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Written Story Alola Teen Step Up: A Randomized Moon Nuzlocke

Thread Description
Chapter 4: Hit the Ground Running


Lur King
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Pokémon Type
Pokédex Entry
Stays in the distortion dimension where no one bother him
I am Uberle
And welcome to my first go at a fully written run
Why yes I am very nervous
So ruleset is pretty generic
1. First encounter
2. Nickname everything
3. Faint=Box

Now quick notes about the randomization
Alola has a weird reaction to being randomized
See trainer's Pokemon are randomized, but not the movesets
So Kneecaps kid may end up with Arceus himself but it'll still have the Ratata moveset
Now onto what the randomization was meant to do!
Wilds and trainers are randomized completely
This involves Megas and Primal forms
So little Sally might have a Mega Rayquaza and I have to deal with it
Though quick note on this: even if I catch a mon that's mega/primal it'll change back because of the "sanity check" the game does whenever it boots up
Also Totems are random
So that's gonna be a surprise
I say having all the gameplay done
Also important trainers have a full team of 6, which includes Trial Captains, Kahunas, rivals, Skull admins, and E4 members
Though it takes three battles for Hau to become important for some reason and I don't know why
And everyone will have fully evolved mons at level 40 and up
Fun times

So uh yeah that's everything
This run does take place in the same "universe" as Unfamiliar Faces, but reading it is not needed to understand the main plot
Some jokes reference past events but they're scarce
With that said I hope you enjoy this run

Adventure Log

Subject Name: Nancy

Ability: Activated-Manual. Negates the power of a single other being. Physical contact gives the opportunity to cause complete negation and is not held to the single target restriction.

Physical appearance: Similar to a late teens/early 20s human. Long silver hair. Missing left leg due to a prior incident. Remaining limbs have slightly above average muscle mass.

Notes: Nancy doesn’t like the concept of ‘completion’, most likely a result of her power halting another’s power. This has resulted in her verbal tic of occasionally omitting the final sound of a word. This tic intensifies when angered. This abbreviation clashes with her Northern Galar accent.
Nancy has an inherent mistrust of Pokemon due to the mentioned incident. She will avoid interaction with them where possible and is visibly uncomfortable near fire types.

Day 0 log

Alrigh’ startin’ this totally-not-a-diary thin’. Zero said somethin’ abou’ me needin’ to keep track of my adventure thin’. Or whateve’ he likes to call it.
Oh and we gon’ talk abou’ that subject analysis thin’ at the start ya cheeky nerd.
Gettin’ a prosthetic so I'll be able to walk again. Though from what Zero has said it’s not that simple.
Which brings me to why I'm headin’ for the tropical paradise of Alola. Somethin’ abou’ it bein’ an optimal place to "test" the leg. He always had a habit of bein’ vague, but if he says it'll be somethin’ I enjoy he's probably right. And it's not like I have anythin’ else goin’’ on.
Bein’ in a chair limits locations to travel. I had to be strapped in place for half this trip.
But hey, that'll be a problem long in the past soon enough. I hope.
Also stairs.
F*ck stairs.
Anywho. Even if this doesn't work out, at least I'll have tried this.
As if things could possibly go downhill from this point.

Ok enough bein’ miserable. Ship is pullin’ up to shore so time to become free and start rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. Or wheelin’ woul’ be more appropriate I suppose.
I kno’ that Alola has some Island Challen’ that’s some right… wright… write…
How is it f*ckin’ spelled?
Rite of passage.
I guess that makes more sense for people who live here. And aren’ an unagin’ superpowered bein’ that can travel to parallel universes. Like… I know I did some gym stuff in the past, but this is… eh. Don’ really know wha' it’s all abou’ but Zero gives it praise. Not sure if that’s hones' or hype. Also not sure wha' it has to do with a weird device tha' is both a leg and some other thin’.
As long as it doesn’ involve fire, I’m fine.

Nancy looks out the ship’s window as it pulls into the harbor of Kau'oli City in the island region of Alola. Even though the boat has arrived she still has a bit to wait so she opens up her laptop and starts a video call.

Calling Zero…..

The calling screen is replaced with Zero in his usual lab coat and goggles on his head.
Hello Nancy. I trust that you’ve reached Alola on time?
Ye’. We’re docked bu’ I’m still hooked in. So gon’ be a while.
Understandable. He looks at something offscreen. As I imagine that you’ll still require one, do you want me to make you a new chair?
Nah. She knocks the armrest of her wheelchair. This ol’ girl is doin’ fine. Besides this one’s alread’ shaped to my ass, a new one woul’ take a while to break in.
He gives the camera an unamused look.
Ya knew what you were in for when you called me.
The scientist gives a tired sigh before returning his focus to Nancy. I suppose I did. Which reminds me, you’ll be greeted by Professor Kukui and his assistant. I ask that you avoid flirting with either of them.
She leans back, putting her hand on her chest in mock hurt. You woun’ me sir. Woun’ me I say.
Zero just keeps looking unimpressed with her acting.
Who the hell did you hang out with? You feel a lot more mellowed.
He pauses as though a sudden unpleasant memory has suddenly resurfaced before continuing. It’s a very long story. Not suited for a video call.
....... I have nev’ seen you look haunted. I need to hear this story.
Fine fine.

Attention passengers. We have docked and you may begin to depart. Handicapped persons please wait and a crew member will assist you.
Please don’t kick them.

............... I would say I’m surprised but given this is you-
Oh shut it.
As said earlier, Kukui and his assistant will meet you and introduce you to the island’s Kahuna after you're settled.
Cool. Any warnin’ abou’ them?
Well... Kukui is a tad eccentric. He is rather durable as his field of expertise is Pokemon moves and likes to experience being hit by them himself to understand how they work. He also rarely wears shirts because they keep getting ruined, so prepare yourself.
This sounds like a beautiful man.
He’s married.
His assistant is a child named Nina. I have been informed that she has a bit of a temper, so be kind to her.
Come on, Zero. I’m good wi’ small childre’.
I have warned you.
*Ahem* Nancy looks away to see a boat attendant had arrived. I’m sorry for interrupting, but we do need to help you off the boat now.
Oh shi’, righ’, sorry. She turns back to the video call. Smol girl, got it. See you later.

Call end

Right let’s go.
The attendant undoes some straps and wheels Nancy down a hallway and down a ramp. Waiting at the dock is a man in glasses and a lab coat, though not a shirt which marked him as Professor Kukui, and a small girl with white hair tipped with pink in a light blue raincoat.
Woo hoo! You’re Nancy yeah?
Ye’. Guessin’ you’re the prof’?
The one and only!
Hello! What’s your name?
Nina! I make it rain! What do you do?
Kukui said you were like me! I’m an… Active-Mani.. Act.. She looks to Kukui getting frustrated and he leans down to whisper to the girl. Ac-ti-va-ted Man-u-al! He nods in approval while Nancy takes in this unexpected reveal.
.................... Zero did not inform me of this.
Really? I thought he’d be the type to always pass stuff along like a Baton Pass! Nina giggles at the pun.
Am I going to be subjected to puns whenever I’m around you?
It’s only an Endeavor if you want it to be!
I shall Endure.
That’s the spirit!
...... Fell for tha’ one.
You got tripped up like a Grass Knot! This gets Nina to burst out laughing. See she likes them. Now let’s go before she starts a storm by accident. Do you want help or-
Nancy starts wheeling herself before Kukui could finish his question. I am quite fine. This leaves things in an awkward silence until she recalls the first part of his sentence. Does… does she normally star’ a storm?
Occasionally if she gets worked up for some reason. She had a bad nightmare a week ago, and she wasn't the only one scared!
Up? Nancy looks down to see Nina holding her arms up. Can I ride?
.... Ye’ sure. She picks her up and settles her down on the empty space that her left leg would’ve normally filled. Don’ real’ have a lap so you can sit here. Don’ have a leg to go there anywa’.
Nancy immediately stops and Kukui hurriedly explains for her.
Ah, probably shouldn’t ask about that, Nina. It’s not polite.
Ok. ...... So what type? I asked earlier but you didn’t answer me.
Oh righ’. She had never been so thankful for a topic change. I’m like you, Activa’ Manu’. My power is a lot less impress’ though. I jus’ negate the power of anoth’. And only one at a time.
That’s boring.
Hey that’s like a Protect on demand!
One on one, ye’.
I mean there are so many ways to use it! Stop a Flamethrower before it spreads! Halt a Hurricane! Turn down a Boomburst! All sorts of things, yeah! He pauses as a question enters his head. Wait, does it actually work like that?
Ye’ and no. Once a move is launch’ I can nega’ it, but only if I’m not denyin’ anythin’ else. So don’ coun’ on me haltin’ multiple disasters at once.
Huh. Yeah, there are a bunch of ways I can put that to the test! Woo! I know! Let’s test it right now!
Follow me! Kukui leads the two super-powered beings onto Route 1 determined to see a demonstration of the power equivalent of "No". Ignoring what Nancy has come to understand as the most basic rule of self preservation, he wanders into the tall grass. Now let’s see what we can find- WHOA!
Wild Cryogonal appears!
Uh, Prof’, don’ you got any Pokemon?
Then what’s your plan here?
Wild Cryogonal used Ice Shard!
Stand and fight it, yeah! He raises an arm to bash the attack away.
Alolans are funny! They fight Pokemon on their own!
....... Pardon?
Hold onto this, yeah? He takes off his lab coat and tosses it at Nancy. She almost fails to catch it in her confusion.
Whoa, what the fu’ Prof’? She sees Kukui take another Ice Shard and notices that his torso is covered in scars. She also took note of some other features, but decided that wasn’t relevant. At the moment anyway.
........ This is norm’?
Yeah! No better way to understand Pokemon than to battle them yourself, woo!
I could do that.
Yes you could, though maybe not with the Prof’ in the way.
Wild Cryogonal used Ice Shard!
Oh for the love of- She juts out a single finger, mindful of which one with the child beside her. DENY! The piece of ice flying towards Kukui vanishes leaving a very confused Cryogonal and a very excited professor.
So that’s how you do it? Just point and shout like a mighty Uproar, woo!
Ye’. Mind explainin’ what was your plan there?
Oh don’t you know? Here in Alola you don’t have a set team. Ya gotta earn the respect of the local Pokemon on your travels! That’s the Alolan way, yeah!
(Zero, ya fu’, how much did you leave out!?) Isn’ tha’ dangerous?
Only if you’re not careful! Though I’m sure you two don’t have that problem.... Usually. Nancy looks at herself, her missing leg, and the small child who supposedly can summon storms.
Usual’. Lightbulb. Wait wouldn’ wha’ Zero has planned kinda get in th’ way of all tha’?
See, Zero, another being like you, is being helped by Nancy in an experiment of his.
Zero has made a thing tha’ he says can copy th’ powers of Pokemo’. And I’m the one to tes’ it for some reas’.
We’ve talked it out with the Kahunas and they’re fine with it....... Mostly.
Ok, wha’s the prob’ Prof’?
Well there’s one Kahuna that’s quite against this idea, but he was overruled. Hala isn’t one for breaking tradition, and my creation of an Alola league already bothers him enough as is.
Alola League?
Ah, well that’s mostly a dream right now, but soon...... Kukui looks in the distance to the other islands of the Alola Region. Doesn’t matter right now. He leads the group past a few more wild Pokemon where Nancy demonstrates her ability again much to her companions’ delight until they walk/wheel up to Kukui’s house. Here we are, yeah! I know it’s a bit small, but it does what it needs to!
Uh-huh.... Weir’ question, but what’s wi’ th’ grass? She gestures to the grass immediately surrounding the hut even though most of the area it’s in is bare.
Oh that’s thanks to Nina. Think you can show Nancy what you can do-
YES YES YES! Nina hops off of Nancy’s chair and holds her hands up as a cloud starts to form above the house and rain starts to pour down.
.... Ah. She rolls back a little to avoid getting wet and notices that Nina has her eyes closed in concentration.
Can she turn it off?
Nancy points at the cloud. Deny.
Aw. Nina pouts as the cloud vanishes. Couldn't put it away.
Don’ worry, tha’ normal. You’ve got time to learn how to use things.
Yes she does. Like a small Magikarp, yet to grow into all its power!
I’d say more a Remoraid, give' her outfit.
Actually ye’, Bagon fits you nicely. Jus’ don’ go runnin’ off of cliffs before you can fly, alrigh’?
Could I fly!?
Ye’. One day.
Rules really don’t apply to you, do they? The 'you' in that sentence wasn't just referring to just Nancy and she noticed a sense of wonder behind it.
Well we got some rules. But ye’, what we can and can’t do is nev’ for certain. A ‘ding’ sounds as Nancy gets a notification on her phone. An’ tha’ be Zero.
I’d ask how, but I’m guessing you don’t know how you get a signal here either.
Nope. Says here he’ll be arrivin’’ tomorrow and get me fit’.
You’re gonna work out?
.... Ok that’ my bad. I meant “fitted”. Zero’s got a prosthetic leg for me and it is a bit busy from what he’s tried to not tell me so far.
So you can talk normal?
You dare? Nina giggles to herself as Nancy playfully acts offended.
Well I wasn't sure either.
Oh don’ you start.
Hey, I’m hardly the one to talk about speech patterns, yeah!
Ha ha. ....... So am I spendin’ the nigh' here or shou’ I look for my own place?
Oh we got room for you, yeah! If you don’t mind sharing a bunk with Nina for the night.
Tha’ fine. I don’ mind.
Yay! Bunkmates!
Ye’ let- ……
...... Stairs Slightly confused, Kukui looks at the few slightly elevated ledges Nancy is staring Honedge at.
There are only…… one... two... three though.
Tha’ three too many.
I got this. Without any indication of what he had planned, Kukui picks Nancy up in her chair and places her at the top of the almighty stairs WOO!
Ok. Little warnin’ next time ok?
Hahaha! You got it, yeah!
No I’m serious, that was terrifying.
Ah, apologizes then. Do you need help with the door-
My arms work fine, yes. She opens the door to the hut. Ta da. There's some clapping and Nancy looks over to see Nina politely applauds this grand feat
...... (I can’ be mad at you)
Well let’s get you settled in then!
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life is a trip alright
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
somewhere quiet
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Normal
Pokédex Entry
this ghost tries to be cool and kinda angsty, but ends up keysmashing about cute things anyway. they may project a bit too much onto their writing.
Please don’t kick them.

............... I would say I’m surprised but given this is you-
Oh shut it.
Well... Kukui is a tad eccentric. He is rather durable as his field of expertise is Pokemon moves and likes to experience being hit by them himself to understand how they work. He also rarely wears shirts because they keep getting ruined, so prepare yourself.
This sounds like a beautiful man.
He’s married.
She sees Kukui take another Ice Shard and notices that his torso is covered in scars. She also took note of some other features, but decided that wasn’t relevant. At the moment anyway.
Okay these made me burst out laughing - I love Nancy so much from these things alone. Kukui is a charismatic man and I see that the tradition of referencing him being attractive is continuing here as well as your Star run xD

I did spot a few typos so I'll pop them in a spoiler.
Nah. She knocks the armrest of her wheelchair
Kukui looks in the distance to the other islands of the Alola Region Doesn’t
Usual’. Lightbulb
So, these ones above are missing full stops at the end of the sentences ^

Nancy points at the could.
Kukui leads the two superpowered beings onto Route 1 determined to see a demonstration
Without any indication of what would he had planned
And there are a couple of mistakes in these sentences too ^ this is probably stuff that I'd have been able to spot had I been available to proofread, and these are all understandable/small mistakes when you are writing a lot anyway


Rule Maker
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Jun 24, 2019
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Pokédex Entry
It hides deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there. ~Pokemon Crystal, entry #52
Hey nice to see a new Uberle run starting! And I like Nancy already! I'm trying to place her accent- my guess is Irish or Scottish.


Lur King
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Jun 30, 2019
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Stays in the distortion dimension where no one bother him
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So uh
Been 2 months
I apologize, after posting the first chapter I had finals and also other real life stuff just kinda killed my motivation for working on anything for a while
So gonna try to have 1-2 chapters a month
Let's hope I can stick to it this time

@io_ Glad I could provide humor in these trying times
If a run of Gen 7 doesn't refer to Kukui's physique is it truly a Gen 7 run?

@Spectacles Nancy's specifically 'Norther Galarian'
And since Galar is the UK upside down, that makes her British. She just abruptly ends her words because she wants to.

Journal Entry 2
Hello no’ a diary. So slep’ alrigh’ and ready to get a leg. Zero shou’ be poppin’ in soon to give me the thin’. No word on how it’ll work.
......... I feel like I should be more excited than I am, but I just.......
Look, I miss having two feet, I do. I miss running, I miss dancing, I miss being able to go anywhere without needing help. I miss so much. But I know it won’t be the same when one leg is beautiful and organic while the other is a piece of plastic and metal. It’s made by Zero, so it’ll be a very very very advanced piece of plastic and metal but still. You get what I mean...... You packet of paper and leather that lacks sentience. I think. I mean Zero was the one who gave me you, so I wouldn’t be surprised. And wi’ tha’ unsettlein’ thought, time to get started on th’ day.
Finishing her entry, Nancy closes the journal, lifts herself up off the mattress, and lowers herself into her wheelchair. Kukui had to bring out the mattress once Nancy pointed out that the house contained only two beds. One being his own and the other located up a ladder. Not that she couldn’t climb it, leg day still isn’t something she skips, but it does require an unreasonable amount of effort to get up the rungs. So on the ground level she must stay. It’s still early in the morning, Nina’s asleep up in her area and Kukui is tinkering downstairs. Nancy would’ve gone down to say good morning, but stairs and she’s in no hurry to re-experience the Kukui Carrying Service. At least not while she’s still in her chair. Nancy wheels over to the kitchen for some coffee, but quickly gives up since she didn’t know the location for anything. Also due to the tiny issue that the professor’s kitchen isn’t exactly built for people semi-bound to sitting level. In a dark roast deprived defeat, she rolls over to the top of the stairs to call for Kukui’s assistance. While she waits, Nancy repeatedly lifts and lowers herself up out of and down into her chair.

Need help finding something?
Need hel’ wi’ everythin’. I jus’ wan’ som’ cof’.
Gonna need a repeat.
I request caffeine.
That I can help with, yeah.

Nancy pushes herself over to the kitchen as Kukui prepares coffee for her.

So what’s with that lifting?
It’s a simp’ exercise for me t’ do. My bod’ works fine, it’ jus’ missin’ a part, so I take care o’ it. She shrugs off her hoodie to show off her arms. I can lif’, bro.
Hup! Nina jumps and grabs Nancy’s arm to hang off of.
GAH! Nancy catches herself before almost falling out of her chair due to the sudden weight. What the? How? She takes a moment to collect herself while Nina looks slightly confused at Kukui who shakes his head at her. Ok. How did you get down here without making a sound?
I floated.
........... You ha' a very loose definiti' of weath'.
You have no idea, cousin. Kukui slides Nancy her long awaited coffee.
No’ sure if I need thi’ anymo’, but cheers.


Zero again?
Ye’. He’ here an’ waitin’ at the town.
Who Zero?
Frien’. Status: Intelligence.
So he’s smart?
We can’t all be weath’ wizards.

After the group finishes their morning rituals they walk and roll on over to Iki Town. Or rather, try to.


Iki Town’s entrance sat on top of a hill. Not that steep, but it’s not structured to be climbed without a foothold. So Nancy wheels back and then charges the mound only to slide back down.

Why can’t you just push her?
Well there you go.

Nancy rolls up and down past the two again, really wanting to shout “F*CK” but remains aware of Nina’s presence.

You’re not going to be able to reach the top. Physics may not apply to our abilities, but our bodies very much listen to them.

At the top of the evil elevation stands Zero. Six and a half feet tall, lab coat, and ever present goggles in his blonde hair. In his hand is a large briefcase, big enough to hold a number of possible objects, though Nancy could take a guy.

Got the oth’ half of my....... Looks at small child. .... Can’ thin’ of a good alter’, but you know wha’ I mea’.
But of course. What else would I be carrying this case for?
You’re the ma’ scienti’, who knows wha’ you got in there.
A fair point. Minus the ‘mad’ part. Zero walks down the slope and over to Kukui and Nina. I am the entity known as Zero. I apologize for any complications Nancy has caused you.
Hahaha! No worries! She’s been a fine guest! I get that you’re concerned for her, being as she is, but we worked any problems out, easy Spritzee!
Oh really? Zero pauses as he inspects Kukui a little more and then gives Nancy a look.
Uh huh.
um. Hi? Zero looks down at Nina, who is trying very hard to not be intimidated by Zero’s size. Which is understandable as she is eye level with Zero’s kneecaps. I-I’m Nina! Zero crouches down to be closer to her height.
Activated-Manual who can control weather. Quite interesting. Normally that power would be an Aura, but being Activated..... Well there’s a lot of potential there....
Uh... what?
Forgive me for asking, yeah? But how would Aura change anything? I’m not that well versed in your power system beyond basic definitions and categories.
Aura would imply-
Nancy, could you please wait? You do need assistance for this.
....... Fine.
Thank you. As I was saying. Most Aura abilities need something in the local area to function. They can’t create anything, their powers only manipulate what already exists. Being an Activated, Nina has the power to make weather events regardless of the current atmosphere. Even with a complete lack of moisture, she would be able to create a thunderstorm.
Huh. So could she also create snow to help cool down in the summer?
No, snow is not my thing.
.... Now why would that be?

Zero abandons his questioning of Nina to grab hold of Nancy’s chair as she falls back down.

What did I say?

Somethin’ somethin’ wait.

He sighs and gives the case to Nancy as he starts to push her up the hill, her arms resting on the case with a look of defeated frustration. Iki Town is a simple one, several small houses in an almost circle with a platform at the center surrounded by torches. Behind the platform Nancy could see a path into the woods and a bit of movement.

Wha’ tha’?
Oh that’s the path to the Tapu’s shrine, yeah. It’s a sacred place, but you can take a look later, so long as you don’t mess with anything.
Yeah yeah.
I’ll take you into my residence and have you put on the leg there. After that you can walk to the shrine on your own leg and mine.
You certain’ know how to charm a gir’.
Uh huh.
I mean tha’.
I know. If you don’t mind could I ask the two of you to wait out here?
No problem.

Zero wheels Nancy to the house he decided to occupy and up a ramp she could tell he installed, and through the front door. Inside is what she expected from Zero, perfectly clean and organized and no clocks. Perfect time keeping being an unexpected plus of a Status: Intelligence. Zero set Nancy next to a table as he started to open the case

Hey, whil’ you were ou’ and abou’, did you fin’ an’ oth’ Status’?
A couple. Most interestingly I encountered a Status: Luck.
Tha’ soun’ broke’.
It very much is. She never lost a fight, and very rarely even had a Pokemon faint. Though it had...... problems.
Wha’ like wi’ you?

Zero is silent for a moment before responding. Statuses historically don’t have any direct negative effect, but the implications they carry cause problems. Zero’s Status: Intelligence makes people think he knows everything and can’t make an error. Not unreasonable, Nancy couldn’t think of a time he made a mistake when creating something, but the weight of the title “Smartest Being in Existence” is a pain for him.

Yes. Because of her luck, how could she prove she has skill? In a sport already heavily influenced by chance, how does a Status: Luck prove that her accomplishments aren’t due to her power leaning the scales in her favor? She just wants to show that she can overcome challenges by her own merits.
I don’ like how mu’ I can relate to tha’.
Your situations are very different, but I understand your sympathy. Though you do require a leg up.
.... Now is no’ the time for le’ puns.
I argue that this is the perfect time for them.

He turns the opened case to face Nancy. The leg is oddly plain. Porcelain white with six slots along the outer thigh, one already filled with a disc. The shape of the leg is identical to what her left leg used to be. If this were anyone else, she would have considered that creepy, but she’s pretty sure Zero memorizes everything he sees involuntarily. Only the foot is a bit off, as instead of toes it just has three segments that have rounded ends.

Neat. So wha’ are these slots fo’?

They are to hold discs that will allow you to wield the same abilities and moves as Pokemon.
Nancy, I will be direct. I am aware of your distrust of Pokemon, and I would like to help. So I asked you here to Alola to partake in the Island Challenge.
....... Ok I appreci’ the thought, bu’ I’m no’ read’ to use Pokemon.
Which is why you have the leg. You will be the only one fighting.
...... You ha’ my attenti’.
It took me many many hours of debate, but I have convinced the Kahunas to allow you to use the leg for the Island Challenge. With it, you will fight the Totems and take part in the Grand Trials.
.... Wha’ the catch?
I’m not letting you keep the leg unless you agree.
If that’s what it takes, I’m fine with that.
.... Fine, how does thi’ thin’ work?
You’d have to put it on first.
Yeah yeah. I’m guessin’ this is my start’?

Nancy points to the disc in the first slot.

Yes. I took the liberty of pre-installing a Pokemon’s powers into a disc for the leg.
Neat. Whi’ one?

Nancy throws the leg away from her immediately and moves away.

Nancy, please-

She rushes herself out of the house.


She keeps rolling, past a confused Kukui and Nina and into the forest path to the Tapu’s shrine.


Rule Maker
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Jun 24, 2019
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Pokédex Entry
It hides deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there. ~Pokemon Crystal, entry #52
Trying my best to read Nancy's voice in a Cockney British accent but it keeps shifting back to Scottish, so I guess this is how she is going to sound in my head lol. Really cool that she will be doing the battling herself! I wonder why she is so against Entei though. I assume we will find out soon!


Lur King
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Jun 30, 2019
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Stays in the distortion dimension where no one bother him
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Hey we're back
Fun times today
Introducing two new characters

@Spectacles You know I was thinking a more royal English type, but no you're right, she's 100% got a Cockney accent
And yes you are about to learn exactly why she's not very happy about an Entei

Nancy rolls along the path, her rage making her yell at herself in an imaginary argument with Zero

Oh ye’ thi’ le’ is perfect’ fine! Noth’ wron’ he’! Jus’ ha’ the pow’ o’ a FUCKIN’ ENTEI! No’ like I ha’ pyropho’ or anythin’! Jus’ giv’ the thin’ to me with NO FUCKIN’ PROB’ Y’ FUCKIN’ CU’!

Fuming, she keeps rolling down the path, continuing to rant into nothing. Or so she thinks. Nancy stops her string of cut off insults when she sees something moving ahead of her. A small figure wearing light blue.


Nancy shifts gears and starts to pursue the coat.

(Please don’t let that be Nina. Please don’t let that be Nina. Please don’t let that be Nina. Please don’t let that be Nina. Please don’t let that be Nina. Please don’t let that be Nina. Please don’t let that be Nina.)

She follows the small one through the forest cluttered path until she breaks through to a clearing. Which leads to a very unstable bridge with the child standing in front of it.

Why are you following me?

Nancy was caught off guard by the voice, but now that she can see who she was chasing, she realizes her mistake. The child is definitely the same age as Nina and their coat is the same color, though this one was heavier and the hood was up. Even their hair was a similar cloud-like color to Nina’s, although it was a bit darker and covering their eyes. They looked perfectly fine but their voice was.... off. Like they were purposefully lowering it. To sound older maybe?

Oh sorry..... You looked like someone else I know.... Actually you look a lot like her.
Nina? She’s here?
Yeah, that’s her name. Wait how do you-
.... She’s my sister.
.... Wait, we can have siblings? WE CAN HAVE A TWIN? ... You two are twins right?

Nancy slowly rolls closer to Nina’s sibling, but they step back. They were very much regretting their decision to start this conversation. She figured that Nina would want to meet her twin. Bit odd that she never mentioned having one. They move away when Nancy approaches, so she decides to talk a bit more.

.... Well. I’m Nancy. What’s your name?
... Nino.
(Well tha' checks out. Prob' weath' based powers as well.)

Nino keeps backing up, getting closer to the bridge.

I know you think that me and Nina need to be together, but that’s not a good idea.
Why no’?
‘Not’, I meant ‘not’.
I know. But I don’t think I should say.
Why? I can help! I have a friend who can probably figure something out.
The same one you were screaming about?
.... Possibly.

Nino turns and Nancy can only watch as he commands the wind to lift him up and over the chasm.

I don’t want to make anyone else a target.

Nino lands on the other side and runs away into a cave with fancy decorations along its opening, Nancy guesses that it’s the shrine. She isn’t about to just leave a child all alone in a cave, possible greater evil or not. Also if she can have an excuse to not be around Zero, she’s taking it. Will she regret this decision later? Probably, but right now she doesn’t care and starts rolling. Though she immediately runs into a problem; the bridge. It’s too thin for her chair, but it did have a rope railing, so hopping across is the option she’s stuck with. Best case scenario, she can convince Nino to just fly the two back to the other side once she finds him.

Bright side, I have an excuse to not do leg exercises tomorrow.

She starts her one legged trek across the bridge. It wasn’t as sturdy as she would’ve liked. The wood was rotting in places, and the rope was well worn from exposure to the elements. And Nancy having to put all her weight on the ropes in between.... hops, was really testing the architecture of a rickety old bridge. But she was about halfway there, so as long as she is careful, keeps an eye on where her foot is going, and doesn’t accidentally land on a bad plank, things should be fine-


Nancy slowly turns her head to the sound. A Murkrow. A clever little black bird. And something she did not trust.


The Pokemon caws indignantly. The audacity of this girl to try and dismiss it so brazenly. It merely wanted to observe this curious task. If you see someone with a single leg jumping across a bridge no one with two working legs would dare even attempt crossing, you’d probably stop to look too.

Get out of here stup’ bir’.

Murkrow isn’t sure what those last two words were but they sounded rude. It simply flaps its wings in annoyance but doesn't leave. It isn’t doing anything rude, so it sees no reason why it should move. Until a foot makes a compelling argument of being in its face.


Murkrow flies off in rage while the rude girl yells at it. Yells that only get louder when it returns with friends. Yells that move from anger to panic when the murder starts to hack away at the aged rope. Then a scream as the railings snap sending the bridge and its occupant crashing down into the wall of the chasm. She better be thankful that they were considerate enough to have it fall on the side with what Murkrow guessed was a weird vehicle that allowed the girl to move around. How kind of it.


Nancy was left dangling on the rope of the bridge, well now a ladder. Her second greatest enemy, but at least she can use her arms for this. Nancy slowly climbs back up to surface level, one hand above the other with her foot finding footholds so all her weight wasn't pulling on her lifeline. All the while murmuring under her breath.

Ok, may’ kickin' the bir’ wasn’ the bes’ idea. Also may’ don’ skip leg exercises tomorrow.

Finally she gets to the top. A quick assessment tells Nancy that she hit the wall with her left side, so the worst thing is a few bruises on her arm. Her arm is going to be really sore later, but due to the below average surface area on her left and muscle mass damage was minimal.

aaaaaarrrreeeee yyyyyoooouuuu ooooookkkaaaayyyyyyy?

Nancy’s head snaps up as she looks around for the droning voice, eyes landing on a figure slumped against a tree. Grey was really the only color he seemed to have. Grey shirt, pants, and hair. Though weirdly he seems to have purposefully made sure the shades are lighter at the top and become darker moving down. Like one of those little paint sample things. His expression was neutral and he didn't seem to blink. He just seemed a bit... hallow and empty. Though now wasn't really the time for Nancy to worry about appearences. She responds in full words, since this guy seems to be a little slow.

Could be worse. Wait, were you watching all of that?
.... yyyyeeeesssss
Dude, wha' th' fuck? Why didn’ you do anythin'? Why didn’ you shoo those Murkrow away?
Iiiiiii........ ccccaaaaannnnnn’ttttt iiinnnnnttttteeeerrrraaaaccccctttt wwwwwiiiiittthhhhhhh-
Ok, correction, why do you talk like that? Who are you even?
....... Iiiiii aaaaammmm Ssssssshhhhhhheeeeeeeeellllll. Sssssstttttaaaaattttuuuuussss Sssssppppppeeeeeedddddd.
(Status: Speed? What? But he talks so- Oh.)
Oh. OOOOOOOOOOH. So to you we’re all moving really slow and you can’t tell what an appropriate speed to talk is?
Ok, I got this. Deny.
OkWhat'sThePointOfThat- WaitWhat?

Apparently Shell was still wired to live in fast motion, so his speech was still sped up. Though, again, Nancy wasn’t about to critique someone’s dialect. She offers her hand for a greeting and, grudgingly, assistance.

Nancy. Activated-Manual. I negate the powers of others.

Shell gets up quickly. Well he moves quickly, but it’s still a smooth motion. Similar to watching TV with motion blur, but it’s reality which is still as unnerving as on screen. He helps Nancy up and supports her as she gets into her chair.

Ah,Yes. You’reTheOneWhoIsStartingTheIslandTrialToday,Correct? ActuallyDifferentQuestion,WhyWereYouTryingToCrossThatBridge?
Yes that be me. I was tryin’ to find a kid. A little boy with white-ish hair and a ligh’ blue wint’ coat?
Nino,yes. I’veBeenTakingCareOfHimAndBroughtHimAlong. SuddenlyHeRanOffAndIWentToGoFindHim. AtWhichPointISawYouAndDecidedToWaitABit.
And you didn’t help me because....?
I am trash at physics.

Shell sighs. Or at least Nancy thinks that was a sigh. Somehow Shell is harder to understand with his Speed negated.

SpeedIsPower. IfITouchSomething,ThenItGetsImpactedAtNearLightSpeed,WhichDoesALotOfDamage. IfIWereToBumpIntoYouWhileGoingNormalSpeed,YouWouldProbablyLoseWhateverBodyPartITouched. TryingToWalkOnThatBridge,WhichWasRealyDumbOnYourPartByTheWay,WouldHaveObliteratedWhateverIPutMyFeetOn.SoICouldHaveCrossedTheBridge,ButThenThereWouldBeNoBridge. AllICouldDoWasSitAndWait.
.... Fair poin’. So did you know that Nino’s twin sister is here?

Shell is silent for a solid four seconds.

NoHeDidNotMentionHavingOne. Don’tBlameHim. He’sAlwaysBeenQuietAboutWhereHeWasBeforeArrivingOnPoniIsland.
And you didn' question him more?
Ok, bu’ they’re wha’? Ten? Eleven? Who could be after them?

Shell and Nancy turn to see Nino on the other side of the chasm.

I.... I heard a scream and....

There’s a big gust of wind and suddenly Shell is next to Nino. There’s a crater on both sides of the rift which were probably caused by Shell jumping and then landing at near light speed.

No we can’t be together! Having Nina and me in the same place is too dangerous!
Ok,Nino. We’reGoingToHaveATotalOfTwoKahunas,ThreeBeingsOfOurKind,AndPokemon.
There’s overlap with those first two things, don't cheat.
.... RightForgotToMention. IGuessIShouldGiveAFullIntro.IAmShell,Status:Speed,AndKahunaOfPoniIsland. IWasInvitedHereByZeroToMeetYou. Didn’tMentionItBeforeBecauseItDidn’tReallyMatterAndIDidn’tWantToExplainAllOfThat.
For the fastest being, you’re certainly lazy.
Still think it isn’t safe.
Fine. NancyYouGiveMeMyPowerBackNow. I’llGoAheadAndWaitForYouTwoAtIkiTown.

Nancy releases her power and Shell vanishes with another strong breeze and a couple more craters. She looks over to Nino as he flies over to her. After a second she pats the empty part of her chair.

.... Wan’ t’ ride?
.... Sure.

Nancy tries to pick Nino up, but he pushes her arms away. She obliges and waits for him to float up and plop down before wheeling back down the path.

Ok, bu’ really, wha’ are you so scared of?
Is it anoth’ of us?
.... Yes.
Ooooook. Tha’ not good. Wha’ do they do?
.... That was a mistake, I should not have said that.
We can help!
No. No you can’t.

Nancy tries to question Nino more, but the boy stays silent. Whoever is after him has to be very powerful, or at least just scary to him. She wonders if Nina will be more open to talking. And if Zero could make something to zap Murkrow.
......... Or maybe she can do it herself. After all, there is a science experiment that she needs to help with.


life is a trip alright
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this ghost tries to be cool and kinda angsty, but ends up keysmashing about cute things anyway. they may project a bit too much onto their writing.
Okay I will hit submit on this comment djskdkdkdk I'm sorry about not doing so, I got distracted. By something I have already spilled the tea on sjsjdjdjfj

Yes Nancy, why don't you charge onto a very old bridge while literally hopping onto every step, therefore applying a lot of pressure onto each plank because all of the force from your weight and the momentum on the hop is being put through one presumably quite small foot. I'm sure every old plank on the bridge can take that. Nancy would not pass science at school ;p okay she's not exactly thinking clearly right now but even so ;pppp

We gotta have a homage to our favourite bridge sequence in Alola somewhere in this game xD as soon as I saw that Murkrow I just knew it was gonna do something bad. Nancy you need to gain some instincts about all of this

Speaking of which - wow this speedy kid sounds dangerous, and very much right to be cautious. There was a very dark YA series where this like 11 year old was happy using super speed and various objects to very gory effect. So I'm very glad your story is not that messed up ;p


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A bit later on this one than I would've liked
Though this is a longer one
But I also really like it
I hope you enjoy

@io_ Nancy just really didn't want to go back to Zero
The bridge scene is too big to leave out. Also provided many opportunities for jokes
Shell is just a lay boi. But yeah moving at that speed would have massive effects on the world around him.

Journal entry 3

So we bac’. Go’ a Kahuna and anoth’ small child wi’ weath’ powers. Nina was excited to see her bro’ but still silen’ on their prob’..... Well if they’re no’ gonna talk, then I can’t help, so I’m leavin’ tha’ up t’ Shell.
In bipedal news, Zero explained his reasoning for adding MOTHER FUCKING ENTEI. Being fair, he chose it because it was strong and so then the possibility of using a Fire move was there, but not needed.
After many apologies, and choco’, I’m gon’ try ou’ the leg today.
Turns out th’ thing is voice activa’. Also the info’ on th’ disc thing is th’ same as a regular Poke’. Think I got the info’ thing here....

Disc data: Entei LV 5
Voice command: Combust
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Hardy
Lava Plume
Item: Lax Incense

Ye’ no idea wha’ goin’ on wi’ the item. Zero says it wa’ mean’ as a test and he nev’ bothered to fix tha’.
Lazy bum.
Movin’ along, today Zero said we’re meetin’ the Kahuna of this islan’. Also his grandkid. Zero said I’d like th’ kid and lef’ it at tha’.
So guess I’m waitin’-

Nancy hears voices and looks up to see Zero and Kukui’s silhouettes talking with two new large ones. Not bothering to finish her entry, she closes the book and slides herself off her bed and into her wheelchair. As she navigates to the front door she listens to the conversation that’s going on outside.

Kahuna Hala, I am aware of your grievances, you made them quite clear well before, but you were overruled by the other Kahunas and so you must respect the final decision.
Because they don’t see what this could do to the tradition of the Trials! Olivia is too young and sympathetic-
Hala, she’s still been a Kahuna for the better part of a decade.
Shell has an inherited bias in her favor-
For a being he has never met?
And Nanu spent too much of his youth away from the region!
But he was still chosen by a Tapu, the same as you. All of them were.
C’mon Grandpa, you haven’t even met her yet.
Her character does not matter! This could set a precedent and leave our traditions in ruin!
Didn’t you say the exact same thing about Kukui’s league?
And remember how it didn’t do anything negative?
Well there you go.
It still holds that she’s going to ignore the purpose of the trials.
Yes. This is why I want her to participate in them.
That only makes this even more offensive to our tradition!
Oi. If we’re talkin’ abou’ me, maybe wai’ for me t’ show up?

The four turn their attention to Nancy as she wheels up to them.

Oh my neck is goin’ to be sore.

Zero’s height already proves a challenge to hold a conversation with him, but he’s not one to maintain eye contact while talking in the first place so he and Nancy have worked out a silent agreement by this point. But currently Kukui was the shortest one standing, and even then he has his own natural attraction. Hala stood at Zero’s eye level, or at least his topknot did, but his hair and weight reminded Nancy somewhat of an onion. But she got the feeling him being rotund was due more to his prime being far behind rather than him letting himself go. Despite this, she’s fairly certain he is very capable of drop kicking her if given the opportunity. Then her attention shifts to the final member of their little group and....

Dude, you look like a beanbag.

Said beanbag man immediately bursted out laughing.

HAU! Show more dignity!
AHAHAHAHA! No, no that’s completely fair.

It is. Hau is the closest to Zero’s height, but is the widest by far. Even now he’s munching on a pastry of some kind. Hala reminds Nancy of an old and grumpy Ursaring. In contrast, Hau was more a giant plushie Bewear, his large black and pink shirt with white backpack further pushing this image. His hugs were probably as deadly too. Similar to his grandfather, she got a vibe that underneath the chubby exterior, there was a lot of hidden brute strength. Then the friendly giant offers his box of treats to her.

They’re like donuts.
The history is a bit more complex than that, but yes.

While she munches, the conversation continues.

So to recap. All the other Kahunas overruled you, this one incredibly specific scenario is highly unlikely to have any major impact on the Trials, and the point is to see if we can get Nancy more comfortable around Pokemon.
And fighting them is the best way to achieve that? Who has ever grown closer to Pokemon by being attacked by them?

Zero points at Kukui.

He’s got a point.
Ok, now tha’ we go’ all th’ borin’ stuff, can I get to kickin’ stuff?

Zero grabs Nancy’s chair and spins her around back to his house before Hala could start looking even more like an Octillery.

If you could kindly not provoke him, that would be greatly appreciated by all.


Zero runs her up the ramp and into the living room where the leg’s case layed where it had been before, the leg being put back into it after she threw it.

Now. I will leave, and you can attach the leg yourself, then you can walk out if you want.

Those words sounded weird to Nancy. When was the last time she took a step. An actual step by her own power? Not hop along, not climb up something, but an actual walking step? She breaks out of her train of thought and picks the leg up.

She normally take so long to do stuff?
Well she’s going to be able to walk again. It’s been so long she’s probably simply thinking to herself about what this means.
How long has it been since she lost her leg? Few years?
Close to decades.
.... Sorry what?
Well, Hau you see-
Ha! You have much to learn about these beings. They live near infinite lives, so while they may appear young, they’re much older than anyone you’ve met.
Well I am. Nancy is probably a little younger than Hala.
HMPH! I’m not that old.
You sure about that?
Neither is Nancy.
Are you sure about that?

The group turns their attention to Nancy, whose eyes are firmly fixed on the group. She takes small steps down the ramp and glances up as she slowly works over to Zero.

I’m putin’ all my focus on my foot placemen’, so if I’m abou’ t’ bump int’ somethin’, le’ me know.

When she reaches him, she grabs his arm for security.

My joy is canceled out by my utter terror, so forgive me if I seem a bit muted about all of this.
How does that feel?
Imagine if you’re holdin’ a stick and tha’ stick is connected to your nervous system. It’s no’ a par’ of you, but it still feels.
Thaaaaat sounds more like a horror short story.
Well it’s my reality.

Hau nervously eats a few more Malasadas while Zero starts asking questions.

How is it functioning?
You made it.
That tells me nothing I don’t already know.
Says the Status: Intelligence.
Point made.
Toes are a bit weird. Why only three?
I couldn’t give it five without it looking weird. Uncanny valley and all that.
Poin’ taken.
SO! Are we finally about to see this device in action?!

Kukui has a gleam in his eye Nancy remembers from other scientists Zero has interacted with, all marveling at whatever he made. She knew that secretly he enjoyed those looks as often what they’re asking about was something he made on a whim. But Zero agrees to indulge Kukui with an experiment.

That would be the next step yes. Assuming Nancy is up for a test.
Really? I mean you just got it.
I have been preparin' for this day for months. I’ll jus’ need like anoth’ half an hour and I’ll be set.... Actually.

Nancy lets go of Zero and tests her balance, first lifting the mechanical leg into the air and moving it around, then placing it back on the ground before taking a breath and lifting her flesh and blood leg and pivoting on it. It’s an odd feeling. Almost as though she was floating, but keenly aware of the thing supporting her weight. After a little more of her legs trading places on the ground, so jogs in place, practicing foot placement without looking. Then, catching everyone off guard, she runs. Not far, just around the central platform slowly going faster and faster until she stumbles and crashes into Zero again who steadies her again while she calms down from a giggling fit.

hehehehehe. Love it. Love this. Ignorin' effin' Entei. Still gotta work on stoppin’.
HMPH! I know how to test this..... thing. Hau! Why don’t you find a Pokémon to use against Zero’s tech?
Um. Yeah, sure, cool.

Fighting a unipedal girl with superpowers was not something Hau planned for that morning, but now it looks like he’s the one made tribute.

I’ll be back once I find a good matchup.

Wait! Bring her with you.
If she’s not going to take part in our traditions then she will at the very least witness.
See tha’ soun’ a lot more sinist’ than I think you wan’ it to soun’.
He’s like that.
Enough chit chat! Now go!

Hau looks awkwardly at Nancy as he leads her onto the jungle path. He waits until the others are out of earshot before saying anything.

Sorry about my grandfather. He’s really protective of Alola’s traditions. It comes from his pride in his record for one of the quickest island trials.
Really? How lon’ did tha’ take?
Three years.
THREE YEARS?! I don’ go’ time for tha’!
Well three years, two months, five days, 17 hours, 13 minutes and 23 seconds, but yeah. But you’re kinda doing a speedrun in the first place. I think in other places people keep a normal full team of six, but in Alola we don’t really obey those measures. Here you can have as many Pokemon on your team that you can handle, but there are few that can do so, and oftentimes teams are in great flux. Grandpa got a dozen at his highest count. A major part of the challenge is that you bond with Pokemon as you go along. Some join just for that island, or for a particular trial, and then they leave. It’s not even a guarantee that the first Pokemon you team up with stays with you for the whole journey. So you need to be smart about taking care of each of them and to make sure that they truly respect you. A bad member can make the whole team unstable, but the trials are meant to allow a trainer to learn how to balance a team. But then there’s you..
Me. Me who isn’ weighed dow’ by havin; to pull along a team. Me who won’t form a bond with any Pokémon ever. Me who is jus’ goin’ aroun’ kickin’ things.
Is kicking everything really your plan?
It’s a borderline magic leg, if I don’ use it t’ kick, wha’ is the poin’?
Ha! Yeah, I have a similar idea with this.

Hau slaps his belly, making a sound like a drum.

Grandpa had a similar figure back in the day.

How do’ you ge’ Pokemon with tha’ thin’?
Well, if the big guy’s still around, you’ll see.
Bi’ guy?

Hau nods and takes his pack off and starts to shuffle through it and pulls out......

Tha’ a frui’ salad?
Yep. His favorite. Rawst Berry mixed with a Revival Herb. He’s fond of bitter foods.

The scent wafts through the area and Nancy becomes aware of a crashing sound becoming louder and louder.

I would recommend standing back.
Way ahea’ of ya.

Nancy is already ten feet away from Hau as the source of the noise barrels into Hau head on. Nancy emits something between a screech and shout as she sees the beanbag man get hit by what seems to be a rectangular wrecking ball. Then the thing stops and Hau steps out to wave Nancy over.

Nah, that’s just how he greets me. Don’t worry he’s Gentle.
Well he needs to check that I’m still worthy of partnering with him.

Nancy slowly creeps closer to Hau while still maintaining distance from the metal mass. Turns out the thing is a Bastiodon. Three hundred thirty pounds of rock and metal and Hau just brushed it off like a leaf.

You mad’ ou’ o’ cement?
Ha! No, I wish. Would be less painful probably. While I look like this I’m mostly muscle. Just got a healthy layer of fat covering it up.
Everyon’ be liftin’ aroun’ here.
You’re not too bad yourself.
Aw, than’. Now you ma’ me feel ba’ abou’ th’ beanbag thin’.
Nah, I like it. Makes me sound comfy.
Oh right, here you go, Donk .

Hau pops the bitter salad into the Bastiodon’s mouth. Nancy still doesn’t move closer and tries to ignore the prehistoric mon.

I first met this guy when he was a Shieldon and he wanted a berry and just kept hitting his head going ‘donk’ on the tree. C’mon, you can feed him too
A ha ha, no.
C’mon at least say hi to him. You’re going to be fighting him in a bit.

At the word ‘fighting’ Donk turns his face to Nancy which makes her back up a few steps, her arms involuntarily making a motion like she’s trying to spin the wheels of her chair.

Ah, um. Erm.... Hi?

Donk blinks then lumbers over to her. She freezes in place as he looks at her until Hau rushes over and holds up a berry for her to take.

Just try?

Nancy carefully takes the berry and Donk opens his jaw to receive.

C’mon, just toss it in, he’s not gonna snap at you.

She lightly tosses the berry into Donk’s mouth and retreats while the Pokemon happily enjoys his meal. He tries to approach with the intent of showing thanks, but she keeps backing up.

Please, don’t, please.

Confused, but understanding that something is making her uncomfortable, Donk stops his advance and simply bows his head a little before turning to Hau.

Hey are you ok? You’re looking pale.... I think. Sorry, just you look really on edge, are you doing alright? Do you need to sit down?
No, yes. Yes, no. I-I’m.... Look, it’s jus’ been awhile since I’ve been.... close to one.
.... Decades?
Migh’ as well be.
Hey, I’m.... Look I know that we haven’t known each other for even a few hours, but I can tell that something is really bothering you and.... And I just want to see if I can help.
You can’t.

Her harshness makes Hau flinch and Donk growls quietly before Hau motions for him to stop. Even without being told anything, he knows that Nancy’s reactions come from her past and whatever happened to her leg, so he’s not hurt. But he knows when to back down.

All right. We got Donk, so we can head back to town. You want to lead the way?

She was already marching far ahead before he finished. Donk huffed before making way for Iki Town as well. Hau puts himself between Donk and Nancy to avoid anything before the fight ends up starting prematurely. Not a word is said until the group reaches the town.

Ah! There you are! I was getting worried you were stalling for excuses, but now that everyone is here we can- HEY! Where are you going?!

Nancy power walks straight past Hala and keeps going into Zero’s house and collapses into her chair. She sits there focusing on her breathing until she hears the door open and looks up to see the scientist walk in.

.... Did you feed Donk a berry?
Oh did Hau tell you all abou’ tha’?
No, you squeezed the berry a bit too hard and now you have some of the juice on your hand and sleeve.

Nancy holds her arm up to see that her hand is indeed wet and that she’s going to need to clean her hoodie now. She lets out what sounds like something meant to be a scream but it just falls flat when leaving her mouth. There’s silence for a bit before Nancy breaks it.

He made me feed a Pokemon.

And how was that experience.
Honestly I barely rememb’.
Yet you’re still conflicted by it.
He made me. Feed. A. Pokemon.
You placed a berry into his mouth.
Into its jaw! A giant metal thin’ tha’ could’ve crushed my arm!
Now do you really believe that?
...... fffffffffffwwwwooooo.... No.
So what have you taken from this event?
Don’ use a berry as a stress ball.
And Donk won’ bite my arm off.
Not the full lesson, but close enough. Now what do you plan to do?
.... Figh’ Donk and Hau?
Anything else?
.... Yeah.

Nancy wheels out of the house. Hala and Hau are talking quietly when she goes up to them and waits for them to stop.

Nancy I-
No, no you’re good. I can’t faul’ you for somethin’ you don’ know abou’. You jus’ wan’ t’ help.
.... You sure you’re good?
Yeah. Jus’.... A heads up nex’ time, ok?
Yeah, of course.
AHEM. Now that we have all of our small talk, are both of our contenders ready for combat?
Hold on, are you sure that’s the best thing right now? Unless you two are certain.
Yes, Professor.
Ye’ ye’, just hold on.

Nancy stands up out of her chair and gets up on the platform in the middle of the town. Hau and Donk stand on the other side of it, Hau taking a squared squat as Donk lets out a roar of challenge.


The leg lights up with a red glow which is joined by a half gold half silver star like shape stretched across its surface. Nancy assumes it’s meant to be Entei’s mask-like face. After a moment of the patter remaining she looks over to Zero with a question.

Tha’ it?

Really? I was kinda expecting something.... Flashier.
Ye’, jus’.... Somethin’ more.
What were you two expecting, a magical girl transformation?
.... Nnnnoooo.
Uh nope. No’ at all.

They were.

Did.... Did you want it to be a magical girl transformation.
.... I think I should avoid answering that.

They did.

.... Should I patch it in?
IF. WE. ARE. DONE with these distractions!? May we start the fight?
Of course.
Alright, challengers! This will be a one on one fight. First to faint/run out of HP loses. Begin!

Hala sits and watches as the battle commences. First the girl and Pokemon circle each other looking for an opening. Surprisingly, it’s the girl who attacks first, the leg turning black with fangs stretching on the surface, similar to how the Entei mask design appeared earlier.


The attack connects, but Donk, what a silly name, but Hau was a mere child when he made it up so what was one to expect, back on track now. Donk’s defenses were high, so it could surely take a few hits. Unless he flinches. Like now. Lovely. The girl kicks Donk with a Bite again. KICKS, can you imagine!? This girl shows up and now she’s just going to kick everything! Imagine how the Totems will react to this nonsense! But back to the fight. Hau instructs Donk to taunt the girl and a robotic voice announces loudly that she can’t use non-damaging moves! Really?! This girl has gone so long without Pokemon and battles that she needs a robot to tell her how Taunt works! OH AND THERE IT IS AGAIN, TELLING HER HOW METAL SOUND WORKS! .... Wait, Metal Sound? But Donk is a Bastiodon, why would it have any Special moves? Unless.... No it couldn’t be- PROTECT?! If Donk had that why didn’t Hau request it be used first to see what this girl would do? Though maybe it wasn’t needed that much, she’s just been shouting ‘Bite’ this whole fight. Oh great, another flinch. And here she comes again, maybe now Hau will actually start to fight back-

Donk lets out a groan as another Bite connects and the Steel/Rock type collapses in defeat.

Donk is unable to battle, so Nancy wins, yeah!
Woo. Yay. I’m just gonna....

She walks over to the platform, jumps off and practically falls into her chair.

How was it?
It’s bee’ so long sin’ I’ve eve’ f*ckin’ walked and then I decided t’ figh’? Fuckin’ tired, dude.
What was- Hau! What was that display?
I fought her. As you wanted. But as this was not something I agreed to beforehand, forgive me for not being prepared.
Have you not even bothered to teach Donk any other moves? You are close enough to properly teach him from the alternate moveset!
Theeee wha’?
This is my area of expertise, so if you don’t mind?
The floor is yours.
See in Alola, thanks to my family’s research, we’ve found that it’s possible to teach Pokemon moves they are normally unable to learn! But it’s only possible for a Pokemon to learn these moves under a trainer.
.... Tha’ sounds unfair.
Unfair?! You, a mere girl, hold a device that lets you wield the power of legends!
Yes I do. And it only cost me an entire fucking leg.
A trade many would make.
Well good for them, they’re dumb.
Don’t think I’m done with you. You didn’t even use any offensive moves. You went easy on your opponent.
Grandfather, do you sincerely expect me to fight full force against someone who almost had a panic attack simply feeding Donk?
Well she certainly had no problem approaching him now.
True. But I do believe that adrenaline built from anticipation might be the cause of that.

He gestures to Nancy who seems to be having trouble just sitting up properly in her chair.

Ye’ no’ gon’ bother bein’ tough. I’m abou’ t’ pass ou’ here.
I’m guessing that the pressure to fight as well as the idea of being able to jump around after sitting for so long was appealing.
Na’ on he’.
Nail on head.
He’ how abou’ tha’ he can understan’ me! Hau, you’ now an offic’ frien’ o’ mi’. It’s a speci’ clu’, so enjoy.
.... Really?
.... Heh. Thanks.
No pushin’ tho’. You’re no’ on tha’ lev’ ye’.
Ha! Yeah I’ll remember that.
.... Well. What now then?

Zero drags Nancy back into a sitting position before she could fully melt out of her seat and looks at Hala.

I think everyone’s tired out for the night. So I imagine it’s best that we all get some well deserved rest.

Ye’. Night people.
Alola, yeah!

Hala refuses to say a goodbye and simply walks off in a quiet rage. Once back in her room at Zero’s place, Nancy pops the leg off and lifts herself onto her bed. She’ll write journal stuff in the morning. Right now is the time to reflect on the day’s events. Or just pass out after having an adrenaline crash caused by repeatedly kicking a 330 pound Pokemon.
A very viable option for this way too long a day.

Ok so there's a lot in this
Hala and Hau are introduced
Nancy almost has a panic
First battle too
I would love it if you guys left comments letting me know what you thought
It'll help me a lot moving forward as I know what you do and don't like, and just general advise on how I can improve
Thank you all for reading this chapter
See you next update
chapter 5 is almost done, so it won't take too long to come out this time i promise


life is a trip alright
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
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Pokémon Type
Ghost, Normal
Pokédex Entry
this ghost tries to be cool and kinda angsty, but ends up keysmashing about cute things anyway. they may project a bit too much onto their writing.
Ye’ no idea wha’ goin’ on wi’ the item. Zero says it wa’ mean’ as a test and he nev’ bothered to fix tha’.
this is a seriously neat way to explain randomised items, here's hoping zero gets better at that xD
Then her attention shifts to the final member of their little group and....

Dude, you look like a beanbag.
nancy is so blunt but i love it. hau is just as gentle and soft as a beanbag omg

also the description of hala as like an onion is also pretty cool, considering how onions can make people cry ;p
Who has ever grown closer to Pokemon by being attacked by them?

Zero points at Kukui.
djfksdhKJASFHDSJHFG i love this so much, this whole thing made me laugh
Here you can have as many Pokemon on your team that you can handle, but there are few that can do so, and oftentimes teams are in great flux. Grandpa got a dozen at his highest count.
i see alola is going full hard nuzlocke mode and embracing rotation teams xD all this worldbuilding stuff is really cool legit
Nah, that’s just how he greets me. Don’t worry he’s Gentle.
Well he needs to check that I’m still worthy of partnering with him.
hau is just. a lot sturdier than he initially seems, bless him. also if the Gentle nature reduces defence, that explains why he gets defeated by so many Bite attacks sdkvhdfgjk
Oh did Hau tell you all abou’ tha’?
No, you squeezed the berry a bit too hard and now you have some of the juice on your hand and sleeve.
this little subtle thing about how nervous she was is really neat xD also Zero is perceptive af, as usual
This girl has gone so long without Pokemon and battles that she needs a robot to tell her how Taunt works!
what is a pokemon protagonist without something explaining to them in great detail how specific moves work xDDD

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