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Written Log [UCL2] Tired Pigeon's Gauntlet

Thread Description
UCL2 Gauntlet Written Log

Tired Pigeon

Pokédex No.
Jul 3, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Tough
Pokédex Entry
This pokémon is just too lazy.
Hi everyone! I am Tired Pigeon and this is my first time participating in an event here at the forums!
I decided on taking the Gauntlet challenge, and my games will be played like this:
Fire Red (No evolution)
Heart Gold (Solo - Typhlosion)
Alpha Sapphire (Chain)
Diamond (Color - Blue)
Black 2 (Alphabet)
X (Monotype - Psychic)
Sun (Wed)

I started with Sun wedlocke because this is the most annoying game in my opinion. I CAN'T STAND THAT "CALLING FOR HELP" MECHANIC. Also, the plot. There's just too much of it. STOP TALKING AND JUST LET ME PLAY THE DAMM GAME!
Ahem, so I'll be doing short short stories because I always wanted to try and write stuff.

1. You may only capture the first Pokemon in each Route or Area. If you have 1, 3, or 5 Pokemon in your party, your eligible encounter must be a Pokemon that can partner with your lone wolf. Usually this will be the opposite gender of the lone wolf (but I will be going with wathever gender comes first). If it runs or escapes you must move on to the next area. Genderless Pokemon are given a gender.
1a. If you encounter a non eligible encounter you must move onto the first legitimate encounter. Prepare for wrong gender Ralts trolling :V
1b. Gift Pokemon including the starters and Fossils are free Pokemon and may be used in addition to the catch in their areas. You are still limited to one gift in each area.
1c. Shiny Pokemon may be caught but not used unless they're the first catch in the area.
1d. Dupes Clause off
1e. HM slaves may be used if none of your current partners can use the HM. You must box the entire pair while using an HM slave. The HM slave cannot battle even if it is a legal catch. Having said that, you may also box a pair to receive gift Pokemon and nickname them.

2. Faint=Dead: Standard box em or release them.

3. Nick name all your Pokemon, they are your partners too~~

4. Game end: Alolan League Champion

5. There is no Rule 5

6. Pokemon are paired off and may only battle alongside their partner. Once a battle starts the pair that starts the battle must finish it or both members must fall before another pair can take over. If a Pokemon falls in battle their partner must avenge them or fall alongside them. You may replace a fallen partner from the box or go to a new area to find a legitimate Pokemon.

Here's the first!
Valen’s first girlfriend had left him after only four days of being together. He had asked Phoebe out on Sunday. They were seen together at school on Monday. By Tuesday her friends’ poisonous comments had already gotten into her head until she finally broke up with him on Wednesday.

Taliyah was Valen’s second crush. She was one of those girls that didn’t care about what others said about him or herself. Unfortunately, she also didn’t care too much about him either. Her rejection was fast and sharp and it killed his hopes as if a whole pool was used to put out a small campfire.

Then he met Pearl at a shopping mall. She thought it was cute how his mother still chose his clothes for him and they even had a date at a small restaurant on the next day. Everything was going fine when suddenly her boyfriend came out of a hole to take her away and punch poor Valen in the face.

Valen was a less-than-average boy and he knew it. His scrawny little body had gotten him the thirteenth position in the girls’ ‘hottest guys’ list. Of course, there were only fourteen boys in his class. He wasn’t ugly, you see, he had short black hair with (what he considered to be) some radical blotches of red paint and peculiar yellow eyes. But he was short and thin like a stick, while other boys were tall and strong.

One day, he was having a Roserade tea by himself at his favorite café, the one he always went to when he was feeling down, when he saw a very anxious blond cute girl trying to hide behind a trashcan on the other side of the street. Valen soon understood the situation after noticing a trio of douchebags calling out what he assumed was the girl’s name.

‘Hey Anitta, no need to be so shy! Come on out to play with us!’

Unable to control her trembling body, the blonde accidentally gave away her hiding spot by knocking the trashcan and its contents all over the street. The leader of the trio quickly grabbed her by the wrist and ‘helped’ her standing up.

“There you are, my dear! Now, where were we?”

“P-please leave me alone!”

The boys simply ignored Anitta and started dragging her back to where they had come from, but they were stopped by a short boy standing in their way.

“Didn’t you guys hear her? She doesn’t want to be with you!”

“And who are you? Do you really think you can take the three of us on your own?”

Valen was trembling as much as the poor girl he was trying to defend, but he stood his ground.

“Y-yes, I do. And I will.”

The trio burst out laughing so hard they could hardly stand straight. Their leader had to hold his belly from the pain of so much laughter. And that’s when Valen saw his chance.

“Get away from them!” he shouted as his fist connected to the leader’s face.

Now, it would be lovely to tell you that Valen made short work of those douchebags, but there’s just no way one stick of a person could ever possibly defeat three boys on his own. As soon as the shock from that weak punch was gone, the trio quickly caught the smaller boy and filled him with hurt. Luckily, Anitta was able to escape unnoticed and call the police.

Valen survived that day, not thanks to the police (they did show up, though), but because the other boys got bored and let him go. They didn’t want to get in trouble because of a worthless wimpy kid. Fortunately, for Valen, their act of mercy resulted in him being not dead and being broken enough to be visited at the hospital by a really worried Anitta.

She would always talk about how brave and cool he was and apologize for his broken bones, and he would always say that he’d do it all again for her. They kept meeting every day for two weeks (or at least Anitta did, since Valen wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital) until he finally declared his fondness for her.

Anitta immediately fled the room, her face a bright shade of red, and no one saw her ever since. Valen could just sit there hopelessly wondering if he had said something wrong. Two days later, he was discharged from the hospital but still had to use supports to be able to walk. When he got outside, Anitta was there waiting for him. The short boy got so nervous he tripped on a rock and, in a poor attempt to help him not get hurt all over again, the blonde-haired girl went down with him. The couple exchanged surprised looks and suddenly started laughing.

“I was supposed to help you, but I just made it worse. I’m sorry.” Anitta brushed the dirt away from her brown dress and stood up, offering a hand to Valen. When he grabbed it, she got tense and he feared she might run away again, so he held her even tighter.

“Please don’t run away. I do like you, but we can be just friends if you don’t want-“

“I-it’s not like that! I-I…” Instead of completing her sentence, she closed the distance between them and quickly kissed the boy’s cheek.

Valen froze for five seconds, but then their eyes met and, seeing her turn a violent shade of pink, he decided to take her other hand.

“Thank you. For coming to see me.”

Anitta timidly looked at their joined hands and whispered, “You’re welcome.”

There were LOTS of deaths in this first part of the game.
So, Valen was my Litten. He got Phoebe, the Pikipek as his first companion. She went down at the school by the hands of the terrible trainer with the alolan grimer (poison touch was a major pain in the ass).
Then he was paired up with Taliyah, the alolan rattata. She was killed by Illima's Smeargle.
Pearl, the zubat took her place. And she was brutally killed by the first trial Yungoos.
Valen had to solo the trial and he did pretty good.
That's when I caught Anitta, the Yungoos.
(I got more pokemon after that, but I'm gonna introduce them in the next stories.)
Valen evolved and I was very happy that he would be able to protect his girl this time.
That was until I battled that Carbink. It took both of them. My other mons dealt with it, but well...

And that's it for now. See you next time!

Tired Pigeon

Pokédex No.
Jul 3, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Tough
Pokédex Entry
This pokémon is just too lazy.
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Ok, so I realized I won't have enough time to play AND write stuff. So I'll just post a very lazy log here.

OK, so last time I had cleared the first island but lost a great number of mons.

-Valen, Litten (starter)
-Phoebe, Pikipek (Rt 1)
-Taliyah, Alolan Ratatta (Hau'oli City)
-Pearl, Zubat (Hau'oli Cemetery)
-Anitta, Yungoos (Verdant Cave)

These were all Valen's girlfriends (I underestimated -and forgot about - the enemies' levels)

I also caught:
-Terry, Spearow (Rt 3) X Serena, Cottonee (Melemele Meadow)
-Joanne, Mudbray (Paniola Ranch) X Diana, Poliwag (Brooklet Hill)

Terry then died in his first random battle and was substituted by Nate, the Lilipup (Rt 4).
Diana also died as soon as she was caught, and was substituted by Lucina, the Eevee (Rt 6).

Serena soloed the Totem Wishiwashi by stalling with leech seed (she was single when that happened). And maaaan, did she tank. #RespectGrassTypes

More catches:
-Vincent, Trumbeak (Rt 8) X Shinji, Morelull (Lush Jungle)

Since Vincent was single when we got into the grass challenge, he soloed the Totem Lurantis (but I had to evolve him first).
I also noticed all my big battles until now were fought by lonely mons.

Next came:
-Monna, Zubat (Digglet's Cave) X Fernando, Luvdisc (Rt 9) - boxed
-Tabatha, Gastly (Memorial Hill) X Rupert, Alolan Raticate (Akala Outskirts) - boxed
-Stella, Staryu (Hano Beach) - boxed

Serena was the one to fight Olivia, but she fell to Lycanroc. Nate was able to finish the battle, though.

After that I caught Sally, the Wingull (Akala Outskirts) to be Nate's new partner.
I know what you're thinking: "But you had already gotten something in this route!".
Now I gotta clarify that I had no idea it was the same route when I was playing. I also wasn't taking notes of what I caught and where. I only found it out much later in the game. But I never once used Rupert in ANY battle, so I decided on releasing him and keeping Sally (who had fought and won major battles) instead of redoing everything.

Even more catches:
-Victoria, Ledian (Malie Garden) - paired with Stella - boxed
- Diego, Magnemite (Malie City) X Beatrice, Skarmory (Rt 10) - boxed

Joanne soloed Totem Vikavolt without any problems.

I went back to evolve Lucina into a Leafeon only to lose her to Guzma's Golisopod.
Then I got Terra, the Pamcham (Rt 11) to substitute her as Joanne's pair.

Hau wrecked my team. Raichu killed Vincent and Dartrix murdered Shinji. I guess Nate finished the fight.

More mons:
-Caleb, Elekid (Rt 12) X Daphne, Alolan Vulpix (Tapu Village) - active team
-Amber, Slowpoke (Rt 15) X Gustav, Ribombee (Ula'Ula Meadow) - boxed
-Vanessa, Ariados (Rt 17) X Lawrence, Gastrodon (Poni Wilds) - boxed

Nate got to solo Totem Mimikyu (ez).
Nate and Sally then destroyed Guzma and his base.

Terra and Joanne defeated Kahuna Nau.

As vengenance for the last battle, Guzma killed Joanne, Terra, Caleb and Daphne. Sally had to go in there and finish him.

I got Diego, Beatrice and Tabatha (Rupert was still in at this point, but I soon got a replacement for him)
As everyone was too weak, I had to do a little bit of grinding.

Current team:
Nate lv 53 X Sally lv 47
Diego lv 36 X Beatrice lv 36
Tabatha lv 40

Nate and Sally were chosen to take down yet another boss. Lusamine went down, but she gave me a lot of work.

More catches:
-Robert, Grandbull (Ancient Poni Path) X Tabatha.
-Yolanda, Exeggcutor (Exeggcutor Island) X Wendy, Boldore (Vast Poni Canyon) - boxed

Nate and Sally defeated Hapu, but I had to make Gastrodon use up all of its PP to be able to defeat it. The rest was a piece of cake.

Sally soloed Totem Kammo-o.

Lusamine's final battle was hard and her Lilligant killed Sally AND Nate. #RespectGrassTypes
I could have saved Nate. In my rage I told it to use Retaliate instead of healing him, but Lilligant was faster.
Someone (probably Tabatha and Robert) finished the battle.

I got Vanessa and Lawrence from the box and did a lot of grinding.
At this point everyone was fully evolved.

Tabatha and Robert defeated emo boy.

Last catch:

-Risa, Absol (Mt. Lanakila) - boxed


Finally, the E4 team:

Lawrence (Gastrodon)
Lv 57
Hidden Power (fire)
Ice Beam
Muddy Water


Vanessa (Ariados)
Lv 57
Shaodw Sneak
Cross Poison
Smart Strike

Beatrice (Skarmory)
Lv 57
Steel Wng
Aerial Ace
Night Slash


Diego (Magnezone)
Lv 60
Tri Attack
Electro Ball
Flash Cannon

Tabatha (Gengar)
Lv 61
Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse


Robert (Granbull)
Lv 62
Play Rough
Brick Break

Vs Hala
Tabatha and Robert
Tab took out the first, Robert did the rest.

Vs Olivia
Lawrence and Vanessa
Lawrence was doing good, but fell to Lycanroc's Counter.
Vanessa manages to defeat it and Golem.

Vs Acerola
Tabatha and Robert
Robert soloe'd easily.

Vs Kahili
Diego and Beatrice
Another easy solo, this time for Diego.

Vs Kukui
Tabatha and Robert
Robert took down Lycanroc, but died to Magnezone's Flash Cannon.
Tabatha defeated Magnezone, but went down to Snorlax.
Sent in Beatrice, she did the job.
Switched to Diego.
He defeated Ninetales, but went down to Pirmarina's Z-move.
Had to stall all of her Sparkling Arias and some Moonblasts, but eventually Beatrice won.
Then came Braviary. The son of a very respectful woman used Whirldwind and dragged Vanessa out just to kill her.
After lots of Brave Birds and Steel Wings Beatrice finally won.

Conclusion: Grass OP, Sturdy OP.
I thought Robert was gonna be the MVP, but he went there and died too soon. Beatrice was boss (and also the only survivor). The end.

Tired Pigeon

Pokédex No.
Jul 3, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Tough
Pokédex Entry
This pokémon is just too lazy.
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Hello all, I just finished playing X version Mono Psychic Naturallocke.
Naturallocke: You play with what is available in the game your playing. Choose a type that is fairly common or hope you get lucky. Natural players can do gift replacements if none of the gifts are of your type.

1. Only catch the first Pokemon of your type in each route or area. This also includes Pokemon that will evolve into your type. Caves count as one area. Suggestion: Make a list of Pokemon in your current region that are legit catches and keep it near you while you play
1a. Gift Clause: You may receive a gift and get a catch of your type in each area/Town/or Cave. You are limited to one gift per area though so you cannot get Eevee and Abra from Goldenrod City if your type is Psychic
1b. Dupes Clause: You may ignore all Pokemon not of your Type (unless they evolve into your type). You may keep getting encounters until you find a Pokemon you do not already have of your type. You may catch dupes if you desire (to use or hold as backups)
1c. Shiny Clause: I didn't find any, so whatever.

2. Faint =Dead

3. Nicknaming theme is Mob Psycho 100 characters

4. Games end as follows:
Kalos: Kalos League Champion

5. There is no Rule 5

6. Legendary Pokemon may not be used.

7. You can either choose a type or you can randomize a type using random.org. I chose Psychic.

The starter was obviously a Fennekin, and he was named Reigen (Blaze, Mild).
We kicked Shauna's butt and nothing interesting happened until Viola.

Vs Viola!
-> It would've been much easier/faster if her Surskit hadn't used Water Sport, but everything went fine.

Reigen evolved on Rt 22 after some trainer battles.

-Rt 4
Mob, the Ralts (Trace, Sassy)
-Rt 5
Ritsu, the Abra (Synchronize, Adamant)
-Rt 6
Tsubomi, the Espurr (Infiltrator, Hardy)

Ritsu evolved to Kadabra after trainer battles on Rt 6.
We did some grinding in Battle Chateau.

-Connecting Cave
Emi, the Meditite (Pure Power, Hardy)
-Rt 8
Ekubo, the Spoink (Thick Fat, Adamant)

Full team!
Mob evolved into Kirlia on Rt 8.

-Glittering Cave
Shou, the Solrock (Levitate, Hasty) - boxed

Tsubomi died to a trainer's Azumarill on Rt 10 =/
Shou joined the party!
Reigen critted my Rt 10 encounter (Sigilyph) -_-"
Did a quick grinding session.

Vs Grant!
->Ritsu vs Amaura
Ritsu was paralized, but landed Psybeam twice and won
->Shou vs Tyrunt
I miscalculated the oponent's damage and got Shou killed.
->Reigen vs Tyrunt
It derped and went for Rock Tomb instead of Bite, so Reigen finished it pretty easily.

Korrina appeared and had her butt kicked by Reigen.
Mob, Reigen and Ekubo evolved on Rt 11.

-Rt 11
Mukai, the Chingling (Levitate, Lax) - joined the team!
-Reflection Cave
Shinra, the Mime Jr. (Filter, Calm) - boxed Mukai and got Shinra!

Vs Korrina!
-> Mob solo too ez.

-Rt 12
Rei, the Slowpoke (Oblivious, Impish) - boxed Shinra and got Rei!
-Azure Bay
Tsuchiya, the Inkay (Suction Cups, Bold) - boxed

Emi evolved on Rt 12.

Vs Ramos!
-> Didn't even have to bring Reigen to kick his butt.

Vs Clemont!
->Another easy win.

Vs Valerie!
->Reigen destroyed her.

Ekubo died to a crit Crunch from a trainer's Pangoro at the Lost Hotel =/
Ritsu died to a Sawk's Payback in Frost Cave T-T
Rei evolved into Slowbro =)
Tsuchiya joined the team!

-Frost Cave
Ichi, the Jynx (Forewarn, Brave) - joined the team!

Vs Olympia
-> Not a big deal.

Lysandre was not a problem because Mob is TOO STRONK.
Caught Xerneas with the Master Ball and sent it to the box.

Last Catch!
-Pokemon Village
Teruki, the Gothorita (Competitive, Impish) - boxed

Vs Wulfric!
-> I have a fighter and fire-type. How could I ever lose?

Vs Calem!
-> No problems.

League time!!

The team:
-Tsuchiya (Malamar) Lv 65 -Mindplate
Night Slash
Psycho Cut
Aerial Ace

-Ichi (Jynx) Lv 65 - Icicle Plate
Body Slam
Wring Out
Wake-Up Slap
Ice Beam

-Rei (Slowbro) Lv 69 - Splash Plate
Ice Beam

-Emi (Medicham) Lv 72 - Black Belt
Force Palm
Low Sweep

-Mob (Gardevoir) Lv 72 - Pixie Plate
Magical Leaf
Dazzling Gleam

-Reigen (Delphox) Lv 73 - Leftovers
Mythical Fire

------------------------ Vs Malva -------------------------------
=>Tsuchi took out Chandelure, Rei defeated the rest.

------------------------ Vs Siebold -------------------------------
=>Mob soloe'd w/ Thunderbolt (better nerf).

------------------------ Vs Drasna -------------------------------
=>Ichi's Ice Beam all the way.

------------------------ Vs Wikstrom -------------------------------
=>Rei defeated Probopass, Reigen did the rest.

------------------------ Vs Diantha -------------------------------
=>Reigen vs Hawlucha
2 Flamethrowers and it was down.
=>Rei vs Tyrantrum
Tyrantrum got a lucky -Def from Crunch... And killed Rei next turn because I couldn't switch in anybody else and healing her wouldn't help.
=>Mob vs Tyrantrum
Mob then finished the job...
=>Reigen vs Gourgeist
=>Ichi vs Goodra
One Ice Beam and done.
=>Emi vs Aurorus
Another easy win.
=>Reigen vs Mega Gardevoir
Not a problem either.


Tired Pigeon

Pokédex No.
Jul 3, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Tough
Pokédex Entry
This pokémon is just too lazy.
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  1. Only catch/obtain the first eligible Pokemon in each route or area (starter is the exception).
  2. [ol]
  3. Dupes clause is on, you may choose to catch a duplicate Pokemon or move onto the Next Pokemon
  4. Shiny Clause is on, you may catch and use shiny pokemon but they only add to your allowed types if you have already unlocked one of that pokemons types
  5. Pokemon types are locked. Your first type(s) unlocked belong to your starters line. Each time you catch/obtain an eligible Pokemon, you unlock any new types that Pokemon’s line can possess (Eevee clause: Eevee only unlocks normal and the type you evolve it into, not any of the other types it can evolve into.)
[li]Nick name all Pokemon, they are your partners.[/li]
[li]Games end as follows:[/li]
  1. Hoenn: Hoenn League Champion
[li]There is no rule 5[/li]
[li]Legendary Pokemon are banned from use.[/li]

So I'll be using the Shiritori game to help me with names. But instead of syllabes, as in the Japanese version, I'll be working with only the last letter.

Starter is Mudkip because I'm a wuss. Named him Kaito (serious, Torrent).
Types unlocked: Water, Ground

Rt 102 catch!
Oliver (Lotad) - lax, Rain Dish
And I didn't even have to look for him, as he was my first encounter!
Types: +Grass

Helped Wally and all that shit.

Rt 104 catch!
Richard (Wingull) - quiet, Keen Eye
Types: +Flying

Petalburg Woods catch!
Daisy (Shroomish) - timid, Poison Heal
I got real lucky with this first encounter! =D
Types: +Fighting

Kaito evolved into Marshtomp after some battles in Rt 116.

Rt 116 catch!
Yan (Nincada) - quirky, Coumpound Eyes
Types: +Bug, Ghost

Vs Roxanne!
-Fucking Geodude landed a crit Rock Tomb and killed my poor bird.
RIP Richard (Wingull) Lv3 - 12
-Daisy defeated Geodude afterwards.
-For Nosepass, I set up Leech Seed + Stun Spore and watched it die slowly.

Oliver evolved into Lombre!

Grante Cave catch!
Nya (Makuhita) - impish, Thick Fat

Vs Brawly!
-Oliver took down Machop
-Used the same strategy from the Nosepass battle with Daisy on Makuhita

Daisy evolved on Rt 110!

Vs Brendan!
-Oliver and Daisy did it again

Let me use this space to say I dislike this new Mauville.

Vs Wattson!
-Kaito did his magic and all the enemies disappeared

Rt 117 catch!
Alphonse (Oddish) - lax, Chlorophill ->boxed
Types: +Poison

Nya evolved into Hariyama!
Yan evolved into Ninjask! ->boxed his ghost partner

Rt 112 catch!
Eric (Machop) - careful, No Guard -> boxed

Fiery Path catch!
Carlos (Grimer) - sassy, Stench
Full team!

Rt 113 catch!
Samuel (Skarmory) - calm, Keen Eye ->boxed
Types: +Steel

Rt 114 catch!
Lulu (Swablu) - rash, Natural Cure -> boxed
Types: +Dragon, Normal

Meteor Falls catch!
Umi (Zubat) - timid, Inner Focus -> boxed

Archie was a pain because of confusion hax, but it was fine in the end.

Vs Flannery!
-Kaito's Mud Shot OP. She didn't even touch my mons.

Rt 111
A battle agains a trainer's Sandslash went wrong and I lost Oliver...
RIP Oliver (Lombre) Lv2 - 35
Kaito evolved into Swampert after beating that Sandslash.

Rt 111 catch!
Ib (Sandshrew) - jolly, Sand Veil ->boxed

Got Lulu (Swablu) from the box.

Jagged Pass catch!
Blitz (Numel) - modest, Simple ->boxed
Types: +Fire

Vs Norman
-Nya did a great job solo

Boxed Yan (Ninjask) and got Blitz (Numel).

Rt 118 catch!
Zoom (Linoone) - calm, Pickup -> boxed

Rt 119 catch!
Matthew (Tropius) - jolly, Solar Power ->boxed

Weather Institute was OK and Brendan was easy.

Rt 120 catch!
Wort (Marill) - jolly, Thick Fat ->boxed
Types: +Fairy

Did some grinding.
Carlos evolved into Muk!
Blitz evolved into Camerupt!

Vs Winona!
-Blitz defeated Skarmory
-Carlos defeated Pelliper and Swellow
-Kaito defeated Altaria

Lulu evolved on Rt 120

Let me tell you I freaking love Carlos he made that Milotic battle in the rain so easy for me.
But then he proceeded to kill my Rt 121 catch (Shuppet).

Safari Zone catch!
Tallulah (Doduo) - naive, Early Bird ->boxed

Mt Pyre catch!
Hex (Duskull) - adamant, Levitate ->boxed

Acqua Hideout catch!
Xylocarp (Tentacool) - serious, Clear Body -> boxed

Vs Tate and Liza!
-Lulu + Mega Kaito = GG!

Boxed Nya and got Xylocarp to do some diving for plot reasons.
Then I remembered Nya had Strength and Rock Smash. Oops.
Boxed Carlos and got Nya.

Seafloor Cavern Archie battle was a joke.

Rt 126 catch!
Ping (Lanturn) - rash, Volt Absorb ->boxed
Types: +Electric

Boxed Xylocarp and got Carlos back.

My baby Carlos soloe'd Kyogre using only one hand.

Vs Wallace!
-Carlos shall be known as the Milotic Slayer for now on

Kaito killed my Victory Road catch (Medicham).

Vs Wally!
-Carlos 2-shot Altaria
-Blitz 2-shot Magneton and 1-shot Roselia
-Nya 1-shot Delcatty
-Mega Lulu 1-shot Mega Gallade.

-----------------LEAGUE TEAM TIME----------------------

Daisy (Breelom) Lv 54
-Seed Bomb
-Force Palm
-Sky Uppercut
-Grass Knot
*holding Miracle Seed

Kaito (Swampert) Lv 58
-Rock Slide
*holding Swamperite

Nya (Hariyama) Lv 53
-Force Palm
-Close Combat
*holding Safety Goggles

Carlos (Muk) Lv 56
-Mud Bomb
-Sludge Bomb
-Sludge Wave
*holding Lax Incense

Lulu (Altaria) Lv 55
-Dragon Pulse
-Dazzling Gleam
*holding Altarianite

Blitz (Camerupt) Lv 55
-Lava Plume
-Rock Slide
-Earth Power
*holding Hard Stone

--------- Vs Sidney -------------
-Daisy 1-hit KO Mightyena, Absol, Shiftry, Sharpedo and Cacturne

--------- Vs Phoebe-------------
-M. Kaito 2-hit Dusclops
-Lulu 1-hit Sableye
-M. Kaito 2-hit Dusknoir
-M. Kaito 1-hit Banette x2

--------- Vs Glacia -------------
->Thick Fat Hariyama wearing Safety Goggles

--------- Vs Drake -------------
-M. Lulu 1-shot everything there

--------- Vs Steven -------------
-Blitz vs Skarmory - I had forgotten to put him in front before the battl, so Skarmory got to set up Spiked x2 and Toxic
-Bliitz vs Aggron - 2-hit KO
-Kaito vs Claydol - 2-hit KO
-Nya vs Cradily - Close Combat did only half HP due to freaking Reflect from Claydol and I had the great idea to switch into Daisy... Only for her to take a Sludge Bomb to the face and die. DAMM
-M. Kaito vs Armaldo - 1-hit KO


So let's check our totals for this game:
Types Unlocked: 13
Deaths: 3


See you next time in FIRE RED NO EVO

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Jul 3, 2019
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Finally, I remembered to come back here and update.

Starter - Ted (Bulbasaur) - impish, Overgrow
Rt 1 - Chloe (Rattata) - adamant, Guts
Rt 2 - Alice (Pidgey) - quiet, Keen Eye
Rt 22 - Daniel (Mankey) - lonely, Vital Spirit

I didn't catch anything in the forest because no evolution bugs.

Vs Brock!
-Of course, it was a Ted solo. I'm not taking risks.

Mt Moon - Clyde (Zubat) - serious, Inner Focus ->boxed
Rt 4 - Suzie (Spearow) - lonely, Keen Eye ->boxed
Rt 24 - Daisy (Oddish) - quiet, Chlorophyl ->boxed

Vs Misty!
-Another Ted solo. Duh.

Rt 5 - Jake (Meowth) - impish, Pickup ->boxed
Rt 10 - Peter (Ekans) - lonely, Shed Skin ->boxed

Nothing happened on the ship.

Vs Surge!
-Chloe soloe'd =O

Daniel (Mankey) died on the way to Rock Tunnel (it was some trainer battle).
RIP Daniel Lv 3 - 25

Rock Tunnel - Hector (Machop) - careful, Guts ->joined the team!

Then he died the very next minute (trainer Cubone).
RIP Hector Lv 17 - 18

Rt 11 - Miri (Drowzee) - rash, Insomnia ->team
Rt 16 - Nina (Doduo) - lonely, Early Bird ->team
Rt 8 - Timmy (Growlithe) - quiet, Flash Fire ->team

Vs Erika!
-Nina was doing great, but then Victreebel got her =/
RIP Nina (Doduo) Lv 18 - 24
-Timmy finished the battle

At some point Miri died. I think it was a trainer in Rt 8.
RIP Miri (Drowzee) Lv 11 - 17

Rt 15 - Molly (Ditto) - lonely, Limber ->boxed
Safari Zone - Billy (Nidoran male) - hardy, Poison Point ->boxed
Rt 12 - Carl (Snorlax) - calm, Immunity ->HELL YEAH TEAM!

Vs Koga!
- I love Carl's Immunity and tankiness

Silph Co - Amelie (Lapras) - lax, Shell Armor ->team, of course

Vs Sabrina!
-Carl and Alice (the smol pudge!) beat her

Cinnabar Island - Nigel (Aerodactyl) - quiet, Rock Head ->MY TEAM IS FINALLY COMPLETE

Vs Blaine!
-Amelie solo, what else?

Nothing happened (other than grinding) in the Islands side quest.

Vs Giovanni!
-Amelie did it again

Nothing happened at Victory Road either.

Lots of grinding was done.


Carl (Snorlax) Lv 63
-body slam
-brick break

Amelie (Lapras) Lv 63
-ice beam
-shock wave

Alice (Pidgey) Lv 60
-aerial ace
-steel wing

Nigel (Aerodactyl) Lv 63
-wing attack
-dragon claw

Ted (Bulbasaur) Lv 60
-leech seed
-giga drain

-------------VS LORELEI----------------
-Carl defeated all ice types with brick break
-Jynx was a freaking pain in the butt with those kisses and attract hax
-there was no actual threat, just endless pain
-Amelie took out the Slowbro

-------------VS BRUNO----------------
-I had Ted try and solo him, both Onyx and the Hitmons were easy
-then Machamp came and critted a cross-chop, killing my baby
-I sent out Alice to avenge him, but her damage was not what I expected and she also died by rock tomb
-Nigel finished the battle
RIP Ted Lv 5 - 60
RIP Alice Lv 2 - 60

-------------VS AGATHA----------------
-Carl took down the first Gengar after lots of confusion hax and double team
-Amelie dealt with the Golbat and Arbok
-Nigel defeated the other Gengar and the Haunter

-------------VS LANCE----------------
-Amelie destroyed him

-------------VS RIVAL (I named him ...)----------------
-Amelie took out Pidgeot, Gyarados and Exeggutor
-Carl took out Alakazam
-Nigel wrecked Charizard

-------------THE END----------------

See you next time!

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Jul 3, 2019
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Uh, this game was finished about a month ago. What better day to post it than today?

1. Only catch the first Pokemon in each Route or Area. Caves count as one area and gifts count in the area they are received. All starter Pokemon however count as the area in which you can first nickname them. Some routes based on game have a Pinwheel Forest Clause applied to them.
1a. Dupes clause, you can skip any encounter of a Pokemon from a family you already have caught. This is your choice. If you want two Pigeot on your team be my guest~
1b. Shiny Clause: Shiny Pokemon may be caught and used regardless of any other rule. This includes the Red Gyarados
1c. HM slaves can be caught used if none of the Pokemon you own can learn an HM to continue progress. HM slaves have to be released once you catch a Pokemon that can learn this move.

2. Faint =Dead. If it reaches 0 HP, its dead and must be boxed or released. Regardless of any factor.

3. Nickname all Pokemon, they are your partners and need the love of a name.

4. Games end as follows:
Black2/White 2: Unova League Champion

5. There is no Rule 5

6. You may use ROM hacks that change encounters and trainers or randomizers that change encounters only. You may not roll moves, items, natures, types, or abilities into the randomizer. Fell free to randomizer leader mons though :)

7. Legendary Pokemon are banned from use.

8. Your team is decided by their name, hence the name of the challenge. There are a few different ways to handle this. You can go by species name or nickname. You also have to decide at the beginning of the challenge if your going with normal alphabet order or a reverse order. Which ever methods you choose, the 6 Pokemon of your team are decided by the highest letters on your list, this applies for both regular and reserve order. If you go with nicknames, use a random generator to get your names so the fates may decide your team. If you obtain a Pokemon with a letter higher than what is on your team, you must replace the Pokemon with the lowest letter in the list. If you like you may have the letter than affects your team switch between gyms or towns.

I'm going with nickname normal alphabet order. And I switched them whenever I got a new catch.

I randomized some numbers and got Snivy.

*Wandmpson (Snivy) - impish, Overgrow

Oh shit, seems like he's getting kicked out of the team very soon.

Vs Hugh
-We spammed tackle to victory.

Rt 19 catch!
*Showen (Patrat) - sassy, Keen Eye

That one Ranch catch!
*Brownizzt (Azurill) - sorry, lost his data

Did a hella lot of grinding because this game doesn't know what level curve is.

Vs Cheren
-It was ok thanks to Showen. I didn't take notes on this battle for some reason, so I don't remember what happened.

Virbank Complex catch!
*Fornfox (Magnemite) - lonely, Magnet Pull

Vs The Poison Girl
-yeah sorry I don't remember her name right now.
-Fornfox is a Godsend and soloed the gym easily

Pokestar studios are boring as duck.

Did the Plasma search.

Castelia Sewers catch!
*Tinselree (Zubat) - mild, Inner Focus

Relic Passage catch!
*Thomalda (Roggenrola) - adamant, Sturdy

Brownizzt evolved into Marill after some trainer battles in Relic Passage.

Castelia City catch!
*Lewizzt (Rattata) - serious, Guts

Rt 4 catch!
*Carule (Trubbish) - adamant, Sticky Hold

With that last catch, Wand had to be sent to the box.

Brownizzt evolved into Azumarill after some grinding and Tinselree evolved into Golbat =)

Vs Burgh
-Tinsel x Swadloon - was a OHKO yayy
-Brown x Dwebble - took 2 hits and was done
-Tinsel x Leavanny - another 2 hit GG

Lewizzt evolved into Raticate on Rt 4 whoo

Desert Resort catch!
*Ogobertson (Sandile) - bashful, Moxie

That means new team modifications: Tinsel is out, Ogobert is in.

Relic Castle catch!
*Lanestompa (Yamask) - relaxed, Mummy

Lanes in, Thomalda out.

But THEN RIP OGOBERTSON (lvl 18 - 21) from a single fire punch from some trainer's Darumaka. Thomalda's back!

Rt 5 catch!
*Lagreen (Minccino) - jolly, Cute Charm

Aaaand Thomalda goes back to the box.

Rt 16 catch!
*Danieshine (Liepard) - serious, Limber

Hot damm, Lewizzt is out, Danie is in.

Lostlorn Forest catch!
*Mephistoph (Cotonee) - timid, Infiltrator (boxed)

Grinding time!
-Fox evolved into Magneton!

Vs Elesa
-Emolga x Fox - eeeeez
-Zebstrika x Carula - for some reason it just spammed Quick Attack and Carula took it down soon enough
-Flaafy x Carula - ouch crit Volt Switch!
-Switched to Fox - my baby landed a crit Mirror Shot and BAM, victory!

Then Fox proceeded to freaking DESTROY Charles.

Rt 6 catch!
*Autollins (Tranquill) - naughty, Big Pecks

Oh boy... Lanes (Yamask) was boxed and Auto joined us.

Chargestone Cave catch!
*Has (Joltik) - sorry, no notes for that

Fox evolved into Magnezone, Lagreen (Minccino) was boxed and Has joined the team!
Autollins and Carula also evolved (Unfezant and Garbodor) after grinding!

Vs Clay
-Krokorok x Brown - OHKO Bubblebeam
-Sandslash x Brown - 2-hit KO
-Excadrill x Brown - 2-hit KO ayyyy

Rt 7 catch!
*Edwarshu (Foongus) - modest, Effect Spore

Has was boxed and Edwarshu joined the team!

Danie killed my Tower catch (Litwick).

And then Edwarshu died during grinding against an Audino (how can that thing be so weak??)
RIP Edwarshu (lvl 36-36)

Has came back to us and evolved into Galvantula!

Vs Skyla
-Fox easy solo

My mountain catch was killed by Fox (it was a Skarmory).

Undella Bay catch!
*Sulli (Frillish) - gentle, Cursed Body (boxed)

Rt 14 first encounter was an Audino and I decided I'd rather have the exp, so...

Rt 13 catch!
*Antibell (Tangela) - naive, Chlorophyl

Has goes back to the box and Bell joins!

Danie then proceeded to die from a crit Fire Blast (some trainer's Castform).
RIP Danieshine (lvl 24-41)

Has is back yet again!

Antibell evolved into Tangrowth while grinding! Yayy

RIP Autollins (lvl 26-45)

Lagreen (Minccino) joined the team (yuck)

Village Bridge catch!
*Hydrao (Seviper) - jolly, Shed Skin

Nevermind, Hydrao was the one who joined the team. Lagreen never left the box.

Rt 11 catch!
*Alvastomper (Basculin) - serious, Adaptability

OK, so Hydrao went to the box and the one who actually joined was Alva.

So Alva is lvl 25 and my team is around 46. Time to catch up!

Rt 9 catch!
*Leedigo (Muk) - quiet, Sticky Hold (box)

Alva took a crit to the knee from a wild Minccino.
RIP Alvastomper (lvl 25 - 34)

Guess Hydrao's back then.

Brown fainted due to a crit Dragon Claw from a gym trainer.
RIP Brownizzt (lvl 5-47)
My first big loss =(

Lagreen is back on the team once more =/

Vs Drayden
-Druddigon x Hydrao - 2 Poison Jabs KO
-Flygon x Antibell - 2 Giga Drains KO
-Haxorus x Carula - he set up 3 Dragon Dances and I was scared as fuck, but Carula tanked a slash like a boss and won the battle for us

Then Zinzolin was a bitch and froze my snak. I got mad and sent Fox out to CRUSH him.

Rt 22 catch!
*Bendigo (Mienfoo) - bashful, Inner Focus

Lagreen boxed (again) and Bendigo joined us!

There was this trainer with a freakin Arcanine and I had no good response for such a brute fire type. Carula had taken quite some damage, so I sent Fox out in hopes that he would be able to finish it off. But the god DAMMED dog landed FUCKING CRIT and killed my precious baby. I sent Carula out again and healed him. He was doing ok, I just needed one more hit... but THE FUCKING BASTARD DOG OUTSPED WITH EXTREMESPEED AND KILLED MY MOST PRECIOUS CARULA BABY. Good thing that Hydrao tanked a fire fang and finally KILLED THAT GOD DAMMED DOG.

RIP Fornfox (lvl 10-49)
RIP Carula (lvl 14-48)


Lagreen and Lanestompa re-joined the team.

Rt 21 catch!
*Sanchezum (Mantyke) - brave, Water Absorb (box)

God damm I need a water type so much.

Humilau City catch!
*Drizzne (Staryu) - modest, Natural Cure

FUCKING FINALLY THANK GOD. SO I switched Lanestompa for Drizzne.
Then I backtracked a little and got the Shiny Stone to evolve Lagreen into Cinccino. I also got a Water Stone, but held on to it until Drizzne leaned Power Gem.

Seaside Cave catch!
*Palmerarms (Seel) - bashful, Thick Fat (boxed)

Hydrao took a Darmanitan's Flare Blitz to the face and died ò_ó WHY ARE ALL MY STRONG BABIES DYING???
RIP Hydrao (lvl 41-50)

I didn't want to risk my baby Has and Drizzne wasn't ready to fight yet, so I sent Lagreen out. She made the Darmanitan sleep for 2 turns, and we only needed one more hit to kill it, but it woke up and Hammer Armed her into oblivion =(
RIP Lagreen (lvl 21-44)

Lanestompa (Yamask) and Leedigo (Muk) joined the team.

Giant Chasm catch!
*Pixrobin (Solrock) - naughty, Levitate (box)

I grinded like hell. Thanks to that Lanestompa evolved into Cofagrius, Drizzne evolved into Starmie and Bendigo evolved into Mienshao.

Vs Marlon
-Carracosta x Has - Sturdy is a pain, but we managed
-Wailord x Has - OHKO
-Jellicent x Has - meh

Plot was all nice and easy and stuff, but then Colress' Magnezone fucking EXPLODED on my baby Bendigo.... BUT HE SURVIVED HAHAHAHAHAH...Only to be killed by Kyurem's FUCKING CRIT FUSION BOLT. SO I HAD HAS FUCKING MURDER IT.
RIP Bendigo (lvl 39-59)

Then Ghetsis' Hydreigon killed Has...
RIP Has (lvl 28-63)

We managed after that.

Rt 33 catch!
*Crocoman (Sawk) - quirky, Sturdy (joined the team)

Lewizzt (Raticate) joined the team also.

Victory Road catch!
*Mendozabin (Banette) - hasty, Insomnia (box)

Lots of grinding later...

It's E4 time!

The team:

*Antibell (Tangrowth) - Lvl 63 - Miracle Seed
-Giga Drain
-Power Whip
-Wring Out

*Crocoman (Sawk) - Lvl 63 - Shell Bell
-Close Combat
-Rock Smash

*Drizzne (Starmie) - Lvl 66 - Splash Plate
-Ice Beam

*Lanestompa (Cofagrius) - Lvl 66 - Expert Belt
-Shadow Ball

*Leedigo (Muk) - Lvl 63 - Poison Barb
-Sludge Bomb

*Lewizzt (Raticate) - Lvl 63 - Magnet
-Hyper Fang

-------------Vs Marshall---------------
-Throh x Drizzne - OHKO
-Mienshao x Drizz - OHKO
-Sawk x Drizz - she tanked a payback *0* 2-hit KO
-Conkeldurr x Drizz - OHKO

-------------Vs Caitlin---------------
-Musharna x Lewizzt - 2-hit KO
-Reuniclus x Lanestompa - crit Shadow Ball KO
-Sigilyth x Lanes - OHKO
-Gothitelle x Lanes - Gothi used Calm Mind, Lanes took half her HP with Shadow Ball, I switched into Lewizzt so that her Shadow Ball wouldn't kill my baby
-Gothi x Lewizzt - he was asleep from Musharna's Yawn. I healed him, but she landed a crit Psychic
-Gothi x Antibell - she used Calm Mind again, but I went with Power Whip, ha!

RIP Lewizzt (lvl 17-63)

-------------Vs Grimsley---------------

-Liepard x Crocoman - it was too fast and landed an Aerial Ace before fainting, but it was ok
-Bisharp x Croco - OHKO
-Krookodile x Croco - my boi took an Earthquake, survived, and OHKO'd the alligator
-Scrafty x Leedigo - healed Crocoman and switched back to him.
-Scrafty x Croco - OHKO

-------------Vs Shauntal---------------
-Cofagrius x Lanes - OHKO (take that bitch, my Cofagrius is better than yours)
-Drifblim x Lanes - he landed a Shadow Ball and decreased our sp. def before Lanes' 1-crit KO
-Chandelure x Drizzne - OHKO
-Golurk x Drizz - OHKO

-------------Vs Iris---------------
-Hydreigon x Croco - OHKO
-Druddigon x Drizz - he tanked an Ice Beam and used Rock Slide. Iris healed and we 2-hit KO'd him
-Lapras x Croco - OHKO
-Aggron x Drizz - OHKO
-Haxorus x Drizz - her Haxorus tanked with their Focus Sash and X-Scissor'd... and killed Drizz
-Haxorus x Croco - we tanked an Earthquake and KO'd it
-Archeops x Lanes - Lanes tanked an Acrobatics easily and landed a crit Shadow Ball

RIP Drizzne (lvl 32-67)


My, this one was a bloodbath. 14 dead is too much =/

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Jul 3, 2019
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Uhhh hi!

So I was trying to finish the Diamond Colorlocke, but my game is Japanese and I don't understand most of it and it was getting kind of annoying. I got up to Crasher, but having to play with lots of tabs open on Opera was really boring. Soooo I decided to start it again, but this time on an English ROM.

Meanwhile, I managed to finish the HeartGold sololocke. Here it is!
I have a long history with Cyndaquil and Typhlosion has been my favorite pokemon since Crystal came out. I had never soloed Johto, though. So I picked Cynda as my starter to do it for the first time and named him Tip for the sake of nostalgia (that's the nickname I gave to my favorite Cyndaquil ever).

I didn't keep track of anything for this game since it was going to be me curbstomping everything with the power of overlevel, and I don't remember ever checking his stats or his nature.

Anyway, we did indeed curbstomp everything until Clair (Chuck was just a little annoying with his Poliwrath, but not really a threat). Now, Clair was a bit of a problem.
Her Dragonairs kept paralyzing my baby and I had to keep spamming Hyper Potions to stall her Kingdra's Hydro Pumps while hoping against a crit.
Thankfully, everything went well in the end and we managed to defeat her.

The Elite Four was ok, I guess.
Will was no problem, Koga was a joke, Bruno did nothing and Karen went down quickly.
At least Lance managed to make it an epic last battle.

His Gyarados spammed Dragon Pulse for some reason and we took it down in 3 hits.
Lance sent out Aerodactyl, but it was the easiest of them all, going down after one Flamethrower.
He then sent out his Dragonites one after the other, starting with the Outrage one. I had to heal a lot, and it took many turns because we didn't have a very effective move against it and Tip was at -1 atk due to Gyarados' Intimidate (also, Lance healed). The other two used the Thunder Wave tactic, but I opted to keep hitting them until Tip's HP was lower than half and just use a Full Restore then. They also took their time to go down, but my heal spam tactic was superior. Finally, he sent out his Charizard. Tip was a little bit hurt from the last Dragonite battle, but I didn't heal. I knew he wouldn't be able to deal too much damage, and so I went for the kill. Charizard's second Air Slash left Tip in the red, but we finished the battle at that turn.

Yay! Victory! One more game and we're DONE.

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