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Written Log [UCL2] Heir of Volcanion: a Water/Fire 7-region Duolocke

Thread Description
Things are getting steamy over here...


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Team Delta
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Jun 30, 2019
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Dark, Ice
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This Pokemon is a master of having too many projects at the same time. Also, Pikablu.
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Despite the loss we just went through... the show must go on.
So, after some deliberation, I've decided to not replace Blake just yet. I've got a couple options in the box, but the next few routes have a couple of juicy catches we could make. Actually, speaking of the next few routes, I get a call from Trevor telling me to go to Route 14 to meet up with the gang. When I get there, only Trevor and Calem have gotten there, and the latter challenges me to a battle.

Vs. Calem
He begins with Meowstic as usual while I lead with Helen. It uses Light Screen right before I can hit it with Water Pulse (darnit), and then it hits me with Psychic, but luckily my next Water Pulse is a crit and wipes it out. Helen also levels up to 40.
Next up comes Absol, and I switch to Eric. I hit Power-up Punch, thus raising my Attack, while it Slashes at me for little damage. Another Power-up Punch and I almost kill it, then it Bites at me for... more damage than Slash, though not a lot. It then uses Quick Attack before I kill it with one more Power-up Punch. From this, Eric levels up to 41, and Beth gets to 42 learning Superpower too.
Last up is Greninja, for which I keep Eric in. I Mega Evolve just in case (first time I'm using that little gadget!), then take a Quick Attack before obliterating it with a final Power-up Punch. Holly also levels up to 41 from this.

By the time we're done with the battle, Shauna and Tierno have arrived, so we continue advancing through the route, towards a "spooky house" up ahead. Before that, I gotta get through the marshlands up ahead, and wouldn't you know it, we encounter and catch Keith the Quagsire, level 32. This'll be our replacement for Blake, for the time being at least. He does lopside our team with 5 Water types, but it'll do for now. We got a couple trainers up ahead, and beating them gets Beth to level 43, Eric to 42, Keith to 33 and the rest to 41.

We then arrive at the spookhouse, where the spookiest thing is just some dude telling an awful horror story. He's not even dressed appropiately, he's in a fancy white suit! Yeah, whatever. I leave without tipping the guy at all, then head right to Laverre City, where there's A CLOTHES SHOP OH MY GOD IT'S BEEN SO LONG. Shopping time! This is the outfit I came up with:

It's technically not fully from Laverre, the tank top I bought from Cyllage when I was around there, but it still came out pretty cute in my opinion. On with actually progressing through the game!

So right now, there's not a lot for us to do aside from challenging the city's gym, which specializes in Fairy types. Luckily we can get some Poison type coverage with TMs, so we're just about set for it... except Keith's quite a few levels behind. No problem, we'll just train on Route 14 for a bit. A while later, Keith has gotten to level 41 and is ready to party, so we go in the gym. This gym is styled after a dollhouse, and the trainers are Furisode Girls, which I gotta say is one hell of a step up from those creepy Fairytale Girls you see everywhere else.

Anyway, the trainers don't give me significant trouble, aside from one whose Slurpuff had Energy Ball. Luckily, Helen was out that turn instead of, say, Carly or Keitth. She tanked the hit pretty well, then took it down with Venoshock, and that was that. Through all the battles, Beth got to level 44, Eric to 43, and the rest to 42. It doesn't take us much longer to finally get to gym leader Valerie's room, where we challenge her to a battle!

Vs. Valerie
She starts the battle with her Mawile, and knowing that's what she was leading with, I go for Holly. I Fire Fang for massive damage which just barely doesn't kill, while it goes for Crunch doing almost nothing to me. Valerie heals twice, which at least means she's wasting her heals, but both times I drop it back down. Unsurprisingly, it goes down to one more Fire Fang, and Carly levels up to 43.
Mr. Mime is up next, so I switch to Helen. Immediately it starts off with Light Screen, making my subsequent Venoshock not so effective at taking it down. Its Psychic hits for pretty high damage, while I land a Water Pulse and confuse it. I doubt keeping Helen in is a great idea though, so I decide to swap to chonky boy Keith while Mr. Mime hits itself. It hits Psychic next turn, not doing as much damage, but then Earthquake demolishes it. Keith and Helen level up to 43 from this, too.
Last in the pack comes Sylveon, for which I switch to Carly. Why Carly? Well obviously I've taught her something for this moment... Poison Jab! It hits and takes a big chunk of health off of Sylveon, but Carly falls in love with it thanks to Cute Charm as it hits Dazzling Gleam. I thought you were supposed to match your trainer's gender! Next turn, Carly is of course immobilized by love, and she then gets hit with another Dazzling Gleam. Her health's pretty low, so I heal her up as Dazzling Gleam lands once again. Thankfully, Carly manages to struggle through her complicated feelings and land another Poison Jab, thus KOing Sylveon and finishing the battle, and also leveling Holly up to level 43.

Yep, pretty easy all around, even if we hit a few snags here and there. Valerie gives me the Fairy Badge (gee, how creative), a TM for Dazzling Gleam which nothing I can have can ever learn (not even Beth, nope), and as I leave the gym I stumble upon Trevor and Shauna, who want to visit the Pokeball Factory north of town. And since nothing can happen in this universe without me being there to witness it, I have to go along with them. Good thing I was there though, because Team Flare is currently robbing this place blind, and obviously I gotta stop them like the ambiguously-aged-child-slash-teenager I am.

Calem also shows up and comes along with me, only to do nothing as I take care of all the Flare Grunts in the way. They're the usual Flare grunts, so I take them out easily enough, getting Beth to level 45 and the rest of the gang to 44. I then make it to the head of the factory's office, where he's being harassed by two new Flare scientists, Bryony and Celosia, aka green hair and purple hair. Calem shows up in a brave effort to assist me against the duo... but his help is utterly unneeded as I beat them both with a single Earthquake from Keith. Easy peasy. Team Flare then leaves, and the factory president gives us both a Masterball each as thanks for saving him (even if Calem did nothing smh).

Now that that's dealt with, I can get onto Route 15, where I do have some encounters... however, I skip past everything I can in order to get to the Lost Hotel at the end of the route. See, the day I was playing through this part, it just happened to be tuesday, and something very special happens in the Lost Hotel during tuesdays. I walk right in, making sure to use a Repel to avoid running into a Litwick, then walk right up to a shaking trash can... out of which comes a Rotom. Yep, this is what I came here for. It's technically not a fire or water type yet, but it will be very soon. So yeah, welcome to the team, Ollie the Rotom, level 38.

I leave the hotel then, and make my way back to Laverre, catching Eduardo the Lombre, level 33 on the way through Route 15. Once there, I grab Doris, go to Prof. Sycamore's lab in Lumiose, and look for the appliances that will let me switch Ollie's form. I find them, and thus Ollie changes to Heat Form and learns Overheat. With that, they're all set up to become a team member. I decide to keep the team as it is, utilizing a 7-mon rotation and boxing Beth for the time being, given that she's been the highest leveled one for a while.

Back to Route 15 now, where I take on all the trainers using mostly just Ollie (with the Exp. Share turned off). This gets him to level 42, which isn't quite at the level of the rest yet, but there's still trainers down in the Lost Hotel. They use mostly Ghost type mons, which I can take advantage of since Ollie has Ghost type moves, but they aren't Ghost type themselves (not anymore, anyways). These manage to get them to level 44, and with that we're done grinding. We also move to Route 16, where everyone on the team gets to level 46, before entering Dendemille Town.

And then we immediately leave Dendemille Town, because there's nothing to do there. We try to leave towards Route 17, but we need to ride on Mamoswine to get through there, and as I follow Trevor (who was just hanging around there) I find that Mamoswine is chilling outside Frost Cavern because I dunno, we gotta go check what's going on inside. There's a lot of trainers around here, and one I want to particularly highlight is a double battle with a Hariyama and Grumpig. For whatever reason, I decide to bring out Holly... who obviously gets hit by Hariyama with a Wake-Up Slap... and dies... Goddammit.

Guess we're back to a 6-man team, then. At least I won't need to grind anyone up, I guess... Frost Cavern is a long, painful, tedious trek, but somehow we manage to make it through all of it, getting Keith and Carly to level 49, and the rest to level 48. At the end of the cavern, Trevor shows up, only for us to discover that Team Flare is going at it again, by... harassing an Abomasnow. Okay. Two Grunts approach us, I beat mine and Trevor does the same, and then I take on the 4th Flare Scientist, Mable, aka the blue one. She has a Houndoom. I one-shot her with Surf. Eric, Ollie, Helen and Beth got to level 49. Done.

Anyways, now that Abomasnow is home free (and gives me an useless Abomasite), Mamoswine is ready to carry us through Route 17. The route is frankly not very interesting, there's no catches useful to us or even any trainers because it's all buried in snow, so we get through it quickly and make it to Anistar City, where there's CLOTHES. Time to update our wardrobe yet again! Let's try and get something slightly more weather-accurate... darnit, there's no long-sleeve tops here. Eh, I'll do what I can. Here's the result!

I'm not completely happy with this outfit, but it's good enough with what I can get at this point. I also got a call from Calem challenging me to a fight in front of the local gym, so we're gonna go do so because... why not? Not like we have much else to do.

Vs. Calem
He leads with Meowstic, as usual, and I send out Helen. It starts with Fake Out, again as usual, forcing me not to move on the first turn. It then hits a Shadow Ball while I do a Swords Dance, then it uses Disarming Voice while I hit a Smack Down. It uses Psychic next, dealing fairly big damage, as I choose to switch to Water Pulse. Helen's pretty hurt, so I switch to Eric while Meowstic goes for another Psychic. Jsut in case, I Mega Evolve Eric and go for a Bite to finish Meowstic off.
Greninja is next up, I keep Eric in for this. It uses Water Shuriken for teeny tiny damage while I Rock Smash at it for... quite a bit. Then it goes for Dark Pulse, doing far better damage, and I Rock Smash again. It goes back to Water Shuriken for whatever reason, and my Rock Smash finishes it off.
Absol is next (but not last this time!), for which I switch to Beth. I go with Superpower, and finish it in just one blow.
Finally comes Flareon, and I go for Carly. Flareon evades my first Razor Shell and hits with Bite, but it's not so lucky the next time, as I hit Razor Shell and finish it in one shot. Carly also levels up to 50.

So yeah, fairly easy as has become expected from Calem. He leaves lamenting his loss, and I move into the gym. This gym has WACKY SPACE EFFECTS, and that's about it. We take on all of the Psychic type trainers here, which gets Eric, Carly and Keith to level 50. It's not long until the gym leader, Olympia, is right before our eyes. Time for battle!

Vs. Olympia
So, Olypmia starts out with Sigilyph and I go with Ollie. Right off the bat, Sigilyph outspeeds with Light Screen... and of course, thinking I would outspeed, I go for Electro Ball, which is further weakened by Light Screen. It hits Psychic while I strike with Thunderbolt, leaving it on red health, after which Olympia heals (as expected). Since I know I'm not faster now, I go for Thunderbolt instead, taking over half its health. Possibly sensing it's about to die, it uses Reflect before I hit it with one more Thunderbolt and down it.
Slowking is up next, and for this I switch to Eric. I Mega Evolve him, go for Bite, and it manages a crit... leaving it on red as it uses Calm Mind. Ugh, if only I had the Dark Pulse TM. Olympia heals again, but then my next Bite hits for a lot less, due to Sigilyph's Reflect. I Bite again, leaving it on half health, and it uses Yawn. I Bite once more, while Slowking pointlessly uses another Yawn, and Eric obviously falls asleep. It hits me with Psychic while I remain asleep, and I can see this going pear shaped so I use an Awakening on the next turn. I take another Psychic, leaving me on red health, but since I'm well aware I outspeed, I go for Bite on the next turn and it goes down.
Finally is Meowstic, her ace, and for this I switch to Carly. Much like Calem's Meowstic, it starts with Fake Out preventing me from moving. It then uses Psychic, at the same time lowering my special defense, and I hit Night Slash for great damage. It uses Psychic again next turn, but fails to knock me out, and thus Meowstic faints with another Night Slash, earning me the victory.

A bit tougher than expected, frankly, mostly due to that blasted Light Screen. But hey, we didn't even need to heal (as long as you don't count the Awakening I used). We get the Psychic Badge (again, real clever) and the TM for Calm Mind. We then leave the gym and Calem immediately shows upto challenge me to yet another battle... but we're interrupted by the Holocaster. It's a broadcast from Lysandre, revealing that he's the leader of Team Flare (obviously) and that he's planning to wipe out everyone on earth with some "Ultimate Weapon" to make a beautiful world (...less obviously).

Of course, I gotta go and stop them because law enforcement is useless and all the problems in this world are fixed via overpowered children. I fly on over to Lumiose City's Lysandre Cafe, where the waiter and waitress fight me, getting Helen to level 50 upon being defeated. They spill the secret password to enter Lysandre's labs, and so we enter... only to find Lysandre was expecting me in order to challenge me to a battle. Here we go!

Vs. Lysandre
He leads with a Mienfoo, while I send out Beth. I start with Charm, it goes for a High Jump Kick for absolutely minuscule damage, and then I Surf as it uses Swords Dance to recover its lost Attack. My next Surf kills it though, and Beth levels up to 50.
Next up is Gyarados, for which I switch into Ollie. Thankfully, I outspeed with a Thunderbolt, which OHKOs it as expected. If I hadn't outsped, things might have been ugly...
Murkrow's up next, and I switch to Carly, believing she had some sort of Rock type move (she did not). One Razor Shell oneshots it, however.
Last comes Pyroar and I swap to Helen, It hits me with an Hyper Voice for pretty good damage but then I oneshot it with Water Pulse.

Easy enough, but at this point it's more or less what I expect from Flare members. Lysandre just shrugs it off, though, and tells me to meet him on the lower floors of the lab. In order to do that, I need the Lift Key, which means... I'll have to get through a bunch of grunts again. It's not all too big of a deal, I even fight Aliana (the orange one) who's gotten a whole second mon, but beat her easily.

Some time after that, though, I encounter Celosia (purple) and Byrony (green) again, and while they don't fight me two-on-one (seriously this is like, the perfect opportunity for a double battle), the former still manages to put me in a bit of a pinch. She also has a second mon along with her prior Manectric, that being a Drapion... which uses Acupressure to sharply raise its attack, and then nearly kills Eric with its Poison Jab. Thankfully, Carly had enough defense to take two Night Slashes from it, which we exploited along with heals to bring it down.

Right after Celosia comes the Byrony fight, but she has nothing even half as threatening as Celosia just had, and we take her down easily. After some more exploring, everyone gets to level 51, and we also stumble upon Mable (the blue one, although you should have it figured out by process of elimination), who upon being beaten finally hands over the Lift Key. So we go back to the elevator near the entrance and make our way down to floor B2, where we find Lysandre holding the tallest man in the world (from back in Route 13) prisoner inside a cell.

As I approach, the unknown man tells me the story of the ancient king of Kalos, whose Floette died in a war. He built a machine to give him and his Pokemon eternal life, but then converted that machine into the Ultimate Weapon in order to end the war... the same Ultimate Weapon Lysandre plans to use now to wipe out everyone. Lysandre reveals the man's name as AZ (man that's a lame name), then tells me to follow him to his quarters, where I meet a fifth Flare scientist, Xerosic (aka the one guy).

Lysandre leaves us both in the room by ourselves, and Xerosic challenges me to a battle. If I win, I get a chance at stopping the activation of the weapon. Of course I win, and even though I press the right button to stop the activation, Xerosic activates it anyway because he's a cheating fuck. We watch as the weapon emerges from Geosenge Town, and after I knock Xerosic the fuck out for being a cheater cheater pumpkin eater, I race off towards there.

When I've flown over to Geosenge, Calem shows up wanting to help, and we both storm into Team Flare's Secret HQ, where both the Ultimate Weapon and the resident Legendary Pokemon are located. Of course, Lysandre is also there, preparing to trigger the weapon once and for all, but before that he agrees to another battle.

Vs. Lysandre (again)
He leads with Mienfoo, who's now evolved to Mienshao, and I go with Eric. I Mega Evolve immediately, just in case really, then go for a Water Pulse which doesn't quite kill, but it misses a High Jump Kick and thus dies.
Out comes Gyarados already, and I switch to Ollie just like before. And just like last time, I use Thunderbolt and OHKO it.
Next up is Pyroar, so I switch to Keith. It uses Hyper Voice while I Surf against it, but it doesn't quite kill. Its next Hyper Voice leaves Keith in bad shape, but Surf obviously kills it, making Ollie and Keith level up to 52 as well.
Finally comes Honchkrow, and I swap to Helen. I go with a crit Smack Down as it retaliates with Night Slash, and the same thing happens next turn (minus the crit), leaving us both on pretty bad shape. Luckily I outspeed, Smack Down KOs it, and Helen also levels up to 52.

Not much has changed since last time, yeah. Lysandre retreats for the moment, and Calem and I advance further into the lab. Calem helps out a bit in a couple trainer battles, but honestly I could have gotten through all of those by myself. These battles help to get the rest of the team (so Eric, Beth and Carly) to level 52. Shauna also shows up, helping us open an electronic lock with one of Clemont's gadgets, and... not doing much else. As we make it into the chamber where the Legendary Pokemon lays dormant, a bunch of Flare Admins show up, and a couple of them chase Shauna and Calem away, leaving me to battle the rest.

These battles, luckily enough, manage to get everyone to level 53 right in time for the Legendary Pokemon to awaken... The capsule in front of me busts open, revealing the mighty Xerneas! He steps forth, as if beckoning me to battle and catch it... and I kill it in two Venoshocks with Helen (one of them being a crit). Xerneas won't stay down though, which means I'm obligated to catch it, and I do so after managing to not land a crit with Venoshock. With that, Xerneas is caught... and immediately banished to the Big Boy Box for legendary crimes.

As if right on cue, Lysandre storms in, and he's pissed at the notion that Xerneas would ever want to go with me (as though it weren't currently in jail). He decides to take me on one last time, this time claiming to have obtained a Mega Stone. The fate of... nothing in particular is at stake!

Vs. Lysandre (third time today)
First off is Mienshao, and since I led with Helen for the Xerneas fight, I do so now too. It hits an Acrobatics for less than half of my health as I almost kill with Water Pulse. Acrobatics then puts me in a rough spot, but Water Pulse kills it regardless.
Pyroar's next, and I switch to Eric. I Mega Evolve, get hit with Hyper Voice for fairly large damage, but then obliterate it with Water Pulse.
Honchkrow comes out next, for which I send out Ollie, and Thunderbolt instantly downs it. Ollie and Keith level up to 54 as well.
Finally comes Gyarados, and instead of keeping Ollie in I switch to Beth... because Gyarados Mega Evolves as soon as it can, then goes for Earthquake (but would most certainly have gone for Waterfall if Ollie was out). I Charm it right after, however, tanking its attack. Another Earthquake hits Beth as she in turn hits Play Rough for... less than I'd imagined. I heal Beth up in case of a crit, and she takes another Earthquake, then one more before she hits with Play Rough and lowers its attack further. Same thing happens in the next turn, and with this final Play Rough, Gyarados falls. Beth, Carly, and Helen level up to 54.

Lysandre, still not completely defeated, decides to still turn the weapon on in order to grant everyone in the room eternal life, so we get the hell out of there. The Ultimate Weapon fires, and... Lysandre's lair caves in, presumably crushing him to death. That certainly... happened.

Moving on! We all gather up in Geosenge Town, including Calem, Shauna, Trevor, Tierno, Sina and Dexio, and we all agree on gathering up on Anistar City and moving onward from there. Everyone leaves... and AZ shows up again, lamenting himself about wanting to find the Flower Pokemon, who left him after he activated the Ultimate Weapon. That's right, plot twist, AZ was the old king after all! Who would have known! And with that amazing revelation, I shall leave you until next time, where we move on to Anistar City and beyond!
Beth the Azumarill, level 54 (Route 3)
Carly the Barbaracle, level 54 (Ambrette Town)
Helen the Clawitzer, level 54 (Route 8)
Eric the Blastoise, level 53 (Gift from Lumiose City)
Keith the Quagsire, level 53 (Route 14)
Ollie the Rotom, level 53 (Lost Hotel)

Felicia the Fletchling, level 3-9 (Route 2 - Route 22)
Wilbur the Litleo, level 6-31 (Route 22 - Shalour Gym)
Louis the Slowpoke, level 23-27 (Route 12 - Route 12)
Blake the Delphox, level 5-41 (Aquacorde Town - Lumiose Gym)
Holly the Houndoom, level 20-47 (Route 10 - Frost Cavern)


Lurker extraordinaire
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Ice
Pokédex Entry
This Pokemon is a master of having too many projects at the same time. Also, Pikablu.
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Let's gooooooo and finish this at once!
So yeah, we've flown over to Anistar City, and despite everyone agreeing to meet up here previously, there's nobody around. Guess I got pranked. Whatever, now we can proceed onto Route 18.

As it turns out, we have one last chance at catching a fire type here, so we hunt down and catch Victoria the Torkoal, level 44. After some consideration, I decide to box Helen in order to make space for Victoria, given that there's a lot of overlap between her and Eric and we could really use another Fire type besides Ollie. So I train her up at Route 18 and... boy, this is taking quite a while, and I've only gotten Victoria to level 46. Guess we can try a few trainer battles to speed this up!

...and then Victoria got OHKO'd by a Meditite's crit Aura Sphere. Shouldn't have rushed into things. That's 5 Fire types dead, wouldn't be surprised if Ollie goes down next (but let's hope not). Anyway, Helen's back on the team, and we get through the rest of the route with not much trouble (we're kinda overleveled due to the struggle of keeping up with the level curve). Terminus Cave is also in this route, but after a random trainer with an Octillery decides to almost murder Keith with a Bullet Seed which luckily only hit 3 times, we book it out of there at Mach 5.

We make it to Couriway Town and everyone is level 56. Not long after we get there, we find Prof. Sycamore, who challenges me to a battle!

Vs. Sycamore
He leads with Venusaur, which I didn't expect, so I lead with Helen. Obviously I switch over to Ollie, who takes a Petal Dance, but then I hit an Overheat and finish it in one shot.
Next comes Blastoise, and I switch to Eric. Mirror match! I Mega Evolve and go for Bite, which flinches the opposing Blastoise but doesn't deal a whole lot of damage. I then use Iron Defense while it hits me with Aqua Tail, then I hit Power-Up Punch as it goes for Iron Defense itself. I continue hitting Power-Up Punch as it uses Aqua Pulse and Aqua Tail, but eventually it goes down before I do.
Last up is Charizard, for which I go to Helen. It outspeeds with Slash as I go for a Smack Down, and then uses Flamethrower which burns me. However, my Water Pulse finishes it off afterwards.

So that was easy enough, considering there was a Blastoise and all. Sycamore leaves, presumably back to his lab, as I continue on to Route 19 since there's not really much to do in Couriway. Route 19 splits off into a swamp area and a bridge overlooking said swamp, and I go to the former first. After fighting the slew of trainers down there and also encountering lots of Quagsire (which are dupes because Keith is a thing), Beth's level 58 and the rest are at 57. I go over to the bridge area, which is the one that actually takes me to the next town, but as I'm halfway through crossing the bridge, surprise! Shauna appears and asks for a fight, which sure enough, I can't deny.

Vs. Shauna
She leads with Delcatty while I lead with Helen, and... Water Pulse oneshots it, unexpectedly enough.
Chesnaught is next, and I switch to Ollie. It uses Spiky Shield and thus blocks my first Overheat, but the second one hits and OHKOs making Ollie level up to 58.
Goodra's last on the chopping block, I send Beth and Play Rough obviously makes short work of it.

Can you say "absurdly easy"? I can. This ordeal's not over yet, though, as Trevor and Tierno show up, the latter of which also challenges me!

Vs. Tierno
He starts with Talonflame, and I send out Helen again. It hits an Acrobatics, but then I immediately down it with a Water Pulse.
Roserade is next, so it's Ollie's time again, and Overheat oneshots once more.
Crawdaunt's last up, I switch to Eric. I remember this thing being a tough cookie last time we fought, so I'm not taking any chances. I Mega Evolve and go for a Power-Up Punch, and then it uses Swords Dance. However, I counter it with Iron Defense next turn, right as it hits a Night Slash on me. Another Power-Up Punch almost kills it as it Night Slashes again, but it's not enough and the next Power-Up Punch finishes it. Eric levels up to 58, too!

That was just the slightest bit more difficult than Shauna. However, Trevor comes up, heals my mons, and asks for a battle as well! I don't think I've ever even fought him before...

Vs. Trevor
Raichu's out first, I send Helen out once again, because I get no chance of rearranging my team between these. I immediately switch to Keith, who deflects a Thunderbolt with ease. He then evades Raichu's Slam, then goes for the kill with Earthquake, and Helen levels up to 58.
Florges is next, for which I switch to Carly. I go in for Poison Jab, which kills it immediately (as expected) and levels Carly up to 58 too.
Aerodactyl is last, and I switch to Keith again. It hits a Supersonic, thus causing Keith to hit itself, and then it snatches me up with Sky Drop. Once it drops me, confusion wears off, I kill with one Surf, and Keith also levels up to 58.

With that, I've beaten all of my rivals! Except for Calem, who is mysteriously absent... I'm sure it's no big deal. Trevor and Tierno leave, and so does Shauna after giving me HM05 Waterfall. As for us, we're setting off to Snowpoint City down the road, home of the region's last gym and also CLOTHES and NEW BAGS THAT AREN'T UGLY OH MY GOD. Shopping time! Here's what I came up with, and since this is the final clothing shop, it's the look I'll be taking to the end of the game. Behold!

I think this one is a good look for a trainer of my types, personally. Also loving the new strappy purse! Now that I'm all set and very fashionable, we're going off to the gym- aw shoot the gym leader's not there. We're gonna have to go to Route 20 in order to find him and get him to come back. Said route is a funky forest where going in and out of a single path can lead somewhere entirely different. We find our way through, though, and get to the Pokemon Village, a safe haven for Pokemon which gym leader Wulfric visits often. I convince him to return to his gym, then follow right after.

So the Snowpoint gym. Ollie should be great for this one, since it's an Ice type gym, but considering secondary types are a thing, we might need others. Case in point, a trainer sends out a Mamoswine, against which Overheat is neutral (and if I fail to OHKO, Ollie's special attack is lowered). So instead of using that, I send out Keith intending to use Earthquake... but then he gets KO'd by a crit Earthquake. Aww, shit. I manage to take it down after that, in some way I didn't write down on my notes, but alas, Keith is still gone.

At least the rest of the gym wasn't too difficult. Everyone got to level 59 off of the other trainers, and soon we're up against Wulfric. This shouldn't be too hard...

Vs. Wulfric
I lead with Ollie as Wulfric goes for Abomasnow, making it hail automatically with Snow Warning. I completely annihilate it with one Overheat, obviously enough.
Out comes Avalugg, and I switch into Carly. I use Rock Tomb (yes I taught her a rock move!), but it hits for less damage than I expected. It uses Curse then, so I decide to switch back to Ollie as Avalugg Curses again. The Curses don't help against Ollie's Overheat, which decimates Avalugg instantly.
Last up is Cryogonal, for this one I switch to Eric. I go for a Power-Up Punch which already takes half of its health, but then Cryogonal Confuse Rays me. Since the hail that Abomasnow set has stopped, Cryogonal sets it up again, but then Eric powers through confusion, and Power-Up Punch hits and kills it. Ollie also levels up to 60!

Yeah, easy. That's what happens when you have Overheat against an Ice type gym. I obtain the Iceberg Badge and TM13 Ice Beam from Wulfric, and he tells me I can now go towards the Pokemon League. Before doing that, though, I'm gonna need a new party member... and considering we'll be going up against a Water type specialist in the E4, it might be good to grab a counter to that (that isn't weak to Water itself, like Ollie). I search through the box and settle with Eduardo, the Lombre I found on Route 15. He's way underleveled compared to the rest of us, however, and he needs to both evolve and learn better Grass STAB than Absorb, so we're going on a region-wide tour.

First off, we're going back into Route 20, this time with Cut in order to get the TM for Energy Ball. In order to grab it, we have to get past a Hex Maniac... who has a Trevenant with Destiny Bond. It was spooky, but I managed to stall it out enough to get an opening in order to kill it. I then fly back to Coumarine to grab a Water Stone in Azure Bay, which we use to instantly evolve Eduardo to Ludicolo. Since I'm around, I also take the chance to explore a bunch of waterfalls around the region now that I can, training Eduardo up in the meantime with various trainers I hadn't encountered yet. Up one of these waterfalls, I finally find the TM for Dark Pulse and teach it to Eric. That took way longer than necessary, game.

I venture into Route 16, where I haven't really gone to yet, and encounter Paulette the Floatzel, level 36. After beating all the trainers there, I move onto Terminus Cave, which I can also take on now, but not before filling my party with mons from the box. If I'm already grinding Eduardo, might as well get other mons grinded up in case of... accidents. Eventually, and that's after a good while of grinding on both Terminus Cave and Route 19, I get him to level 59 like the rest, along with also leveling the box mons to levels that won't really matter unless we need to use any of them. Before doing anything else, I obviously put the usual party back on the team.

We're now ready to proceed with Eduardo in our party! Onto Route 21, which has a good number of trainers for us to grind further. Not much of note happens here, even the TM we obtain on this route, Solar Beam, is unremarkable and won't be used. We get to the entrance of Victory Road after getting Ollie and Eric to level 62 and the rest of the gang to level 61, but before we actually go in we're going to need some help. Victory Road requires Strength, Rock Smash and Waterfall to traverse, and luckily enough, there's someone in the box that has all those. Mildred the Lapras joins the party temporarily, replacing Eric until we arrive at the Pokemon League.

So we venture into Victory Road... only for a trainer with a Medicham to beat the shit out of almost the whole team with Thunder Punch. It's fine though, Ollie beat 'em after I got over my stubbornness about using him (because he's the highest level out of the whole team). Not long after that, we come upon one of those infamous Brains and Brawn double battles... which I fail to realize I can skip by moving behind them, and thus engage them head on. I bring out Ollie and Beth, they send Gallade and Medicham, and Gallade hits a Leaf Blade on Beth right before dying to a Shadow Ball... but Beth lives, and thankfully Medicham targets Ollie with its attack. Medicham is then swiftly dispatched of after healing Beth, and we move on.

So yeah, we get through a bunch more of Victory Road, get Beth and Ollie to level 64 and the rest to 63 (aside from Mildred obviously), and eventually get to a clearing where... Calem ambushes me and asks me for one final battle! Yknow what, sure, let's humor him.

Vs. Calem
He leads with Meowstic as usual, and I do so as well with Helen (I often lead with her cause she's in the slowest experience group). It uses Fake Out, forcing me to stay immobile as usual, and then it hits Psychic doing pretty good damage. However, my Dark Pulse proceeds to destroy it in one blow.
Altaria's next, and I switch to Eduardo. Why Eduardo? Well, after it uses Confide to lower my Special Attack, I shoot an Ice Beam which despite the lowered stat still hits for over half (quad weakness babey!). It hits a Dragon Pulse crit next, but Eduardo lives and Altaria is no match for another Ice Beam.
Greninja's next, so I switch into Beth. It uses Dark Pulse for a smidgen of my health, which, luckily enough for it, flinches me. It does the same next turn as well, but this time I don't flinch and get it with a Play Rough.
Absol is second-to-last, and I swap to Ollie... because reasons. Thunderbolt nearly kills it outright, but then it uses Night Slash, hitting a crit for most of my health. Yeah, probably not the best idea to send Ollie in... Since I outspeed though, the next Thunderbolt is a KO, and Beth and Eduardo level up to 65 and 64 respectively.
Lastly comes Flareon, I swap into Carly, and Rock Slide immediately makes extremely short work of it.

So hey, that was actually like, just the smallest bit challenging! Good job, Calem. He congratulates me on my victory, gives me a buncha Max Revives (thanks, Calem, real useful), and tells me to "power through the League". That's the plan! There's still a bunch of Victory Road left to traverse, but honestly, not much really happened from here till we arrived at the Pokemon League. As for levels, Beth is level 67, Ollie and Helen are at 66, and Eduardo and Carly are at 65. I was aiming for level 66 across the board, so this is about right.

Before we go in, though, obviously Eric is still in the box and we need to catch him up, as well as get Eduardo and Carly up to my desired levels too. Despite Victory Road having the highest leveled mons so far, it's got quite a bit of type variety and as such is not quite ideal to take on for grinding. Instead, we fly back to Terminus Cave like we did for Eduardo's big grind, and after a bit all three of them get to level 66. A few TMs and Move Relearnings (?) later, and we're all set for entering the Pokemon League. Team pic time!

Yay for being able to edit non-pixel graphics! Let's get right to it, this part's gone on for long enough!

So yes, we've entered the Pokemon League. This is the first time we get a choice on which order to tackle the E4 members in, and considering our team composition, I think it's reasonable enough if we go for Malva, the Fire type specialist, first. She's also a Team Flare member, so she deserves the ass-whooping. Onto the Blazing Chamber!

Vs. Elite Four Malva
She leads with Pyroar, and I send out Eduardo because... well he's still a Water type, and I see no need for using Beth who is overleveled. Pyroar uses Noble Roar, lowering my attack and special attack, so my Surf only takes over half its health. It goes for a Hyper Voice next, but it doesn't deal too much and a second Surf finishes it.
Talonflame's up next and I switch to Carly. This should be easy with Rock Slide. It goes for Brave Bird hitting me for just a little, I try for a Rock Slide but miss instead. That's fine, to be expected with 80% accuracy. Same thing happens next turn... including Rock Slide missing again. Alright... I get hit with another Brave Bird, leaving Carly on yellow health, but then I... miss Rock Slide AGAIN. REALLY. She takes one more Brave Bird before finally, FINALLY hitting the god-damn Rock Slide and OHKOing it at last. Jesus Christ.
Torkoal's next, I switch to Helen and hit a Water Pulse for a clean oneshot.
Last up is Chandelure and I swap to Eric for this. I go for Mega right from the getgo, just in case really, then use Water Pulse for another oneshot.

That would have been just about a one-shot sweep... if Carly hadn't missed so many damn times, holy shit. Either way, we weren't really ever in any danger during that. That's probably changing in the next fight, against... I guess Drasna's a good one to continue with, I can't see any of the other three being that easy. Dragonmark Chamber, here we go!

Vs. Elite Four Drasna
She leads with Dragalge, and that's already tricky given that it has both Surf and Thunderbolt. I send out Eduardo again, reasoning that neither of those are super effective, and I hit with Ice Beam for pretty strong damage... but then it hits hard with SE Sludge Bomb and poisons me. Yeesh... yeah, forgot about that one, and it's STAB too. I'm lucky Eduardo is still alive. Next turn, I switch for Carly who takes an NVE Sludge Bomb on entry. Her Earthquake, luckily enough, manages to finish Dragalge.
Druddigon's next, for which I switch to Beth. It dodges my Play Rough and hits a crit Chip Away, which regardless doesn't put Beth on critical health. My next Play Rough hits and almost kills it, as it goes for Retaliate dealing... quite a bit. Drasna Full Restores as expected, but I hit another Play Rough and drop it back down. Beth takes recould amage due to Druddigon's Rough Skin though, leaving Beth in pretty bad shape, so we both heal on the next turn. I Play Rough again as it hits another Retaliate. I don't wanna deal with a possible miss, so I try for a Surf to finish it... but it doesn't work and instead it hits Revenge on me. Since Drasna's out of heals, though. Superpower manages to bring it down.
Altaria comes next, and while ordinarily I'd use Ice Beam with Eduardo, he's on low health and poisoned, so... I switch to Helen. I use Dragon Pulse, nearly KOing it, while it also does the same, hitting a crit, but causing a much lesser effect due to the lack of super effectiveness. One more Dragon Pulse brings it down, and Carly and Ollie level up to 67.
Right on cue too, because Noivern's last up, and I get to switch to Carly. Its Dragon Pulse hits for a surprising amount of damage, but my Rock Slide hits hard as well in turn (and, yknow, actually hits). Dragon Pulse hits me hard again, leaving me one hit away from death, but my Shadow Claw is a crit and brings it down. Eduardo and Beth level up to 67 and 68, as well.

So... that was tough. Mostly my fault, however, given that my Ice Beamer Eduardo got taken out of commission right at the start. Everyone lived though! Who to choose next... let's go with Wikstrom, sure. Ironworks Chamber time!

Vs. Elite Four Wikstrom
He leads off with Klefki, for which I send out Ollie. He's gonna come in handy for most of the fight. I instantly go for Overheat, rather obviously melting Klefki's face off and also leveling Eric up to 67.
Probopass comes next, I swap to Helen for this and Aura Sphere demolishes it instantly... but it has Sturdy, and so it lives to use Discharge. Can you guess what happens next? If you said "Wikstrom Full Restores uselessly twice because every time I'm gonna bring it back down to 1 HP with Aura Sphere", you were... oddly specific. But also right! After that, though, I still outspeed, so I finish it with one more Aura Sphere and Helen levels up to 67.
Aegislash is next, and I switch to Eric. I'm starting to realize that Helen and Eric are kind of redundant with the movesets I gave them. Anyway, you'd think I'd go with Dark Pulse, but I decide to be an idiot instead. I Mega Evolve and go for Brick Break, but Aegislash blocks it with King's Shield. As such I don't even realize Brick Break won't work, and use it again next turn, where King's Shield fails and I finally realize my mistake. Immediately I go for Dark Pulse, which blows off a good portion of its health as it uses Shadow Claw. It then blocks my next Dark Pulse with King's Shield, but the next one fails to be blocked and Aegislash goes down.
Scizor's last on the chopping block and I swap into Ollie again, obviously. There's no way it's surviving Overheat... unless it misses completely. It does, and then Scizor hits a Night Slash for not very much damage. The second Overheat hits, though, and roasts Scizor to oblivion. Foregone conclusion!

Barring me being an idiot, that was pretty easy. Maybe should have gone here first. Whatever, it's all done already and there's only one E4 member left. To the Flood Chamber, which has a weirdly short name in comparison to the rest, and let's get to beating Siebold up!

Vs. Elite Four Siebold
He leads with Clawitzer, as I do with Eduardo. I go for an Energy Ball and... it's an OHKO. Didn't really expect that! All the better for me, though.
He goes straight for Barbaracle, his ace, so I keep Eduardo in, and this time Energy Ball is an expected OHKO. There's a difference.
Starmie's next as I switch to Helen. It uses Light Screen before I can do anything, and as such Dark Pulse takes only... over half its health. It gives me a pretty hefty blow with Psychic, but I wreck it in one more Dark Pulse. This is turning out shockingly well so far!
Gyarados is last, and I switch into Ollie. I know for a fact that I outspeed it, so I go for Thunderbolt... which fails to be an OHKO as it uses Dragon Dance. That's uh, weird, maybe it was a bad damage roll? Since I know he's gonna heal next turn, I go for another Thunderbolt... and still fail to kill. How is this happening? Siebold then heals again, and another Thunderbolt... still fails to kill. What the fuck is going on- oh. Starmie's Light Screen just ran out. Yeah, that makes sense. I'm not sure if I still outspeed due to Dragon Dance, so just in case I swap to Eric, who takes a Waterfall to the face. Gyarados then stupidly uses another Dragon Dance, despite being at like 4 HP, allowing me an easy KO with Dark Pulse. Ollie also levels up to 68 from this.

That was once again pretty easy! Why did I go with Drasna second, I could have totally saved her for last! Ugh... I shouldn't dwell on that, really. We're all still alive, and in case you haven't been keeping track, everyone's at level 68 by now. Only one challenge left to face, as we rise into the Radiant Chamber... it's the Champion herself, shock of all shocks, Diantha! Time for the final battle!

She leads off with Hawlucha, and for each one of her mons we're gonna be using one of ours, so I send Ollie out. It uses Flying Press, which hits me not-very-effectively, while I fry it with one Thunderbolt immediately.
Tyrantrum comes next, and I switch to Eric. I Mega Evolve instantly and go for Brick Break doing... middling damage, then avoid a Head Smash. I go for a Water Pulse in order to weaken it (to avoid heals), but it actually winds up dealing more damage than Brick Break and even KOing it. Beth also levels up to 69 (nice).
Aurorus comes next, so I switch to Helen, and I hit an Aura Sphere and instantly KO it. Great.
Gourgeist is next, for which I switch to Eduardo. Why? Because... I won't have any other chance to use him otherwise. He nearly finishes it outright with one Ice Beam, but it lives to use Phantom Force. As such, I can't do anything next turn, since it's dissapeared to hit me with said attack. I know she's gonna heal next turn, so I go for Energy Ball to weaken it. After that, my next Ice Beam finishes it off.
Goodra comes second-to-last, I switch to Beth. Play Rough almost takes it down outright as it uses Focus Blast for little damage. Diantha Full Restores again, but Play Rough brings it right back down. Surprisingly though, she has a third Full Restore, which she uses as I hit yet another Play Rough. To avoid a possible miss, I decide to finish it off with Superpower, which does bring it down.
The final opponent is Gardevoir, and I switch to Carly to end it all. Gardevoir Mega Evolves and hits Carly with a terrifying Thunderbolt... but Carly lives with like a fourth of her health remaining, hits Poison Jab... and downs it in one shot! Hurray!

Hell yeah, we made it! We defeated all of Kalos, and now we get to celebrate! Sure, there's still the AZ fight, but rest assured that I beat him handily because he had only 3 mons and thye're all at level 60. Time to check our Hall of Fame!
Disclaimer: The actual Hall of Fame in this game goes by really quickly, so I wasn't able to take pics. Instead, I'm gonna be using screenshots from the PC Records. Hope you understand!

Ollie! The one surviving Fire type of the team, as well as the only electric type (not like we would have many options for that). Obviously, that unique type combo made you real useful against various things. Wulfric, Wikstrom, both Lysandre and Siebold's Gyaradoses, Diantha's Hawlucha... I've been itching to use a Rotom at some point during this whole thing, and this is the first real chance I've gotten (since in gen 4 Rotom doesn't switch types). You've proven yourself to be of great worth, Ollie, and somehow you didn't die despite being a fire type! Congrats!

Ah Beth, you and your constant overleveling due to being in a faster experience group... The first Fairy type I've used here (and probably the only one, if I follow my plans for Sun as they are now), and boy howdy were you great despite only getting a Fairy type move at level 50. Still remember when you were a little Azurill and helped to take out Viola's Surskit... Heck, I just realized you're the longest standing member of the party! You managed to singlehandedly take down Lysandre's Mega Gyarados, one of the biggest threats to any Kalos run, and also took on Drasna's Druddigon and Diantha's Goodra. Just... thank you for everything.

Carly, you've also been with us for a pretty long time! You didn't really participate much in the earlier gyms, but when Valerie rolled around you destroyed her Sylveon and just generally became the Fairy killer with Poison Jab. Hell, speaking of moves, how do you learn so many TMs? The amount of coverage you could have is frankly insane, so I made good use of it and you wrecked house at the E4. Taking down Malva's Talonflame (after missing thrice but yknow), Drasna's Dragalge and Noivern, and tanking Mega Gardevoir's Thunderbolt only to strike back with Poison Jab for the OHKO. Just... fantastic job, Carly.

Helen, you have no idea how much I've wanted to use a Clawitzer ever since I found out it existed. And yet... you and Eric wound up being very similar in function. Which in no sense means you couldn't be useful! I led with you most often because you're in a slower experience group than the rest, which naturally means you went up against a lot of stuff. You helped out with Valerie too, took out Calem's Meowstic in multiple occasions, then helped out massively in the E4 taking on Malva's Torkoal, Drasna's Altaria, Wikstrom's Probopass, Siebold's Starmie, and Diantha's Aurorus. You did not disappoint my initial hype for using you, my friend.

Party man Eduardo, the newest addition to the gang! Obviously you didn't contribute towards beating any gym leaders, because you weren't there for them, but you were still of great help for the E4. You took on Malva's Pyroar, Siebold's Clawitzer and Barbaracle (which was really the main reason I brought you specifically in), and your Ice Beam would have been of great help for Drasna... if I hadn't mismanaged you so hard. Still, you luckily lived, got to score a victory against Diantha's Gourgeist, and never stopped dancing through any of it. Keep on trucking, Eduardo, you're great.

And finally, we come to Eric. The surviving starter of this run, which is a thing I can only ever say in this generation, and also the only Mega Evolution we've had access to. You took part in the Grant and Korrina gym fights, repeatedly defeated Calem's Greninja, took on Wulfric's Cryogonal, Malva's Chandelure and Wikstrom's Aegislash, finished off Siebold's Gyarados, and took care of Diantha's Tyrantrum. Even if your moveset overlapped quite a bit with Helen's, that in no way invalidates your usefulness as the team tank with Iron Defense and otherwise powerful moves. It's been a pleasure knowing you.
That's it for X, you guys. Come back next time for the exciting conclusion of Pokemon White! Will we be able to defeat Iris and get to the league? I sure hope so!
Ollie the Rotom, level 68 (Lost Hotel)
Beth the Azumarill, level 69 (Route 3)
Carly the Barbaracle, level 68 (Ambrette Town)
Helen the Clawitzer, level 68 (Route 8)
Eduardo the Ludicolo, level 68 (Route 15)
Eric the Blastoise, level 68 (Gift from Lumiose City)

Felicia the Fletchling, level 3-9 (Route 2 - Route 22)
Wilbur the Litleo, level 6-31 (Route 22 - Shalour Gym)
Louis the Slowpoke, level 23-27 (Route 12 - Route 12)
Blake the Delphox, level 5-41 (Aquacorde Town - Lumiose Gym)
Holly the Houndoom, level 20-47 (Route 10 - Frost Cavern)
Victoria the Torkoal, level 44-46 (Route 18 - Route 18)
Keith the Quagsire, level 32-58 (Route 14 - Snowpoint Gym)


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Let's take those Unovan bastards down once and for all!
So... Last we left off, our Unova party consisted of Derrick, the shiny level 36 Duosion, as well as Aster the just hatched Larvesta. This tiny team obviously won't do for Iris, and even if it did this could only barely be considered a Water/Fire run then. No, we're gonna need some more catches. Luckily, we have just enough left over to build up something with good variety. Time to backtrack!

Our first stop is the Moor of Icirrus, where after some wandering and encountering Shelmet we catch Hector the Palpitoad, level 31. Our fourth Palpitoad, ladies and gents. Let's hope he lives till the end. Our next catch is a ways away, so I take the chance to lead with Hector for any wild battles we come across. We get through Twist Mountain and Chargestone Cave, beating anything we come across, and by the time we make it to the Desert Resort, Hector's at level 32. I also stuck the Exp. Share on Aster, leading to him getting to level 19.

Once in Desert Resort, I encounter and catch Trevor the Darumaka, level 19, then move further back. Getting through Route 4 and Pinwheel Forest, we get to Route 3, where I teach Hector Surf and use said move in order to get Dora the Blue-Striped Basculin, level 9. Could have been higher leveled, but we're gonna have to grind regardless so whatever. For the last catch we're going all the way back to Route 1, then surfing over to Route 18, where we then get Augustine the Frillish, level 5. And yes, I'm allowed to catch something here, because Aster counts as a gift.

Now, while we have a full team right now, I'm also making a stop over on Lostlorn Forest in order to get one more catch. I don't plan to use it now, but I'm paranoid about losing anyone so it's gonna be a backup. We get into the rustling grass a couple times until we encounter Brad the Pansear, level 20. Once again, this is merely a backup, I'm not hoping to actually use him. And now... we grind.

I go over to Pinwheel Forest, accessing a dark grass area we couldn't get to the first time we were around here, and grind with both Aster and Trevor while juggling the Exp. Share between Dora and Augustine. It doesn't take us that long to get the former two to level 23, along with the latter two to level 20. After that I go to Route 5, wherein I get the whole team to level 25 (minus Derrick and Hector of course). On Route 6 and Chargestone Cave I get everyone to level 27, then move on to Celestial Tower to get the gang to level 30.

Next up, Twist Mountain, where Dora and Augustine get to level 33, and Aster, Trevor and Hector get to level 32. Over on Dragonspiral Tower (outside it, anyway), I get the Water types to level 34, then do the same for the Fire types on Route 8 (only against Shelmets). Before moving on, I put the Exp. Share on Aster, because we're gonna need to start piling on levels. Larvesta evolves at level 59, after all. Route 9 gets everyone to level 38 (aside from Aster who gets to level 41), thus evolving Trevor and Hector to Darmanitan and Seismitoad... and only then I realize I can go to Route 10 right now. Since I've never been here, there's a bunch of trainers to take on, so we're gonna grind just a bit more on the grass there before taking them on.

We get the whole team to level 40, evolving Augustine to Jellicent, and then begin to take on the trainers throughout Route 10. By the time we're done with all of them, Aster is at level 48 and the rest have gotten to level 41. Plus, Derrick also evolves to Reuniclus, meaning almost everyone on the party, with the obvious exception of Aster, is now fully evolved! Now all that's left is grinding some more in order to be able to outmatch Iris.

I decide to get everyone to level 44 (Aster to 49, but I'm not using him), one level over Iris' Haxorus, because I'm about as terrified as can be. We heal up, stock up on items, then head into the Opelucid Gym for what's hopefully the final time. After 3 minutes of puzzle-solving, we're once again face to face with Iris. I've planned this out extensively, but if I lose again, I'm most likely boned. Here goes nothing!

Vs. Iris (The Revenge)
Fraxure's up first, and I send out Derrick. You may think this strange because it has Assurance, but rest assured I know what I'm doing. It outspeeds and goes for Assurance, but since Derrick is tanky as hell, he only takes a quarter of his health in damage, and then sets up a Reflect. On the next turn, Derrick utilizes the Quick Claw he's holding in order to move first and crush Fraxure with a Psychic.
Iris sends Druddigon out next, and I switch to Hector. Reflect is still up, so hopefully we can kill it quickly enough. I assume it's gonna outspeed and thus go for Drain Punch, but I hit first for less damage than I'd like while it uses Revenge on me. Another Drain Punch takes it just above half, as it uses Chip Away basically reverting the heal I just got. I Drain Punch again and take another Chip Away, but then Reflect fades away. I hit another Drain Punch, leaving it on the low red, but this time Revenge hits for a good chunk of my HP. Iris obviously heals next turn, so I take the chance to heal some myself with another Drain Punch. Instead of keeping up Drain Punch, I decide to go for STAB Dig, thus avoiding Druddigon's Dragon Tail... and hitting it for not a lot more than Drain Punch, then recieving a Revenge. I heal Hector up, but Druddigon uses Dragon Tail and switches Augustine in.
I'm very much aware that it's gonna use Night Slash next turn, so I switch back to Hector who effectively takes a Night Slash. I Drain Punch once more, hoping not to hit the heal treshold... and Druddigon uses a crit Night Slash, leaving Hector at 17 HP. Jeepers. I heal up, and... so does Iris. Well at least she has no potions left for Haxorus. On the next turn, I Dig and thus evade Chip Away, hitting on the next turn but then taking a Dragon Tail and switching to Trevor. He's perfectly capable of taking Druddigon on, but I'd rather have him at full health for later, so it's a switch back to Hector again. He takes a Chip Away on switch, then goes for Drain Punch before tanking a Revenge. I heal again, take a Chip Away, then use Dig... and it's a critical hit, and Druddigon goes down. Finally!
Last up... the dreaded Haxorus. I switch to Trevor. Time to end this. It outspeeds me with Dragon Dance, but not for long, as I use Taunt to stop it from buffing itself. It goes for Slash, taking almost half my health, but my own Hammer Arm takes almost half of its own. My next Hammer Arm outspeeds, and nearly takes it down... but Haxorus lives to use Dragon Tail, killing Trevor. Regrettable, but we can't back down now, we almost have him! I send out Dora, my fastest fighter, and after she takes a Slash for over half her health, I go for a Reckless-boosted Double Edge to absolutely, completely, certainly finish it off. And it works. The nightmare is over.

We did it. One death, but we made it through. Iris awards me the Legend Badge, a TM for Dragon Tail which I can't use, and now I'm free. I leave the gym only to meet with Prof. Juniper, who gives me a Master Ball which will certainly come in handy for later. Time to head on over to Victory Road, then... but not so fast! Cheren stops me before I get to the gates, clamoring for one final battle! Let's do this, I'm not stopping now!

Vs. Cheren
He leads with his Unfezant, while I send out Hector. It uses Taunt, only to get struck by a Surf for over half its health. It then uses Razor Wind, pointlessly so because I hit another Surf and down it.
Serperior's next, and I presume that despite being underpowered, Aster should be able to take this on. It Coils up, making my Flame Charge deal less damage, and it even has Leftovers. It then hits a Slam for pretty good damage, while my Flame Charge drops it to low yellow. Thanks to the speed boosts I've been getting, I outspeed next turn, and Flame Charge for the kill.
Cheren sends Simipour next, and I swap to Dora. My Crunch doesn't do that much, but it does lower its Defense, and it hits a Scald for great damage. Crunch almost downs it, as does Scald to me, but since I outspeed and I know it, I go for one last Crunch to finish it.
Liepard's last, I switch to Hector again. It hits a Night Slash doing decent damage, but Drain Punch almost downs it outright, plus gives me back all of my health. Liepard restores itself with a Sitrus Berry, and even hits a crit Slash, but none of it saves it from dying to another Drain Punch.

So that was... actually a bit of a challenge. Good job, Cheren! He heals up my whole team before I go, and Bianca gives me some Revives. Yeah, Bianca was there too, for no real reason. Thanks, Bianca, really useful. Anyway, I make my way over to the gates, open them all, and make it to Victory Road. Believe it or not, there's one last catch here! I have to go in for a bit, and even fight a trainer, but eventually I get to the rough terrain on the outside of the road, and in there I find Kendall the Heatmor, level 37. That's right, Kendall's our final team member in replacement of Trevor. Fire Lash doesn't exist yet, but I believe he can still be serviceable despite that.

Immediately, I leave Victory Road in order to grind Kendall up to the rest of the team's level over on Route 10, utilizing mostly Audino. Once that's done and Kendall's level 44, we get back to Victory Road. Our journey through is mostly unremarkable, aside from a very mean Veteran who had a Beeheeyem with Energy Ball. Thank god I wasn't leading with Hector. By the time we've made it through to the Pokemon League, everyone's level 45 aside from Aster, who's at 52. That doesn't mean we're anywhere near ready, however, seeing as the final battles in this game have mons in the low 50s. I've settled on going for level 51 with everyone who isn't Aster, who I'm taking to 59 so he evolves.

So I get to grinding, and... god, this is just taking forever. I've gotten Kendall up to level 50 off of easy Durant kills, but the rest are nowhere near as close, and it's all getting significantly slowed down by Aster, who is now level 55, hogging experience with the Exp. Share... Wait a minute, easy Durant kills... That's it! Aster can totally oneshot all these Durant, and with the Lucky Egg equipped, it's smooth sailing until level 59, where Aster FINALLY evolves into a mighty Volcarona and gets Quiver Dance! Even so, I'm gonna grind him up one more level so he can get Heat Wave, seeing as his Special Attack is real high.

So now that Aster's all set, we can grind the rest of the guys up to my desired level. As mentioned earlier, Kendall's easy with the many Durant that lurk in VR's caverns, and both Dora and Hector can easily flee any undesirable encounters, but Augustine and Derrick are a bit more tricky on that front seeing as they have low speed and are weak to Dark type attacks. I do figure out eventually that I can somewhat safely train on the rough outside terrain, against Heatmor and Rufflet. It takes a bit of a while, but eventually, everyone has gotten to level 51 and we're all ready to unleash our rage towards the E4...

But before that, we'll be backtracking one more time. There's a couple things I still need to do, and I'm so accostumed to walking through the whole region that I forget I gave Aster Fly after he evolved and just bike the whole way. Sigh. But yeah, I need Aster to relearn Silver Wind, as well as teach Dora Double Edge again after I mistakenly replaced it with Final Gambit. I do that, and since I'm around I also take a trip to Mistralton Cave in order to get the TM for Rock Slide, which I teach to Hector. Now we're absolutely ready. Team pic time!

I took my sweet time with this one, very meticulous edits... hope yall liked it! I know I did. Now it's time to give them hell.

As with the Kalos E4, here we can decide who we go up against first. I don't think we'll be having a particularly easy time with any of them, but I'm going with Psychic master Caitlin first. We've got decent coverage for her, but almost all of them have coverage against our Water types. As we arrive, we awaken Caitlin from her sleep at nearly 4 AM, so I can't imagine she'll be much of a threat having just awoken. Let's go!

Vs. Elite Four Caitlin
She leads with a Reuniclus of her own, which I happen to know has Energy Ball and Thunder, so I send out Kendall. I hit it with Bug Bite, which while super effective doesn't actually deal much damage (to be expected, Reuniclus are tanky as hell), and its Psychic hits me for great damage. One more hit and I'm done for, so screw it, I'm gonna nuke it with Aster. I switch, take a bit of damage with its Focus Blast, then in the next turn annihilate it with a Silver Wind.
Sigilyph is next, and I decide to switch over to Dora, seeing as it has Shadow Ball for Augustine. I outspeed with Crunch for surprisingly huge damage, and it hits Psychic for expectedly huge damage. I outspeed and am aware of it, so I go for one more Crunch for the kill.
Gothitelle's next, and it has Thunder and Shadow Ball, so Hector's probably a good choice. I lead off with a Surf for less than half its health, and it uses Calm Mind meaning my next Surf does even less. It then uses Psychic doing great damage, and while I could risk a Dig which could kill it, I don't wanna risk anything. Aster comes out, takes a Shadow Ball crit for pretty good damage, then destroys with Silver Wind.
Last up is Musharna, and guess what it also has Shadow Ball, as well as Charge Beam. I decide to risk it just a bit and send out Derrick, knowing he can most likely survive a Shadow Ball. I strike it with Thunder for about a fourth of its health, while its Shadow Ball hits for less than half of Derrick's health. I told ya Reuniclus are tanky as hell! However, I can tell he's not winning this one, so I decide to heal Aster up while Derrick takes another Shadow Ball, leaving him on red. I take another Shadow Ball on switch, but then wreck it with Silver Wind as well.

I wish I hadn't had to rely on Aster so much for that one, but hey, a win is a win. Now, I was intending to go to Grimsley next, but evidently I took the wrong staircase and ended up right in front of Marshal, the Fighting type trainer. There's no way to go back now, so we're gonna have to take him on I guess. It's not like I expect him to be too tough, at one point in the past I was worried about him, but now that I have Derrick... We'll see.

Vs. Elite Four Marshal
So he leads off with Throh, which has Payback, which is super effective against Derrick, so I'm going to lead with Hector. I use Surf for alright damage, while it hits a Bulldoze that lowers my speed. To avoid Marshal healing, I go for Drain Punch, gaining back a bit of health, then taking a Bulldoze and dropping my speed further. Throh then outspeeds with Storm Throw, which is a critical hit but still doesn't do much damage, and one more Surf ends it.
Sawk's next, and it doesn't have any super effective coverage against Derrick, so obviously I send him out. Quick Claw makes me move first, and Psychic is a oneshot... or it would have been, if Sawk didn't have Sturdy. Sawk uses Stone Edge, which misses, and since I know he's healing, and is gonna heal again, I decide to use Reflect. Next turn, Sawk outspeeds me with Stone Edge, AND hits a crit... but only deals a bit more than half my health, while I use Psychic again dropping it to 1 HP. It heals again, as expected, and even though my Quick Claw activates, I don't outspeed the heal. There's virtually no chance it hits a crit again... and indeed, it doesn't hit at all, and Psychic finishes it.
Mienshao's up next, and it has U-Turn... but I have a counter for that as well, I send out Augustine. It hits me with Rock Slide, which barely does anything, plus Cursed Body even disables that move. I try for a Will-o-Wisp, but miss, and Reflect also wears off. It then uses U-turn, thus switching him back to Marshal...
...and in comes Conkeldurr, who gets slammed with a Shadow Ball for over half its health. Now, in any other case I'd switch, since Conkeldurr packs Grass Knot, but I'm fairly confident in Augustine tanking a hit of that. Turns out I don't even need that, because Augustine outspeeds and takes it down with another Shadow Ball.
Mienshao switches back in for the finale, attempts to hit a Rock Slide but misses, then gets pelted with a Shadow Ball for over half its health. One more hit and it's down. Mienshao does hit a Rock Slide next, but only a crit would have even come close to KOing me, and since it's not that, Shadow Ball hits and wipes it out.

That was not all that hard, honestly. I'm not sure why I didn't want to go to this guy! Anyways, now it's time for us to actually go for Grimsley. I still somehow manage to get the room wrong and go to Shauntal's room, but luckily I catch myself before actually advancing enough to be trapped. No, let's actually go to Grimsley this time.

Vs. Elite Four Grimsley
He leads off with Scrafty, and I pick Aster to lead. Normally I'd save him for tough moments, but he's actually great for this seeing as he has Fly, which I proceed to use. This evades Scrafty's Crunch, and I hit Fly for over half its health. When I land, it uses Sand Attack, and then the whole process repeats again, except Fly kills this time.
Liepard is next, and much like with Cheren's Liepard, I switch to Hector for this. It leads right off with Fake Out, of course, then uses Attract on me, which immobilizes Hector. It hits a Night Slash for decent damage, but Hector manages a Drain Punch for over half its health. Grimsley Full Restores, but this only restores Hector to full health after he Drain Punches once more. Liepard proceeds to use anothe Night Slash, but I go for one more Drain Punch and finish it.
Krookodile's next, and while Hector's more than capable of dealing with it, I switch into Dora just for the sake of it. Despite its intimidation tactics, her Waterfall still manages to blow off over half its health, and Earthquake takes most of my health off as well. As usual with Dora, though, her speed is her saving grace, as she takes it out with one more Waterfall.
Lastly comes Bisharp, and again, I could totally demolish it with another of Hector's Drain Punches. Instead of that, though, I go with Kendall. Night Slash is a fairly good hit, but my own Flamethrower OHKOs it. First time that happens during this E4!

Is it just me, or are these getting easier and easier? Anyways, before we get to Shauntal, I realize that Kendall could use a bit of an upgrade to his moveset. Slash is alright, but it's never super effective. Shadow Claw, on the other hand, is probably gonna come in handy for this next fight. So yeah, I teach him Shadow Claw, and off we go to face Shauntal.

Vs. Elite Four Shauntal
She leads with Cofagrigus, and I send out the new and improved Kendall. Shadow Claw hits for good damage, but it doesn't go over half, and it hits Shadow Ball for just under half my health... but it also drops my Special Defense, meaning next turn is likely a KO... unless I use Amnesia and raise it right back up! Haha! It then uses Shadow Ball again and drops it again, back to what it was at the start. I gotta either switch or heal now, and I do the latter... only to get hit with a crit Psychic for most of my health. Sigh. Fiiiine, I'll switch to Aster. He takes a Shadow Ball on switch, then melts the coffin down with his Heat Wave.
Jellicent is up next, and it's really the one reason I left Shauntal for last. It has Surf, Shadow Ball, and Energy Ball, thus having coverage for my whole team. I send out Dora, who is both the fastest and most expendable member of the team... except I then realize that Derrick probably stands a better chance, so I switch to him. He takes an Energy Ball on entry, then a Shadow Ball that leaves him at 60 HP, but then he hits a Thunder for over half its health, even paralyzing it... but Cursed Body disables Thunder. I heal up, and I was right in doing so, because it uses Shadow Ball next and knocks off almost half my health. After a quick stat check (taking Augustine's stats as reference), I go for Psyshock... which manages to kill. Whew. Dora levels up to 52 as well.
The worst is already over, but now comes Chandelure, for which I swap to Hector... and he finishes it off right away with a crit Surf, leveling up to 52 as well. Cool.
Finally comes Golurk, and I keep Hector in for this. As much as I want, say, Augustine to get more experience, I'd rather not risk it. And... Surf is another oneshot. Wow.

So yeah, half of that team was pretty tricky, while the other was a joke. Now that we're done with the Elite 4, we can advance towards the Champion, Alder... but when I get there, N has already defeated him with Reshiram! And not only that, but he also reveals Team Plasma's SECRET UNDERGROUND CASTLE. What the hell? How did this even happen?! Ugh, whatever, gotta save the world. I enter the castle and am confronted by 6 of the 7 Team Plasma Sages (all of them minus Ghetsis). In a show of true camaraderie, though, almost all of the region's Gym Leaders come in to face them and let me go further into the castle. Yes, even Iris has deigned herself to come here. No way the sages are winning now!

I go further up the castle, only to be accosted by the ACTUAL LITERAL NINJAS once again. They're here to help now, though, showing me a place to heal as well as a PC to access, and also N's room. And honestly, his room looks awesome, dude. 10 year old me would have loved it. But whatever, a nice room does not a good father make, Ghetsis. Before actually moving on to the room where I'm fighting N, I use my secret Rare Candy stash in order to get everyone, excluding Aster, to level 53. Now we're as ready as we can be, so... let's go.

Once I make it into the room, N goes into a big speech about his ideals, and summons Reshiram to aid him during this battle. Once Reshiram is done making his flashy entrance, the Dark Stone in my bag responds to its presence, and thus, Zekrom awakens. In order to progress, I have to capture him, but I'm well aware that he could easily fuck me up, so I just lob a Masterball at him and send him into the Big Boy Box, along with Xerneas. N graciously heals my unharmed Pokemon, and now we actually battle.

Vs. N
N leads with Reshiram, and after some consideration, I decided to lead off with Hector, who should be able to tank anything Reshiram can do. It begins with a Fusion Flare, as it's programmed to always do, while I use Dig. Reshiram then misses its Extrasensory, and gets hit with Dig for just over half its health. Bizzarely enough, despite knowing I resist it, Reshiram goes for Fusion Flare again, but Hector lives with health to spare and Digs again. Reshiram, in its stupidest move yet, uses Hyper Beam... while I'm underground, and then I kill it with Dig, but even if I hadn't it wouldn't have been able to do anything next turn.
Klinklang is next, and I switch over to Kendall. It uses Metal Sound, lowering my special defense, but then I instantly oneshot it with Flamethrower.
Next up comes Carracosta, and I swap back to Hector. Despite Reshiram being dumb, Hector's still pretty hurt, so I heal him up with a Hyper Potion as Carracosta hits a Crunch. I Drain Punch restoring some of my health, but then it hits a crit Waterfall... killing Hector. Crap... Alright, so I guess I'm going with Dora. I hit a Crunch... and it goes for Stone Edge hitting me for most of my health, yeesh. Swapping to Derrick now! It hits another Stone Edge on switch, then outspeeds me with Crunch leaving me on the red, but Derrick hits Thunder and vaporizes it. Whew!
Archeops is next, and I'd go with Dora but she's in bad shape, so Augustine it is. It hits me with Crunch for a worriyngly large amount of damage, but thankfully Surf is a oneshot.
Zoroark comes up next, which I'm guessing isn't transformed into Klinklang because it already got KO'd. Augustine would surely get killed, so I swap to Aster. Silver Wind, unsurprisingly, is an OHKO.
Finally comes Vanilluxe, and while Aster can totally take it, I want Kendall to take the experience. Vanilluxe sets up Hail for whatever reason, and shockingly Flamethrower is barely not a oneshot. N then reveals he has Full Restores, but my next Flamethrower manages to crit and finish it off in one hit.

We beat em! Unfortunately, Hector fell to a dumb crit, making him the fourth Seismitoad to die in this playthrough, but we still got through. N has a bit of a breakdown, understandably enough, but then Ghetsis comes in, insults N about losing to me, and then spills the beans about his plans for world domination. Evidently he realizes he fucked up with that, so he goes to "eliminate" me, but Cheren and Alder make it there just in time to hear his evil plot. He still decides he won't go down without a fight, and challenges me. Time to show this creep what we're made of!

Vs. Ghetsis
So Ghetsis leads with Cofagrigus, and... oh no. Apparently my team got healed up between fights, and since I didn't get to adjust it, Hector's come back to life. I pondered what to do for a bit, then wound up settling on tossing Pokeballs at Cofagrigus until Hector went down again. Seemed like the fairest thing to do, anyway... Luckily Cofagrigus can't set up or anything, so eventually Hector goes down and we're still at square one.
Time to actually start the battle now! I'm sending out Dora first, and while I outspeed with a Crunch, it remains over half health. It replaces Reckless with Mummy, not like that's gonna affect me right now, and then goes for Toxic but misses. Cofagrigus then Protects, evading my Aqua Jet that I used not to get it to healing range, but on the next turn I hit Aqua Jet leaving it one Crunch away from death. However, it then uses Shadow Ball, which hits hard... but doesn't kill, so I outspeed with Crunch next turn and finish it off.
Bouffalant is up next, and I decide to switch over to Derrick. It hits a Head Charge, doing pretty good damage, but then I setup Reflect. I then heal, because even now a sufficiently powerful attack could down me, and Head Charge hits for a lot less now. It outspeeds me with Head Charge again, but I hit Psychic... and it doesn't take it down. If Bouffalant Head Charges again, it'll be in healing range from the recoil, so I take a gamble, hope it won't kill with the next Head Charge... and it doesn't! Derrick is left at 16 HP, then finishes it off with one more Psychic.
Bisharp comes third, and I go with Kendall. Unsurprisingly, much like with Grimsley's Bisharp, it goes down in one Flamethrower, and Kendall levels up to 54!
Seismitoad is up next (miss you Hector), and the only real choice that's still on decent HP is Augustine. It hits me with Earthquake for under half my health, while I shoot a Shadow Ball for just about the same damage. Earthquake hits again and leaves Augustine at 7 HP (!), and I try for Surf but it also fails to KO. We both heal, and next turn Earthquake is a crit taking me to 14 HP, as I hit Surf again. Obviously I heal, and then Seismitoad uses Sludge Wave for little damage. It uses Earthquake once again next turn, but then Cursed Body disables it, and I use Night Shade to avoid another heal. I could heal just in case, but considering Earthquake is disabled, I'm not in a lot of trouble. It goes for Muddy Water, but then I finish it with a Shadow Ball.
Eelektross is next, and screw it, I'm going all out with Aster. I kick things off with a Quiver Dance, get hit with Wild Charge for decentish damage, then annihilate it in one Heat Wave.
Finally comes Hydreigon. This is it, the last challenge we got left to face, the mighty Hydreigon! I keep Aster in, hit a Silver Wind, it's super effective, and Hydreigon dies. Yep.

Ghetsis breaks down, and continues insulting N even as Alder and Cheren haul him off to prison, not before Alder gives N some encouraging words. N and I then have a private talk, he tells me that my Pokemon love me, we say our goodbyes, and he flies off on Reshiram...

...and that's it for Pokemon White! Finally, after 5 grueling months, the adventure is over. Let's take a look at the Hall of Fame... well I guess it's not the Hall of Fame here really, I never got here, it's just like the first game clear thing. Let's look at it.
(Once again, I'm using the PC records for pics, this time because there's no hall of fame.)

Hector, my poor, double-dead boy... You went up against Iris' Druddigon and took it down after a grueling battle, then went on to take out Marshal's Throh, Grimsley's Liepard, Shauntal's Chandelure, and most importantly of all, N's Reshiram... only to then be taken down by his Carracosta, and then again by Ghetsis' Cofagrigus. Apparently, between the 4 Seismitoad I lost in this run and Keith the Quagsire from the last one, I just suck at keeping Water/Ground types alive. It's a shame really, but at least you did well while you were able to.

Kendall, aka the final catch of this whole journey. You came in after Trevor fell to Iris' Haxorus, and even though your signature move Fire Lash doesn't exist yet, you were still very much a sensational Fire type. Flamethrower did wonders against both Grimsley and Ghetsis' Bisharps, as well as N's Klinklang and Vanilluxe. Unfortunately, Aster was pretty much a better version of you, and as such took over whenever you couldn't manage something, but you still came in handy more often than not. Always wanted to use a Heatmor, and I finally got my chance here!

Dora... I'll be honest, with my awful luck, I didn't expect someone as frail as you to make it to the end in one piece. I always kinda treated you like the disposable one, when in fact you were... well, not exactly crucial, but definitely very useful. What you lack in bulk, you definitely make up for in speed, and that's definitely your best attribute! You finished off Iris' Haxorus, and then took out Caitlin's Sigilyph, Grimsley's Krookodile, Shauntal's Jellicent, and finally Ghetsis' Cofagrigus! Honestly very proud of ya, Dora, would never have expected such a great performance from the local "filler" fish.

Augustine, yet another mon from my "wanted to use this for a while" list. Before getting Derrick, I would have pretty much needed a Jellicent in order to beat Marshal... and even with him, you still pulled the team through most of the fight, beating both his Conkeldurr and Mienshao, as well as N's Archeops and Ghetsis' Seismitoad. The fact that most things had anti-Ghost coverage meant you couldn't be used in situations you'd have been good at otherwise, but you still did your part in propelling this team into victory.

Ah, Aster, otherwise known as the resident NUKE. All that training certainly paid off, huh? You absolutely destroyed Caitlin's Reuniclus, Gothitelle and Musharna, Grimsley's Scrafty, Shauntal's Cofagrigus, N's Zoroark, and finally Ghetsis' Eelektross and Hydreigon, thus scoring the highest death toll out of all the team. Honestly, I could probably have swept just about everyone except Marshal with you, but hey, that would be no fun now, would it? Started off at level 1, and now you're this absolute beast. Just... amazing, Aster. Definitely was worth it to bring you aboard.

And finally, the first member of this team, the shiny boy himself, Derrick. You're the one who pulled this team from the brink of death; if I hadn't gotten you, I'd probably have given up on this run altogether after the wipe. You took out Iris' Fraxure, and during this last stretch you took on Marshal's Sawk, Shauntal's Jellicent, N's Carracosta and Ghetsis' Bouffalant. Bertha from the Pearl run was my first time catching a full odds shiny, but you were my first time using one, and god were you amazing. I'll always remember you, Derrick. Thanks for everything.
Before we move on to Pokemon Sun, the final game of this septalogy (?), let's have a quick look at the death box for this run.

Jesus fucking Christ, let's never do this again.
Aster the Volcarona, level 61 (Gift from Route 18)
Kendall the Heatmor, level 54 (Victory Road)
Derrick the Reuniclus, level 53 (Route 9)
Dora the Blue-Striped Basculin, level 53 (Route 3)
Augustine the Jellicent, level 53 (Route 18)

Oliver the Panpour, level 15-21 (Pinwheel Forest - Route 4)
Annie the Ducklett, level 25-29 (Driftveil Drawbridge - Driftveil Gym)
Ramona the Seismitoad, level 15-36 (Pinwheel Forest Outskirts - Wellspring Cave)
Percy the Tirtouga, level 25-38 (Nacrene City - Twist Mountain)
Franz the Litwick, level 28-37 (Celestial Tower - Twist Mountain)
Oswald the Seismitoad, level 31-36 (Icirrus City - Route 8)
Ronald the Basculin, level 25-37 (Route 6 - Dragonspiral Tower)
Lily the Darmanitan, level 15-43 (Route 4 - Opelucid Gym)
Ritchie the Basculin, level 31-42 (Dragonspiral Tower - Opelucid Gym)
Rainer II the Samurott, level 5-44 (Nuvema Town - Opelucid Gym)
Marco the Simisear, level 10-43 (Dreamyard - Opelucid Gym)
Phillip the Seismitoad, level 31-44 (Route 8 - Opelucid Gym)
Rupert the Jellicent, level 15-43 (Route 17 - Opelucid Gym)
Trevor the Darmanitan, level 19-44 (Desert Resort - Opelucid Gym)
Hector the Seismitoad, level 31-53 (Moor of Icirrus - Pokemon League)


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This is it, the last leg. Onward to Alola!
So, this is actually my third run of this game. Neither of the previous two got too far, but that goes to show that this probably ain't gonna be an easy romp like Kalos before it. Anyway, let's start the run we're actually discussing today.

I'm gonna get through the introduction to the game real quick, because in-game it takes ages and I'd rather spare you the pain. I'm introduced to Prof. Kukui, pick a blonde male avatar and name him Stanley (I've run out of names beginning with Ste). I then wake up in my home, meet my mom, follow Kukui to Iki Town, rescue Nebby from the Spearows, meet Lillie, also meet Hala, and finally get to pick my starter.

Now, the original plan, as it's usually been in these runs, was to pick the fire type starter because there's an abundance of water types scattered throughout the region. As it turns out, however, this only really becomes true once you get through Lana's trial, where you earn the Surf analogue and the Fishing Rod. Prior to that, there's a scant few Water types available, and during my second run this caused an... interesting mishap. So for the sake of not repeating that issue (which I'll disclose when we get to that spot), and also because I still highly dislike Incineroar, I'm gonna go with Charlie the Popplio, level 5. As we leave, we meet Hau who challenges us to a battle. He has a Litten, so we beat him easily with Water Gun, getting Charlie to level 6. We head back home and go to bed.

On the next day we're finally allowed a smidgen of free will when Kukui lets us roam through Route 1 (but only a small segment of it, god forbid you go down the wrong path). No valid encounters as of now, but by fighting a few trainers Charlie gets to level 8. Once we get to Iki Town again, there's an ongoing festival where... we fight Hau again. He has a Pichu this time, but it's still not too hard and we soon take both it and Litten down, getting Charlie to level 9. Before I get back home (again), Hala gives me the Z-Bracelet (which I won't use for a while), and I go home to sleep until the next day because that's all I did today apparently.

Next day, Lillie knocks at my door to railroad me towards Kukui's house. This section of Route 1 has both Slowpoke and Wingull as encounters, but I'm gonna try not to get an encounter as of now because I can dupe Wingull out later. I leap over a ledge to get to Kukui's lab, where I get given the Rotomdex, and am then commanded to "go to the Trainer School, would you kindly?" I can't refuse, obviously. On the way back, I cannot avoid getting through the grass and I have no Repels, so I walk through... and luckily enough, I got no encounters on the way. First time this happens out of all three of my runs!

Onto the Trainer School, then, which I'm gonna have to solo entirely with Charlie because there's no new encounters there either. It's easy for the most part, Charlie gets to level 11 from the fights, and once we beat all the students we get called to the teacher's office. Said teacher challeneges us to a fight, and she also has a Magnemite... but we beat her rather easily regardless and get Charlie to level 12. We're now done with the Trainer School, both Lillie and Hau move onward to Hau'oli City, and I have to follow.

So, now we're at Hau'oli Hau'oli give me the formuloli, and we have a lot of stuff to do here. First of all, clothes/hair! Here's my current ensemble:

Not my first choice for a look, but I've replayed this three times already and there's only so many ways to customize a character this early on. Still looks pretty alright, if you ask me. Now for the next item in our list, catching stuff! Hau-oily City has tall grass, unlike most other Pokemon towns, and it's from here that we get Wanda the Wingull, level 5. Now that we have a Wingull, we can go back to Route 1 where we're ensured a new catch... and it's Erika the Slowpoke, level 5. Now these are both dupes from previous runs, but they're all we can get as of now, and we're probably gonna need them soon...

Onto training these two! It was a bit of a pain, because at this point there's barely any wild mons weak to Water type, but eventually with the help of the mighty SPEEDUP BUTTON, both Wanda and Erika get to level 10. That should be enough for our next challenge... the fight against Ilima. This is where the first of my runs wiped at, but it was honestly my fault since I went in underleveled. With my current capabilities, I should be fine... even if his Smeargle has Leafage. Let's go!

Vs. Ilima
He leads off with Yungoos, for which I send out Charlie. He's the highest leveled of the lot, but I wanna take this one out quickly. I go for Baby-Doll Eyes as it hits a crit Tackle on me... which doesn't deal much damage regardless. I hit it with Water Gun, take a Leer, Water Gun again, and then take a Tackle for... still not much damage. Ilima then heals up (ugh) as I hit another Water Gun, then Water Gun again as it goes for Tackle. Finally, one last Water Gun takes it down.
Smeargle's up next, so I switch to Wanda (who Leafage is neutral against). First of all, I Growl at it to lower its Attack, while taking a Tackle. I proceed to Growl again, but the next Tackle leaves me in bad shape, so I heal up and take another Tackle (this time for not so much health). I hit a Wing Attack, then take another Tackle. I heal once again just to be safe, and in the following turns we trade blows, me using Water Gun as it repeatedly Tackles. By the end of it, we're both in bad shape, but since I've been consistently outspeeding, I figure Wanda will be able to KO in one more Water Gun. But then, somehow, Smeargle outspeeds and kills Wanda with a Tackle. That has got to be the unluckiest Speed tie I've ever had... that or Ilima cheated. Since Smeargle has like 2 HP by now, I let Erika out and have her finish it off.

Man, that was some bullshit. Now that Ilima's defeated, however, we're allowed passage into Route 2, around which we have a bunch of stuff to catch. First of all, Island Scan allows me one encounter per island, as per the rules. We could save it for later and go for Totodile in Seaward Cave or Horsea over at Kala'e Bay, but I've already used both of those on my Gold run. There's also Cyndaquil over on Route 3, but I think I'm gonna go for the Saturday encounter on Hau'oli Cemetery. I activate the scan, get to the cemetery through Route 2, and catch Gestalt the Litwick, level 10. That's right, a second chance at a Litwick! Let's hope this one gets farther than Franz...

Okay, one more catch before getting to the first trial site. Over on the southern part of Route 2, there's just one available thing we can really catch, and so we do, getting Kay the Growlithe, level 9. She has Intimidate, that'll be useful later. Time to train the gang up! We got a bunch of trainers around the area, and battling all of them gets Kay to level 12, Erika to 13, Gestalt to 14 and Charlie to 15. That should do for now.

It is now time to head to Verdant Cavern, our very first trial site! Here we gotta fight through two Yungoos and a Gumshoos, plus two Skull grunts using exactly one Drowzee, prior to getting to the Totem Pokemon's chamber, where the important battle happens. These less important battles get Kay to level 13, Erika to 14 and Charlie to 16, and soon enuough we're about to grab our first Z Crystal... until Gumshoos, the Totem Pokemon, leaps right in front of us, ready for battle!

Vs. Totem Gumshoos
I lead off with Kay up against the totem, since she has Intimidate to lower its attack (told ya it'd come in handy!) To start the battle, I hit it with Ember, proceed to get struck with Scary Face, and get Yungoos summoned on me. On the next turn, I take a Bite from Gumshoos, get Leered by Yungoos, and then flinch from the Bite. I then get Leered again, this time by both Gumshoos and Yungoos, then Ember the Yungoos for half its health. If Kay stays in, she's surely dead, so I switch to Charlie.
Upon switching in, Charlie takes a Bite and a Tackle from Gumshoos and Yungoos. Next turn I go for Aqua Jet, KOing the Yungoos and getting Gestalt to level 15, then take a Scary Face from Gumshoos. Now that Yungoos can't debuff us, this shouldn't be too hard. I use a Baby-Doll Eyes, then take a Bite for minimal damage. Following that, I just spam Aqua Jet and keep taking Bites until Gumshoos eventually goes down.

That was pretty easy, all things considered. I obtain the Normalium Z, leave Verdant Cavern, and meet up with both Ilima and Kukui. The professor gives me a tutorial on how to use Z Moves, and then tells me I should go look for Lillie over on Route 3 (which is now open since I've gotten past the trial). Route 3 itself, as with any other route worth its salt, has a buncha trainers for us to fight. Getting through them is no big issue, and by the end of it, both Kay and Erika are at level 15.

At the tail end of Route 3, I arrive at Melemele Meadow. When I get in, I find Lillie, who's come here chasing Nebby. She asks me to go get him, as he's on the other side of the meadow, and I comply. Before that though, it's encounter time! Today's catch is Elaine the Pom-Pom Oricorio, level 11. Now before you yell at me saying this isn't a Fire or Water type, I consulted in the UCL discord and was told that catching her was perfectly valid as long as I swapped her over to Baile Style ASAP. I grind her up into level 14 with the various wild bugs and Grass types, then quickly grab Nebby and leave the meadow.

Once we're all out of the meadow, Hau comes along and immediately asks me for a battle. Who am I to disagree?

Vs. Hau
He begins with his Pichu-now-turned-Pikachu, while I lead with Elaine (since I was unprepared). I immediately switch to Gestalt, managing to evade Quick Attack, and Pikachu then hits me with Electro Ball as I hit a Confuse Ray on it. It proceeds to hit itself, and then I hit Fire Spin on it for even more chip damage. Confusion fails as I get struck by another Electro Ball, then miss my next Fire Spin. Another Electro Ball on the next turn, but I switch tactics, use Night Shade, and finish it. Gestalt gets to level 16, too.
Litten's next (and last), I switch back to Elaine since she needs the experience. I proceed to swap into Erika, taking two consecutive Embers for little damage and hitting a Water Gun in response. I get Leered next turn, but then finish it off with another Water Gun.

Once our fight is done, Kukui appears, telling us all that my Grand Trial, where I shall face off with Kahuna Hala, starts soon. The three others leave off to Iki Town, awaiting the trial, but I take a bit of time to defeat one more trainer I was missing, thus getting Elaine to level 15. With that, I believe we're ready to take on our first Grand Trial. We make our way to Iki town, where Hala eagerly awaits my challenge!

Vs. Hala
I lead with Elaine to take on Hala's Mankey. It uses Focus Energy, but I hit Air Cutter for an OHKO. Well that one was easy.
Makuhita's next, and I switch to Erika. I take a Fake Out, missing my first turn, then use Confusion for not a lot of damage and get hit with Sand Attack. Then I miss the next Confusion and get Sand Attacked again. I get the feeling this might get tedious... Confusion hits next turn, but I still get Sand Attacked a third time. It proceeds to evade my next two Confusions while... still Sand Attacking. Okay this guy just wants to be annoying. My next Confusion hits, though, and finally takes it down.
Crabrawler's up last, and for this one I switch to Charlie. I use Baby-Doll Eyes before it hits me with Leer, effectively cancelling everything out. Same thing happens next turn, but then we both stop stalling, Crabrawler hits an All Out Pummelling (which hits pretty hard) and I go for a Disarming Voice, which crits. Crabrawler then Leers once more, allowing me to take it down with one more Disarming Voice.

Well that wasn't too bad! With that, Hala gives us the Fightnium Z, and we're all done in Melemele Island. Kukui leads me, Hau and Lillie to the Marina, where we sail off into Akala Island... and I think that makes a good stopping point for today. Join me next time to see what awaits in Akala!
Charlie the Brionne, level 17 (Gift from Iki Town)
Erika the Slowpoke, level 15 (Route 1 Outskirts)
Kay the Growlithe, level 15 (Route 2)
Gestalt the Litwick, level 16 (Island Scan at Melemele)
Elaine the Oricorio, level 15 (Melemele Meadow)

Wanda the Wingull, level 5-10 (Hau'oli City - Hau'oli City)
(And before you ask, yes, this run was finished prior to the deadline. As for how it finished... you'll find out by the end!)
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Time to blitz through another island; this time, Akala!
Time to move onto Akala Island, then. We arrive at Heahea City, meeting Olivia, the local kahuna, and Mallow, one of the island's team captains. We converse for a bit, everyone scatters, then I move on ahead. There's an apparel shop here, but honestly it's kinda lame, I didn't buy anything. Once I advance enough, I encounter Sina and Dexio, our good buddies from the X run! At Sina's insistence, Dexio decides to battle me. I didn't really log the fight seeing as he only has two mons, but it was easy enough, and with it Charlie levels up to 18 and Elaine and Erika get to 16. Sina and Dexio then proceed to hand me the Zygarde Cube, which is useless to me for several reasons, before leaving and never coming back again for the rest of this run.

I then make my way to Route 4, walking around in the grass for a while until I eventually stumble into and catch the only valid encounter on here, Prism the Eevee, level 14. Full party again! We get through the rest of Route 4, at the end of which lies Paniola Town. It's here where Hau meets up with me and challenges me to a fight. Now I'll be honest, I completely forgot to log this fight. All my notes say is that I kinda struggled against him, but nobody died, so we're gonna trust past me on that. By the end of said fight, Prism is at level 15, Erika Elaine and Kay are 17, Gestalt is 18 and Charlie is 19.

Onto Paniola Ranch, then. Here we meet up with Mallow again, and she registers Stoutland Search to my Ride Pager. The encounter is otherwise uneventful, so we continue onward. The ranch itself only has more Eevee to catch, so we're not even bothering with that. By the time we're through with the ranch, everyone has leveled up once and we arrive at Route 5. Shortly into said route, we encounter some blond guy named Gladion, who's just fought and beaten Hau and challenges me to a battle. This one I actually remembered to log, go me!

Vs. Gladion
He leads with a Zubat while I send out Prism (because I was leading with him to level him up). I go for Bite, then take a Wing Attack from Zubat. I take another Wing Attack, but then change tactics and use Swift on it since Bite didn't do that much. Next turn goes exactly the same as the other one, but this time Zubat goes down.
Type: Null is next, and I switch to Kay. I blast it with Flame Wheel, then take a Tackle in response. Same thing happens in the next turn, as well as the one after that, and by the end of it Kay is pretty hurt, so it's time to switch. I swap over to Elaine, taking (what else) a Tackle. Something tells me this Type: Null has little in its arsenal. I use Air Cutter thrice, continuing to take Tackles until Type: Null is down, and with its defeat Elaine and Erika level up to 19.

Gladion gets mad after losing, then some Team Skull grunts come around and diss him, and so he leaves. Having not been very impressed by his performance, I move onward through the route towards the Pokemon Center, getting Prism to level 18 on the way too. After a quick heal, I arrive at Brooklet Hill, encountering the local Trial Captain Lana shortly after entering. I get to a lake within the trial site, with no apparent way to get across... until Lana registers Lapras Paddle on my Ride Pager.

Now then, Lapras Paddle gives me a lot more options when it comes to catches, so I could totally backtrack at this point... but if I wait until I finish this trial, Lana will also give me a fishing rod, and having that would expand my options even more. Plus, I have a full team right now, it's not like I need more encounters at the moment. The battles prior to the Totem Pokemon are just a bunch of solo Wishiwashi (aka the weakest pokemon going off of BSTs), so they're barely any trouble. When I get to the Totem's chamber, Charlie's at level 21, Kay and Prism are on 19, and the rest are at level 20. It's totem time!

Vs. Totem Wishiwashi
So you might be a bit concerned about my strategy when facing off against Totem Wishiwashi, but fear not, I have a plan. The totem comes out, in School Form so that it's not a pushover, and I send out Elaine. And then I lead off with my secret strat: Hidden Power, which just happened to be Grass type on Elaine. I get hit with Soak (which only makes me resist Water attacks, so thanks), and then Alomomola comes out; apparently I dealt enough damage with HP for it to decide to appear first. Alomomola uses Helping Hand as I hit Hidden Power on it for over half its health, and then I take a Water Gun from Wishiwashi. One more Hidden Power takes out Alomomola, then I get hit with Water Gun again as a Solo Wishiwashi appears instantly.
I proceed to take out Wishiwashi with one Hidden Power, but before I do it uses Helping Hand with the totem's Water Gun. Elaine's pretty hurt at this point so I heal her up with a Super Potion, then take another Water Gun. Hit a Hidden Power next, but Totem Wishiwashi heals with its Sitrus Berry and gets yet another Water Gun. The next Hidden Power manages to take Wishiwashi into Solo Form, adn it wimpily tries one more Water Gun, but with one last Hidden Power, Wishiwashi goes down. With this, Charlie gets to 22, Elaine and Gestalt to 21, and Kay and Prism to 20.

Okay that was still kinda tough, not gonna lie. Lana congratulates me on the victory, then relinquishes the Waterium Z and also gives me the aforementioned Fishing Rod. With this, I can now go on a CATCHING FRENZY. Firstly, I head on over to Paniola Town, where a small lake allows me to fish for Martin the Barboach, level 12. I then backtrack to Melemele, heading toward Seaward Cave and fishing up Nagini the Magikarp, level 12. Magikarp had to happen at some point. Kala'e Bay is next, and here I fish up Isaac the Wishiwashi, level 11.

Now that I've duped out both Magikarp and Wishiwashi, it's as good a time as any to try and set up a possible Mareanie encounter. Mareanie appears only as an SOS encounter for Corsola, and Corsola itself only appears by fishing in 2 areas: Melemele Sea and Route 9. If that were it, catching Mareanie would be easy, but those two routes also have another fishing encounter unique to the both of them: Luvdisc. In other words, I'll have to get very lucky in order to get Corsola as a first encounter on both areas, and there's nothing I can really do about it. So let's try it out! We head into Melemele Sea, fish at a bubbling spot... and get Laura the Luvdisc, level 13. Well, at least I had no chance to get my hopes up.

Back to Brooklet Hill, then! This one has a bunch of encounters on the grass, so there's no need to surf. Before long, I catch Irene the Dewpider, level 15. That's the last of our catches, but now we have a small problem. See, I want to evolve Prism into Vaporeon, but if I want to take advantadge of the evolution's movepool I have to evolve him before he levels up to 21, because Vaporeon gets Aurora Beam at level 20 (and that's the only Ice coverage in its movepool). I need to replace Prism with someone else, at least for the time being, so I go to the box, grab our latest catch Irene, grind her up to level 20 in a very boring training montage, and then move onward to Route 6.

On Route 6, I run into some kid named Hapu, who's confronting some Skull grunts with her Mudsdale. Despite her appearing to have this situation under control, she still makes me fend them off. I beat the grunts, who still have the same Drowzee as they've had since Verdant Cavern, and then they leave, as does Hapu with her Mudsdale. I then get through the rest of Route 6, getting Kay Irene and Erika to 21, Gestalt and Elaine to 22, and Charlie to 23, all without major consequence.

Next up, the Battle Royal Dome. We follow Gladion in, and once we're inside, we meet the "Masked Royal" who is obviously just Kukui in a paper thin disguise. He forces me, Gladion, and Hau who's just arrived into a Battle Royal (no, I don't know why they remove the E at the end). Before things can possibly get bad, I manage to faint the Royal's Rockruff with Irene using a single well placed Bubble Beam. The battle thus ends, Gladion and the Royal leave, and I move onto Route 7. Once there, I catch Cushie the Pyukumuku, level 16, then go straight to Wela Volcano Park for the next trial.

The trainers there are not too big a deal, and in fact I avoid most of them in order to not get too far over the Totem's level. I get to the top rather easily, arriving at the trial site, by which time Gestalt and Elaine are level 23 and Erika and Irene are at 22. At this level, Irene also evolves into Araquanid, perfect for this next trial. We meet up with Kiawe, the Trial Captain, and he puts me through the trial itself. After beating the trial pokemon prior to the Totem, everyone levels up once, and we get to face off against Salazzle itself.

Vs. Totem Salazzle
I lead off with Irene against the Totem, and the battle starts with Salazzle using Torment on me as I hit Bubble Beam and it summons Salandit. I then get hit with Toxic from Salazzle and Venoshock from Salandit, before I hit a Bite on the former. Irene's about to crumble, so I switch over to Erika, who takes a Flame Burst and Venoshock from Salazzle and Salandit. I try to heal up, but that's clearly a mistake as I get hit with Toxic and Venoshock once again.
I proceed to switch to Charlie (who, remember, is not Fairy type yet), taking a Flame Burst and Venoshock. As Salazzle then hits Toxic on me, I manage to finish it with Bubble Beam as Salandit Taunts me. I heal Charlie with an Antidote, seeing as Salandit has no way to poison me by itself, and as expected I then take a Venoshock. Lastly, I take Salandit down with one more Bubble Beam.

Whew, Toxic and Venoshock is a hell of a combo. Still, we made it, Kiawe gives me the Firium Z, and also registers Charizard Glide on my Ride Pager. I still have an encounter here out of the many Fire types, so instead of Flying away, I get back through the volcano, encountering and catching Kate the Cubone, level 19 (Yes, she counts, she evolves into a Fire type). Time to continue towards Route 8, where I meet up with Colress, aka "guy we've never seen", who gives me a TM. Thanks I guess?

On Route 8 itself, I catch Morty the (male) Salandit, level 18. Kinda lame, but we still have a surplus of other Fire types to come if we ever need them. I also realized it was Island Scan day at this point, so I doubled back to Route 7 in order to use the scan, surf, and catch Avery the Spheal, level 19. Back to Route 8, where I fight all of the trainers, getting Charlie to level 25 and the rest of the team to 24. At this point I also obtained a Water Stone, so I retrieve Prism from the PC, evolve him to Vaporeon, and replace Erika with him. Nothing against Erika, it's just that I already used a Slowbro and the King's Rock (and thus Slowking) is postgame.

Now that Prism is a Vaporeon with Aurora Beam, I go train both him and the rest of the party up before heading to the next trial. Once everybody's up to speed at level 25, I move onto Lush Jungle, the next trial site. Mallow from earlier is the captain here, and she tasks me to find a bunch of ingredients. I do so, fighting off some wild mons on the way, then bring them to her. Kiawe and Lana also show up for the end of the trial and lend us a hand in making the "Mallow Special". When that's finished, its aroma attracts the Totem Pokemon, which arrives ready for battle!

Vs. Totem Lurantis
Lurantis approaches and I send out Elaine. It hits me with Razor Leaf as I hit with Air Cutter, which damages it enough to make it summon Castform. Lurantis then uses Synthesis, I go for another Air Cutter, and Castform sets up Sunny Day. Lurantis' next move is to use X Scissor (on a flying type), as I debuff it with Feather Dance and Castform blasts me with Weather Ball. Elaine's task is already done, so I switch to Irene, who gets hit with Razor Leaf and Headbutt from Lurantis and Castform. Lurantis goes for Solar Blade, which predictably doesn't do a lot, Castform Headbutts and I go for Bug Bite. However, Lurantis then Solar Blades again... and it's a crit... which takes Irene out right as Sunny Day stops.
Well darn. I switch to Kay as Lurantis uses Synthesis, then hit a Fire Fang on it right before Castform's Sunny Day. Lurantis uses Synthesis again, but a sun-boosted Fire Fang drops it right back down as Castform Headbutts me. This same pattern repeats on the next turn, as well as the one after that.
Lurantis has now ran out of Synthesis, so it goes for X Scissor, but I finally finish it with a Fire Fang, followed by a Headbutt from Castform.
By now, Kay's pretty hurt from all of Castform's headbutting, so I switch to Prism who absorbs Castform's Water Gun with Water Absorb. Scald nearly finishes Castform outright, which bizarrely uses Sunny Day again, and one last Scald takes it out, leveling Kay up to 26

Well damn, Irene dying is a shame, I really like Araquanid. Regardless, let's continue. Mallow grants me the Grassnium Z, then Kukui shows up and tells me to go to the Dimesional Research Lab over on Route 6. Before that, I lay Irene to rest, and replace her with Isaac the Wishiwashi for the time being, mostly just as filler for now since we have a good encounter coming up. When I get to the lab, I meet Kukui's wife Prof. Burnet, who lectures me, Hau and Lillie on Ultra Wormholes. I didn't really pay attention, so let's just leave and set off to Diglett's Tunnel.

Diglett's Tunnel has a bunch of trainers including some Team Skull grunts, which we beat easily as always, this time with the help of Hau. By the time we leave the cavern, Isaac gets to level 15, and the others are all level 26. We're at Route 9 now, but there's barely anything there so we quickly arrive at Konikoni City. We have a couple things to do here; firstly I go to Olivia's Fossil shop and buy a Cover Fossil from there. We're gonna go revive it soon enough, but before that we have CLOTHES TO BUY. After a radical image change, here's how the new outfit looks!

Pretty good if I do say so myself. Now then, I fly over to Route 8 in order to revive my fossil, and obtain Neptune the Tirtouga, level 15, replacing Isaac. I'm hoping he gets farther than Percy before him, but if we want him to stand any chance we'll need to train him up. We get him to level 26 on Wela Volcano Park and Diglett's Tunnel, then get back to Konikoni in order to move onto Memorial Hill. The trainers there get everyone to level 27, and at the end of the area we meet Faba, one of the admins of the Aether Foundation. We beat some Skull grunts on his behalf, and he tells me to go to Hano Grand Resort when I'm done with Olivia's Grand Trial. You know the deal, if the game doesn't let me, I can't refuse.

On to Akala Outskirts, where I meet one of the Team Skull higher-ups, Plumeria. We fight and I beat her rather easily, getting everyone on the squad to level 28. I take a moment to fish up and catch Beverly the Chinchou, level 15 before proceeding to the Ruins of Life, where Olivia supposedly awaits me. Instead, I find Lillie and Burnet there. Briefly after I arrive, Burnet leaves, Lillie heals me up, and Olivia arrives, prepared for the Grand Trial. I'm also quite ready myself, so let's give it a shot.

Vs. Olivia
Olivia sends out her Nosepass while I lead with Prism. I hit Scald for most of its health as it goes for Thunder Wave, thus paralyzing me, but I still outspeed and another Scald takes it out.
Boldore's next, and I switch to Charlie. His Scald nearly takes it out, but Sturdy endures it and Boldore Headbutts. Olivia heals it up, but she doesn't top off its health, so Scald kills anyway.
Last up is Lycanroc, so I swap to Neptune. I succesfully use Protect to predict Lycanroc's Continental Crush, taking... absurdly little damage. I then go for Aqua Jet, then take a Rock Throw. Neptune isn't doing much damage, so I choose to switch over to Prism, who takes two Rock Throws on switch then winds up fully paralyzed. I decide to heal up, taking another two Rock Throws as a result. The second one is even a crit, but luckily Scald finally hits and takes it out for good.

So that was relatively easy, but frankly it was to be expected with a team full of Water types. We obtain the Rockium Z from Olivia, and then Hau arrives to have a battle with her. I make off to Hano Grand Resort, as I promised Faba, but before entering the resort and meeting up with him, I make a detour to Hano Beach in order to catch Sherman the Staryu, level 24. Time to get to the Resort itself, where I get to Faba, and he offers to take both Hau and I to Aether Paradise as soon as Hau arrives. Once he does, we make off to the Aether Foundation's HQ... but that'll have to wait till next time. I've rushed through quite a bit of the game here. Next up, Aether Paradise and Ula'ula Island as well!
Charlie the Brionne, level 28 (Gift from Iki Town)
Kay the Growlithe, level 28 (Route 2)
Gestalt the Litwick, level 28 (Island Scan at Melemele)
Elaine the Oricorio, level 28 (Melemele Meadow)
Prism the Vaporeon, level 28 (Route 4)
Neptune the Tirtouga, level 28 (Gift from Konikoni City)

Wanda the Wingull, level 5-10 (Hau'oli City - Hau'oli City)
Irene the Araquanid, level 15-25 (Brooklet Hill - Lush Jungle)

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