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Written Story Johto Teen Mon The Last of Me: A Crystal Storylocke

Thread Description
So this is what extinction feels like! Updates When I feel like it.


Masks are so 2016!!! But don´t forget to wear one
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Grass, Water
Pokédex Entry
The Master of both Light and Darkness; who loves the Violent and Dramatic, and the Fun and Adorable.
In a world Ravaged by the Legendaries, the one surviving human must traverse his Home Region of Johto in an dangerous adventure. With the help of his only friends, The Pokémon, he must face off against the dangers of the land, who are also Pokémon.

Surprise, here´s a brand new Storylocke from me. If you haven´t expect to see this; don't worry, neither did I. I think it's important to tell you the story behind this, is as crazy as the Run itself. ​

During this last couple of months, while I was developing Run Away, Survivors, I´ve been also doing the gameplay for an X Storylocke. This Story was gonna be a little different from my previous works: A Light-hearted Comedy Run, starring a trainer. When I said a little different, I meant the literal antithesis. However, a single event ( My starter died in the middle of the game) killed my motivation, and the Storylocke was cancelled. ​

Then the mandatory isolation came into my life; Since I was gonna be locked inside my house for 2 Weeks, that extended towards 4 by the time I'm writing this, I decided to play a casual Nuzlocke of Crystal (Did you know we were both born in the same year, crazy right!) to kill off time. During those days, a channel on TV had the great idea of putting Wall-E; afterwards, I went to buy food, and the deserted city reminded me a lot of the start of that movie.​

All those elements together, sealed by something interesting I just realized during my run, that you´ll find out eventually, put an idea into my head. ​

And that's how, The Last of Me was born.​

This will Take place in the Afterverse, before the events of The Aftermath and Run Away, Survivors. I wanted to call it the Apocalyptic Storylocke Universe, but A.S.U sounds a tad silly.​

This wont´t be as intense as my other two runs; but things are about to get Ultra Violent, and awesome.
And no, that´s not a clue for another run I have in the works if that´s what you are wondering.

  • Faint= Permabox
  • Catch first encounter per area.
  • Set Mode
  • No Repels
  • Shiny and Dupe Clause
  • NO LEGENDARIES, as if I could get one.

Day 10 ( Here)
Day 14
Day 18
Day 20

I haven´t finished the game yet, but I swear I´ll fill this when I defeat Lance.

UPDATE: Guess who has finally defeated the Champion!!!

BTW, Nobody died on this run. This is incredible.

Out there

There's a world outside of Yonkers

Way out there beyond this hick town, Barnaby

There's a slick town, Barnaby

No matter how many times I´ve done this, It's always fun to play this song in my PokéGear everytime I visit the City of Cherrygrove.​

Out there

Full of shine and full of sparkle

Close your eyes and see it glisten, Barnaby

I won´t move a finger, until Cornelius tells me to.​

Listen, Barnaby...

Put on your Sunday clothes

There's lots of world out there

Get out the brillantine and dime cigars

We're gonna find adventure in the evening air

Girls in white in a perfumed night

Where the lights are bright as the stars!

You know, I never imagined playing this song like this: Strolling around a destroyed Wasteland, with only me and my Pokémon as the only around. But enough about that, we have a job to do.​

We scavenged the houses and the Pokémon Center already, but there's always something of interest at the Mart. ​

Beneath your parasol, the world is all a smile

Oh man, here comes my favorite part.

That makes you feel brand new down to your toes

I can't contain myself anymore, I must sing at the top of my lungs.​

Get out your feathers, your patent leathers

Your beads and buckles and bows

For there's no blue Monday in your Sunday...

No Monday in your Sunday...

No Monday in your Sunday clothes!

Oh Geez, Charlie is annoyed at my singing; my poor Chikorita has heard that song over a thousand times, every single time we go out. ​

Back on the search, there´s nothing of value at the register, so we have to head into the storage rooms. Some of the essentials were found: FOod, medicines, you know the drill. But there was one essential thing we found that put a smile on our faces: An entire box of imported Lumiose Galettes. It's been sooo long since we indulged ourselves. Tonight, we are gonna dine like royalty.​

We loaded our cart with the supplies, and we headed back home. At this point I turned the Pokégear Off.​
I don´t want this thing to run out of juice so quickly, and is always good to hear the sounds of mother nature from time to time.​


New Bark Town, Home Sweet Home.​

I always have a feeling of Nostalgia every time I enter this important piece of my life.​

It doesn't matter that every house is now piles of rubble, or that I´m the only person here, or that everyone I once knew is dead...family, friends, even acquaintances. That doesn´t matter; what matters is that I´m alive, and that I still can call this place home; Besides, who needs them, when I already have a family to count on.​

Speaking off, I already spot Sammie guarding our home. One can always count on that little Spearow to take care of the others. Me and Charlie run into her, and we all entered in.​

Honey, I´m Home. As soon as I opened the door, a bunch of Pokémon gathered to greet me: You already met Peter and Charlie; but we also have Selena, the cutest Sentret you’ll ever see; Geoff, that Stonehead of a Geodude; Petey, a calm Pidgey; and Carl, just a Metapod.​

They are my closest friends, and I´ll give my life away to protect them.​

We all took seats next to each other in the floor, forming a giant circle the seven of us; I gave everyone all the food we found, and they ate them in a calm manner.​

Well, since there wasn't any incident or fights in the last two days. I pulled out the bag of Galettes. How about you all have a little threat for tonight.
When I gave everyone their proper share of sweets, they all gobble up with a huge smile on their faces.​

This was a fun time indeed, shame that it didn't last for long: Yeah, they enjoyed the food, but everyone then started to look at me with a face of concern. ​
I couldn´t understand, everything was fine, as fine as it can be, what could be the cause of such concern.​

What's wrong everyone? I asked. Are you worried about something? If it is about Carl, he's only a couple of days away from evolving, won´t stay as a Metapod for long.

Chikorita. No, That was not the reason. Charlie is calling me out. Chiko, Chikorita.

That's nonsense. Of course I´m happy staying here with you.

Spearow! Sam was the next in line. Spearow, Spearow, Spea..row.​

Yeah, I missed them, but you all know I had a hard time getting out of that mess alive.
Besides, it's not like I could do anything about it now.

Chikorita! My Starter sneaked into my pockets, and pulled out my Pokégear.​

Attention all citizens. This is Champion Lance on an emergency Broadcast. Every remaining human in Johto must arrive to Goldenrod City for evacuation.
I Repeat, every remaining human must arrive to Goldenrod CIty for evacuation. This Is Cham…

You are fully aware that signal has been looping for more than a week. I took my Gear back.
Even if we go, we won't find anyone there, assuming we survive the trip.

Chikorita! Charlie was mad at me. Chikorita, chiko, chikorita!

And what if we are not strong enough! I yelled at them, lost control of myself. I know we are are a team, but we are not in that world anymore.​
What if I´m not a good enough trainer, what if you guys get killed because of me! I won't live with myself if you guys die.

I couldn't keep myself anymore, I started to cry. Charlie and Selena got closer to me, and tried to comfort me. Chikorita…. Chiko….rita.

You are right, this is neither healthy, nor fair to me, to any of you. I cleaned myself with some toilet paper nearby. ​
I´m sorry, I shouldn't had lash out on you. You had nothing to do with my problems. Problems that I need to fix out myself.

Metapod! Carl and Geoff were giving me words of encouragement. Geodude...Geodude!

Wait, do you all wanna accompany me?

Chikorita! Spearow! They were cheering. Sentret! Pidgey!

It´s settled then. When the sun rises, we will all start our journey towards Goldenrod City.

All of my Pokémon friends then gathered together for a group hug. It was a heartwarming experience, even if Geoff was crushing us all with this Strength.​
This is gonna be a tough trip; there´s gonna be danger in any single place. But my team believes in me, and I believe in my team.​

Thank you Guys...for everything.

There won't be a consistent schedule for new chapters, things are still a little crazy for me, I´ll publish them as soon as I finish them. So, Don't stay too tuned for this one.

Tanks a lot for this weird project, and I wish you all a Happy April Fools Day.
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A Comedian At Heart
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 15, 2019
Pokémon Type
Fairy, Flying
Pokédex Entry
She's like a sea urchin. Tough and prickly on the outside, but delicate and easily wounded if hit the wrong way. Please handle gently.
I'm very tired so I unfortunately can't tell if this is an April Fools day joke or not. But I legitimately enjoyed this, hahaha? I'm not quite sure why the protag doesn't speak out loud (unless the whole conversation with his pokemon was all in his head), but there are some legitimately wholesome vibes here, and the idea of trying to get to Goldenrod City in time for an evacuation is a cool idea. If you end up doing more, I'll read the next chapter!


Masks are so 2016!!! But don´t forget to wear one
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Grass, Water
Pokédex Entry
The Master of both Light and Darkness; who loves the Violent and Dramatic, and the Fun and Adorable.
  • Thread Starter Thread Starter
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I'm very tired so I unfortunately can't tell if this is an April Fools day joke or not. But I legitimately enjoyed this, hahaha? I'm not quite sure why the protag doesn't speak out loud (unless the whole conversation with his pokemon was all in his head), but there are some legitimately wholesome vibes here, and the idea of trying to get to Goldenrod City in time for an evacuation is a cool idea. If you end up doing more, I'll read the next chapter!
Enough joking around, It´s time to get serious with this run (And by that I mean to upload more chapters, obviously)

On the road
On the road

Oooo. This is the quite the perfect song, for a perfect road trip.​

On the road
On the road

I always knew downloading that album was a wonderful Idea.​

On the road to Viridian City

I'm on my way

I'm on the road
I'm on the road

On the road to Viridian City

I'm on the road

With the Pokégear at top volume, me and my team have officially started our morning walk. ​
Route 29, Cherrygrove City, Route 30, and Route 31; I still can't believe we traversed all of those places, in just three days.​

Of course, it wasn't easy. We spent the entire first day hunting for enough supplies for such long trip: Medicine, different tools of the trade, a pair of clothes, Water, documents just in case, and all the food we could carry. Oh right, I almost forgot the toilet paper, never forget the toilet paper.

Fun fact: do you know how much self-control it took for us to avoid entering the Dark Cave, located in Route 31?
It may sound silly now, but we were really curious to see what was inside. Thanks goodness Charlie was there to keep us in line.

And he has a point; if we want to reach Goldenrod in time, we have to get serious, and avoid getting distracted with every single thing.

NO big thing, we can definitely do this; Not like Johto is considered to be one of, if not the most beautiful Region in the entire world, and it would be a darn shame to miss out all those amazing places. Like I said, no big thing.

Anyways, Violet City was on sight; According to my calculations, If we make quick work of the place, and go west, we might be able to reach the evacuation in just two more days. This is so exciting.

Houses were already looted, so was the Pokémon School; And with enough goodies taken from the Mart and Center, we had to move on.

-Freeee- Carl was calling me.-Freee, Freeeeee.-
-Believe me, I want to explore Sprout Tower as much as you do- I sat down next to my Dear Bug Type - But we can´t afford to lose any more time-

-Sentret- Selena joined in, and tried to persuade me with her adorable stare. But I resisted the charms, and continued with the journey.

-We will reach Goldenrod City, and absolutely nothing will stop us!-

I completely Jinxed it; upon reaching Route 36, something had stopped us: There was a never ending path of fallen trees, blocking the entire road.
There goes our fastest way towards Goldenrod, and the longer path will take us an entire week to get through.

-Well, this blows. But can you do.- I tried to stay positive; this was just a minor setback, nothing to be upset about.

-At least this day won't be getting any worse.- And as soon those words came out, a heavy rain started to pour around the whole area.

Me and my big mouth.

-Free...Butterfree.- Carl advises, while he covers behind me.

-*Sigh* You´re right Carl- I tried to calm myself down.- It's better if we stay inside the City until the weather´s clean.-

-Sentret!- Selena asked with excitement- Sentret, sen… Sentret!

-Yes Selena- I laughed a little bit- I guess we are gonna visit the Tower after all.-
My little normal type then hugged me and Carl out of happiness, at least something good came out of this oddity of a day.

We rushed back into the city, it was dangerous to stay outside on this crazy weather.
I ran as fast as I could, I even almost slipped a couple of times on the way. But at last, we made it into the tower.

I gotta say, this place looks incredible, even after all this mess; I heard somewhere that this kind of temples are built to resist earthquakes, and they made a darn good job in keeping this landmark almost intact.

Of course, it was far from perfect: There were leaks everywhere, the wood was about to rot, I´m pretty sure some Bug Types made some damage around, and it's a freaking miracle nothing or no one set this place on fire yet.

I pulled the team out of their Pokéballs, so they could explore on their own while I change my clothes, because the last thing I need is to catch a cold.

I arrived to a small bathroom on the lower floors, one that I hope hasn´t flooded yet; and after putting my wet attires to dry off, and having to dry my body as well, I put on a spare set. Thank goodness I managed to pick them up in advance, otherwise it would've been really awkward if I went full commando around my team.

After completing that awkward task, I returned to the ground floors, where Charlie and the birds awaited me; Carl and Selena were still exploring, with Geoff keeping an eye on them. Both Sam and Peter really wanted to join the others, it's a shame their wings didn´t allowed them to fly, thanks to this forsaken weather. Sammie in particular was eager to fly upstairs, like if she didn´t want to miss something happening there.

Of course, who am I to ruin their fun; I went ahead and helped them dry off their feathers with a small towel. I´m not gonna lie, this was an incredible experience: These two never allowed me to pet them, and finally having the chance to display such a form of affection, is something you'll never forget.

Charlie even sit next to me, it´s like we were one small happy family.

If only the other three were here to join in on the fun. Although, now that I think about it, they were out for way too long. What's even more concerning, is that the main pillar was shaking like crazy; this only happens when there's too much movement in the tower.

The four of us rushed upstairs to catch them up, before something else happens.

As we reach the stairs, I could heard some voices from afar.
-Sentret! Sentret!- Selena was calling for us, she must be scared. We must hurry up.

We finally got to the final floor, and boy we were for a surprise. The place was plagued entirely by a massive flock of Bird Pokémon: Pidgeys, Spearows, even Hoothoots; they were all causing quite the ruckus.

-Free, Freeee!- I can hear Carl, they must be nearby; but with all these birds flying around, is nearly impossible to see the rest of our group.

-Sammie, Peter.- Maybe my own birds could help me.- Can you do something to calm them down.-
-Pidgey! Pid..gey!- He has a point, There's no way to talk with them right now.
-Spearow! Spearow!- Sam was catched a glimpse of the others, they were right in the opposite corner.

As far as I could see, Selena and Carl were fending off as many foes as they can; all while Geoff is having a violent bout with a giant Pidgeotto, possibly the leader of this flock. My Geodude may be strong, but even he doesn´t stand a chance against such a strong opponent, not alone at least.

Sam and Pete attacked the big Bird from behind, while Charlie peppered the other foes with a barrage of Razor Leafs, and a ferocious Growl. He's cute and powerful, that's why I chose him as my starter Pokémon, all those months ago.

I checked on the others, thank goodness they didn't get any major injuries form this.

-Everyone listen! There's only one way stop this fight!- If the strongest of them falls, the others may follow.- At my signal, Tackle the Pidgeotto at once!-

The Six Pokémon followed my lead, and surrounded the Bird Pokémon in a giant circle.
-NOW!!!- The entire team bashed their heads at him, at the exact same time.

The leader fell straight into the ground, with the others birds calming down as a result.

-Alright Rustle Feather.- I approached him, with the most serious expression I could make.- Unless you wanna end up as tomorrow's breakfast, better tell me why you attacked my friends.-

-Pigeotto!- He spoke nervously.- Pid ... Pidgeot ... Pidgeotto!!!-

-I understand having to stay here due to the weather, and I can forgive your searchfor food.- I helped the bird to stand up, while maintaining an intimidating stare. -But murdering my family; that's something I´ll never, ever, forget.-

Me and my team went downstairs, and left the flock on their own luck; hoping the others understood my message, and don´t mess with us again.

-PiD...gEy!!!- Peter was looking at me with the a shock and terrified expression.
-Come on Peter, Of course we weren't going to actually eat him.- I stood near him and try to ease his fears.- But yeah, I'm really sorry for scaring you. It was something I had to do to ensure our own safety.

But now that problem was settled, we were finally able to settle in for the night, and sleep in peace and nothing to worry about.

At last, the sun finally rose up, and the rainclouds have finally left the blue sky, replaced by the majestic rainbow.

We didn't waste any time in getting out of the Sprout Tower, to witness how the flock flew away into the unknown. Even after what happened yesterday, I'm still glad to see them safe and sound, and wish them luck on their own trip.

But we also had our own trip to worry about, and continued the walk towards Goldenrod.
-Row…- Upon seeing the streets drying off from all that water, Sam realized something hilarious - Spea… row… Spearow!!!-

-Oh my god Sammie, that was… just flawless!!!- We all had a laugh at her wisecrack joke.- But nice try, we are all still gonna take a shower upon reaching the closest river.-

There´s still a long way to go, so why not enjoy all the little things in life.

The Narrator

Charlie The Chikorita
Selena The Sentret
Sam The Spearow
Peter The Pidgey
Geoff The Geodude

Introducing: Carl The Butterfree

And with special participation of The Violet CIty Birds.
No Birds were harmed during the making of this Chapter.

Oh Boy, there´s a lot to unpack here.

This run is full of surprises, I originally planned to make just one chapter and leave it at that; but, there was quite the potential with the story, that I couldn´t just abandon the project. And with the surprising positive reception, and being a nice chance of pace from my other work, I got the motivation to continue with a second update.

That being said, This is gonna be a very short Storylocke, with Around 8 Chapters in Total, And some things will definetely be skipped over because of it.

As for the chapter itself, there´s not much to talk about. The Pidgeotto and his flock are the obvious stand ins for Falkner and his Gym battle.
Of course, with the Narrator being the only human alive, he had to battle a bunch of wild Pokémon instead.

Thanks once again for reading, and I wish you all a safe and amazing day.
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Masks are so 2016!!! But don´t forget to wear one
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Grass, Water
Pokédex Entry
The Master of both Light and Darkness; who loves the Violent and Dramatic, and the Fun and Adorable.
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Happy Late Mother´s Day Everyone!!!
And to celebrate this holiday, here´s a chapter that has nothing to do with Mother´s Day at all.

After days of travelling, we reached the town of Azalea. As one would expect, this place was overwhelmed by the vegetation, and populated by Bug Type Pokémon. And as we all feared, all those Pokémon have their sights on us, with the hopes of turning us into their afternoon brunch. ​

At moments like this is when I like to turn my Pokégear on, and play some music.​

Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen

Pour myself a cup of ambition

Yawn and stretch and try to come to life

We could spot eleven of these predators, all lead by a vicious Scyther.​

Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin'

Out on the street the traffic starts jumpin'

With folks like me on the job from 9 to 5

The team was all set and ready to fight. Hit it Dolly!

Workin' 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin'

Barely gettin' by, it's all takin' and no givin'

Charlie knocks some sense into a Ledyba and a Spinarak with a mighty tackle.​

They just use your mind and they never give you credit

Carl uses his Psychic abilities to confuse and defeat the entirety of the Weedle evolution line.​

It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it

Selena follows Charlie by tackling a Caterpie and a weedle into submission.​

9 to 5, for service and devotion

Peter gust away a very unlucky Paras.​

You would think that I would deserve a fat promotion

Sam unleashed her power by Pecking both a powerful Metapod, and a sturdy Kakuna​

Want to move ahead but the boss won't seem to let me

Geoff was the one to battle against the Scyther, and he defeated the leader by throwing a rock.​

I swear sometimes that man is out to get me!

After such overwhelming defeat, the Swarm had no choice but to retreat. We were finally allowed to continue on and explore….​

You know what, I just can't do it, this is getting way too forced for my taste. These last couple of days weren't really the most exciting; In fact, they were … really depressing: One day we visit the Ruins of Alph, now that everything was in ruins as well; Then, we pass by the old fishing pier of Route 32; And just yesterday, we got inside Union Cave, praying there´s an open exit on the other side.​

Things went without a hitch, but still. Travelling into a deserted wasteland is not as cool as the media made it out to be, and is just another reminder of how lonely and miserable you really are, and how great things were before this mess, when people traveled across the region on their own journeys, and shared their own unique experiences with other people; sharing your own adventures was the fun things about this, but now that nobody´s left, the journey just… lost all meaning, and enjoyment. I thought reaching Azalea, or fighting those Bug Types might light things out, but no.​

I sometimes even doubt if doing all of this is really worth, if there's really something waiting for me at that City of Goldenrod. ​
If it weren't for Charlie and the others encouraging me to move on, I would´ve quit back in New Bark. ​

I came so far, I can't give up now!!!​


Back to Azalea. At least that battle with those Bug Types was really fun, shame it didn't last for so long. With the path free, we were able explore what's left of the Town. My Pokémon and I went as usual: Search the houses for supplies, see if there's a good place to spend the night, and try to avoid the empty void that is the Slowpoke Well. Oddly enough, it looks like somebody beat us to the bunch, all the houses were already looted, nothing useful to be found. This, can only mean one thing: The evacuation will indeed happen, and other humans passed here on their way to Goldenrod. Either that or those things were stolen by other Pokémon, I really hope is the first one.​

But there's still one place left to search, I saved the best one for last: The house of Kurt, the Pokéball Creator himself. I had to get there, and see if I can get a grasp on one of his legendary Craftsmanship. Don´t get me wrong, these balls are completely situational at best, and do the opposite of their intended purpose at worst, but they could serve as a cool souvenir once I leave the Region. ​

Hail (hail)

That's weird, when I get closer to the house, I swore I heard some music, and someone singing.​

Hail (hail)

What's the matter with your mind

And your sign an-a, oh-oh-oh

At first I thought someone left their Pokégear on, after they looted the place; But once I sneak my way towards the entrance, the voice sounded more real, and more feminine. And when the time finally arrived for me to open the door, I couldn't believe my f*cking eyes.

Come and get your love

Come and get your love

There was another human, another freaking human, singing out loud while holding a Love Ball. And swear she was human, she had two eyes, and opposable thumbs, and hair only in her head. It´s been god knows how long since I saw another one of my kind; when my eyes met hers, I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy, I stood there in silence trying to hold my excitement​

Come and get your love

Come and get your lo...

When she first laid eyes upon me, she turned off her Pokégear, and stood there in silence as well. It´s been like that for a few seconds, I had so many questions I wanna make to her, I needed to break the ice one way or another. But when I was about to say something, a Pokémon next to her casts a large Smokescreen, and she then pushed me aside and ran away from the house. I couldn't just let this meeting end like this, I had to go after her.​

-Peter, Sammie, Don´t let her get away!-I asked to my two birds, as we all rushed out of Azalea, and heading towards the Ilex Forest.​


If anyone wanted me to make a long, detailed description of how beautiful this Forest really is; then I´m really sorry for disappointing you, but we have someone important to chase. It took us a lot of running, my lungs were on fire, but we managed to cornered her in a dead end path. ​

She wasn't fond of this, for obvious reasons, and released sent her Pokémon against us.​
-Get any closer… and my Quilava will burn this whole place down.-​

-No please, I´m not here to hurt you.- I was both terrified and amazed at the Fire Starter, specially with how strong it looks compared to my beloved Chikorita.- I just wanted to interact with literally the first human I´ve seen after everything went to hell.-​

-Well, your people skills is another thing that went to hell.- She calmed down, realizing how much of an idiot I truly.-So what do you want?-​

-Well...I...just..wanted--to- She was right, my people skills were really awful.​
-I just wanted to talk to you, and see if we could go to the evacuation together.-​

-So that's what brings you here.- The little joy she had was then thrown off the window.-Do you really belief that lie of getting back to civilization?-​

That word really hit me: A lie. Did she really belief my only hope of getting back with humanity, was a lie. I couldn't believe that, it must be a lie, a lie about something being a lie, she must be lying That's when I started to notice something within her attire: Without trying to get too much into the Male Gaze, last thing I need is to be shipped with MORE people, is that her shirt had a peculiar Red R letter.​

I recognized that symbol, it was the trademark emblem of the infamous Team Rocket Organization. She was one of them, and that Quilava must´ve been…​

-Of course you might say that, you thief.- I was angry, and frustrated.-And that starter doesn't belong to you, so give it back, or else..-​

-Or what, do you really think your weak birds have a chance to defeat it.- She was done with this, the Fire Type was about to burn us with Ember, if not by a Rock getting thrown at it. Geoff was our only hope to win the fight, but neither side wanted to fight.​

-You know what, this is just a waste of time.- She ordered the Quilava to stop with the fight, and the two just went back to Azalea.-If you want to believe in your fairytales, and that morality nonsense, that's not of my goddamn business.- If only she said it like that. And the Starter seems to be happy with her, or at least respects her enough to continue by her side. It was bad for me to assume she was a thief, but it was too late for me to apologize. ​

There goes my first interaction with a fellow human; But I'm not gonna give up yet, there will be an evacuation there, There must be.​

In a piece of convenient timing, the nightfall just arrived on the scene. I was too tired to deal to travel any longer, I set up a small camp next to a small shrine; didn´t fully remember what it represented exactly, but sure was making me feel safe. I had to get ready; because tomorrow, or the day after, I´ll finally reach Goldenrod, and I´ll finally get out of this depressing region, no matter what anyone says!!!​

And you know something funny: Before I close my eyes to fall asleep, I swear I saw a Small Psyduck staring at me. It was very cute.​
Today was an interesting day indeed.​

The Narrator

Charlie The Chikorita
Selena The Sentret
Sam The Spearow
Peter The Pidgey
Geoff The Geodude

Introducing: The Other Human
And a Quilava.

And with special participation of: A Psyduck, that is clearly not my catch for Ilex Forest.

It´s really hard to be positive at all times, specially if you´re on a journey like this. I had a lot of freetime this week, and I was really motivated to work on this chapter in particular. The title is a lie, there´s more of him, than even he expected.

And yes, the battle in The Azalea Gym was a real cakewalk, specially with Geoff on my team.

This week songs are:
9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
Come and Get Your Love By Redbone

Thank you all for reading, and I wish you a good night.
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This Run: Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in!

I had some extra free time this week, and I got inspired to work on another chapter.

What's the best way for you to wake up in the morning, to prepare yourself for an important day: Some People like to get coffee for breakfast, others like to take a nice relaxing shower, and those are the only two examples I could come up with.

But for me, the definitive way to wake up like a boss, is to see Selena walk.

Ever since she evolved into a Furret, kicked a lot of butts off-screen, my precious little Normal Type was full of surprises: For starters, she's Huge; We were all led to believe one could carry them in your shoulders, but I will collapse if I were to do that. I know, because she jumped into me in celebration. But It was super adorable, so screw my back.

Back on the walk, one would think a Furret only jumps to traverse the lands; but no, Selena just walk normally with her small little paws, and is the most adorable thing you could ever imagine. The only thing that would make this adorable scene even greater is some music, chipper wholesome music, like the theme song for a small little town on a distant region.

This has absolutely nothing to do with what´s about to happen next, I just wanted to share this bit of happiness for everyone to read. It's always important to pay attention and appreciate all these amazing moments, as small as they are. Believe me, that's really going to come in handy.


But enough stalling: It's time for the event we all been waiting for twenty days, that somehow felt like three entire months: Our arrival to The City of Goldenrod. And we didn't come alone; that's right, some new Pokémon joined the family. First is Penny, a lovely Psyduck from Ilex Forest; And Donna, the devious Drowzee of Route 34.

Both of them followed us, with no one looking after them; and since the rest grew fond of the two, I allowed them to travel with us.

Back with the City. This place really stands out among its piers in the region of Johto, even after the Apocalypse: All the magnificent buildings were still intact; from the Humongous Department Store, to the addictive Game Corner, even the Magnet Train didn't crash into the station somehow. It was truly something to behold. That being said, there´s one peculiar change that truly makes this place stand out; Pokémon had taken absolute control, inhabited all buildings, like if they created their own small community in these lands.

I hope we don´t get into trouble with them, that would be an epic disaster.

We didn't care for that, our sights were solely set for the iconic Radio Tower; no other humans could be found anywhere else, so they should set the evacuation here. -Attention all citizens. This is Champion Lance on an emergency broadcast. Every…-

The transmission is still on loop in my Pokégear, so nobody pulled the plug just yet.

Before I could enter the station, I put everyone in their respective Pokéballs, I didn't know how this will go down if they were inside; the only one out was Charlie, my starter Pokémon, and the one who motivated to go here in the first place. I needed him on my side.

-Chiko…- He looks at me with some concern. - Chiko… Chikorita? -

-I want to believe I'm ready too.- I replied back, my body was shaking like crazy.- But I'm very nervous, I never expected this, NOBODY truly expected this.- I had to be brave, just a little more, just a little more to get out of this nightmare.


Nobody was on the first floor; no fellow survivors, no authorities, nothing. - Hellooo, is anyone there? - But no, nobody answers. -Chikorita, CHiko… chikorita. - Charlie is right, maybe they're upstairs. The place has five floors after all, there’s no need to panic just yet.

Second floor, nothing; Third floor, even emptier than the last one; the path to the director´s office, still nothing. I was getting desperate, maybe they are all hiding on the final floor, where the transmission was playing.

I ran as if my life depends on it, because It was.

I didn't hold back, and kicked the entrance to the fifth floor. Sadly, it was also empty. Nobody was there, the place was empty, and abandoned. If that's the case, then how... -Attention all citizens. This is Champion Lance on an emergency Broadcast...- I could heard that cursed transmission in the room, it was coming out from an old recorder, connected to an electrical outlet.

But aside from that, there was only a journal lying next to a table. -Every remaining human in Johto must arrive to Goldenrod for evacuation. - It was a written log. At the last page, it says that the final day for the evacuation was…. 11 days ago.

-I repeat, every remaining human must arrive to johto for evacuation. - This can't be, so are you telling that I would've missed the escape, even if I followed the transmission since day one. -This is Champ…-

I lost it, and threw that miserable transmission into the ground.

Couldn't take it anymore, and fell into the ground myself. Fear, anger, frustration, sadness; all those emotions overwhelmed my mind, after my last hope to return to civilization, to reunite with human civilization, is all gone.

Everything we've experienced, was for nothing.

-I should've known, I should've fucking known. – That other person was right; the evacuation was truly a lie. - But I was dumb enough to not see the obvious signs, or just desperate enough to deny it. -

-Chikorita. - Charlie tried to calm me down, but I was too frustrated to pay him attention.

-But what else can I do! That was my only option, and was nothing more than bullshit. Perhaps is better if we just give up and move on. -

-CHIKORITA! - He didn't like me giving up. - CHIKO … CHIKO … CHIKORITA! -

-AND WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MY PAIN! - As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I immediately regret it. Charlie was crying, he was deeply hurt, and ran away from me without even looking back.

I realized, I screwed up big time. Charlie may not have witnessed the mass genocide of his own species, but he truly knows a thing or two about being the last of them still on this earth: He's A Starter Pokémon, after all.

But by the time I realized this, it was already too late: He's gone, and it's all my fault.


I exit the tower; Charlie was nowhere in sight. And to be honest, I didn't see any reason why he should forgive me: I´m nothing more than a bother with nothing worth saving. I kept the others in their Pokéballs, it was not a good idea to make them go through that.

I was very close to release them all, but I didn't have the energy to do anything.

I, just sit down, next to the Infamous Game Corner, like if I were a vagabond. Which is funny, I did look like one, only I have a ton of money with me; Old, damaged, useless money; money I can't even use to buy something stimulant. And now I wonder, they use drugs and/or booze because of an addiction, or is just their way to cope with their pain? Did they really become like this by choice, or were just victims of the cruel human society?

And now when you think about it, was the apocalypse caused by us, or was an act of God to exterminate us and put an end to our selfish acts?

I don't blame either way, after what we did to this earth, after what we did to these wonderful creatures, we call Pokémon: enslave them, put them into Pokéballs, breed them, and even force them to fight each other against their own free will.

Perhaps is better if we, is better if I just die, the world would be better off without us.

I was about to release the rest of my team into the wild, when a couple of Meowths walked in, staring at me with disgust. -Meowth? - They lost interest in me, upon realizing I was still breathing. - Meowth … Meow... Meowth …. Meowth. - Big catch, what big catch?

I managed to get a hold on one of them, and asked about this big catch they're talking about: Apparently there's a Grass Type lurking around the city, and they are gonna hunt for it; that's gotta be Charlie, and he's in great danger. The Normal Type then points a direction before I let it go. I had to head there and save him before it's too late.

-Peter, Sammie, I need your help. - I called upon the two birds to aid with the search.

We eventually heard the voice of our dear friend, coming out of the Department Store.

Our presence was noticed, as a trio of Sentrets awaited us at the reception; but with the efforts of Sammie and Geoff, we pushed their defenses and went downstairs. Later floors were flooded with a variety of enemy Pokémon; Meowths, Snubbulls, even Jigglypuffs.}

I would prefer not to hurt these adorable little fellas, but since they are about to hurt my closest friend, I´m not gonna hold back. Selena joined in the fight, and kicked butts and bashed heads with her powerful Headbutt Attack.

Battle after battle, after battle later, we reached the rooftop of the facility, where a particular Chikorita was hiding under some furnitures. Those monsters did a number on him; he looked so hurt, so sad, and so… familiar.

Oh no, that fateful memory returned into head.

It was a long time ago, a year before all of this happened, when I first met Charlie, under similar circumstances. It was nothing special, young trainers used to either release these Grass Type starters or deposit them forever into the PC: They are weak, their type is terrible against the gyms, he looks too girly, he´s a male Chikorita, I knew them all by memory.

He needs medical attention, but refuses anyone to come closer; If his trainer was there, I would´ve punched the teeth right out of his face. -Is alright, I´m not gonna hurt you- I lowered myself, and offered him my hand. It took some time, but he gave me a chance.

Over time, after I took care of him, we became closer. He even allowed to give him a nickname: Charlie The Chikorita. Instead of isolating himself, he gave himself the chance to thrust in a human once again, and to reopen his heart.

He never gave up on me, but I did. I truly made a huge mistake, and I had to fix it.

-Charlie, I´m really sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you, and I shouldn't have yelled at myself.- I lowered myself, just like the first time we met.- I promise I'll try my best to become better, and to find a way back to civilization, even if you don't forgive me.-

He cried, not for sadness, but out of happiness. He got out of his hiding spot, and jumped right into me. As he gets closer, his body shined, and grew exponentially. He evolved into a Bayleef, and just when he was about to jump into me. I was filled with so much joy and excitement, I didn´t mind if he was crushing me. -Bayleef, Bayleef. - Yeah, I totally deserved that.

-Spearow! - Sammie and the others were also happy at the reconciliation. -Spea...Spearow! - Well, her wish was granted: a few second later, she also evolved into the majestic Fearow.

-Pidgey, Pid... Pidgey! - Sadly, the same miracle didn't happen thrice, and poor Peter was unable to evolve into a Pidgeotto, sorry about that.

This was truly a bittersweet moment, it made us forget we were still under attack: A Clefairy jumped right in, but Selena headbutts her before it could make a move. -Cle Cle Cle Cle.- Was that Fairy Pokémon laughing at us? - Clefairy, Clefairy …-

Their boss is on the way. I don't know why, but hearing that makes me shake; no, scratch that, everyone´s shaking. In just a few seconds, the matriarch arrived.

-Oh, you gotta be kidding me! - The leader of this entire group was none other, than a Miltank. But she is not your run of the mill Miltank; no, she´s the Infamous Partner of Whitney, Goldenrod´s former Gym Leader. Many trainers lost many Pokémon upon facing against this beast of a battler in hand to hand combat. And knowing her trainer, is no surprise she left her precious Ace Pokémon behind to save her own skin.

Now that Ace became a ruthless gang leader, and is about to kill us all.

Selena butts heads with her fellow Normal Type, but only herself was hurt by the attack; Miltank then kicked my poor little Furret right into a wall. Sam flew in to attack from afar, only to be knocked into the floor by a single Rollout; and even after evolving, Charlie was still unable to fight on his current condition. They were still breathing, but with Miltank still at full health, I´m not sure if we´ll make it out.

Carl, Peter, they will be crushed by Rollout; Donna, Penny, those two didn't even battled yet. There's only one Pokémon in my team, who could go toe to toe with her. -Let´s go Geoff. I believe in you!!!- Upon releasing the Pokéball, my sturdiest battler arrives to the ring. He only needed to look at Miltank once to get fully pumped up.

Speaking of the devil, our opponent continued with her Rollout; but this time, she caused some damage to our Geodude. With the attack getting stronger by the second, we had to stop it; Geoff´s attack won´t knock her out in time, so it's time to stall.

-Use Mud Slap, while you still can! - He threw as much Mud into the Miltank as he could, all while getting hit by two more Rollouts. Even with his tough exterior, he was on the brink of death; one more hit, and he'll be history.

-GEOFF GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!- But he couldn't listen, was struggling to even stay conscious. The others were injured, and she was about to hit, I had to do something.

I rushed in with all my strength, and pushed my Pokémon friend out of the way; we both fell on the floor, neither of us were injured. Meanwhile, the Miltank continued her way; without a way to stop, she couldn't prevent herself from crashing into the walls of the rooftops, and falling into her death. That's Karma for you, I guess.

But I actually lied, we didn't escape completely unharmed: The attack caught up with me, and crushed my right foot. With us surviving the battle, and the adrenaline caused by the whole ordeal made me unable to feel the pain. But the orders were concerned for my well-being, as well as their own.

-Bayleef. - Charlie looked at me with sadness. - Bay… Bayleef? -

-Is alright Charlie, just a flesh wound. - I laughed while I still could. - We just need to head to the Pokémon, and we will be healed in no time, hopefully. -

-And after a proper recovery, we will figure out another way to return to civilization. -

The evacuation might be out of the equation, but I ain't giving up, and neither does my friends. With the help of them, we all exited the department store without any difficulties, now that all foes ran away after we defeated the Miltank. We even get to witness Selena walking.

I told you to pay attention to the small things.

I wish I can tell you more about of story in Goldenrod; but that would be for another time, this entry is already too long as it is. We all need to rest, and so do you. See you all until then, and don't forget to take care of yourself.

The Narrator (Sprite Not Found)

Charlie The Bayleef
Selena The Furret
Sam The Fearow
Peter The Pidgey
Geoff The Geodude
Carl The Butterfree
(Sorry for not crediting you before)
Penny The Psyduck
Donna The Drowzee

With Special Cameo by: Whitney´s Miltank

Traggic revelations, new catches, amazing battles, backstory, social commentary discussions, forgiveness, evolutions, Furret Walking, injuries, Whitney´s Miltank; This Chapter is loaded with stuff. So much stuff, that we couldn´t afford to add a musical number; we went way over budget.

Thankfully we will be able to return to our usual style next chapter, whenever that arrives. But it will arrive, eventually

As for the Miltank battle, it truly didn´t end that quickly; With she using Milk Drink, Geoff took forever to truly defeat her, and that couldn´t be adapted into the story. We truly got lucky there, the run would´ve ended right then and there if Geoff was defeated.

Thanks a lot for reading this Oddity of a RUn, and I´ll see you next time
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