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Logo art courtesy of my very talented little brother.

Hello Nuzlocke Forums! Welcome to your first Showcase Spectacular! Below is a cornucopia of art, writing, interviews, and more! All to celebrate the creativity of this wonderful community! It's almost spooky how many talented people we have here. :3spooky:

As a reminder, here are the categories of showcase slots:
  • Banner + synopsis
  • Fanwork created by a fellow forum member
  • Interview
  • Creation of your own
  • Shout-out to another run
  • Synopsis
Sit back and enjoy scrolling through this sprawling display of storytelling and the creative process. It's like walking through the exhibit tent at the county fair, but for Nuzlockes. You guys are in for a treat! (No tricks, honest. 🤞)

A Dragon God Ate My Homework! And Other Assorted Tales by Seyuu

This run focuses on a grand and epic saga, as the gods of Hoenn themselves decided to choose mortal trainers and use them to fight each other in inter-pantheon battle of influence! Well, technically that's what happens, but no, not really. This SSWL mixed media run is a really funny and casual Sololocke run of Pokemon Emerald with only one Pokemon... Rayquaza!

This immortal dragon god is nothing like you have imagined, more akin to your meme-loving internet buddy than a mighty immortal dragon. And so our hero and their pet dragon - reincarnated as a baby Pokemon - travel through Hoenn together, crushing all opposition, and telling jokes along the way. The screenshots are accompanied by memes, amusing original art, and just about anything else you can think of. So if you are on the hunt for a fun, silly read, check this run out!

Banner art courtesy of Bug.

A Spark of Brilliance by Picket Furret

If you are looking for a fun and casual run, we have just the thing for you! This comic run takes the great hack game Volt White, which includes Pokemon from the first six generations, and finds a way to make its world feel just as organic as the classic game. It focuses on a sassy and energetic version of Hilda, along with her buddy Pikachu starter. The art style is cartoonish and quite appealing, and the run itself is filled with witty jokes as well as quite a lot of adult humor. But it also contains a few serious and even touching moments, really letting its characters shine. This comic is still in its early stages, which makes now a perfect time to join the fun!

Banner art courtesy of Emilianite. Check out her comics Folded and Chamerion!

The Aftermath by JavierE64

All That We Are by Erberor

As Above, So Below by Rhema

Fanwork created by Squiggy Azalea.

Ashes to Ashes by Bowser's Family Vacation

This anime-inspired, family-focused Yellow storylocke is both nostalgic and innovative. Ashley Ketchum’s on a quest to find her missing father and stop the mysterious corruption that’s been spreading through the region. Told through a collection of documents reflecting on the Kanto Catastrophe, this story has a delightfully diverse and lovable cast of characters mixed with a compelling plot.

Banner art courtesy of Emilianite.

Benji's Lucky Platinum by TheTRUEgge

Beware, We Sting by Memento

Fanwork created by original nickname.

C'est la Guerre by original nickname

The Pokémon world is at war. Kalos has been captured by the hostile region of Gethiat, and their Galarian allies have sent a spy to infiltrate the region and bring down several of Gethiat’s top officers. The mission is not an easy one. He must always be on the lookout for hostile forces and duplicity among his supposed comrades, but he is dedicated to his job and will do everything he can to see it through.

This definitely isn’t your typical Nuzlocke story, but that’s part of what makes it so intriguing. When was the last time you saw the history of WWII translated to the Pokémon world? It’s very interesting to note the parallels, for instance, the original region Gethiat essentially performs the role of Germany. And with the intensity that the story brings, you’ll feel like you’re right there along with the protagonist, sneaking through hostile territory on a critical mission to restore justice and peace to a ravaged world.

Banner art courtesy of Dustox.

Couple's Consoling by Couples-Consoling

Fanwork created by Krisantyne.

Cycle of Hurting by Obelisk

Dustox sat down with Obelisk to discuss his Written Log of White!​

You were inspired by QuietGuardian's storylocke, The Black Hole of Grief and Silliness, to play Unova. Can you tell us more about your decision to make this a written log run and why you chose Unova specifically?

At the time, I had a major writer's block with my other ongoing run (Devoured) and couldn't seem to find a way to get over that or continuing the gameplay for that story. After thinking on it for a little while, I figured I needed to do something that didn't require as much creative thinking or storytelling.

I decided to do a written log since I tend to take very detailed notes on what happens in the gameplay - although there isn't that much fun in just reading notes, it was a good opportunity to show my readers my thought process going into some of the more critical battles and how I really feel about some of the game's logic...those gym leaders really need to be paid a visit by OSHA!

As for Unova? I was actually still feeling vengeful over what the game did to my last run - dwindling my numbers down to a mere two Pokemon going into Clay, where I wiped - so I wanted to try my hand at it again to see if I could get past that point in the gameplay on a new try.​

In your introductory post, you mentioned you wiped three times prior to the current playthrough. What were the biggest lessons you learned and applied from the previous tries to make this run as successful as it could be?

The big lesson for me was to make sure I had a plan going into any major battle - not just one plan, but two or three in case Plan A goes awry. Sometimes, I end up mixing several of those together like I did with the Iris battle. I also had to learn to be very cautious with the wild battles and regular NPC battles since those were sometimes the uglier parts of the game, which turned out to be very, very true. It's gotten to the point that my tagline for the run could just be "When it rains, it pours".

The idea to have Newton use Circle Throh (pardon the pun) was my Plan B in case one of the opposing Pokémon started to build up Dragon Dances and I ended up incorporating it as a way to disrupt Iris' main strategy. Can't build up stats if you can't keep it on the field!

That said, I'm still trying to reflect on what I did wrong before and learn from that...Which is kinda tricky when the notes seem to have completely vanished on me.​

In your updates, you post a list of songs that you listened to while going through the gameplay. What do you want the playlist to accomplish in regards to the reader experience?

Well, it's two-fold! The first objective of that playlist thing to give the readers a chance to know me better as a person and to understand my mental space during the gameplay. The second objective is to introduce people to stuff they may not have heard of before!​

You recently just beat Iris, the last Unova Gym Leader, and will be moving on to challenge the Unova League. Do you have any sneak peeks for the readers on how that went?

Nope, unfortunately. My gameplay updates are 1:1 with my notes - I usually post within 3 days of completing the session for that update. My cart is currently saved at the moment where I ended my last session - facing the badge check hall. Although, I was planning on backtracking and dealing with the weather legendary event first - I could use the XP and it'd clear something off my to-do list before the end of the run.​

DARK IS NOT EVIL by Alan900900900

Fanwork created by Picket Furret.

The Dark We Carry by Dee

desert daze by cross_off

First Summer by Krisantyne

glancesherlock sat down with Krisantyne to discuss her comic, based on the Pokemon fan game, Rijon Adventures!​

I remember seeing First Summer on DeviantArt way back in 2012, but I'm so excited to see you post it on the new forum! What made you decide to cross-post?

I just thought the new forum looked neat! But honestly, what sealed the deal was the change from having that OA subforum to having just the tag. This made my 95% a Nuzlocke run feel worth posting.​

Your art has improved tremendously over the years, and reading your comic from start to finish is a lovely look into how far you've come as an artist. Is there anything in particular you're really proud of in terms of development?

Thank you!! Making a comic really is the best way to get serious about drawing. Comics demand of you that you draw a huge variety of things, but also in a kinda low pressure way. That challenging thing doesn't have to be perfect, it's just one of many panels in a comic, gotta move on! In a surprising turn of events for nobody who has ever seen my work, I'm the most proud of the backgrounds. I decided early on that backgrounds were going to be 'my thing' because they seemed to come easier to me than to most people, so apparently that was a talent that could be honed. I haven't felt like That's too difficult, I can't draw that in a long while, there are just kinds of environments I like to do less and kinds I like more. Recently, I progressed from I finally got to a new place, oh no, now I have to design it to Hell yeah time to design a new place, so that's really cool.​

First Summer has such a pleasant atmosphere with a light heart, but its characters are not without their tragedies. Do you ever struggle balancing such a large and varied cast?

Oh gosh, I’ll try my best to preserve some of those vibes all the way to the end.

It sure is a challenge to consistently get everyone screentime. Louder characters like Nathan and Pilot tend to hog the spotlight, while it’s sometimes difficult to think of things to do for the more quiet characters outside of their big scenes. I love them all, and I’m cautiously optimistic that everyone will have enough moments to become memorable during their lifetimes, eyes emoji.​

Rijon Adventures isn't a game you often see chronicled on the Nuzlocke Forum. Have you stayed pretty faithful to the in-game events, or have you tweaked the world for the story?

I can’t actually think of many things that aren’t at least loosely based on game content or something I did in the game. Even Sara and Lachlan’s relationship is based on how he keeps in touch in-game through letters and a rematch.

As the first author to make a comic about Rijon Adventures, I get to do something fresh by just showcasing Rijon with the details I see in it, not much elaborate extra world building needed.

I designed some characters that didn’t have official art, and expanded on characters’ personalities and motivations - there especially was some work to be done on Team Rocket. I might add an extra Rival encounter and an extra Rocket encounter, since there is a long stretch in the game without either, depending on how long that gap ends up being in the comic.​

Found Family: A Matter of Pride by Rainbow Robin

Fractured Ethos by BritishAirSnails

Apart from the vaguest fragments of memories, One-o-four knew only the lab that created him, genetically altered him into a human-Pokemon hybrid. The man in charge, known only as the Doctor, controlled every facet of One-o-four's existence until a chance opportunity enabled him to break free. In the outside world, he meets Barry, the first person in his life who doesn't think of him as a subject or a monster, but a human. A friend. With Barry's help, One-o-four sets out to learn the truth of his past.

Fractured Ethos has a violent, thrilling start and quickly settles into a steady rhythm with charming characters and enduring scenes, making it a haunting and engaging read.

Banner art courtesy of RodentLibrary. You can check out their amazing animations here!

Frayed Reality by Alba Corbina

Dustox sat down with Alba Corbina to discuss her storyshot of a randomized Platinum run!​

Why did you decide to go with Sinnoh for your run? Why did you also decide to randomize it as well?

Back when I first started using ROMs, I decided I wanted to do a randomized run of some sort. I'd seen other people's randomized runs on the forum and they looked cool. I ended up with Sinnoh as the region because I'm bad with technology and my Platinum ROM was the only one I could get the Universal Randomizer to talk to 😅. I ended up coming up with my plot specifically because I only had Platinum's story to work with. Honestly, it worked out pretty well (IMO). I had wanted to make the randomization plot-relevant and Platinum's plot is all about reality getting screwed with, so here we are. I don't really consider that much of a spoiler; the run is called Frayed Reality, after all. The real mystery of the run is how and why things have ended up like this.​

You mentioned that you had to abandon a run because of technical difficulties. Did you bring anything (plot, gameplay, experience, etc.) from that run to this current one?

The overarching plot is the same. The first two parts (minus the battles) are copied almost word-for-word from the original. The only major difference is who Dawn is talking to in the dream sequence in Part 1. The stuff with Looker is a new addition. My original computer's death might have been the final nail in the coffin for the original Frayed Reality, but I was already close to abandoning it because I had no idea how to work Looker into the plot if I stuck with his canon personality and character. The existence of Diamond and Pearl already show that the Sinnoh plot can happen just fine without Looker, so he's kind of superfluous in Platinum. I wanted to give him an actual reason to exist.​

You're already doing something different with Lucas and Looker. Without giving too much away, which character/s are you most excited to introduce in your run and why?

Not all of Looker's secrets have been revealed, so I'm definitely looking forward to that. I'm also eager to get to the Galactic admins, because then I'll start being able to reveal what's actually going on. On a less story-driven note, I got very lucky with my Oreburgh Mine catch, and can't wait to show that particular teammate off.​

With your run still on the third chapter, can you give us a sneak peek of what the readers can expect in future updates?

Rachel: Gah!
Nash: That should be his last Mega Kick!
Rachel: About time! Hey, why is that you can barely hit the broad side of a barn with Mega Kick, but this guy hits nearly every time.
Nash: Maybe he's just better than me...Oh no! What if that means he can use it more frequently than I can?! Rachel, be careful!
Dawn: Easy, Nash. Don't get yourself so worked up. That being said, you are starting to look a little worn out. Do you want me to switch someone else in?
Frieda: Pick me! Pick me!
Rachel: No way! I'm not giving up now! I swear on Azelf, I will beat this Double Team-spamming asshole!
Mr. Zappy: You'll have to catch me first!
Oh, don't worry. I have a plan.
Barry: Don't let her use it!
Mr. Zappy: Aye aye!


Impulse by Aurea

in which sugar makes a maybe epic take number 2 and finds more of what she didn't expect...ed by sugar heart

A casual and amusing commentary run of the Japanese hack game of Silver, Touhoumon Ordinary Version, a game in which all the characters are replaced with characters from the Touhoumon universe. This run is full of funny and sarcastic remarks, mixed with Sugar's thoughts as she plays this unique hack, which isn't commonly used for Nuzlockes. Now is the perfect time to join Sugar as she begins her journey through this strange new land!

Banner art courtesy of Dustox.

Just a Side Character by Brotoman

Fanwork created by lineonthepaper.

Kantonian Fables by RubyClaw

Spectacles elected to use her showcase slot to shout out another run, but you should definitely check out her Game of Thrones Nuzlocke, GoT-ta Catch e'm All!

Kurukkoo! by Kadew

Zephyr-Iphis wrote an adorable fanwork for Kadew's Run - check it out!​
It was a sunny morning and a young Pidgey took a break from foraging to scuff his beak on a branch. He looked out through the dense foliage into the bright, open space and saw something round and bright red. A tomato berry? He loved tomato berries!

Maybe he had taken off to soon because tamato berries weren’t that big and didn’t run away—at least he was pretty sure they didn’t. Yep, it was a hat on a human’s head. It looked soft and comfy though, like a good place to rest. And the color made it easy to keep track of. The perfect nest!

The human ran inside a building and the hat was gone. Oh well, at least the other Pidgey scattering off the path meant there was food down there.

He managed to get a few morsels before the bigger birds chased him off. Then he sat on a fencepost for a while and watched the others. They didn’t leave anything, but he kept watching and they found something new to eat.

Hey, there was the hat again! And it was gone in another building. Humans sure spent a lot of time in their nests. Though he would would have spent more time in his nest if he could. He missed it a lot.

The red hat! Oh! The human was a trainer! They had a Bulbasaur with them. Maybe this was his chance!

He took off after them and so did another human. He decided to wait for just a little bit and landed on a nearby sign to watch.

They talked and hugged. Human families seemed nice. The other human gave the trainer with the red hat some bags that might have food in them. Brown paper bags usually had bread!

Then the trainer and Bulbasaur left, and he followed. They wandered off the road through the tall grass, turning their heads this way and that. They were looking for something but couldn’t seem to find it. He wished he knew what they were looking for so he could help. Hey, now that would be a good way to make friends!

So for a while, he looked. He looked and looked and looked, but he couldn’t figure out what he was supposed to find.

He took a rest in a tree and what should wander beneath but the red hat. The trainer slumped against the trunk and slid to the ground. Forget about the finding, this was as good a chance as any!


They looked up as he dropped down, and the Bulbasaur jumped at him. He beat his wings and managed to land on the Bulbasaur’s head instead. What a nice perch! They would be good friends!

Something rolled by. A pokeball! He hopped down as it rolled to a stop and pressed his cheek to the button. Huh. Going inside the ball felt kinda tingly.

When he was sent out, there was a different human in front of him, but he turned and his new trainer was behind him. He could finally sit on that hat! It was just as comfy as he imagined! This was the best!

But the human under him was shaking? That was odd. They held up their hands that were also tembling. He tried to look over the brim to see the human’s face, but then the other human scooped him up.

Wow were humans big. Even a smaller one like this could hold him in one hand. Another trainer! There was Pidgey on their shoulder. A loud one. And a Charmander on the ground with a lot of sharp teeth.

Suddenly he was thrust back at his trainer, and they ran! Not very far, but they climbed up a rock and then into a tree. Where were they going? Not that the other human wasn’t holding him gently, but he would rather be able to fly. He hoped his trainer came back for him.

After a minute they did. They walked up slowly, held up a hand, extended a finger, and patted him on the head. YAY!

The trainer holding him opened their hands. He was free! He was gonna sit on that hat again.

After that, they had food, which was so nice! He had made the right choice, he was sure. His trainer put the hat on the ground and he got under it for a bit. It was nice, but not quite as good as being on top. When he got back on it, the middle dented in but the sides stayed up. It really was just like a nest! It was all so perfect!

The other Pidgey decided that she wanted to sit on the hat too, but he didn’t see why he should have to move. It was his trainer’s hat! But that didn’t matter to her. She was bigger and she tried to pull it out from under him! He held on, so she tried to push him off next but he hunkered down. Unable to oust him, she sat almost on top of him and flattened him with a wing, a smug smile on her face. How was he supposed to get her off now?

Then his trainer came to his rescue and shooed her away. Thank you! His trainer picked up her hat, but let him ride on it while the other Pidgey had to fly. And her trainer had run off! Ha! Served her right!

They went into a town and into a building. The trainers argued again and then his trainer went to talk to a screen. He was tired. The Bulbasaur climbed into a chair to rest and he took on nap on their head.

When his trainer was done, they went to a room with the other trainer and had even more food! Being a trainer pokemon was great!

It turned out his trainer had caught a Nidoran while the other Pidgey was trying to take his hat. He wanted to be friends, but the Nidoran took one look around and ran under the bed. The Bulbasaur ducked under, trying to be friendly, but the Nidoran just glared at them.

Hmm. Maybe he should give it a try! They were teammates after all! He tried to walk up tell them how great their trainer was only to get tripped by the Bulbasaur’s leg. They didn’t think it was a good idea.


The other Pidgey scared the Nidoran all the way into the back corner, and even he was startled! The Bulbasaur was just mad though, and stood as tall as he could to berate her. But she was proud of herself, the jerk, and their argument quickly turned into a fight. He took refuge while the other Pidgey grabbed the Bulbasaur’s ear and they knocked into a waste bin.

His trainer came to the rescue again and they all decided to let the Nidoran sleep under the bed. Better to give the scared pokemon some time to calm down. They could sort things out tomorrow.

The other Pigdey stayed up on the top bunk with her trainer and the Charmander so he could finally rest. And his trainer left the hat on the desk for him to sleep on! He snuggled down in it and tucked his head under his wing, all warm and comfy and safe.

Liberation by Cure Icy

Liberation is a screenshot story run of Pokemon Black that focuses on the journey of three young people: Cheren, Bianca and our heroine (or Cher-bear, Bi and Icy). The run is set in a post-war Unova, and even though our heroes are a rather young, naive and are limited in resources, they are determined to make their home a better place.

This great run involves lots of humor, but it's not afraid to tackle real-life problems in beautiful, creative ways. This story includes complex characters, such as a professor who had her wings clipped and Bianca's problematic dad. If you are looking for a run that will make you laugh, feel, and think, this is the one for you.

Banner art courtesy of Dustox.

The Long Way by Alex_Nidas

This run of LeafGreen follows the good old Nuzlocke tradition of a simply drawn, humorous comic following a partially incompetent hero as he breaks the fourth wall into oblivion. With a team members such as a Pidgey named Peter Pecker and a Beedrill named Beeeeeeee, you know there are going to be lots of shenanigans ahead!

Of course, there is also more to this run than meets the eye. Behind the truly funny facade hides an interesting tale of a trainer who seems certain this is all just a game, while everyone around him feels differently. It makes one consider how seriously we Nuzlockers take our own games and the stories of heroism we tell ourselves. So if you are into classic comic Nuzlockes with an interesting twist, do check it out!

Banner courtesy of Agent Nein. Check out their comics UndefiNed and Milos from Home.

Looking Backward by glancesherlock

Paved With Good Intentions by Funen1

This captivating corruptionlocke draws inspiration from Madoka Magica, both in the ruleset and story. Jen wakes up alone in an unfamiliar land with nothing but a mysterious gem. Taken in by the Birch family, she must learn to adjust to the world of Pokemon… or risk collapsing under the weight of Grief. An intriguing story of mystery and self-discovery!

Banner art courtesy of Kadew.

Penumbra by TwistedEerie

TwistedEerie submitted a creation of their own for the Spectacular: this incredible video!

Pokemon Burst: Blue Moon by Trollkitten

Terra and her cat Benga accidentally summon Unown while playing with a mysterious tile set and are transported into the world of Pokemon. During the rocky transportation, Benga is turned into a Litten, and they run into a friendly Hoopa who decides to tag along. Once in Pallet Town, Terra encounters an unexected and dangerous situation, with only some suspicious new friends to help her through it.

Pokemon Burst: Blue Moon bounces between many different perspectives, including people and Pokemon, and it interjects a lot of humor and personality into each one.

Banner art courtesy of RodentLibrary. You can check out their amazing animations here!

PokeRC by OrdoSkirata

TrainerBoss has just moved into Littleroot, but the PokeRC channels in the Hoenn Network are where the fun really takes place. Told entirely in the language of late-2000s internet chatrooms, PokeRC follows TrainerBoss on his journey through Hoenn. Trainers, Pokemon, Gym Leaders, and passersby all make appearances with unique voices and personalities, and OrdoSkirata cleverly incorporates representations of progress such as evolutions into the chat logs. With short yet full updates, this run is easy to digest and full of nostalgia for those old IRC chatrooms.

Banner art courtesy of BigRedLittleWolf.

pouch creatures by Empty Sun

BigRedLittleWolf sat down with Empty Sun to discuss their comic of Black!​

Hello Epots, I now prepared for the interview as they say in the one language we speak

yes I prepared to answer queries​

What was the inspiration for your comic? What stories or comics inspire you, be they nuzlocke or otherwise?

I started the comic way back in highschool, but got back to it years later to make myself more active. It was initially an excuse to do a sort of gag comic and a way of cataloguing my run but it spiraled into something slightly more bitious. Some of my favorite works are from Junji Ito and Osu Tezuka, which I use as reference for ink drawings. Ultimately, I think my writing habits come from reading a bunch of Roald Dahl as a kid.​

Oh dude I love Junji Ito though. I think thats actually really interesting, because you write something that I would consider primarily comedy. Seeing that particular inspiration, even just for art, is kind of surprising. Though also makes sense in a way?

I think one of the most effective ways to lessen the impact of an event is to make a joke of it​

Did you have a favorite part you worked on? A part of the process you find most enjoyable in creating your comic? What brings you the most joy in what you're working on

Drawing stupid faces is fun. Screwing with panel and speech bubble placement is fun. Really, taking what happened and interpreting them in this disjointed setting lets me do basically whatever I want with minimal foresight allows for a type of creative freedom in which everything kinda just comes naturally. The thing I look forward the most to, though, is the reaction and input I get from the readers. Seeing people's comments, expectatations, and even the little numbers that show how many people like my comic gives me the drive to not only make what I want but to also make something that people can enjoy.​

Oh, yeah. You have a real talent not only for panel timing and pacing, but expressing your characters with such a minimalistic artstyle. It's evident that, even with each panel not having a lot, you have a lot of technical skill. Have you taken classes for this, or did you kind of learn as you go?

mostly self taught, learned a lot from reading comics, did take a couple classes though​

Did you have the idea for your run going into it, or did it develop as the ge play progressed? Did you go into this knowing it would be a comedy run, or is this something that ended up being an after thought?

I initially started drawing the comic with no preconceptions of what it would be (other than a funnyman comic story) but after characters started growing personalities and I started interpreting their wants and needs I ended up actually plotting out pieces of the storyline for future use. It's kind of like a spontaneous, unplanned yet sort of planned excuse to be juvenile and silly, but I miiiight have let a little bit of me start seeping in. I'm not putting in any dra on purpose, I swear!​

It's easy to just like.. accidentally slip little baby bits of plot into the story and have it evolve though. I think thats what the nuzlocke forums evolved on? A lot of older runs kind of grew like that, and given that your inspiration is the humor from the comics of old it makes sense that your comic what kind of follow the se fate. Purposeful or not, haha

What was the appeal of nuzlockes for you? Did something draw you to the community, or was it the play style?

I was drawn in mostly because of the original comic, but I also really liked how people gave their own personal experiences and interpretations. I've never been much of a "play on the hardest difficulty only" type person but the idea of a sort of Fire Emblem if-they-die-they-stay-dead geplay in a more standard jrpg piqued my interest. Pokémon already has this diversity that allows for a different experience for every player, and the hard mode limitations make it so that people end up using different Pokémon than they usually would. This helps create unique and interesting favorites, and hearing people stories is always fun.​

Yeah! Nuzlockes are really good for not only seeing how other people experience the ge differently, but personally forcing yourself to experience it differently as well. And then the various different approaches people take it are always really interesting to see! I think it's always really cool to see how peoples personal tastes effect the story their telling, too.

Like, you can tell a lot about someone from their nuzlocke, you know?

which nuzlocke player character are you? a self insert, a geplay based interpretation, or something from the manga

find out on buzzferd

ad revenue​

We're sponsored today by dollar shave. I mean by Nord vp. I mean by nuzlocke gold

audible dot com​

Without spoilers, is there anything you're especially excited for with your run? If you can't think of anything, something you look back on creating it up till now rather fondly of?

I might have kinda sort of planned a character arc or two. We'll see when we get there. Even though I started this comic thoughtlessly, I've been getting a little bitious in what I want it to do. Maybe, once I've finished the comic, it'll be something that has a gag on every page and a message behind the artwork that varies in quality depending on how much energy I have available to exert. Maybe it'll just be dumb doodles. Who knows?​

Is there anything else you'd like to talk about, or mention?

Yeah! My big dream is to be a comic artist. Drawing cool characters and writing fun stories, all to entertain and endear. Maybe once my little baby trial run in the world of comic making is done, I could open up online tip jar and make a living off of my stories and art. Honestly, money is nice and all, but seeing something that I made be acknowledged and enjoyed keeps me going and gives me the motivation to make the things I like. Which, I hope, you will like too.​

I think you'll make it! You seem to have a lot of technical skill, and a very unique sense of humor to match. Its something that I think you could really lean into and rise from. Hopefully you'll be able to grow and flourish from here?


Renaissance by Quillrow

glancesherlock sat down with Quillrow to discuss their XY storylocke!​

Rennaissance has a unique "rebirth" premise, with the dark fairytale vibe of a supernatural being teaching the main character a lesson by malevolant means. How did this idea come about?

While I have to vouch for Kalos having one of the best Pokemon storylines, not to mention Pokemon design and general perfection for nuzlockes, they leave much to be needed for some assets of lore that are typically focused upon. The gym leaders and elite four, especially. In games such as Platinum and B/W, they’re fleshed out characters who interact with the player at different points, being at least NPCs that you witness wandering the world.

And who the hell is Siebold, then?

There’s about no content on the Kalos elite four, leaving much to be desired, but also, much to be invented by each player. Siebold engages in an actual, dynamic conversation, about your playstyle. He either agrees, or enters a righteous fury, and it’s a genuine encounter that always had me thinking about the answer I chose.

From this, is kinda just… sparked. That he considered himself a gatekeeper, and would decimate those who wouldn’t be just if they obtained the title of champion.

Or maybe, something else happened to them.

What would happen then? It flowed well into themes of the game, of life and death, and provided some nice dodging of tutorial writing, as well as, as you may see in the future, some relations to things greater than our character could have done before.​

You took a long hiatus from Rennaissance before reviving it earlier this year. Was there anything that felt different about the run when you returned? Did you have any new approaches to it?

I seem to have a habit of disappearing, don’t I? hehe

I feel like, by taking a break after such a critical reveal for the characters, not the reader, as well as the other events that took place, allowed it all to sink in. Honestly, I wrote it like how I’ve come out to some people. Some tears, sitting everyone down, getting it off my chest, clarifying some things, and taking a step back to watch the dust settle.

I left, Cecil said some wack shit, and then, we’re both back.

I knew some things that I wanted to implement back in. More dialogue, especially from the Pokemon. Actually pushing the in-game plot along, so I don’t dwell too long, don’t let settings get stagnant. I added in lines to emphasize certain points that I only hinted to subtly— like how Serena seems to be acting quite like Cecil, before meeting Siebold— and finally, I decided to start playing all of my cards. Mega evolution, actual plot, and the new me, as a writer. I had taken time on that hiatus to learn how to be myself better, and it turns out—

so did Cecil.​

Unusual starters are always fun! But why a Skrelp?

love me little seaweed man

no lmao but also, yes?

It originated from the regional contrast from Clawitzer, Siebold’s ace, and is just really fun type combination! I also love alternate starters :>

I wish there was something deeper there. Maybe that Poison/Dragon is the polar opposite of Fairy types? Who knows? ;)​

There's an interesting way you organize your prose. You utilize repetition and italics in a way that's almost rhythmic. Is this your normal style or something specific to this run?

I keep hearing that! I'm honestly not sure where it originated, but I think that through writing the first chapter, I meticulously edited and made it as flowing and visual as possible, to where the rhythm sort of… found itself. And then, of course, I needed to replicate that style, and it became natural, to the point where it has become my writing style for other works.

I haven’t found my key, or my strategy for it. Rather, it’s just an instinctive, natural rhythm, a mindset, that, I think, found me; not the other way around. It’s a thought process, words being conceived in the moment that they’re typed, instinctively, as if trying to think of how you skip as you prance along. It just…happens, and you have to let it.​

Running Hot by Zephyr_Iphis

Garish Garchomp sat down with Zephyr_Iphis to discuss their storylocke of Omega Ruby!​

So first things first, because this is a revamp of your first nuzlocke. What’s the process like with such a task, esp. working off an original version that’s over 300k words?

You would think the length would be an issue, but the biggest hurdle was figuring out what angle I wanted to use. The point of view in the original is effectively omniscient, and I knew I didn’t want to do that again, but it was surprisingly tough to figure out how I wanted to tell the story instead, and find a tone and perspective that I thought was engaging. The flashback with Latios fixes a lot of issues I had with the original by joining the macro and personal plots together much more tightly and putting the focus more where it belongs. After I had that figured out, it was time to restructure. The original didn’t have much planning and followed my playthrough pretty closely, but there’s often a more efficient way to hit all the notes I need than the way they first fell together. I also trimmed the cast down before I started writing because it got out of hand in the original. I cut some characters I didn’t need and redistributed Ren’s extra mons to Kai and Wally instead of them having their in-game teams. The benefit of hindsight is that it’s a lot easier to figure out what I do and don’t need, which threads lead to something important and which I’d be better off without. So it’s sorta panning for gold and then smelting the little nuggets it into neat ingots.​

On a similar note, we’ve got Wally making an appearance pretty early on. I can’t really think of a way to word this but 1. Seriously he’s so adorable isn’t he god I love Wally and 2. What’s it like not only to be reinterpreting a canon character for your own story (however similar or different that interpretation is), but to also kinda reinterpret him from your original draft? You mention in your notes getting a better idea of him as a person, which I thought was really neat.

Wally is great and I love runs that use him! So going into the original, I had an idea of how I was going to approach most of the canon characters, but many of them took on a life of their own (as characters often do) and drifted away from my initial interpretation. And that was absolutely the case with Wally. He really surprised me! So what I intend to do this time around is take everything I liked about how he turned out last time and have that from the beginning. And now that I have a better handle on his role in the story and relationships with the other characters, I can further mold him to fit his role and bounce off the others better. At this point I’m not really thinking too much about how he is in the canon and just thinking about what I can do to make the Wally from the end of my first attempt even better! It’s a lot of fun!​

This story’s told through flashbacks on one long, long night. Are there any adjustments you had to make or complications that arose out of weaving a narrative in this format? How about when and where to have these interjections from Latios in the recountings?

Other than the format, the biggest change was the point of view. There’s a lot in the original that Ren didn’t personally witness or understand, so finding a way to include the bits I still want/need is an interesting challenge. A challenge I’ve sorta soft cheated on by giving Latios access to Ren’s pokemon’s memories as well as her own. The extras are also going to tell another side of the story from a different character’s perspective. The goal is to have them be non-essential but hopefully still enriching. And I fuss over the interjections a lot. What’s the significance of the scene? Where is Ren emotionally in both the flashback and the interjection? Is Latios’s voice right? How is the placement? Am I showing too much of my hand? It’s really a little disproportionate, but they do have a big effect on the way things play, so they feel very weighty.​

How did Ren and Tāraki’s relationship form for you? The vaunted trainer-starter bond is just about always a big deal, but this one really sticks out from the get-go as just vivid and immediate.

Taraki was the only one who emerged vividly as a character while I was still playing. I altered his moveset and used him in a bunch of battles I normally wouldn’t have because it fit him. So Ren developed, at least in part, as the sort of trainer he needed and who needed him. At their core they have similar spirits, which helps them understand each other deeply and instinctually, but they also have a lot of fun contrasts that I’m excited to dig into down the line. They really are an inseparable duo right from the start, which is not the case for any of my other trainers and starters.​

seasonchild by Clockenstein

Severance by Winterspheonix

BigRedLittleWolf sat down with Winterspheonix to discuss their comic of a randomized Platinum run!​

What was the inspiration for your comic? What stories or comics inspire you, be they nuzlocke or otherwise?

A lot of different inspirations came into play with Severance over the years, however the start of it would have to be a book series I read as a teen called Rule of 3. I remember that story sparked Severance's main concept and left a very solid mark on its creation. I only read the first one, but it was very interesting and played a part in being very different than most in its genre. Other things I could reference was a webcomic called Stand Still Stay Silent, an apocalyptic nordic comic I've spoken to others about before, which is very slow burn. Stories that inspire me tend to the the ones that have layers to them, where when you look back at the story you can see all the little hints surrounding the situation and the characters. They all feel like a puzzle so when you look back at it again, you can see exactly where everything fell into place. I also like out of the box stories, something that's just out there for its genre.​

Ohhh, yeah. Looking between the two, I can see a bit of the themes they hold in your nuzlocke. I like opening with lines like these, because I always think it's interesting to see how what we read inspires us, you know?? Kind of, finding a theme you like and turning it into your own thing. Everyone finds a way to place their own take on something, and you certainly seem to have found a genre you thrive in. It gives your comic a VERY unique spark, to say the least

Yeah, I always love seeing how people construct and get inspired from different stories, cause even if they are vastly different stories, you tend to find little bits of their inspiration somewhere in the mix. So im not surprised Rule of 3, Hunger Games, and Stand Still Stay Silent all sorta peak in through Severance from time to time. But yes, I love seeing the similarities and contrast between them all. I guess I have found a genre I like, but thanks so much for the compliment. I was really gunning for Severance to be a lil different in its own right, so to hear I achieved that makes me so happy!

Yeah! I think it also makes it stand out against nuzlockes out there, if you know what I mean? Of course, I think every nuzlocke finds a way to ground themselves and make their plot, but finding something interesting to do with the setting is ALWAYS fun to find because its something that hits you immediately. I know you're still early in on your nuzlocke, but you've already got something to your run.

BUT like, speaking of nuzlockes.

What was the appeal of nuzlockes for you? Did something draw you to the community, or the play style?

Well I fell in love with pokemon a long time ago, back when I was a little kid. When I heard about Nuzlockes, I was pretty intruiged. I liked the idea of the challenge, and it made the game have more risks. It wasnt just stradegy anymore, it has stakes, you start to care about the pokemon you collect, and there's a chance to fail. Nuzlockes made me fall back in love with pokemon. I legit bought all the 3ds games before Nintendo moved to switch just so I could play all the 3ds games if I wanted to do a nuzlocke I felt they'd fit. The first comic I read was Kynim's Mythos of Unova, and I think that's what got me hooked initally into the comic and story making aspect of it.

Nuzlockes really do just force an emotional connection with your pokemon, don't they? It's really interesting to see how people connect with these little pixel creatures when they suddenly have the ability to just.. die. Forces you to consider the stakes when send them into battle, to kind of copy what you just said.

Oh yeah, Kynim's comic was a huge staple in the community. Not that we're here to talk about that, but it's fascinates me just how many people were introduced to the bloodshed of nuzlocke by her hands.

Of course there were other nuzlockes that drew me in, but that was the first, even now shes collecting reader tears. But anyway, yes nuzlockes are pretty unique for that. Its so funny to see the difference in a regular playthrough versus a nuzlocke, its strange in way; for all the reasons above of course. Like, there's so many cases where a pokemon you initially don't like suddenly turns into a pokemon you like solely because of how it did in the nuzlocke. I'm definately one of those people who had that experience. And of course you don't just use pokemon you normally would, adding to the stratedgy and risk reward situation. You wouldn't see half the E4 teams we see in nuzlockes also in competitive. I think thats what makes nuzlockes really special.

I think my favorite part of a nuzlocke is that it forces your hands in using new pokemon, and finding the interesting ways of using it. It's also made me personally analyze what pokemon I gravitate to, at least with strategy and game play in mind.
It's also like, pretty interesting to see how nuzlockes accidentally kinda root themselves into regular gameplay after you've done them. Like, I think even with playing a vanilla game, I still only end up catching a single pokemon on each route.

Absolutely! New pokemon always was an interesting situation, but gosh does it make it so much more interesting and also makes you actually like that pokemon to some extent. It is really fun to analyse what pokemon were caught, why, and what was most useful. I learned quite a bit about how I play pokemon while doing this nuzlocke's run. Oh gosh I won't even lie, I started up another nuzlocke for fun and I completely forgot I could use TMs (since Severance's ruleset didn't allow for them.) It was frankly very bizzare to use TMs again, I felt weirdly wary about doing it in that other run.

I think this actually leads perfectly into my next question

Why randomized? What was the appeal of something randomized compared to vanilla gameplay.

Oh gosh this question. I love vanilla, don't get me wrong, but I do like the surprises that comes with randomized too. In Severance's run, I only had lvs to go by in terms of seeing what I was up against next, which made my ruleset all the more scarier compared to where I could just look up all the moves and pokemon from the info we have on the internet. When you randomize, you actually can get a file stating all the changes, I told the program to not do that, I was forced to go in completely blind. It adds a little more of a challenge to it.That's not why I picked randomized for Severance though, randomizing has a very particular story element to it that vanilla just couldn't do and I thought would comlpiment Severance's story more than vanilla. Why will be revealed pretty soon though!

Vanilla is still really fun though, always nice to have the original starters and all the pokemon you know are in the game and to try out that specific batch of pokemon.​

No, I completely agree with you! I think I've strictly done randomized runs where I could since I did my first one. It's just something about the surprise and sudden accessibility of pokemon you normally wouldn't have access to through vanilla. It kind of helps add to what we previously discussed, I think? Where you get the chance to use a lot of pokemon you normally wouldn't.

It really adds something to it, I think

Yeah! It really does add to that, its really fun for that reason! It does add a unique feel and I really love them for that reason.

Keeps you on your toes!​

did you have the idea for your run going into it, or did it develop as the game play progressed? You have a unique setting to it, so I'm interested to hear how and when you designed your world.

Oh, that's a fun one to talk about! I knew a general sense of what I wanted when I started my run, the premise was basically set up. Then I needed my ruleset, which I managed to find and it fit very nicely into what I was wanting. When I designed this run, I wanted it to simulate as much of the conditions the comic had as possible, that way the story would flow that much more smoother. (For the randomizer thing, which I failed to mention before, I had to set it a certain way to ensure it wouldnt break the vague continuity I had going into it. Specifically, static/overworld pokemon stay the same and no legendaries popping up randomly.) Once I had that down, I started to work on the story as I progressed, trying to organize my thoughts and the timeline of things and how all the ingame events could corralate into a narrative. Then it grew to other questions about the world in general. That's kinda how Severance got to be where it is now. I love connecting one thing to another, its really fun to see a sort of cause and effect. Lore was pretty fun to write due to all of that, I have a document I wrote before I started the comic, so that was both fun and also a lot of work to put in.

So it was a strange mix of both, by the end of the run I knew most of my points, then refined it afterwards.​

It's always interesting to see the way people sort of, pre-plan and plan around their comic. It's a way of preparing for a story completely unique to our community, given that we aren't entirely in control of the events of our story at times.

Your comic seemed to be prepared for an overarching story from the beginning, so hearing how you kind of built on what you already had really makes sense. It seems kind of like it was like lego blocks. You had the base, and you built up from there?

Yeah basically! I treated the in game as the basic events, then build up and around it all. I really enjoyed making the big battles like gym leaders and such a lil more impactful than they are in the game. Adds some fun flavour into it!

I do love seeing people pre-plan and go over things though, everyone does it differently and its interesting to see how they work with the events.

Did you have a favorite part you worked on? Or how about a favorite character you like to write for. Whats that special bit of spice that comes with working on your run, or something you'd really like to shine spotlight on

Hmmm..... I want to say the world, cause that took a lot of time, its really fun to develop it and see where it lead to; I kinda went down a rabbit hole when it came to that. Though my favourite I like to write about has got to be Tala, she was a tough one at the beginning for me to write about, but she's become one of my favourite characters I've made in general. She's hard to describe into simple terms but I think that's what I like about her. If I were to mention the spice that comes with my run, its probably the lil mysteries and hints I've been dotting around the pages. As well as the certain style in envirnment and charater design I've been toying with, as the setting we have is a little different than usual. I can't say much on those mysteries but i can say we are seeing the latest in a long line of falling dominoes.​

I think some of the best developed and well rounded characters end up having their personalities hard to describe. When you just have that many facets to a character, it becomes kind of easy to loose yourself in all the small details? But it makes me excited to see where exactly you're going to go with her. It seems like you got a lot of 🌶 planned for us in the upcoming future.

She's definitely an interesting one. I'll give her that, quite the chaotic little bean. I love her a lot though. But yes I agree, characters like that are both fun as well as complex, but I think that makes a good protagonist sometimes. (Simple ones can be very good but I've always loved complex protagonists!)
Oh gosh yes, I have quite a bit planned for the upcoming future, I've kept my lips sealed quite a but on Severance, so it's going to be nice to finally reveal the core stuff as well as everything else surrounding it. Every page is one step closer though!

All in all I've really excited to reveal it!​

I would agree. I always have a soft spot for stronger characters, though that probably has to do more with how easily you get attached to them. In the end, it just hurts more when something happens. You know, in a good way.


Is there anything you personally want to bring up before we go? Any hot burning topics on the back of your mind you'd like the world to see?

Hm.... That's a good question actually. The harder one is what I can talk about without hitting that wounderous spoiler zone. Oh, I am planning some side projects for Severance as of this moment, one will hopefully be out before the next page or two. So that is something I love doing, is just adding lil extra things just for the fun of it.

Currently I'm working on something more interactive, but nothing I make as extras is needed to enjoy my Nuzlocke to the fullest, only to compliment it!
I love seeing Nuzlockes have lil extras, like extra comics and things!

agreed. It offers another look into different parts of the world, or different aspects of the story. I can't say I don't have a guilty pleasure for that myself!

Absolutely! I definately have a soft spot for it!
Other than that, I don't think there's much I can share at this time in terms of other topics. But I do want to thank everyone who has commented and are reading Severance! Y'all are awesome!! And thanks so much for taking the time to come and talk to me!

Yeah, absolutely!! It's been a lot of fun hearing about your comic. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to interview with us!

It's been fun talking about it with you! And your welcome, its been an honor to do this lil interview!​

Slice by satanicswirlix

Bowser's Family Vacation wrote a short but sweet fanwork for satanicswirlix's run - check it out!
He looks up at the Pikachu gijinka. Pills, needles, a gun… The works. His right eye socket twitches. This guy’s gonna need a damn good explanation for this…

And the guy can see that. His ears are drooped. Sweat is dripping down his brow. He can’t quite look him in the eye. And he had no trouble looking him in the eye before.


“Make it quick,” he’d snapped. He had snorted at that. Just to piss him off, he had started to go slower.

He’d noticed. “Do you know who I am!?” An entitled traveler, but he knew the guy would fill in the blanks better than he ever could. He had watched as something sufficiently insulting burrowed its way into his mind, crawling between his eyelids to take root in his brain. “No respect…” he had grumbled. “Don’t you hate that?” What? Lack of respect? He had given up on mustering emotion at work long ago. Between the remarks about his eye (or rather, the lack thereof) and his… condition, if he wasted time on hating, that’d cut into his paycheck.


The Pikachu gijinka extends his hand. Yeah, he’ll take that. He waves at him as he walks away, just to make him squirm.

He’ll always make time for that. And speaking of time… Yeah, he’s off for the day.

Solstice by MouseWithADinosaurTail

glancesherlock sat down with MouseWithADinosaurTail to discuss her PMD storylocke!​

You've normally had comic runs on the forum. What's it been like transitioning into writing a storylocke?

Honestly, it's like coming home. Finding Your Roots is the first comic I've ever worked on seriously, and it was my first big step into visual art. I've always doodled on paper and stuff, but I never even considered myself an artist until I started FYR. The learning curve has been massive, and while I am getting a better at it slowly, I'm still struggling with things like visual storytelling, relaying details, finding a balance between subtlety and obviousness, etc. But I've actually been writing for a good 10 years or so. I know the medium like the back of my hand or at least my arrogant ass likes to think I do, so after taking a year-long break from writing to work on comics, it's been such a relief to dive back into a medium where I actually feel like I know what I'm doing.​

The world of Solstice is a far cry from the bright and friendly Mystery Dungeon games. What made you decide to have a darker take on this worldbuilding?

The darker worldbuilding is mainly just done to create the tone I was going for, and I pursued that tone because of the premise. Solstice was one of those story ideas that randomly hit me, a PMD world where a human is called to restore the sun. A world without a sun is- duh- dark, so the tone needed to match. The tone needed to be sad, dark, grisly, hopeless, horrifying, depressing; this is a world that has already died, after all. And so the worldbuilding was just created to match. Details like dead foliage that's died without sun to photosynthesize, hostile and distrusting townsfolk, criminals that no one cares enough to stop because the world is dead anyway, zombies that can't be cured without sunlight. It's all just to construct tone and mood. If you want the reader to feel the tone you're going for, that tone has to be saturated in every piece of the story. It's pretty basic.​

Elaine is such an anxiety-ridden sweetheart, and this idea that she's the only fire type anyone's seen in a while is very interesting. Did you come up with this bit of lore before playing the game, or was it because your in-game avatar was a Tepig?

The hero and partner for the run were both chosen randomly. I actually didn't wanna go with tepig because before I did the run, I'd recently replayed Gates to Infinity casually as a tepig. So I rerolled the dice and got tepig AGAIN, so I figured the universe was just giving me a nod that picking tepig was a good idea, and I'm glad I did! So yeah, the idea came along out of luck that I got tepig. Though I probably could have spun something similar for snivy or axew or pikachu.​

Keeping up with one run is a challenge all on its own, but you've got three! How're you managing them all?

Well, what helps me a lot is that two of my runs are separate medias. Thus, I don't really consider them to be a shared workload. FYR doesn't take time away from Solstice, and Solstice doesn't take time away from FYR. Plus, writing is something I've just always done, so working on Solstice is barely work for me. The main thing that makes it difficult is trying to work when my MDD is acting up (which is the reason Solstice is most likely going on hiatus in a couple weeks and FYR is updating slow u.u).

As for my second comic run, uhhhhhhhhh, I'll be honest, balancing a comic and a storylocke is infinitely easier than balancing two comics. Making comics is a lot more resource heavy than making written stories, so how am I managing two? I'm not at all. :'> Finding Your Roots is my priority, so sadly, I'm not sure when Adventure Club will be coming back from the war if at all. But maybe I can find some time to work on it again someday, it's just not gonna be any time soon.​

What made you choose to do a reactionlocke for your first run on the Nuzlocke forums? And why Pokemon Reborn?

Well I chose the Reaction-Locke format partly because I have no talent/patience to create a comic or written run and partly because one of the first runs I read was Macktavious' ABC-Locke of Pokemon Black 2 back in the halcyon days of the Zetaboard Forums.

I just really liked his style and humour so like all truly innovative people I ripped it off and made my own version.


Also I'm a HUGE narcissist.

I chose the Reborn because I heard about it's difficultly and well...the mainline games weren't doing it for me. The curse of no longer being a child playing a child's game I guess.

I don't think I would have been able to keep going at it if I did a main game. I'd just get bored of how easy it is.

Now I have no idea how I even stumbled across Reborn but if I had a very rough guess, it'd probably be because I saw a video about that Ash Gray fangame where it follows the first two seasons of the anime? I didn't even know there was such a thing as Pokemon fan-games at the time. I probably just googled Pokemon fan-games and chose the best looking one.

Not exactly the most compelling origin story but it is what it is.​

Along with your other run, Alpha to Omega, you seem to be very talented with editing stuff into your reaction shots as well as 3D models. Can you give us a background of how you got into creatives like that and what do you think it adds to the runs you do?

Oof another reminder to get off my ass and finally finish that run. But I'm glad you think I'm talented in editing. Well it's definitely an improvement when you look back at the early days when I was using a online photo editor instead of using Photoshop, an app that I definitely 100% legally pay for.

As for background aren't any really? I think I just naturally got better at Photoshop over time and messed around with MikuMikuDance (the program I use to rig the 3-D models in ORAS) until I got close to what I wanted.

I was probably just me thinking "how can I make this joke better?" and working from there.​

You actually post this run on two forums, which is incredibly rare. How has that experience been like?

Oh. That's an unexpected question. It's been very good all around. Pretty much everyone who comments likes it so that's always uplifting to read. It helped form the fanbase for my other Nuzlocke runs as well. (And I get more views on this site by doing it so that's an added plus, can bring more people into the fold.)​

You've been doing this run for 4+ years now, which is impressive for a screenshot run. And as your Table of Contents says, you have 1 more season to go before the run presumably ends. Have you done your gameplay yet and what can the readers expect in the future?

Y-yep! Four consecutive years! Totally! No absurdly long 3-year+ hiatuses at ALL! Hahahaha!
Okay I'll level with you. Those 4 seasons that I have are only like...a year and seven day's worth of uploads.
3 of those years were side-tracked by the snail-paced updates of Alpha to Omega and the Rejuvenation Nuzlocke which has eclipsed this one by now.

And there's more than just one more season left, that season five thing in the table of contents was just a joke. I've got content up to Season 8 (Episode 96) before I ran out of game to play. So I'm just waiting for the final installment of the game and then I'll be done.

I'd like to win in the end if it's at all possible.

What to expect in the future? Hmmmm...
It wouldn't be a very positive ending to this interview to tell the truth and say "death, death, more suicide attempts, Sean makes a genuine friend and then that friend dies, misery, misery, Majin Vegeta Sean and even more misery"

So I'll sugarcoat it and say "More of the fun and good times you can expect from Pokemon Reborn!"​

That Time I was Reincarnated Into a Pokemon Protagonist?! by Beach Episode

Garish Garchomp sat down with Beach Episode to discuss their Platinum storylocke.​

Let's just start at the most obvious place. What was the approach with this “transported to the Pokemon world” deal? As in, I guess, what did you set out to do with this classic premise? And how did that change over the planning phase?

I wanted to find a way to make the Isekai premise work for a Nuzlocke specifically, through the planning process that changed drastically as I have planned out three subsequent stories, who knows when I'll finally get them all out. But since the beginning some elements that have proven to be fairly popular were planned out. The concept of having Suzy replace the version of herself that lives in the Pokemon World was always going to happen. To get back to your first point, I didn't want to play the Isekai genre how I've seen recently in which the protagonist is given something that makes them nigh unbeatable.

I have nothing against these stories. Stories in which the question isn't 'Will the hero succeed?' become instead 'How will the hero succeed?' It's a slight difference, but a Nuzlocke tends to live or die by its stakes in my mind. Not always true, of course, but the real heart and soul of what a Nuzlocke is to me means consequences and tension.

Because I made that decision early on to have Suzy not be insanely powerful I played around with different things I could do with the setting. I am very fond of the notion of having legendary and mythical pokemon deified by the people of the land. As such, I ran with that as teased/evidenced by Suzy obtaining supernatural abilities that have never been shown in any official Pokemon material.

Outside of those things, I think that every time I sit down and write the planning phase continues just a little bit more. I, of course, have plans for a second and third run which I've been toying with writing concurrently but I've got no real concrete plans since my life has been so hectic.

Hopefully that answers your question!

That definitely does! And it makes a lot of sense to take some of the conventions of that genre and tweak them to fit Nuzlockes, which in and of themselves have certain norms and like you mentioned, certain stakes that other settings might lack or just express in a different way.
That's crazy that you're mapping out multiple runs on top of this too, I definitely didn't expect that but that's hype af tbh, especially seeing how this one starts out

Yeah exactly, it all sounds rather obvious - but i think it was about finding the tension of Suzy knowing what’s at stake here.
Thank you! A lot of people view it as a fool’s errand, but I love complex stories and I love to weave an intricate web!
There are things i’ve set up that won’t even come up until the second narrative as well! Maybe no one will notice - but i think it’s fun as long as it doesn’t detract!​

Damn, you really are playing the long game here!

At times I can be! But I think most people are they just don’t give themselves a lot of credit!​

I might have to requisition that for usage on Nuzlocke-themed motivational posters tbh. I'll make sure you get credit and royalties!
You actually kinda touched on my second question bc you may have some supernatural abilities of your own, but was there a certain implication of using the isekai genre that you were most excited to explore? And on the flip side, was there one that troubled you when planning things out, or felt like a bit of a hole to fill?

Hahaha of course!

The thing I was most excited about was definitely getting to explore suzy’s overfall anxiety about her situation as someone who had previously enjoyed the content in question. She has a unique perspective on her situation that she can’t share with anyone and I think that makes her position inherently interesting and empathetic to the reader.

As far as apprehension or holes to fill, as you put it, i didn’t have any major concern about the genre. That being said my biggest fear was retreading ground that had been covered. Isekai is not a new genre and is intensely popular even still especially in Anime. So i wanted to make sure at every step this wasn’t about Pokemon being a video game.

If anything the thesis of the run could be more succinctly described as ‘what if everything in those Nuzlocke’s was very very real.’ (Spoilers for recent chapters) Suzy doesn’t get her anime revenge moment when Barrett, her starter died. She tries to, certainly. Bur her grief and her anguish overcome her and force her to the ground. She tried to take a shortcut in the wayward cave and nearly drowns. She is a girl without much independence and certainly without a plan. So i’ve tried to distance her and the story in those ways.

Actually, one thing i will say i’ve been concerned with is showing Suzy as wrong at times. No regular fan of nuzlockes and Pokemon in general has every detail about the series memorized and she no longer has access to things like bulbapedia and serebii. She forgets things constantly. I do worry that reader will confuse her mistakes as simple stupidity, as such it’s been a tight line to walk!​

I love how we get, like, her general anxiety to start too, and then not only do we get to see that after the situation unfolds but we get to see a more specific, directed kind of anxiety as well. Not that it's anxiety overload but you set the stage well and then do well at contextualizing her perspective to boot.

Oh thank you! That's very nice of you to say!​

I felt like this while reading it and I'm feeling it even more with these answers, it feels like you're taking a very deconstructivist attitude to this work? At least in your awareness of the tropes and how you're trying to subvert them (which ngl is one of my greatest loves in nuzlocking) and how you're pushing past this being a game or just some sandbox situation the protag can toy with. Taking so many of these situations and adding real difficulties and adding an emotional or visceral aspect to them can just be so effective, especially with the right framework (such as the tragedy you're mentioning above) to drive them home.

Absolutely! I think a big part of it comes from how I write. It can be a negative, but I tend to write (especially dialogue) as though it's for screen. There's examples all over my work but one of the reasons I enjoy writing in the first person for Suzy is that her thoughts can therefore be interrupted in a fluid way that can be dynamic to read.

Because of that very tight focal length, everything Suzy does is punctuated by some kind of emotion, anxiety, personal triumph or thought.
Whether it be when she kisses Dawn and notices the trail of Dawn's hands and how awkward her own are, or in a scene like the prologue chapter in which Kate interrupts her thoughts questioning their relationship.

I think it comes from both my love for film, animation and cinema and also from the kinds of books I read!​

That's pretty cool though! I know there's a few people around who are really influenced by the big screen and screenwriting in their works, and having that dynamism can really add something to scenes where the whole point is that it's dynamic, it's real, it's not just pixels on a screen (though idk what the resolution's like on those HP bars Suzy's seeing). Real quick, got any media recs that really struck you and saw you incorporating something new into your style of writing?

Well I do have one for the second Nuzlocke, a lot of the framework of that second run is based on a book I read fairly recently. It's a book called Bloody Rose by author Nicholas Eames. Fantastic novel, amazing characters, can't recommend to anyone more. Probably one of my favourites of al time and has drastically impacted how I've approached writing since reading it.​

Good stuff! Know what I'll be looking up after this interview then...

It is seriously one of the best novels I've read in the past decade​

Let's zoom in a lil closer on Suzy now. You start off hard in the paint with the lines drawn (or blurred) between our protagonist and the Suzy she’s replacing. What was it like building that, as she refers to it, venn diagram?

It's an interesting question, the Suzy we know, from Earth, was built second, believe it or not. Platinum Suzy was the first character I truly worked up. They weren't necessarily made in opposition to one another, even though they can seem like opposites at times. In fact, I wanted to focus more on the concept of them being very close to the same person at a point. Before two events, one for each of them, started a branching off point that caused them to become so different.

I've always wanted to work with the concept of doppelganger's but I don't love the idea's they usually bring forward. Things like Dostoevsky's writing bring ideas of self identity. That's not what I wanted to do. I wanted to look at the idea of looking in a mirror and seeing what a person who viewed themselves as very flawed and then seeing themself as another person. Taking this person who is clearly suffering from depression and putting them outside of their own experience in a world in which they are replacing themselves. It's a really interesting lens at which to view things like depression and what one actually doesn't like about herself.

Essentially, it's easy for Suzy (Earth) to look at herself and reject things as mistakes, flaws, etc. But for her to look at herself from an outside view, and hear other's opinion about her. Platinum Suzy is still a flawed individual, she's experienced trauma, loss and losing her own identity and self-interest. But Earth Suzy, feeling much the same way, has a harder time putting those things down. Because it feels removed enough from herself.

Kind of a rambling answer, but I hope that gives you insight to my view on those two!​

No, that's really cool actually! You're pretty direct out of the gate with how much focus this story has on their depression and their experiences so it makes sense that it's such a focal point and it's something that you've been building upon. I love that idea of essentially externalizing the concept of doppelgangers, though? Because you can go one of two ways with doppelgangers, either highlighting the contrasts or the comparisons, and I love how you go the latter and kinda go outside-in with it by taking two Suzies from very different universes and then show a lot of what makes them similar (but also in a way that, especially early on when POV Suzy is trying to orient herself, makes the few differences stand out). It makes for a hella neat character(s) study!

Yeah I'm pretty happy with how it's gone so far!
But yeah it's definitely been a bit different from most approaches that's for certain

Alrighty, let's bring it home now. Readers of this interview might have guessed this by this point, but your run has some serious mystique to it. That's especially the case once we get some glimpses of certain NPCs., to try and stay spoilerless as possible even early on when things are still up in the air. But how do you go about writing hidden information, or characters that know more than we know?

That’s a great question. My approach has always been to do a deep dive on characters whose knowledge supercedes Suzy & the reader’s. If they know more I want to know exactly what they know, how they found out, etc.

But for when I’m writing dialogue my approach was inspired by improvisational shows that i was in when i was younger. There’s an old improv lesson where you’re given a goal in a scene and everything you say should work towards that goal.

Suzy’s goal when speaking to someone like Cyrus or Mars is to discover more information.

The other’s goal can vary but is typically something like ‘Find out what Suzy know’s.’ As such every single sentence from each of them is a test. It’s almost like writing spies.

Every line can be read into, or could be a trap someone has laid. Which is which, i’ll leave up to everyone’s interpretation! Some commenters have gotten very close to some truths and others have made connections i didn’t even see!

That’s a lot of the fun for a story filled with mystique i think!

Thanks so much for your time by the way! It was awesome getting to sit down and speak with you ☺

I wasn't expecting a shout-out to improv, but I love that crossover and that very targeted nature of it, esp. where even two very disparate people can coexist in a scene. And keeping characters' motivations in mind not just on the macro level but with the micro, in individual scenes and even just single lines of dialogue is super important. Not everything needs to be a loaded question in order to work towards that goal, too. Also just really cool to see you leaving stuff up to interpretation too. God knows I've done that (often accidentally) a lot in Nuzlockes, and it's always just fun to see what readers come up with.

And yeah, you as well, thanks for carving out some time to knock this out! These are legit some phenomenal answers that really help illuminate some of the run. I had a blast catching up on it to conduct this too.

Thanks so much!!​

wee woo wee woo the FBI's here! by lineonthepaper

Having been dropped off in Littleroot Town, “Jen” begins a journey around Hoenn to prove to her superiors that she is a capable thief. However, she’s not as competent as she’d like to think. This screenshot run delivers fun and silly dialogue, plus some original drawings for added flavor! You'll find yourself cracking up at the antics the characters get up to.

Banner art courtesy of Dustox.

What the Heck by Rubombee

Garish Garchomp sat down with Rubombee to discuss her Ultra Moon storylocke!

So let’s start with, well, how you started. You mention literally first thing that this run wasn’t planned, and I quote… at all. How did you go about forming it and not just that, but getting over a dozen chapters in?

Ok so, the reason why I came on the nuzforums was because I wanted to try out a nuzcomic of gen 8.

And you know how there's these questions to answer so you can get into one of the Hoenn trio teams? Well lemme quote a message from the Friendship Café ★ of me going: "The first question of the questionnaire for the teams made me actually consider an USUM nuzlocke. I haven't finished this games yet… It wouldn't be like a comic for sure though, maybe a journal?" (note: I meant "written log" here)

To which Tailsimp responds, "A Nuzlocke told in the form of a journal sounds neat!"

My reaction being "Oh, I was thinking about a non-story kind of journal, but having like the trainer take notes actually sounds great..."

...and my brain, of course, immediately proceeds to think of a story idea and it's too late guess I have to write now. :'D

So yeah tl;dr it's @Tailsimp's fault

Oh and about writing it gimme a few mins I'll answer that totally didnt forget

Lmao no worries! It's always cool to hear about (and fun to talk about) the inspiration for a run, because every run on the forums has a different impetus that brought it into existence

Then, since I hadn't planned for this to be an actual story, I wanted to make it a lil bit easier so I decided to write in present tense first person - cough cough - so I made the protagonist a self-insert. I also decided that I would write as I play the game so that there's no big story planning to do since, well, I have no clue who's gonna survive and stuff xD

Overall I guess I'm happy this is my first nuzlocke ever (yes it's my first) cause it's very much less work than a comic and "trains" me in some way, but I still like it a lot!​

Maaaaan hitting me with the callout on the present 1st lmao. That's cool though, sounds like a really nice intro to the community and to the wonderful, emotional roller coaster of a world that is nuzlocking!

The isekai genre is a bit of a modern classic. What made you want to run with it (or incorporate elements of it) for this story?

The earliest notes of that I've found are from the very same day the exchange with Tailsimp happened, and they very much look like me spitballing ideas. Tbh I don't remember my thoughts at the time, but maybe the self-insert protag is what drove me to isekai? I also really liked the idea of the protag having no clue about anything, so rip Milza no memories for her xD it also meant i didn't have to think of a backstory for a self-insert

I will not say anything about why nor how she got here, though — just that, yes, I know the reason, and I also currently have no idea of when to make the revelation happen since I don't know USUM's story very much

That makes sense, and I think having it be a run where you're just winging it wrt writing it can kinda help when it comes to upholding that genre and whatnot? Like, you have no clue about anything and neither does the protag? And hell nah I wouldn't dare ask for spoilers as to the hows and whys! Or spoil you as to USUM, that is ;D

You also touched on my follow-up! A lot of times we’ll see the protag at least know, like, “Wtf I’m in the Pokemon universe, this is crazy.” Well, this is not one of those times. So what are the challenges and the rewards of doing it where the main character has no idea what Pokemon is and no idea why that tiny little cat just shot lasers out of its eyes?

I guess if I was gonna have an amnesiac protagonist, her knowing about Pokémon wouldn't make sense cause, how and why would she be able to remember it? Moreover, if she had gotten my own knowledge of Pokémon, she would've had an easier time, and we like angst better don't we her descriptions of everything through unknowing eyes make it all the more fun to tell & funnier to read. Also, the people around her acting like everything's fine make it even more disturbing for her.​

Makes sense! And it's nuzlockes, angst is in our collective lifeblood I'm p sure

Let's finish it off by looking at the rest of the ensemble now. With such a colorful cast of people and creatures in Alola (and as you said, with like all of them questioning our bewildered MC), who’s been your favorite to write so far other than Milza and why?


Well I'm not sure why, but I feel like it's the Pokémon? As in, Milza's team (& the mom's cat because it has a very cat behaviour). Maybe because they're kinda closer to Milza than any of the human characters so far & a good source of comfort, maybe because they're cute, maybe because I'm more attached to them since I caught them myself (the team)? I'm really not sure but, htere we go :'3

& a final note: this story is not dead, school has just been killing me a lot :'D but i'm trying my best to keep writing when i can!​

Heck yes! Thanks so much for the wonderful responses, can't wait to see this story back on when school permits! <3
That concludes the Showcase Spectacular! Please let us know what you think. We'll be formally collecting feedback in the near future, but feel free to drop us a line with your thoughts!

Huge shout-out to everyone who dedicated their time and effort into making this possible. I can't count on my fingers how many people contributed to the showcase, but I'm blown away by how many stepped up. The Spectacular was meant to not only celebrate the creative talents of our members, but to usher in the forums' new home here on Xenforo. Put our creative abilities on display as we push forward in improving our community! We're a unique little corner of the weird wide web, and we hope the above has demonstrated that.

Until next time!

- The Feature Team
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Autistic writer who starts more things than she finishes. Also a major Twitch Plays Pokemon lorewriter. Rather be a happy shill than an angry critic.

Terra and her cat Benga accidentally summon Unown while playing with a mysterious tile set and are transported into the world of Pokemon. During the rocky transportation, Benga is turned into a Litten, and they run into a friendly Hoopa who decides to tag along. Once in Pallet Town, Terra encounters an unexected and dangerous situation, with only some suspicious new friends to help her through it.

Pokemon Burst: Blue Moon bounces between many different perspectives, including people and Pokemon, and it interjects a lot of humor and personality into each one.

Banner art courtesy of RodentLibrary. You can check out their amazing animations here!
YEAH! I love this banner! I especially appreciate how my original text logo was both alluded to and vastly improved on. Looks a whole lot cleaner. Terra's suspicious expression fits the character well, and Hoopa/Ali is mischievous as always.

I would appreciate a scaled-down version though, one that I can fit into my signature alongside my Ori's Gift banner without exceeding the signature size limit.

Gonna have to take a closer look at the rest of these works later -- unfortunately I have a roleplay session in 15 minutes (well, not really unfortunately because it's fantastic, it's just that the timing is unfortunate), but I will say congratulations to everyone who submitted their fan works here!
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rip my italics and striked-through text
and rip@/Tailsimp i didn't mean to accidentally actually ping you in my interview sorry

((edit theyre back thanks gar!!))

THIS IS SO NICE. I just read everything!!! what do you mean its 1:30 am and i should be sleeping
All the fanwork and interviews and synopsis and everything i love it!!

im already late with my comments and now i have like a ton more runs i wanna check out omggggg
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A Spark of Brilliance by Picket Furret

If you are looking for a fun and casual run, we have just the thing for you! This comic run takes the great hack game Volt White, which includes Pokemon from the first six generations, and finds a way to make its world feel just as organic as the classic game. It focuses on a sassy and energetic version of Hilda, along with her buddy Pikachu starter. The art style is cartoonish and quite appealing, and the run itself is filled with witty jokes as well as quite a lot of adult humor. But it also contains a few serious and even touching moments, really letting its characters shine. This comic is still in its early stages, which makes now a perfect time to join the fun!

Banner art courtesy of Emilianite. Check out her comics Folded and Chamerion!

Now THAT is a Banner! Thanks so much @Emilianite!


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This Pokemon is a master of having too many projects at the same time. Also, I'm Pikablu!

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"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"
Ashes to Ashes by Bowser's Family Vacation

This anime-inspired, family-focused Yellow storylocke is both nostalgic and innovative. Ashley Ketchum’s on a quest to find her missing father and stop the mysterious corruption that’s been spreading through the region. Told through a collection of documents reflecting on the Kanto Catastrophe, this story has a delightfully diverse and lovable cast of characters mixed with a compelling plot.

Banner art courtesy of Emilianite.
You know, I'd off-handedly thought that the watercolor aesthetic of your comics would fit Ashes To Ashes very well. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that fusion would ever happen! Thank you so much for making it come true, @Emilianite !


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yall im about to commit photosynthesis but instead of absorbing sunlight imma absorb raw unadulterated TALENT from every single person on this thread and more cos oh my gosh my third eye has opened and i just galaxy brained
this is just so freaking awesome to see a beautiful collection of work done by everyone and my gosh theres so many runs I need to check out here
the interviews were all so sweet and inspiring to read through, all the blurbs were so interesting and the artwork and writing and just the overflow of creativity??? B O I im gunna scream with the wind
this was such a treat to look through and I just wanna say amazing job to everyone this is just SO GUCCI... and thank u for having me cries it still means a lot! and I hope everyone keeps up the good work cos what a community of skilled-ass people <3

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in which sugar makes a maybe epic take number 2 and finds more of what she didn't expect...ed by sugar heart

A casual and amusing commentary run of the Japanese hack game of Silver, Touhoumon Ordinary Version, a game in which all the characters are replaced with characters from the Touhoumon universe. This run is full of funny and sarcastic remarks, mixed with Sugar's thoughts as she plays this unique hack, which isn't commonly used for Nuzlockes. Now is the perfect time to join Sugar as she begins her journey through this strange new land!

Banner art courtesy of Dustox.
thank you @Dustox, wherever you are.

this banner and this description added another thirty years to my lifespan


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Dang look at all these swell nuzlockes!!! So many I need to read more on! All of these are fantastic in their own way! And of course thanks so much for making this mods! There was so much work to feature so many runs! Also thanks for featuring Severance, it really means a bunch! The interviews were a ton of fun and reading through everyone else's nuzlockes is gonna be a ton of fun~
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pizza pasta mamma mia
oh my god this is so fucking good???? i absolutely adore the little details in this it's fucking incredible, i just... Fuck, man.

but i can't just skim on everyone else's work either holy shit!! everyone else did an excellent job and I appreciate and love every single banner/fanwork/interview, everything!!! it's fucking incredible yo

you guys at the feature team did an amazing job, congrats yo!


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He looks up at the Pikachu gijinka. Pills, needles, a gun… The works. His right eye socket twitches. This guy’s gonna need a damn good explanation for this…

And the guy can see that. His ears are drooped. Sweat is dripping down his brow. He can’t quite look him in the eye. And he had no trouble looking him in the eye before.


“Make it quick,” he’d snapped. He had snorted at that. Just to piss him off, he had started to go slower.

He’d noticed. “Do you know who I am!?” An entitled traveler, but he knew the guy would fill in the blanks better than he ever could. He had watched as something sufficiently insulting burrowed its way into his mind, crawling between his eyelids to take root in his brain. “No respect…” he had grumbled. “Don’t you hate that?” What? Lack of respect? He had given up on mustering emotion at work long ago. Between the remarks about his eye (or rather, the lack thereof) and his… condition, if he wasted time on hating, that’d cut into his paycheck.


The Pikachu gijinka extends his hand. Yeah, he’ll take that. He waves at him as he walks away, just to make him squirm.

He’ll always make time for that. And speaking of time… Yeah, he’s off for the day.
omg thank you so much @Bowser's Family Vacation ! this is really well written and you've captured vincent's scumminess perfectly


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Thanks again for the awesome interview!! All the interviews are super interesting, and the banners and fanarts are so cool!


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I love, love, LOVE this event. Such a great counterpart to the Extravaganza. Thank you to everyone who put in so much time and effort into writing, drawing, and organizing to make this happen. I'm sure this is going to be a great source of inspiration for people to discover all the amazing works these forums have to offer. I know I sure have my hands full with all these new runs to check out! I hope this continues to be an annual nuzlocke forums holiday :)

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nice nice nice nice I'm in
...wait a minnut, the letters "am" got eaten!
thank you, our tyrannical computer overlord
anyways, this showcase was a hoot, good job to all who participated! reading this whole thing was like reading a comfy community magazine I wanna do this again.


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Y'know, I'll admit. When this event was first announced, I didn't really think much of it. It didn't seem like something that would be super fun or exciting like the ganza. Just kind of another event to tide over some negative feelings and whatnot. I didn't think it'd really be noteworthy.

Boy, did you guys prove me the fuck wrong.

The amount of hard work and love overflowing from this thread is amazing. The amount of love put into each and every entry has me floored. I don't even know how else to describe it, there's just so much LOVE! So many runs got included here that I was so happy to see, and I've been introduced to so many more that I never knew about but am so eager to see more of! All the artwork is beautiful. The written fanworks are engaging, and the interviews are so fun and interesting!!! It's so cool to get a glimpse into how different authors think about their work and define their work process! It's so cool! By the time I got to the end of the thread, I was smiling from ear to ear! What a beautiful and awesome event this is! Thank you feature team, thank you so SO much for working so hard and bringing us this! You guys work so hard and do such good work. Really, thank you!!! And thank you to all the people who contributed to this! Look at what this community can do when we all band together!


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WHOAA, I can't wait to go through these and find some more good stories to invest in. Great work everyone! <3

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