not playing a so called haunted rom hack!

Oh cool, I don't need to use repels
Also this is first time I'm actually here, I'm fucking scared and disoriented
haha get it, it sounds like distorted- okay i will stop

Cyrus, I'm only 10 years old and I never learned how to read

No but seriously, what does that mean
I hope he won't suddenly breed himself with a Ditto just to conquer Johto Sinnoh with unholy child who knows Transform and Surf, and then break the game completely

Yeah, I had seen some shit, man

Alright, navigation here was awfull, but not as finding the way on Mt Coronet
It was pretty fun actually

This looks scary.. on the paper
They have 0 IV, no natures, no held items
And, yeah, I am overleveled purely for this fight but still

Moonblast on Palkia, it didn't kill. But they both missed their attacks (Palkia Hydro Pump, and Dialga tried to use Earth Power on Monarch)
Meerkat used Earthquake and took down Palkia
And Monarch finished off Dialga

My screen powers had deceived me