Written Log [UCL2] Heir of Volcanion: a Water/Fire 7-region Duolocke

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Things are getting steamy over here...


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@Chess: Hey thanks! Sinnoh's been treating me nicely enough so far, we'll see if it lasts.
Welp, time to start up Sinnoh. I'm doing Pearl because I don't wanna get blasted to bits by Platinum, but this carries the problem of having just 2 fire types total in the whole game. I'm doing it anyway, you can't stop me!
Okay, so game start time! I name myself Stewart (again, steam motif), keep the rival as Barry since I couldn't come up with anything else, and we're on our way. Skipping over the start of the game, we get to the part where Barry and I are ambushed by Starly and must pick a starter. Obviously I choose Chimchar, because again, 2 fire type lines in the whole region, and I name him Caleb.

After some more earlygame padding, I get Caleb to level 7 and Dawn gives me some Pokeballs, officially initiating the challenge. Not long after, on Route 202, we obtain our second party member, a Bidoof, named Diana, at level... 2. Literally the worst case scenario, but hey, we'll manage.

And manage we do, getting her to level 7 and Caleb to level 8. After fending our own against a couple trainers, both of them grow a level, and we get to Jubilife. If you've played any of these games ever, you know what happens next: Clown quizzes. We answer the absolute three most basic questions they could have ever come up with, and are rewarded with a giant watch that barely fits the entire bottom screen of the game. Now that that's over, we get going towards Route 203, but Barry attacks us by surprise!

Vs. Barry
Barry chooses to lead with his Starly, and I start out with Caleb. At this stage I'm not expecting anything tough, so I just Ember it twice till it goes down, and Caleb levels up to 10.
Next up, it's Piplup. I swap into Diana, but Piplup immediately starts Growling, lowering my attack. Eventually, Diana can barely even deal damage, so I switch to Caleb just for a second, then back to Diana, and begin to Growl myself. Eventually, after having to use two Potions, Piplup finally goes down.

Barry then leaves, and I decide to go off to train on Route 204. Diana gets to level 10 off of the trainers alone, and I get to Ravaged Path. I need to get Rock Smash to get through to the other side, but let's actually stick around for a bit. We train up for some time, getting both our party members to level 12, before eventually (and I do mean eventually, it's a 2% encounter rate) encountering a Psyduck. She's level 5, and when we catch her, we name her Barb. I won't be using her for long if I can help it, since we've already got Garrett in the Hall of Fame, but she'll be good for the earlygame, particularly Roark.

Now it's time to get back to the actual way forward. We enter Oreburgh Gate and grind Barb up to level 11 by beating Geodude up. A random Hiker also gives us a copy of HM06 Rock Smash, but we can't use it outside battle until we get our first Badge. We enter Oreburgh City, but we'll have to seek out the Gym Leader at the local coal mine. Why does a coal mine exist in this world? You got like fifty different kinds of Pokemon that generate energy passively, but you still go down there and breathe dirty coal air because...?

Anyway. the mine is filled with wild Rock types and a couple trainers with Machop. Beating a bunch of those gets Barb to level 12, and we also find the local leader, Roark. Whoever guesses what type he's proficient in gets nothing. We get to the gym and defeat the non-leader trainers, getting Diana to level 13, but I don't think our levels are quite enough to take Roark on just yet. We go train for a bit, getting Barb to level 13 and Diana to level 15. The latter may seem a bit excessive, but it's a big milestone, as that's the level where she evolves to a Bibarel and gets Water Gun. Now we're ready for Roark!

Vs. Roark
Roark leads with Geodude and I send out Barb. Since it has a 4x weakness to water, a single Water Gun is sufficient to destroy it.
Next up is Onix, to which I keep Barb in. Same story as the last one, one Water Gun annihilates it, and Barb levels up to 14.
Finally, Roark's ace, a Cranidos. I send out Diana for this one, and start out with a Defense Curl, but Cranidos Leers and immediately cancels it out. I shoot out a Water Gun, which takes it to low yellow, while its Headbutt takes about a fourth of my HP. Roark heals with a Potion, but my next Water Gun nearly kills it. As I outspeed, the battle is already over, and a final Water Gun erodes it into nothing.

Roark congratulates us, giving us the Coal Badge as well as a TM for Stealth Rock. Upon leaving the gym, I teach Barb Rock Smash, since I don't plan on using her for long, and leave off to Ravaged Path... but am stopped at Jubilife by some Team Galactic grunts. I smashed them up with Caleb, who leveled up to 13, then went on through Route 204. There's a couple trainers here, and in beating them, Caleb leveled up once more and evolved into a Monferno!

After that momentuous occasion, we arrive at Floaroma Town. There's not a lot to do here, aside from looking at some more Galactic grunts blocking the way, so I went over to Route 205 to continue onward. Unfortunately, more Galactic grunts block our way, and what's worse, they're actually invading a clean wind energy station. Fossil fuel lobbyists make me sick, so we'll have to stop them. I bet they got hired by the Oreburgh folks, those coal-mining bastards...

Anyway, before we attempt to siege the Valley Windworks, there's a patch of grass right outside. We venture in, and out comes a Buizel at level 7. We catch her, name her Tina, and get to work at catching her up with the rest of the gang. I get her to level 9, then decide to go fetch the Windworks Key from the grunts at Floaroma. We get it, infiltrate the Windworks, beat up everyone there, and get Tina to level 11, but now a dangerous challenge awaits us.

We've got a battle against Galactic Commander Mars, who's packing a dangerously underleveled Purugly. I'd rather we grinded up a bit more before taking that on, so we do. After getting Tina to level 13, Caleb to level 15, and figuring out a bit of a plan, we storm in and challenge Mars head on.

Vs. Commander Mars
She begins with a Zubat and I send out Tina. I hit it with a Water Gun, taking about a third of its HP, and it attempts to hit me with a Toxic but misses. I shoot another Water Gun, and it just happens to be a crit, downing Zubat instantly.
Now for the main event, Mars' Purugly. I switch to Caleb and immediately start by hitting off a Mach Punch. This makes a sizeable dent in its HP, though not breaching the half health mark. It responds with a Faint Attack, dealing very little damage. I Mach Punch again, leaving it in low yellow, to which it eats up an Oran Berry and Scratches at me. My next Mach Punch almost kills it, but alas, it lives and hits another Faint Attack, leaving me at half health. Thankfully though, Mach Punch has priority, so I hit one more off and down Purugly at last.

That wasn't so bad, really. Team Galactic books it, and I finally get to move onto Route 205 proper. We go onto the grass and encounter a Shellos, but unfortunately Tina faints it with a crit. Looking on the bright side, this means I have a chance at catching an East Sea variant! It's merely an aesthetic variant, but I've never used one of those. As usual, there's some trainers loitering about, and after getting rid of them, Caleb gets to level 17, Diana is level 16, and both Tina and Barb are at level 15.

Swiftly moving onto Eterna Forest, we meet Cheryl, who is too incompetent to find out the way through this tiny-ass forest. We take this time to abuse Cheryl's free heals after every battle, and so grind all of the team to level 17, aside from Caleb who gets to level 18. Once we reach the end of the woods, Cheryl departs to her home planet and we move onward into Eterna City, location of the region's second Gym. When we arrive, we meet a mysterious trainer named Cynthia, who hands us HM01 Cut. I wonder who that might be...

We can now move onto the gym. It's a grass type themed gym, so my strategy basically boils down to "sweep with Caleb and hope for the best". I do manage to wreck all the regular trainers with ease, getting Caleb to level 20, but I decide to train up one more level before tackling leader Gardenia. For this I go to Route 211... where I entirely forgot we could get a Ponyta, this game's second and last fire type. As soon as I encounter one, at level 13, I catch her and name her Olive. This means we have more than one option for Gardenia, but it also means more training to catch Olive up.

After a bunch of loitering around in Eterna Forest, I manage to get Olive to level 19. Unfortunately all she's gotten so far in terms of Fire-power is Ember (Ponyta doesn't get Flame Wheel until Platinum), but with the aid of Caleb (who does have Flame Wheel), it'll have to do. Next time we'll battle Gardenia, probably get some more Water types afterwards, and maybe even replace Barb, who knows?
Caleb the Monferno, level 20 (Gift from Lake Verity)
Olive the Ponyta, level 19 (Route 211)
Tina the Buizel, level 18 (Valley Windworks)
Diana the Bibarel, level 18 (Route 202)
Barb the Psyduck, level 17 (Ravaged Path)
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good job you got all the fire types

also gl with pearl, grinding in that game is even more of a heck than in plat tbh

your team's solid as heck and you're makin some hella progress, good job

also also wait was that legit a wild floatzel or did u mix up buizel and floatzel o_o

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