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Red's personality and fursona anylasis


On the corner of happy and sleep depravity
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May 16, 2019
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Fairy, Clever
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This user sometimes disappears for weeks on end to finish a single update, then bursts with activity for 30 hours straight.
So I've had an interesting night. You see, it all started when our good forum pal, squiggy, asked what his fursona would be. I gave him an answer, and an analysis, and then someone else asked for one. And it all down spiraled from there, as people asked for more again and again.

This was my day folks. This is my life now.

So, here's where I document my thoughts and the readings I get on people. The first few started small, but some of them got massive.

So, in the order they were presented

@Squiggy Azalea Is a Blue Jay
Can be kinda offput, but only when they don't trust people.
They're sweet birds to the people they like I think you take an analytical approach to a lot of things you do, is kinda the vibe I've gotten from you? You like having a plan and knowing all the details, and if there's a bump in it you need to find a new plan to make up for it


Okay so Seyuu
You strike me as someone who is inherently very jolly as a person.
You like thinking the better of people, but it's not something that makes you into a fool. You have a distinct intuition that you're willing to trust. But ultimately, you're very approachable and willing to give people the benefit of the doubt.
I see you as something like a Panda bear. Big Friendly energies!

Uh, glace okay... You strike me as someone that's unbashing, and headstrong. You can be a bit of a stubborn person, but I don't think that's inherently a secret, not a bad thing. You seem like you're pretty intelligent, but you're not going to let your Intellect block your emotions. If you believe something, you're willing to say it. I think overall, you're a good conversationalist though. You're fun to talk to, and you can be pretty witty and clever.
Fursona wise, I think that would make you uhh Badger. You certainly don't go out of your way to bother, but you're not willing to take things sitting down.

Okay so you personally strike me as someone we're pretty humble as a person. Like, you're not particularly loud or out there, but you're very observant. You like to think twice about what you say, but also you always make sure you have something interesting to say. It's important to you to approach conversations with something of a level head, and you're very detail oriented! You like having a process for things, but it's a process you've discovered on your own terms and by experimenting with different ways. Very logical, in that regards.
Overall, I think you strike me as some kind of owl? Maybe a barn owl??

I know a lot about you so this makes it easy. I'm sorry my man I'm cheating with analyzing you.
First of all, you're a very particular person. You like having things a certain way, and when it goes against what you have set it's always an earthshattering realization. It's something you're able to adapt to, with time, but you'll always be more comfortable in your ways. You like trying to see everyones side of the story, even if you inherently disagree with it. Being personable and hospitable is a VERY important trait to you, and actually showing instead of just saying is what speaks loudly to you. You're very honor bound, and have a definition of honor you feel you must follow. Another very headstrong person though. Very headstrong, my man.
Fursona wise, uhh. You strike me as a lion? But like a twink lion. Something very community oriented, clean, and known for being particularly stubborn.

@Agent Nein Hi. Another person I know very well so stick with me.
So, I know you mentioned indecisive, and while I wouldn't argue that I feel that you're less indecisive then most people give you credit for. I think you're willing to try basically anything once. You like having weird stories to tell, because it's nothing if not a conversation starter. You also just kinda, like exploring. You're intuitive, and curious by nature, and have always found worth in the smallest discoveries that you find.
You like to keep a polite appearance, even if you're thinking "What the fuck what the fuck" the entire time the person on the bus is telling you their life story. But very resourceful. Someone could give you duct tape and cotton fluff and you'd find a way to make a sofa out of it.
Igoring the racoon fursona from earlier, I'd say... honestly? I know they're popular but I really do feel cat for you. Ragdoll

Hey hey. Hey!! So I don't think I have to say this, but you're a very creative personality type. You have a level head on you, Very responsible, and know how to keep yourself on track. Like, I don't read you as someone that has their head too far in the clouds. You know your limits, know what goes to set, and how to reach them. But because of this, you're a hard worker, and will always hit those goals. You just strike me as someone that has a wonderful work ethic.
You're a bit of a trickster though. I don't think me saying that horribly shocks you, either. You like to have fun, and don't let that work ethic get in the way of having fun. I know I've already used this word tonight, but I genuinely think that your sense of humor is one of the most clever and snappy that I've met to date. I know it's a big joke that you're associated with meme. But you always make the jokes feel fresh.
I think ur Government assigned Animal is CuttleFish. And no thats not because I'm a homesteak

So, you strike me as someone that likes to be involved. You like being around and in the knowhow. You can be a bit.. flighty?? I don't think that's the word I'm looking for, sometimes, but that's because you don't want to step on any toes. Despite that, you can be adamant when you have you're heart set on something. It feels like I see you a little bit of everywhere. People know your name and face, and you like giving people your thoughts on the forum.
Ultimately, you feel pretty docile to me? Not in a bad way, just personality wise your presence isn't loud. It's subtle in a group, but you always have something to say or add.
I think you're a white tailed deer. People have a habit of underestimating you and your potential, but you have a lot you want to do.

@Pika It's time, old friend. We shall meet in the at dawn for our brawl.
But uhhhh. I've always thought of you as being very creative and original, personally! You have ideas you want to do, and by damn if you're not going to do them. You have a story you want to tell, and you'll tell it. You're here for a good time, and a long time, and that good or long time just so happens to establish trends.
You're deffo someone that doesn't take shit. You know how to be a lil more subtle about it though. Despite that, it has gotten you into it once or twice, but you also know how to be level headed and approach things with reason.
That said, you're very kind to the people that have treated you well, and it shows in the people you're friends with. I also think that you personally are always kind to people you've just met. I've always seen you as a particularly good judge of character. I personally trust your judgement on people quite a bit, so when you say someones good person I'm always willing to bet they're genuinely good person.
I assign you magpie! Very clever birds that have some associations in aussie, but ultimately are very sweet when they know the person they're interacting with is good people.

I know it's something you know, but you're an optimist. It's just like, an established fact about you around these here parts. You're a person that see's the best in others, and are willing to trust heavy and with your whole heart. I see you as someone that wears her heart on her sleeve, but also knows how to roll that sleeve up when enough comes to enough. You're also someone I associate with fun! You like having a good time, and it shows when you speak.
You're excitable and kind. I think there are things you want to do in life, and by golly are you gonna do them! The ends justify the means, when it comes meeting your goals. Not in a bad way either. It simply means you're willing to wade through the bad to get to that sweet, tastey finish, and you know it will be well worth it. You're also someone I associate with having a particular way of doing things. I think it takes a bit of time for you to branch out, but once you've done it once you're more then willing to do it again. In fact, you're willing to try many different things down that path! It's just a matter of breaking the ice and jumping into the pool of water.
You're a very sweet person overall.
I government assign you Dolphin! They're very adorable and fun-loving animals that a lot of people second guess, but have a lot of strength behind their headbutt.
(Seriously, please be careful out there tho. I worry about you sometimes)

Okay, so more unironically I associate you as someone that's very responsible. You're a punctual person, whether intended or not intended. You don't like slipping up too much, and I think you do have a tendency to worry, sometimes without warrant. But I don't think thats necessarily a bad thing. You're also someone I associate with having Opinions, even if you're not particularly outspoken with them.
But you just know your stance on things. Ur just careful with those opinions. I think you're also like, WAY braver then you give yourself credit for. I think you have a lot you want to do in life, but theres a big world out there aren't you're not sure how to start. It's more just a matter of taking the first step, my man. I also associate you heavily with like?? Monotoned and straightlaced humor? You have a very particular sense of humor that can be hard to ping down sometimes, which makes the times you step outside those bounds even more humorous. You're someone that can come off as being a bit shy, but once you crack the door open you're willing to take the steps forward.
Overall I think your fusona is.. I think a crane? However, that might just be because you're tall


I don't think I need to tell you you're smart. I'm still going to tell you you're smart.
People find you very approachable, and that's for good reason. You're definitely a people person. Very patient with people.
Idk man, you strike me as having just a very fluffy personality. You don't want to be involved in trouble, but you're willing to observe it and make sure it won't implode into something massive. You know the history of the places you linger and people you're with. Not because you want to, but because people just happen to bring it to you personally.
[Brown bear brown bear what do you see.... ALL]
I do think that you take a different approach with people you've deemed friend though. I think that there are standards you personally need to keep upheld, and that shows in how you work.
And boy, You are also one hell of a worker. Like, I don't think people realize how much work you do behind the scenes, because you do it quickly and efficiently and you make sure it's done to a standard. You're willing to be patient with shit, but in the end you know how to work things into the direction you need them.

I think you're fursona is honey bee? Very community oriented, but it has to be your community. You know a little bit of everything, and manage to find a place anywhere you go. It also hurts you when it feels like you need to sting, so you try not to do that unless you must.

Your turn, fucker.
If this is longer then the rest of them it's because I'm personally getting payback for him personally and publically mauling me about two weeks ago. this one is a knife fight, not an analyses.

First of all, I think you're a very empathetic person. I think that you can sometimes come across as distant to people that haven't talked to you before. Not particularly mean or rude, just someone that doesn't open yourself up easily. I don't think thats a bad thing either. I think it just means it takes a bit of time for someone to grow on you sometimes, which is ironic because you're absolutely someone that just goes with the flow. New animal? Sure, why not. Someone want to come around and stay for a week starting this Saturday? Yeah, we have the space. If something is happening, you're willing to let it take it's course. You're very empathetic by nature, but know when and where to put your foot down. Very kindly as a personality.
You're also willing to give anyone a chance. Like Pika, that shows in the friends you make. Good judge of character. When people wrong you, you won't hold it above them, but you will take note of it.
You're funny. I don't think you realize how fucking hilarious you are, my man. There are a lot of things you don't give yourself credit for, though. I think you've very original, and very skilled at what you do. You go out of your way to make sure you know what you're doing and how you're doing it. If you're not handed the resources, you will find them yourself, no skin off your back.
You're also a hard worker, with a wonderful work ethic. And I do really think you have a good work ethic, I just don't think you realize how many spoons you place into the responsibilities you take until you're splitting them in half. But it's okay, because when you take those responsibilities it's always in an attempt to DO something with it. You want to offer new things, watch them grow and change in time. You want anything your involved in to thrive, one way or the other.
Your community is your life, for the better and the worst, and you want to watch it and the people in it thrive in the long term. And you want to see everyone thrive.

Ultimately, I think a bat would fit you well. You're quiet, and sometimes people don't give you credit for the work you pull. But ultimately, You're a very sweet person that has the best interest of others at heart.


So, I don't know you too horribly, but from the feeling I've gotten from you.. Honestly? You're a real sweetheart polar. I enjoy seeing your face around.
For some reason, you strike me as someone that is very careful?? I don't actually have a reason for that. You just strike me as someone that, while maybe you're clumsy, you're careful about what you say and who you say it to because you know words have power and meaning.
You also strike me as someone that sometimes lets what people say get to you? Not overwhelmingly so, but enough that it will prickle the hair on your skin. I also think that this is something that your learning to grow past though! I also think you like trying like.. comfort-adjacent things, is what I'll call it. When you know you're comfortable with one thing, you're willing to try things related to that thing no issue. But you also like exploring new things.
Overall, I think you're very friendshaped. You're good people, with a level head on your shoulder. Even though it feels like I don't talk to you directly too much, I always have an appreciation for seeing you in chat because you always have something to say and add.

(ignoring your bearsona) I think you'd make a good American Marten!
I do think the polar bear suits you tho


You've always striked me as someone very passionate about what they do, and who you are. There's an amount of certainty that comes with everything you do. You know your thoughts and know your opinions. However, you're open to new ideas, and new things. You're willing to put them up against what you know.
This is because you're also someone who values intelligence quite a bit. You like knowing about things, and when you don't know about things you want to learn about them. There's always something for you to learn, and see. And when you HAVE learned it, you utilize what you learn to farther the things you enjoy.
Because of this, you also read me as someone that can be a bit stubborn at times. But that stubbornness comes from a place of meaning well, and it's a good quality to have in my opinion. You're tough by nature, and very headstrong.

Overall, I'd see you as something like a Snow Leopard!

I actually do know what your fursona is, but cracks knuckles I'm still goin in

I think
You're very.. Chill as a person. Like, I don't know how else to explain it. Despite also having the same sort of... meme trickster air I mentioned associating with Lynn, You just like leak icey-cool. You're someone that is very good humored, and takes things in stride? Like, even when things get under your skin you know how to turn and walk away, which is an honorable.
You're approachable, in the type of way I associate with being able to go out and have a drink with. But I think that might also have something to do with the fact that you misjudge just how well loved what you do and make is sometimes, so it just.. has never effected how you approach people.
I think that you have thoughts and opinions, and you're certainly willing to say and stand by them. However, you're also the type of person to take a step back and let the other person speak first to get a good grasp on what to say and where to start. You're not the kind of person I imagine sinking their foot into the mud, metaphorically speaking. I do think you'd go mud wrestling, literally speaking. Because you do strike me as someone that is just, willing to try and do weird things.
You're a very kind person overall though. You're stupid funny, but you have this understanding of people and how the world works that shows you're very smart. You know how to apply it in what you write too! And yes, I really do think that you're unimaginably skilled in what you do.

Overall, I'd say you're uhhhhhhhhh honey badger, because honey badgers just don't give a shit. Actually, it's unironically because you're just willing to do your own thing when and how you'd like to, and you don't like what other people say or do get to you. Even find humor in it??

You strike me as someone who's very humble and patient. You take the time out of your day to explain your thoughts, and hear others out, and you don't get in over your head while you do it.
That said, you've also shown that you know how to slam your heel into the ground when you must. Not in a way that's unreasonable, though! You like to collect your thoughts before you speak them, and have them ordered. You're willing to take your time to do things correctly.
You just know what to say and how to word it, and I genuinely admire that in a person. You're assertive when you need to be, but you know you don't always need to be. Like, I don't think I've ever mentioned it but I do genuinely admire your thoughts and opinions. You have a good head on your shoulders

You have the feeling of a friend, to me. Another friend shaped person. You just have this gentle air to you. I think because of that, a Capybara fits you really well!

@Bread Vers (on the discord, I don't know their forum name!)

Admittedly I don't know too much about you?? As previously mentioned, haha
You have a high energy to you. You feel like you have a very bubbly and happy personality. Kinda the type of energy I associate with an extrovert personality? Maybe not because you are an extrovert, but it's that type of very personable high energy that comes with it.
You feel like someone that needs to slowly pull themselves into a new environment. When you finally feel like you're apart of it, you become a lot more open and talkative, but you need to dip your toes in the water before you enter the pool.
You do seem very friendly though. You strike me as being an optimist, and someone that see's a happier outlook on life! You strike me as someone that misses things on occasion, but hindsight quickly becomes 2020.

You just strike me as being very sweet as a person. Something like an elephant might fit you?? Very curious, but kinda does their own thing with the people they like.


You strike me as someone with heavy ambitions and goals. You have something you want to do, and know where you want to go. You don't know the path to get there quite yet, and don't know how long it will take, but you're someone willing to take a few paths to get yourself there. You're very passionate about what you do and how you do it.
You also strike me as someone that might take one or two many things on at times. It's okay though, because you're able to recognize WHEN you have too many things going on and grab those spoons back into your collection.

You have a method you like, and know how to follow that method. Sometimes, it takes a try or two to step outside your comfort zone. But you know how to get there, and the journey is worth it looking back. I wouldn't say you're stubborn at times, so much as unyielding. You'll meet the goal you have set, as soon as you've set it.

I'd say a sloth fits you well! Very casual lads the get where they want how they want, without caring much on the will of others around them.

You're another person that strikes me as being very Excitable, and very creative! You like being around people, like talking and learning about them. You have big ideas. You don't strike me as being patient, but only when it comes to things you enjoy doing. You want to have fun, and you know what you want to do immediately upon deciding to do it!
I think that there's a lot of experiences you've yet to do, but you're ready to face the world and experience them! You strike me as someone with maybe a bit of wunderlust? You want to see and experience the better things in life, you just don't know where to start.
You also just strike me as someone that's got a very.. beautiful? Personality. That sounds a bit weird but like... You strike me as seeing the better side of people, and always being willing to hear them out. It's a slippery slope sometimes, but you've always found it to be worth it?

I'd pick monarch butterfly for you, for that reason.
I think you're another person I'd add to the sweetheart club. I'm excited to see how and where you grow'll into our community

You strike me as someone that trusts very, very easily. You see the best in other before you see the worst, and it's probably always led you interesting places and to fairly interesting people? You're very creative at heart, and always have some unique or interesting ideas and discussion topics. I think some of my favorite things from you were seeing the ideas you presented in news and politics.
I think you do say some silly things sometimes, but it rarely comes from a place of malice. Just misunderstanding. You're always willing to take the time to let someone sit down and explain something to you, and though it takes a time or two it eventually clicks. I can admire that in someone - someone willing to take the time to sit down and listen to new ideas and expand their world view. It takes a lot of guts to admit you want to learn things.
I think ultimately, you're a very sweet person. You're not someone I associate with being cruelty. You want what's best for others, and you want to learn how to understand why it's best for other.

I'd associate you with some kind of swallow, or hummingbird.


As previously mentioned, I think you're an absolute sweetheart?? Every time I've spoken to you, you've always been very polite and personable!
I don't know why, but you strike me as someone that has an understanding about people, and how they work. You see the shades of gray in people's behaviors. Maybe it's because I've read your comic, but you have a distinct understanding of how people function and why they do what they do. It's an admirable trait!
You're very much someone willing to stick through something and see it to the end. You strike me as being very strong willed, especially when it comes to doing things.
I think that you should come a little more out of your shell, because I would love to see you around and have the chance to get to know you a lot more!!

You strike me as being specifically a Ringed seal.

It's time, and as promised you are not a feral dog holding a knife, or a mouse

I think the biggest trait that's always stuck out to me is how headstrong you are. I don't think that's news to you, of course. You have big opinions, and aren't afraid to say them. You're very confident, I think, in that regard. You know what your beliefs are, and no one can take that from you.
I think sometimes, you have a tendency to look at something and take it at face value. It's something like- I think that to you, appearances are very important. Not actual, physical appearance like what you choose to wear. But the actual personality you, and other people present to themselves and others with.
I think to a degree, you worry about what people say about you, or your story. But you have a story you know you want to tell, and you're going to tell that story. Because it's your story to tell. And I can genuinely respect that, because yeah same.
You strike me as someone that holds their pets and family very dear to them these days. If anything were to happen to them, you'd worry yourself sick, and it might put you out of commission for a time. You've been hurt in the past, but those are the things you love dear.

I'd say you're something like a swan. Very beautiful birds that are absolutely willing to bite if confronted. And they do have teeth, so there's your "holding a knife" They're very protective of the things they hold dear, like their children or home.
Bug actually piped up and said he thinks a wolverine might also fit you?
Wolverines are absolute units, so I could see that


I hope it was worth the wait because here I am

I won't even lie, you always were hard for me to get a read on and when we first met that confused the hell out of me. But I've kind of come to realize that's a read all on it's own. You're someone that doesn't offer up their emotions lightly, and when you do it's very important to you. You're just someone that feels a little more drawn in. So when you offer a little bit more about yourself, or start opening up a bit it's something special.
But knowing you a bit better nowadays... I'd say you're a very respectful type of person. You can be pretty blunt, but not in a way that's particularly rude. You just have thoughts, and you're willing to say them. Sometimes they might be tinted rude, but they're not malicious.
Also, you're.. dedicated, but not in a very obvious way. Like, I'm almost certain you're going to get a ps4 from feymark at some point, just because it's something he agreed to and it's a thought that you're willing to hang onto.
You also are one of those people that has a very distinct sense of humor. It's the fact that you feel very withdrawn and humble that makes the times that you just say.. VERY stupid shit incredibly funny. Lines like "I'm not a furry" and.. just reading things off a screen are always memorable coming from you, because of how you present yourself.
You're also clever. You feel like someone that watches more then they participate, and because of that you know a little bit about every one and everything. You know whats going on in the circles you're involved in, and have a natural curiosity that keeps you invested and keeping up on it. You're very dedicated, in that regard. as well.

I think ravens fit you well. You look like you're mysterious and drawn in, but ultimately you're kind of a nerd.

Feel free to request one! I might not be able to give you an accurate analysis if I don't know you particularly well, but I'll tell you what I do think!

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You're a social badass and high key you deserve a sociology and psychology degree,

but also.


You're going to jail for making me a twink lion. Like, you're not wrong. And I am high maintenance. But. Idk how I feel being made out to be this clown.


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Thank you so much for these again!!
Posting this here so I am completely sure not to forget:
Staying up late today was absolutely worth it


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do me do me!

real talk this looks super cool and super thoughtful and fun and I appreciate how reflective it is. definitely a worthy topic xd


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Guarantee that I'm a she-wolf fursona.

But Red, this is amazing stuff. The way you analyze people in a good way is seriously cool~!


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I dare you

I double dare you

In fact, I retroactively retract all dares that aren't this one, and will refuse to let anyone make any more dares until otherwise noted in government archives

Agent Nein

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Man all of these have been incredibly fun to read? I was surprised to be a ragdoll cat but I'm happy if I can come off as that kind of fluffy XD I don't have much else to add but another thank you. <3

Squiggy Azalea

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pizza pasta mamma mia
wahey wahay im a bluejay and im gay

lowkey though how in the FUCK are you so good at reading people im super jelly


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This is so lovely!!! Honestly it takes a special kind of person to put so much time and effort into making people feel noticed in this way! You've clearly put a lot of thought into making a true, genuine observation of each person, which is so awesome. You definitely have a gift! It makes me wonder if you plan on working with people in real life? If not, you should! The healthcare field needs that kind of selflessness and caring!

That being said, may I please have a fursona analysis? :)

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