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Screenshot Unova Teen Unfamiliar Faces: A Semi-Randomized White 2 Neverlocke

Thread Description
Chapter 7: #Spotlight (9/4)

Alba Corbina

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Jul 26, 2019
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Dark, Fairy
Ooh more intrigue! Also, those are some really good catches.

You're right, Shiny Krokorock is definitely an eyesore. At least they'll look a bit better when they evolve.

I will say some of the dialogue (specifically when it's a black font on a dark blue background) is basically impossible to read.


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Lur King
Team Omega
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Jun 30, 2019
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Stays in the distortion dimension where no one bother him
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Ok so
Just letting people know
I've been a bit stressed out lately, so I'm taking a break from nuzlocke forums/Discord stuff
Going to be gone for a month or so
I have one more update here and then I'm gone
See you then
I wanted to get an RIE update out too, but I guess that'll have to wait.

(side note, I'm aware some coloring might not be right, I'll fix it another time. Sorry for any confusion)

@YinYang9705 Thanks
Yeah having those two helped a lot.

@RubyClaw I know I made her with the power of luck, but I still find it hilarious that the game seems to bend to her will.

@io_ Basically what I made Nami for. You can act mature all you want, she's gonna get a smile out of you.
Zero does all his screaming internally.

@Alba Corbina Sadly not every shiny is beneficial
turns on light mode Hm. Yeah I see what you mean. I'll remember that later.

Hey, Zero. Just got a call from Nico that Zinc is being transferred over here too.
According to him something about keeping all of us in one spot is easier to manage.
And what do you think?
Zinc got lonely.
He gets like that when Nami and I are away from him for too long.
I was unaware that the three of you had such a relationship.
Well we have been in the same group for a long time.
Even before Nico found us.
Yeah, same as with you.
Though it's more you found us in your case.
First me, then Zinc, and later Nami.
We had each other and that was fine.
Like a little family, as cheesy as that sounds.

Then Nico.
Then Nico.
I'm still not certain how he got us to join him.
We just did, and here we are. Here trying to help him make a perfect world.
Being honest I think he has us so he doesn't go crazy from isolation.

That would make sense. Everyone needs company.
Even you?
To a lesser extent, but yes.
I feel that it is overrated at some times, but company is needed.
The top doesn't have to be lonely.


Hey, Theo. What up?

Not much. Challenged this gym and won.
Cool, cool. Any advise?
Well it's a ground gym so bring all the Water types.
I've got Suono. I should be fine.
I suggest against going in with just one.
That's basic principle for any gym really.
Never assume you can solo.
Yes. But do you have a Palpatoad?
Well no, but-
I rest my case.
Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Why's it so dark?
I get the idea of a ground gym being subterranean but this is ridiculous.

Eh, 'nother challenger already?
Th' last kid was a pretty good match.
What 'bout you?

Why don't you try me and see?

Muddy Water!

Foe Krokorok fainted!

Hrm. Well I hope this isn't all you have.
Should probably save Suono for the ace as well
Come on back!

............. Kid, what're you doin'?

Doranco used Foul Play! A Critical hit!


Foe Sandslash used Bulldoze!

Zoroark? Those 're quite rare.....
Wait, is this from them Plasma folk?
Foul Play again!
Hrm. Well now it's time fer the main event.

I don't see what's so bad about thi-

What the hell is that thing?

Excadrill. It's one of the strongest Pokemon in the region. Base 135 attack.

Leader Clay used a Hyper Potion!

.......... Nope

Switch! Doranco!

Foe Exdacrill used Rock Slide! It missed!

Now is this real or that Zoroark again?

Used Hyper Potion on Suono

Real deal it is.

I'm sorry.
I'm so so so sorry.

Sacrificing one of yer own?
That's a gutsy move.

Well done lass.
....... Can I have my badge and TM now?

I lost Kasai and I get
Ok, look. I know that yer down right now. But I have something that may interest you. Follow me.

How did you find us anyway?
I specialize in distortions in space/time, and you four entering the world I was in set off every machine in the lab.
Though it seems just one arriving only causes a much more slight disturbance.
That or something was doing its best to make sure the distortion was as hidden as possible.

Probably Nnez
Right. Nico said her power is to... fix?
Her power, to my understanding, is being able to right a wrong. Fix something that's broken. I haven't seen it in action, so I can't really describe it.
And then there's Derek, of course to round out the three of them.
Wait, were you not told about him?
I've been made aware of Zed and Nnez, but not of a third.
Is there anyone else I should know about?

Nope. Only Zed, Nnez, and Derek.
And pray tell what is his power?
That's it? He can't be hurt?
Well that's incredibly boring. That's not a power you can grow, not one you can train. My own is in the same category, but it's applications are versatile enough for it to be formidable.
Yeah he kind of got a mid-tier power. Not bad, but not that good either.
So he might be here as well?
Maybe? I doubt it.
Hey! Hey Zirze!
oh my god. What?!
There's a thing going on and I wanna join!
What thing?
It's a World Tournament! I wanna fight!
Why would we let you up there?
Uh... Zeddy might be there?
Awwww. Pleeeaaase?
........... Zeddy?
That's her nickname for Zed.
I got that much, but why?
It's cute!
Oh! Speaking of cute, I saw Felicia going there too with that Theo guy!

I'll go.
You two stay here for when Zinc shows up.

Wait what?
Hey! Why do you get to go and not us?
Because I'm going to see if I can find out more about Felicia and if Zed may be nearby.
If Zed is up there he'll recognize the two of you.

Yeah that's fair. Good luck.

You could've been amazing....
I'm sorry......
Good bye.

So this is what?
A tournament thing. Apparently this is new.
Yup. I'll leave you two 'ere to try it out.

So how does this work?
We select three mons to use. No items, and no switching. Looks like fun.

It seems Cheren signed up. A few other trainers and one guy who looks like the Internet Explorer logo.
Wait what?

Sorry, Theo, but you're going down.

Muddy Water!
Does 2/3
Magical Leaf!
You are aware if not for the six level gap that would've gone very badly right?
Oh shut up! Switch!

The heck is that? Well switching and Muddy Water!

Ok Flame Burst shouldn't have done that much.
Well it did. Deal with it.

Zen Headbutt for the win!
All hail Ms. 6 level head start.
Shove it.


Hey Cheren. It's been a while hasn't it?
It has. hasn't it. How many badges do you have now?
Impressive. You're doing very well.
Reminds me of... uh.. when I was young.
You're doing it again.
Doing what?
That thing where it sounds like you're talking about someone else, but then you shift the focus mid-sentence to yourself.
I apologize. Lately I can't help but feel like I've been forgetting something. But enough about that. Shall we begin?

Honestly I wonder if I even need to say this.
Muddy Water!

Yeah, no.


Fly you fool!

Well you've certainly grown quite a bit haven't you?


Oh. Hello.
What are you doing here?
I have no need to diverge such information to you.
Shut up and answer the question.
Well you're hostile. I guess so after our last encounter led to you having to release a Pokemon. And I'm guessing you experienced a similar loss recently? Perhaps at the gym?
You were already quite irritated before this match, and given the reputation of the leader, Clay, it's a safe assumption.
........... Ok, how about this. We fight, and if I don't lose a single mon you have to answer a question of mine.
Why would I make such a bet? You think I am not aware of which Pokemon you've been leading with.
....... Shut up.

Mud Shot!
....... Sturdy?
You believe I would make it that easy for Magneton to fall?

Suono hit itself in Confusion

......... Really?!
Mud Shot.

Foe Magneton fainted!

Hm. Doranco.
Metal Claw.

Well you came prepared.
Zen Headbutt.


And that was a victory well earned.
Good day.

You seem to know that Zero guy.
Don't think I've ever met him.
He first showed up after you left in the sewers. Did some stupid analysis on me, and left. Ran into him again later where he used Sand BS to ko Brief.
Ah. Wonder what his deal i- ......
...... What?
...... Nothing thought I heard something-
... And I definitely just saw a Plasma grunt run past us.
What? Where's he going?
That big ship that looks like the one in Castelia.

That's because it IS the one from Castelia.
And how do you know that? Is it yours?
No, because I remember what things look like. I saw it earlier and confirmed that it was a Plasma ship.
As such I highly advise against any action against them.

Yeah, no.
Evil team doing evil things. Can't really let them pass by.
Fine. Do as you wish...... Theo was it?
Yes... why?
Just confirming something.
Let's go!

Is it just me or is it really really really cold here.
I want to say it's just you, but you're right......
And again I feel like I'm hearing something.
Hey! What're you guys doing here?

This is OUR ship! Do you know what happens to those who get on our ship uninvited?
I'm guessing not letting us go free.
Get 'em!
How many of you guys are there?!
More are coming from behind!
The only way you're getting off of this boat is if you somehow beat all of us!


Pft, you think you can take all of us with a Kirlia?!

Excuse me, what the Scheiße?

Was that.... German?
Yes, but that's not the question to ask.
Theo, what is this?!
Kirlia have enough Psychic power to rip holes through dimensions.
Lifting up a few grunts is easy compare to that.
.............. You are all pathetic.
Who're you?
I am Zinzolin, of the Seven Sages.
...... Zinzolin? As in French for reddish-purple? Is that supposed to be your outfit color?
Yes. I came here to see if I could get Rood to join us.
Rood, Dutch for red.....
Ok, first Bianca and Cheren and now you guys.
Is that top priority?
It is to me!
Wait no.

He's not here.
Well unfortunately Rood still seems more loyal to the traitor, N. So this was a worth less tri-

What's that?!
............ sigh

What the-
What was that noise?
It was my stealth sound!
........... That's stupid. You can't have a stealth sound. Sound is the opposite of stealth.
Nu-uh! You can totally have a stealth sound!
........... Zinc, can I get some help.

.......... Zinc.
Zinc I had faith.
Could you three stop messing around and deal with these three?
Zirze, this is your thing.
Yeah, yeah.
Nighty night.
Hold on just a min-


What was that?
Latin for Sleep.
That one did something and we fell asleep and now they're gone.
Well that's just great.
I'm heading up Route 6.
Bye, Felicia. Bye, Cheren.
I have to head back to my gym. You never know when a challenger will show up.
Right. Bye.

That was an adventure......
Right, I have Mian Dui on the team.
Should probably train her up.
What the heck are these Plasma guys even doing?
And who the heck is N?
Is he a traitor or the old leader?
Why is this so confusing!?
....... I need to think.


typically has writer's block
Team Alpha
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Jun 30, 2019
A quiet room
they/she please :)
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Ghost, Normal
Pokédex Entry
This friendly ghost lurks around old haunts and sites of interest, and likes to say hi. (Profile pic came from https://picrew.me/image_maker/114808)
Basically what I made Nami for. You can act mature all you want, she's gonna get a smile out of you.
is that a challenge

that is very much a challenge i will now do my best to keep a straight face around her (though that might just be encouraging you to use nami to be even more immature, in which case what have i done)

also how did i not guess that those three were the shadow triad???? i literally should've known, it makes too much sense for them! it only just hit me now i can't believe myself, i am smart at like one thing and that thing only i promise...

zero proves himself to be the smartest person in the game by far and i low-key love him now

also please take some time to go and rest!! your wellbeing comes first xD

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